Three's a Crowd

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A tale contesting on the perception male-to-female interaction through platonic and intimacy. John worries his relationship is being usurped by his old friend, Peter. Catherine whose John's girlfriend unfortunately lost her grandfather to an accident where she's trembling for loss of a loved one. John due to his work on a big film, was not able to be there for her much but Catherine understood his situation. Peter seemingly took advantage of this opportunity and continued to be there for Catherine caring for her which may seem like a friendly gesture. John grew discomfort towards Peter's actions knowing Peter confessed to Catherine, so every move felt like a ploy to take Catherine away from him. Wynn who's one of the postproduction crew of the film working alongside with John, noticed the unusual interaction between Catherine and Peter. With this in mind, Wynn continued to be an example of a friend nurturing a couple where he will soon be a catalyst for a prosperous relationship.

Romance / Other
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The Interloper

“I wrote a blog about how guys should never tell their girlfriends to stop talking to the opposite sex for whatever reason. If the girl ends up wanting to cheat, she’ll do so leaving him to rather spend time with a person who cares for him the same way. However, I’ve now been on the opposite side, kind of and I gotta say... I agree on 25% to what the guys think. This applies to both sex by the way.“- John

“Rift Traveler.” I thought to myself while checking on the script. I’ve been a sci-fi fanatic nearly my whole life, and this really seems like something that may have potential. While all the ideas are great, let’s hope it goes well with the execution. “Looks like everything’s good. Let’s get this show on the road!” My name is John; I’m the script supervisor and production assistant for the movie production. Ever since the movie’s been greenlit to shoot, I haven’t been able to get much time to do anything I want lately. Especially when Catherine, my girlfriend shared some bad news: Her grandfather passed away.

Before that, she visits me from time to time to reduce the stress. Temporarily moving away from the production hassle and to our one-on-one moments, it was bliss and something I wish nothing can take this away from me. After hearing the sad news, I tried to console her as much as I can but it’s been difficult balancing the production as well as being there for her.

It was a hard day in the production, however it’s all in a day’s work where the banter of setting the scene always comes into a disarray and where they have to improve upon it. Zac, who’s the main writer of the film, outsourced to Wynn, a notable video editor to capture the feelings and theme of the movie ever since our video editor had to back out for some odd reason. There’ve been a lot of revisions on the film. Amanda, the director of our film, wasn’t satisfied with many of the shots and we had to do a lot of retakes. Still, we get there and do our job and so far everything’s looking good. However, there’s been something that’s been scratching at the back of my head...

“You shouldn’t overthink it, John.” Amanda said to me during lunch break.

“The guy seems way chummy. I don’t like it.” I expressed my concerns to Amanda about an old friend who’s all up in Catherine’s business. “Peter and I used to be good friends. Ever since I got with Catherine, he stopped being my friend and hers. But, later I found out he befriended her and only put effort in trying to talk to her so don’t you find it weird?”

“Well, they were friends before right?” Amanda continued to question.

“So was I and Peter!“I replied grewing anxious but understanding. “Still, Catherine’s grandfather who passed away has definitely taken a toll on her, so I can understand why she talks to him...”

“You know, you can take a break from the production to help out with her, right?” Amanda suggested.

“I tried, she told me she’d be more upset if I’d drop the film just for her.” I said. “Because she knows how much I’m invested in the project. However, when I do find the time to spend time with her, Peter’s most of the time snatching her away from me.”

“Like you said, John.” Amanda continued. “If her sadness is taking you away from what you love is filming then she wishes not to bother you. Even if you were free, she didn’t want you worrying about her constantly that may affect your creative mentality.”

I paused for a bit and realized she was right. It’s good to confine yourself to a friend who wants to be there. But even so, I can’t shake the feeling of Peter constantly wanting to spend time with her. He was never there for me when we were still friends, so it is odd. It makes me question his motives if he was genuinely helping her or trying to be a backup boyfriend.

“Perhaps, he just finds her comfortable to talk to and she wants to maintain the friendship with him as well.” Amanda finds conviction that nothing is going on behind closed doors. “Have you discussed it with her about it?”

“I did... but she didn’t take kindly to what I said and nearly called me out for being a possessive person.” I said to her.

“Well, you’re not, John.” Amanda reassured me. “Just get your head in the game, and Peter in no way will be in between you guys.”

I hope so too, Amanda...

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