Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 16

These past few days have been wild. I gained 6 Million more followers. I am now at 9.6 Million, it’s unreal. I never knew Gage was this famous. Then I realized Gage’s sister Lilly is really famous she is a movie star not to mention all of the modeling gigs she’s gotten. She is very well known and Elijah’s wife Alex is the daughter of a famous singer/songwriter he was very big when our parents were young. I just never paid attention to anything because the gossip sites never appealed to me. I barely even get on social media. I absolutely HATE facebook that thing can rot in hell for all I care. I was on Instagram because Ophelia does photography on the side. It’s something she’s really good at too. Ope got into my phone and made me an insta. She posted the photos I mean I had 25,000 followers but I have never cared about all of that. I really just posted the picture to make Gage happy.

I make my way to my couch and plop down with a comfortable blanket. Turning on the TV this news gossip feed that Ope is obsessed with comes on. I feel the color drain from my face as I see what comes on the TV.

“My source says that Dare Williams the girlfriend of Gage Thomas attacked her with a baseball bat. She said that she came home and started to beat her with it. My source also tells me that she suffered multiple injuries from this experience. Shocked of course we didn’t believe her until she added proof” she trails off and then a familiar nanny cam video comes up. One that I know very well. Tears reach my eyes as I rush to pick up my phone.

“OPHELIA!” I scream through the tears and she runs into the room and looks at the TV. “Call my mom, I need to call my mom” I mumble to myself. I call my mom franticly shaking and pacing. I can’t keep still as I feel the rush of anxiety and fear flow through me.

“Hello?” my mom says

“Turn on Hollywood Insider, channel 83 now” I rush and there is a knock at the door. Ophelia goes to it and in comes a worried and confused Gage. I throw him a glance and continue pacing.

“Oh no” my mom says.


“But, that is real evidence from what happened” my mom says and I scoff.

“Its switched around and made to make her look like the victim when we all know that bitch is anything but” I try to breathe but it’s not working. “She doesn’t understand what she’s done” I say mostly to myself. I grab the remote as I turn up the TV a face that has haunted my nightmares for months appears.

“Ray Monroe went on record saying Dare tried to sleep with him for a promotion and when he turned her down she cried rape. She also got other girls who had been fired to get in on it to send him to jail for life” she says and I am brought back to that terrible night that happened no more than 6 months ago.


“I can come to the hospital” I say with affirmation. “I know but-” I say.

“Dare” I hear a soft voice behind me and I turn around to see Natalie. Petite and stunning from her black hair to her dark brown clear skin and her light brown eyes. She is the nicest one here no doubt. “I can close up” she offers and I shake my head lowering my phone from my ear.

“No, I can’t ask you to do that, it’s just my nephew is sick and they need me to come to the hospital to watch him while they go home and shower and stuff” I say and she shakes her head at me.

“No, you’ll go and be there for that poor sick baby. I will close up, Ray asked me to anyway” says with a shrug and I let out a breath.

“Okay” I say with a smile. I quickly change and rush to the hospital.


“Dare?” a familiar voice calls my attention. I look up to see a slightly battered Natalie and I rush to her.

“Oh my god! What happened? You look like you’ve been through hell” I say worriedly looking at her black and blue eye.

“Yeah, the closest thing to it” she says letting out a breath. “Can you give this to Ray it’s my letter of resignation. I just need to get out of here and I don’t have time to give it to him?” she says solemnly.

I nod and tell her I’ll slip it in his office. She smiles at me gratefully and leaves the diner.


“Dare?” Rays raspy nasty voice. He smells like a disgusting brewery.

“Yes sir?” I address him

“Close up for me” he says and I nod.

“Of course sir” I say turning back to my work.


I was closing up and heard rummaging around behind me. I look around and don’t see anything. “Yeah of course Dare, because the homoicidal maniac is going to come out of the back of the restaurant and kill you” I mutter sarcastically to myself rolling my eyes at my insanity. I turn around and am met with a dish towel to the face. The ether like smell fills my senses and I also smell chemicals. I feel myself become woozy but I’m not knocked out. My vision is contorted and I feel slightly drunk.

The cloth gets ripped from my face and my vision fades in and out. I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head before the darkness consumes me.


I wake up fading in and out, his weight is the first thing I remember. One thing I can’t get out of my mind is the sound of his belly hitting mine. The feeling I had when I realized what was going on is one I will never forget, shame, violation. I remember screaming and squirming but he must’ve injected me with something because I couldn’t move. I remember crying.

“SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!” I shouted as loud as I could with tears violently falling. My cheek stung from him slapping me.

It lasted for a while but when I started to regain feeling he left. He left me there, in a puddle of my own tears. Once I could move I grabbed my stuff. I was worried about driving but couldn’t bring myself to call anyone. I got in my car and drove as carefully as possible.

I arrived at home and went straight to my room. I put my clothes into a ziplock baggy and set it aside. I hoped in the shower and scrubbed my skin raw. It still wasn’t enough to wash away the filth I felt was engrained into my skin.•••

“I’m sorry your sexual escapades went wrong ma’m but there is nothing we can do about that” the hefty police officer says folding his hands behind his head.

“It wasn’t rough sex, it wasn’t a he said no so I lie on him, this happened and I have proof. You looked at it once and decided that it wasn’t worth your time. He’s a 55 year old man that doesn’t know how to take no for an answer raped me; because when he got rejected he got violent. He took what he wanted anyway and there you sit behind a desk like you haven’t got a care in the world. You are acting like I am some needy whore mad because he didn’t call me like he promised. You are meant to protect and serve and if you can’t do your job, find another profession” I snap at him.

I walk out of the office and know where I am going. I pull into the familiar diner parking lot. I put my phone on record and stick it in my back pocket. I march through his office door as he throws me a glance while eating a burrito. “Back for round 2 are we?” he asks cockily. ”You know it will be a lot more fun if I don’t have to drug you or hit you this time. You see, they always come back, always. Even though that Natalie girl was quite a bit of fun she didn’t stay long . You we’re a wiggler however she was not.” he says and bile rises in my throat.

“We both know what happened wasn’t consensual. You drugged and raped me you slimy, sick, son of a bitch” I spit with as much venom as I can muster.

“I have found you need to show a girl what they turned down for them to really understand what the passed on” he says

“You raped me” I confirm

“So what if i did? no ones going to believe you. It’s my word against yours, and you are lucky I don’t do it again. You misbehave and I’ll have to punish you. Got it?” he says

“No, I’m here to turn in my resignation. I quit” I say slamming the papers on the desk and he nods

“I was gonna fire you anyway, but this way I won’t lose any money” he says

“You are a worthless piece of shit, you are a pig, you are a lying son of a bitch, you are going to die alone and I hope you burn in hell” I spat one last time before I exit the cafe. I pull out of the parking lot and pull into another. I take my phone out and turn off record. I head for the police station armed and ready to put this bastard in jail.


This can not be happening. I realize my phone is on the floor as am I crouched in a fetal position. Next to me is Gage worriedly looking at me and rubbing circles on my back. Ope is crying and my mom, I don’t know when she got here is holding her. Richard is standing in the opposite part of the room arms crossed. He knew everything, I told him when I came to work for him because he asked if I had any skeletons he needed to know then. Before he hired me, he said he didn’t want to be blind sided. So I told him everything. Showed him the evidence. I haven’t even gotten the chance to tell Gage.

Oh my god Gage! I look at him my eyes meeting his brown worried ones. He’s gonna leave me when he finds out. I look away from him and hide my face in my hands. I can not believe this is happening.

What do I do?

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