Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 18

“Good evening Dare how are you?” Holly asks as i sit down on the plum purple couch.

“Honestly?” I ask and she nods “Awful, annoyed, angry, hurt, sad. These past couple days have been hard. I am getting hate and awful messages, my car got trashed, I get angry calls and voicemails, my roommate had to take my phone because I couldn’t look at it without getting upset or crying” I answer honestly.

“I’m sorry” she feigns sadness.

“Are you?” I ask and she looks at me shocked. “It’s because of you that this has all blew up the way it did. Not only was this none of your business the information you used was wrong. You didn’t know the whole story yet you aired it anyway. Your show is all about finding and showing the truth when in reality, all you care about is a good show. You have no idea the implications this has put on my life and the people around me. As long as your views go up, the world gets their dose of drama, and you get a pay day of the century” I say taking a sip of my complementary water.

“Lets get into the interview shall we?” she asks ignoring my previous statement. “Dare, Many rumors and video’s have been circling what are your thoughts on the information that was released?” she asks

“I don’t know what to think and I am honestly confused. I thought my past was behind me. This past year has been tough and now to have the story twisted the way it was and slapped one all kinds of tabloids sucks” I answer

“You agreed to do this interview despite you being angry why?”

“I need to clear the air. This isn’t the right or full story it’s bits and pieces spun to perfection to make me look like the evil homoicidal maniac. I am here to tell you the complete story from the beginning” I say with determination.

“Alright. Whenever you are ready” she gestures to me and I take a deep breath with a slight laugh.

“Four years ago I met Markus. When I went to a party with my best friend Ophelia and my cousin Rachel. I didn’t think anything of him when we first met I mean to me he was just another guy at a college party. We hung out and saw each other a few times after that, we ran in the same friend groups so it was bound to happen. I mean I was an english major with dreams of starting my own publishing and writing company. I guess you could say at the time I was easily wooed, or naive should be a better term.

Time went by with in 3 weeks, we were hanging out everyday. It just happened, we clicked, or I thought we did. He asked me out, I said yes. Flash forward 2 years and he proposed on our anniversary in June. Made this big speech about how we were meant for each other and I was his soulmate. Being the young girl I was I said yes, we set the date on March 15th because I wanted a spring wedding.

Last year, Rachel came to my apartment and moved in with me because I was stressed with planning the wedding. I really should’ve seen it coming but honestly, I didn’t. They say love is blind but I think it’s the opposite, lust and infatuation blind a human not love. Love makes someone see more clearly, and I wasn’t in love with him. Ope, Rach, and I were inseparable growing up. We did everything together, we were so close.

On March 13th I came home early because I had quit my job. My boss was an enormous ass who couldn’t keep his affairs out of his job, he was sleeping with his assistants and he even told one of them to get an abortion because he didn’t want to deal with her or ‘it’ as he put it. I quit when he made unwanted advances towards me. I can remember everything vividly from the outfit I was wearing to the exact time I walked in the door and looked at the clock” I spoke but my voice cracked at the end.

“It was 2:06 when I walked through the door. I came home two days before my wedding, two. And not to sound crass but I found my fiancé fucking my cousin on my couch” I say and and the audience gasps dramatically as I resist the urge to roll my eyes. A lone tear rolls down my face and I wipe it away quickly. “I had set up cameras because I believed someone was stealing jewelry from Ope and I and selling it. I didn’t know who it was but lots of my things, expensive things had gone missing. I wanted proof before I confronted anyone so I bought nanny cams and hid them, told Ophelia where they were so she’d know. She couldn’t be the one stealing if her things were going missing too. It had started when Rachel moved in but again I wasn’t sure.

To think, if I or Ophelia would’ve checked it at least once I would’ve found out that Markus and Rachel had been going at it since she moved in 6 months prior. I would’ve seen it, I remember scolding myself for not checking the damn cameras.

You’d think the first thing I would’ve done was scream or yell at them but I couldn’t. The emotional walls had been put up until I could deal with the situation. The first thing I said was the first thing that came to mind I said “ew, I nap on that couch”. Can you believe it?” I said and that got a laugh, even though I wasn’t trying to be funny. “I kicked him out and focused on Rachel. I should’ve been angrier than I was. But, in the end I knew there was nothing I could’ve done to change it or make it better. I just wanted to know why she did it. So I did what every person here would’ve done I asked her why.

She said they were soulmates, she just couldn’t help herself. I told her that being with him was a mistake and I saw that now. I told her if we was willing to cheat with her what is going to stop him from cheating on her? she said the one line every delusional girl in puppy love says ‘the difference is he loves me’ I laughed at her, I didn’t mean to it just involuntarily happened.

She became enraged and pushed me. She started to kick and punch me screaming that he was her’s and I couldn’t touch him. As seen in the video I sent you” I say pointing and she nods.

“Play the video” she said to the camera man in the back and he pressed a series of buttons as I take a drink trying to calm the nerves racking through my body as my hands violently shake.

The video played on the screen and you can see my tan blouse bloodied and my skirt ripped as she was on top of me punching and banging my head on the ground. She gets off of me and starts kicking and shouting at me. I look away not able to watch any more. The video stoped playing and I looked back at Holly.

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