I'm crazy (about you)

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Alisa loves Tryson but something unusual happened in her life ..that makes Tryson to leave her, what she would do, is she able to stop him or life take her to the another journey "I'm leaving, you crazy girl", Tryson said "yes I'm crazy, but I'm crazy about you "

Romance / Drama
Clyde G.G
5.0 76 reviews
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Chapter 1

I’m going to die.

Alisa wake up...

Alisa .... Alisa ... You’re getting late for your college darling hurry up and get ready

“Okay” Mom .

*oh god why this college ..ehhh I hate it seriously. Oh Hi Guys I’m Alisa am a st.stiphons college student i’m 20 year old and i’m not happy to announce you that i’m still single but somehow it’s not that boring because i’ve a crush on a guy he so popular in our college

Well i wonder sometimes if he ever noticed me ...sigh.. Because he have a girlfriend ..ouhhhhh I hate that b**ch she so rude and arrogant yeah but boys in our college is all mad behind her yes its true she is beautiful ,fashionable but she is not smart as me ;)*

# college

*hey good morning *beauty* said Micko ,my best friend we are best friends since our childhood .She is bold and fearless I love her personality.

*did you hear that from next week our mid sem is going to start ..,, oh what do i do i’m not prepare for exams this time *said Gracia while running towards us . She is a good friend. Me and Micko met Gracia after we enterd in this college she is a nice girl and kind hearted girl but she become nervous very quickly .

Wow what a beauty ..

They are a perfect couple

Aww I envy her sigh.. She got such a hot and handsome guy

I wish I could be his girlfriend .

Non stop crowd chattring

Someone from the crowd exlaimed ohh jesus she is Amila the daughter of city Mayor . Some girls also start praising her appearance *wow she so rich * she said to her friend *yes look at her dress seems so expensive .. I think its a branded cloths* said to her back

Some from the crowd said HELL YEAH this is the most exclusive collection of the famous designer Iyan i saw it yesterday in the fashion magazine its cost $20,000

Its such a great to be born in the rich family ...she let out a heavy sigh..


LOOK at that GUY SO HANDSOME someone please hold me i’m going to be faint by his beauty oh man what your mother ate when you’re in her belly ... Soo cute and handsome

When i heard this I turned around

And see the most handsome guys ever yes he is that guy the one and only my crush my Tryson . Many people don’t know about his family and i’m also one of them . He always keep his low profile

As much as i know he definitely belongs to a rich family his appearance and aura gives a different feeling from other normal students gives

# classroom

“it’s a professor Sydney lecture” said Micko .

*Holy shit ...today is the final date for submission of assignment F**k I forget to bring my assignment . It’s over.. I’m gonna dead soon ... Bye my friends .. Take care of yourself *

“yes we’ll and we’ll also take care of your crush ” Micko said in low voice . After hearing that I’m not able to hold my laughter tried my best but still end up making a low laugh sound . Its a pindrop silence in the classroom after hearing my voice everyone gaze landed on me Tryson also look at me with the frown look as he’s asking me what’s wrong with you . I was in my fantasy world and didn’t hear prof. Sydney’s calling my name when i see changes in Tryson expression then i realise something is wrong and look towards prof. Sydney direction and what i see it made me breathless , i sew her furious look with that she said “bring your assignment here ”


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