Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 7: The Kiss

I was gripping his collar before I was kissing his kissable, full lips. I did not think that I would be like this but I was happy to know that my first kiss was shared with the person that I loved the most in the world.

My best friend.

My first love.

My Percival.

I was gripping his nape tight as I was grazing my chest to his hard chest. I can feel that my nipples were erected before I felt something was snaking around my waist. Then, I heard a groan that was coming inside my mouth.

I don’t know that I can make that sound.

But that was not it. Percy was taking the initiative of the kiss that I initiated before he was licking my lower lips. It was wet and hot before I gasped at him and he was plunging his tongue inside me.

What the devil?!

I don’t think that this kiss would be this intense. But it was Percy that has been intense lately. I wondered why is that? Was it because I was here? Because I was back in his life? Or was it because Morganite was here and I was the only burden for him.

I broke the kiss before I was pushing myself away from him. I was staring at Percy as we both out of breaths. And I was not the same woman after that.

“Well, that was—”

“Stop, I don’t need to hear it,” was the last thing I said before I was taking the pouch and I was getting away with my bracelet that I have to submit right now. I have to get away from here. I have to think and I cannot do that if I was to be in the same room as this handsome right here.

“Elise!” Percy called after me but I was out of his sight and out of the booth.

I was walking with my hand on my mouth. That intense kiss that we shared was the reason why I have always believed that we will be together. We fit together like twin flame.

I am his and he is mine.

I sighed before I was submitting the bracelet and I was looking at the rest of the gemstones that were inside the pouch. I clicked my tongue when I know that I was playing with fire here. And that fire was Percival Hephaestus Caprioli.

I was looking at the night sky after I submitted my work. I was hoping that I will be chosen as the finalists of this competition. I can only hope that I don’t have to be with Percy anymore.

And I think God was listening right now as the MC was changing some of the rules the next day when the judging was done and the top 5 finalists were chosen. And I am one of them.

“Now, now. Settle down. We have another challenge for you guys but before that, you have to get to the booth that has been waiting for you for the last challenge of this competition,” the MC said as we turned around and I was looking at the logo of my forge.

My family forge.

I felt the tears were on my eyes before I saw another booth that has the same flag as me. I furrowed my eyebrows as I don’t think there was another apprentice that was under my father unless it was…

“Good to know that your father has given you so much of his knowledge and you made good out of it,” Percy said as I turned to look at him. He was smiling at the booths that were standing next to each other before I felt the blush that was coming into my face.

“And you as well,” I said as Percy turned to look at me. His electric eyes were shining with delight.

“Thank you,”

“I just wish that you don’t take that prize. I needed it much more than you are,” I said as I was slipping something that I usually don’t say to anyone. And that was my biggest mistake since Percy was curious right now as he was arching his eyebrow.

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing. Just ignore it,” I said as I was moving to the booth that I chose on the right side. I have always favored my right while Percy was a left-handed man. I was looking at the booth that was adorning the flame flag that was my family’s symbol.

I felt proud of myself and I know that my father would be to.

I was setting up my stuff before I took a turn and I was looking at Percy that was arranging the stuff that he will be using. I don’t think I have all the stuff that he was using.

They looked ancient.

Then I remembered where I saw it. It was on my father’s table when we were being his apprentices. I think I know my father has always favored him like the son he never had.

I felt a pang of jealousy when I think about it.

I shook my head before I was focusing on the billboard. I heard that the microphone was being adjusted and someone was testing it. Then, I know that sound before I was sighing. This better not be him.

But I was wrong. It was him, it was Ryes Ares Caprioli speaking on the stage right now.

“Hi, guys! Are you excited for the last challenge?” He asked as the other blacksmiths were shouting. I was crossing my arms as I was looking at Percy’s little brother right now.

Ryes smirked as he was focusing on me before he turned to my left. Okay, I think he was smirking at his brother when I heard Percy was grunting right now.

Wow, I never knew that Percy disliked Ryes’ hyper personality.

“Okay, settle down. Who will be bringing home the 1 million euros and who will be this year’s King of Forge? Or Queen of Forge, we do have a woman participating this year,” Ryes said as some of the blacksmiths were snickering.

“I wonder if she would ever be at our level,” said one of them but I paid them no mind.

“The last challenge for this year’s competition will be the last thing to complete the set of the weapons that you have made before. And this time, it will need to be the X-factor that we're looking for. Good luck to you, especially you, brother!” Ryes shouted before Percy was mumbling something.

“I swear I will skin him after this,” Percy mumbled before I was trying to control my smile. I was chuckling lowly before I was remembering what I did the last 48 hours.

I have a necklace and a bracelet.

To complete the set, I only need a ring and I think that will be it. Then, I was looking at the garnet that Percy asked me to do something with it later. And I know that later was now. I smiled before I went to work on my latest invention, a ring to complete my jewelry set of Fire.

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