Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 15

After a while my mom left and I started making spaghetti and waiting for Ope to wake up. She’s had a rough week or so. Luckily she hasn’t needed to go in yet because they are still finalizing some things before she has to go in and sort out the line. Gage and I have been texting and FaceTiming he’s at a conference in Ohio of all places. His dad has a few months left at the company before Elijah takes over completely. Gage is set to be his VP. He’s excited and I’m proud of him. Luckily we don’t have to hide it from Mr. Thomas anymore. I was sure that I was going to have a heart attack. That man could ruin any chance to work again. If he had been angry and vengeful he could make it so that I could never work again. Which, last time I checked is kinda terrifying.

Gage has been sending happy texts since this morning, we’re going public with our relationship today. At 1:30 we’re posting pictures on social media and Gage is giving his buddy at Hollywood Insider the ‘go ahead’ to run the story about us and everything like that. To be honest, I am slightly nervous, I mean Gage has like fan clubs and shit. What if they come after mean and try to...kill me? Or if they make up fake stuff about me? I am worried that if Gage gets enough flak he’ll run.

~It’s 1:30, POST YOUR PICTURE!~ Gage texts and I laugh.

~Okay~ I answer back.

Pulling up instagram I go through my drafted posts and click on the one that Gage made. I was one of the pics we took in Paris. His arms are around me from behind and we both have wide smiles. The caption is ~3 months together, we had so much fun. What an amazing day!~ I tagged him and he tagged me. His caption said ~3 months with this cutie just wasn’t enough. She is my beautiful girl, yes guys this is the announcement I am finally in a relationship. And I couldn’t have asked for a better girl. Thank you for the best 3 months~ I have the biggest and goofiest smile attached to my face.

My phone rings and I pick up knowing who it is immediately. “Hello” I say in a sing song voice.

“Hey babe” he answers “we’re trending” he says

“What no we’re not we just posted the picture” I said confused.

“Look at my page, and yours you just gained 3 million followers” he says

“What no way” I say shocked. I put him on speaker and checked my instagram. “HOLY SHIT!” I exclaim. “3.6 Million followers, our picture has 2 million likes on my page” I say in shock.

“Yeah, now look at mine” he says and I click on his page.

“10 MILLION LIKES, ARE YOU KIDDING?” I shout “I mean I knew you we’re famous and your family is not new to the cameras or anything but damn. I wow a lot of these comments are about shipping us. Which is kinda surprising, I was expecting to be hated on and threatened” I say

“No, those are only a few of the extreme fanatics. They’re rare” he explains. And I nod but he can’t see me so I say okay.

“I am suprised that it blew up so quickly. I wasn’t expecting that” I comment “Ope dinners ready!” I call her and I hear a faint okay.

“Yeah, how is she?” he asks

“Doing better, although you might be bailing me out of jail for murder. I’ve never seen her like this...ever. She broke up with her 4 year long boyfriend 2 years ago, this is so much worse than that. She won’t come out of her room, only to eat, I feel terrible that I can’t do more” I say sadly.

“Yeah. I feel for her” he says. I see Ope come out of her room. Her donut pajamas and messy hair strewn about.

“I’m gonna get off, talk to you later. Yeah, bye” I finish my conversation with Gage and then hang up.

“Hey” I say and she shuffles over to the bar.

“Hey” she mutters sleepily

“Ope I’m getting worried. I’ve never seen you like this.” I say and she looks at me.

“I’ve never felt like this” she says tiredly and I slide a plate of spaghetti over to her. She starts to eat and she moves slower than a sloth.

After we’re done eating I put everything away and make my way to her. “I’m just worried. You mean so much to me and I hate seeing you sad” I mutter sincerely.

“Yeah I know” she whispers and I hug her.

“Uh Ope, I love you but when was the last time you had a shower” I say inhaling deeply eyes wide. The sound of my voice is weirdly guttural from holding my breath.

She laughs and says she’s going to go take a shower. I finished cleaning up the little bit of the mess that I left and put everything away.

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