Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 6: The Judge

I was working with ease as I was trying to balance out the metal that will make the vines for the bracelet that I was having in my mind right now. It will be based on fire that the vines will connect to and the garnet gemstone will adorn the center. I have the perfect gemstone for that.

Until that annoying voice was coming into my eardrums right now.

“Oh my gosh! You are awesome, Percival. I never knew that you can do such thing,″ Morgan said as I was trying to do the shape of the vines before I was hearing that Percy was chuckling again.

“Do you think so?”

Just kill me now.

“Yes, and I am sure that—”

“Morgan, what did we talk about?” Percy warned her like they have something, a secret that they were sharing and I was not in the loop.

Damn this man and this bitch!

I was trying to put the vines together before someone was breathing down my neck. When I turned to look who it was, it was Morganite and I was falling off from my chair.

“That’s a very interesting creation that you have. What was it?” Morgan asked me as I was looking at her. Was she curious to know or she was trying to be nice when Percy was around?

“I’m waiting,” Morgan said before Percy was clearing his throat. I turned to look at him before I looked at Morgan again. The past is in the past. I can do this.

I smiled at her before she was arching her eyebrows at me. I was showing The Fire Bracelet that I was trying to create. I showed the connection between the vines and the fire that will be consumed by the vines or the other way around.

“Hmm, that was interesting. Any significance of this?” She asked as I instantly turned to look at Percy before Morgan was continuing with her speech.

“I see, I can tell that you put your heart and soul into this. I think this might be the best creation that I have seen today,” Morgan said before she was exiting the booth. I was not entirely sure what was happening right now but I just shrugged and got back to work. I think this might be the best one yet that I created but I would not be so sure.

After I have done all the modifications that I needed to do and I was satisfied with it, I was taking the garnet, the only gemstone that I ever owned, and put it on the bracelet. I was happy to know that I was giving it away but Percy stopped me before I can submit it.

“Why don’t you use that garnet on something else?” He asked me as I turned to look at him after I was putting the garnet on the table. I was getting ready for the placement.

“What do you mean?” I asked him as he was staring at the garnet. If I don’t know any better, it has the same shade as his hair.

I think that’s why I was unable to give it away. It was a reminder of him.

“I think we can wait for the last round to see if you can put it on something else, I’m not saying that the bracelet was not perfect with without but you can put with something else,” he said as I was arching my eyebrow at him.

“Like what? I don’t have anything except for this garnet,” I said as I was looking at him. I was trying to focus on this matter but right now, Percy was distracting me with his tight butt cheeks and his well-muscular thighs when he was bending over to get something.

I gulped at the sight.

I was trying to focus on something else before I was turning my head away from him when Percy was coming at me with something in a small pouch.

“Here, you can use this,” he said before I was turning to look at the pouch in his hands. It was small but I don’t think I can accept this.

“No, I can’t. You’re my competitor,” I said as I was turning to look into his eyes as his electric blue orbs were looking at me and I was sucking in breaths right now.

“Sure but I wanted to help you to win,” he said as he was dumping the pouch into my hand that he extended. The electric was running through my veins at our touches before he was smiling at me.

“But, but—”

“No, but, Elise. Or have you forgotten that we used to be the best friend?” He said as I was looking into his eyes. I don’t think that I ever wanted him to be my best friend. I wanted more than that but I was too late to confess to him anyway.

Someone else gets there first and I was a sore loser for not fighting for my love.

“How much will this cost me?” I asked him as I was looking inside the pouch. It was filled with small gemstones that I can use for the charms on the bracelet. It has a lot of orange gemstones. I wondered how he knows that I was playing with the Fire concept.

“How about a kiss from you?” Percy said before I turned to look at him. I was not hearing it right, perhaps, as I was blinking and Percy was staring at me.

“You’re joking, right?” I asked him before he keeps on staring at me. I was looking at him before I was feeling the blood were on my face.

“I…uh, hmm, mmm, I don’t think that would be a very good idea, Percy,” I said as I was looking at him. Percy was arching his eyebrow at me.

“And why not, Elise?”

“You know why,” I hissed at him as he was looking at me again. I sighed before I was turning to look around the booth. Well, Morgan was not in sight and I was hoping that we will not have to do it here, right now.

“Like now?” I asked Percy when I was sure that we were alone. He nodded before I was biting my lower lips.

“Come on, Elise, it was between best friends. We’re not strangers, right?” Percy asked me before I was turning to look at him. I was staring into his blue eyes before I was gazing at his lips. I have been waiting for so long to taste it but I never did.

I wonder what he would taste like.

I was taking my time before I was looking at him. I was taking in the aesthetic features of Percival Hephaestus Caprioli.

His auburn hair.

His high cheekbones.

His straight nose.

His electric blue eyes.

But most importantly, his kissable, full lips.

I felt my heartbeat was increasing and I don’t think that I wanted him to feel it. I was embarrassed right now but Percy was looking at me as if he has done this before.

Maybe he did it with Morgan or whoever he fancies. Not that I cared.

Are you sure about that? My dark mind asked me when I know deep down, I was hoping that his first kiss would be mine. And I know that I was 5 years too late for that.

I stepped closer to him before I was standing in front of him and I was looking up to him. Percy was arching his eyebrow.

“Come on, Elise. I don’t have all day and we’re not getting younger here, so—”

I did not let him finish his sentence as I was pulling him by the nape and kissed the shit out of him so that he would stop talking.

But I was wrong when I thought he would not do anything else.

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