Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 14

I hate running late. HATE IT!! I stayed up late last night with Ope and got up late because the bitch turned off my alarm. She took a sick day today, she’s still feeling down after everything that happened with Kade. I feel bad for her, I know what it’s like to be blinded by love. I was with Mark. I hope she starts feeling better, I hate seeing her sad.

“Williams!” Mr. Thomas shouts and I cringe. “You’re late, my office 5 minutes, bring coffee” he says. Shit, he’s in a bad mood. I make his coffee along with mine as quickly as I can and rush into his office.

“Sir” I start

“Sit” he commands and I hurriedly make my way to his comfy chair.

“Sir, I am sincerely sorry for being late, my roommate is going through some things and I stayed up last night to comfort her, and she turned off my alarm. I woke up late and-” I ramble

“You’re not here because of tardiness, I know you would’ve never been late unless it were an emergency” he waves his hand checking some papers on his desk.

“If I’m not here because I’m late then why am I here if you don’t mind me asking?” I ask slightly confused.

“We’re waiting on one more person before we start” he explains. ~Wait what? who?~ I question in my brain as his secretary Melissa slips her head in.

“He’s here sir” she says and he nods.

“Send him in” he says monotone.

The door opens and my heart sinks as I see who comes through the door. “Dad?” Gage asks bemused in his light grey suit that makes him look really tan.

“Sit down Gage” his dad says and Gage complies.

“Okay” he says as he sits down. ~Shit he knows, I’m screwed, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna lose my house and be homeless~ I am cut out of my thoughts as Mr. Thomas sits down.

“So how long has this been a thing?” he asks gesturing to us. Gage and I share a look saying it’s time.

“3 months this Friday” Gage replies and his dads eyes widen.

“3 MONTHS? DAMN IT GAGE” He shouts taking a deep breath afterwards to calm himself down I’m assuming.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I just wanted to make sure this is something I was serious about” He explains and his dad looks at me.

“And is it? is this something you’re serious about?” he asks and Gage looks at me for a moment before turning back to his father.

“Of course, I am very serious about this. I promise” he says with determination. After a few sickening seconds his father nods.

“Okay” He says and Gage and I both stare at him in utter shock. “Don’t look at me like that, he’s never been serious about a girl. I would be stupid to tell him to break it off and I am a lot of things but I’m not stupid” he explains with a smile.

“Thanks dad” Gage says with a big smile while hugging his dad.


Today has been stressful, I’m just happy to be home. I walk in and set my keys and things down. I walk into the living room and see a familiar figure on the couch. I take a deep breath and walk to the couch.

“Hey mom” I say sitting down.

“Listen, I need to tell you that I didn’t invite her. Aunt Lena brought her after I told her it wasn’t a good idea. Apparently, after she went to the hospital something happened and she supposedly “got better” and “is cured” I don’t know if I really believe that, but you know Lena once her mind is on it, there is no changing it. When she walked in with Rachel I didn’t know what to do. I tried to get her to get Rachel to leave but she wouldn’t. She was convinced you’d be okay once Rachel apologized and I knew what she’d done to you and I wasn’t okay with this. I am sorry I should’ve been more assertive. Then I saw you laughing and smiling like old times and I didn’t want to ruin it” she explains and I slowly come to understand. But, that doesn’t mean I’m still not hurt.

“First off, Rachel is a crazy bitch there is no way she’s cured. Two, I know Aunt Lena is as stubborn as a mule but a warning would’ve been nice mom. Instead of walking in and being blindsided. Lastly, what hurt me the worst is that when I asked you to throw her out or I was leaving you hesitated. I was more hurt that you thought about choosing her than anything” I say

“No baby, its not that I would’ve chose her I was trying to compute a way to get her out of the house without your aunt making it worse. Which didn’t matter because after you left she blooped out saying you’d gone nuts and I needed to get a hold on you. Long story short I threw both of them out and tried to figure out how to apologize to you. This was the best idea I had. Love, I am so sorry that happened and they both know they aren’t allowed to come to family dinners anymore. I love you more than ANYTHING in this world. You are my baby girl, I love you” she says and I nod. I could never stay mad at my mom. It’s my mom, I love her. And knowing the full situation makes it a lot easier. I hug her as tight as I possibly can burying my face in her shoulder smelling her soothing sent.

“I love you too mommy” I whisper.

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