Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 11

A few hours later, after watching and shouting at the TV it was time for dinner. Gage was introduced to everyone and I met Ryan. I didn’t get to at the wedding. We all head to the dining room and I see my mom and dad throw another nervous glance my way. They’ve been doing that all night, I wonder what that is about. Are Tyler and Nia having another baby? because I will not be cleaning poopy diapers. I make my way to my seat and take a look around the room.

My heart stops when I see a head of long auburn hair and tan skin. I see her turn around and flashbacks enter my mind.


“MMMM, YES!” I hear moaning, I bet Markus is watching porn. Thank god Ophelia is out with her sister for a couple days.

As the moaning continues I silently open the door, planning on scaring the living shit out of him. Walking through my apartment I set my stuff down quietly. It’s really loud, it almost sounds like it’s... my train of thought gets lost when I see my fiancé and cousin fully naked and having sex on my couch.

Normally you would’ve thought I would’ve screamed or cried or punched them. But, I had already shut my emotions off and put them in a cage. I’ll cry and deal with it later. I needed to deal with this. I wanted to say something but all I could get out what was exactly what I was thinking at that moment.

“Eww, I nap on that couch” I say in utter disgust. “Couldn’t you have gone to some crappy motel for this? I do not want to see this” I say trying not to throw up. The couple rushes apart. Markus takes his jeans and puts them on while Rachel hurriedly looks for her clothes.

“Baby, it’s not what it looks like” he says like it’s never been said before.

“The hell it isn’t” I say cocking my hip and crossing my arms with a smirk on my face.

“I swear, we were just messing around” he says and Rachel looks at him.

“No, we love each other, there I said it. We’re meant to be” she dumbly boasts crossing her arms. My line of sight goes to her and I kinda want to laugh. That poor naive, dumb, crazy girl. She actually believes that he loves anyone but himself. Oh dear, she’s going to be in for a rude awakening one day.

I let out a breath of air and look between the two. Decisions, decisions. Okay, I need to get him away from her and me. So I can talk to her. I focus on Markus with an emotionless expression. “You need to leave. I’ll have someone come by, pack and drop off your things. I never want to see you again, ever” I say and he opens his mouth. I hold my hand up to silence him. “I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care. Grab your stuff and your key’s and get the hell out of my apartment” I say. He grabs his stuff and leaves.

I turn to Rachel and look at the person I once thought I could trust with my life. I wanted to feel that trust and love when I looked at her but all I felt was hate and betrayal.


“BITCH, HE’S MINE...DO YOU HEAR ME? MINE!!” she shouts landing another kick to my stomach. I crawl to the aluminum bat as she gabs my legs to pull me back to her. I grab the bat as quickly as I can and turn on my side. I point the bat at her tears running down my face. I am bleeding on my side badly from the cut. The iron and warm taste of blood fills my mouth as I try to swallow it down without gagging. Blood coming out of my split lip and corner of my mouth as I look at her with utter betrayal.

She laughs when she sees me. “You won’t hit me with that?” she taunts her face certain.

I tighten my grip as much as I can looking her in the eye with no fear. “Wanna bet?” I taunt back. I pull back as much as I can from my side and swing with all of the strength in me. I hear a sickening crack as it made contact with her side and thats when it all went black.


I stand with my back resting against the walls of the waiting room. Her worried friends and family sitting in chairs or pacing. I look at my mom who has tears in her eyes as I told her what happened. The female doctor comes out and tells them she lived. I walk out but the nurse stops me.

“Don’t you want to know how your cousin is doing?” she asks and I give her a dead emotionless look.

“No” I say and she looks confused

“She’s alive” she says

“It doesn’t matter, she’s dead to me anyway” is all I say before I walk out of the waiting room, out of the doors and into Ophelia’s car.


“Dare” Gage says snapping me out of my walk down memory lane. I step forward so I am seen. Rachel turns around and makes eye contact with me. Her eyes wide and fearful while mine are narrowed and enraged.

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