Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 19

“I had managed to crawl away as shown and I reached the aluminum bat we keep incase of break in’s. I pointed it at her and she laughed mocking me and said ‘you won’t hit me with that’ at this point I was in self defense fight or flight mode, I replied with ‘wanna bet’ and I hit her, that was the last thing I remember before blacking out. I woke up and remember seeing Rachel on the floor and a bloody bat in my hands. Ophelia is the person I called and she helped me bring her to the hospital and called her mom. Her mom had slapped me and told me I was a disgrace to the family, how could I do this to her baby?

Once I had the opportunity to explain what happened to her mom she had told me Rachel was in a mental facility after becoming obsessed and stalking her ex after he had broken up with her. She had kidnaped his new girlfriend, his pregnant longterm girlfriend and she tried to kill her and take the baby out and kill it. She was put into the hospital for insanity basically. I don’t know how she got out but they had said she improved enough to leave and as long as she kept taking her meds she could stay out.

Thats when she got on a plane and saw me. Her mom knew where she was going but no one understood why. The boyfriend she had the one that she became obsessed with was Markus’s adopted twin brother. He looked just like him. Markus was adopted but he never remembered his brother and vise versa. She used him as a stand in but became enraged when he broke it off with her. So, she went to find the one she really wanted.

After the doctor came out to give the progress I was leaving I didn’t want to hear the treatment but I guess some part of me was relieved when he’d said she’d live. I started to walk away when the nurse had stoped me and asked if I wanted to know how my cousin was doing. I replied with ‘it doesn’t matter she’s dead to me anyways’ and I left the hospital.

The police investigated of course but the charges were dropped because it was self defense and since I blacked out it was because when my brain entered fight or flight my other parts shut down I guess I don’t know the full explanation but it was basically for preservation.

That was all taken care of and I needed to find a job to get on with my life. Mid June I had gotten a job working for a creep named Ray. 1 week later a 20 year old in college named Natalie was hired. She was sweet, never cross with anyone. Working at the HalfWay Diner wasn’t paradise but it was work. You learned to ignore Ray’s nasty comments and wandering hands because the job didn’t pay as bad as you would think. It didn’t pay amazingly but it was above minimum wage. One day while I was at work my nephew got sick, really sick, it was pneumonia, but it was super I don’t have the right word? aggressive? he was in the hospital and his parents needed rest and to shower and eat so they called me to come in. But it was late and I needed to close up the diner. Natalie told me to go and she would close up. I told her I would stay and help but she insisted I go, so I went. The next couple days to a week Natalie was absent from work. and when she came in she seems fearful of Ray more so the usual.

A week after I went to see my nephew Natalie came in and handed in her resignation to me. Asked me to hand it in for her, of course I said yes, she had bruises on her face it looked like someone had delivered a beating to her. I asked her what happened she said she was jumped and it was a hate crime because her dad is African American and her mom is from the Dominican Republic, they were guys from her dads old job angry because he left for a promotion and they had gotten fired for it or something along those lines. I felt bad for her, we didn’t know each other well but we were friends for the days we worked together.

Natalie, if you are watching this, I am so sorry! If I would’ve known I would’ve never left that night. I would’ve stayed to help you close up and drove you home like I did sometimes. I would’ve never left you alone with him.

A month later Ray asked me to close up. I remember going to the door and thinking I heard something. I thought it was my imagination. I remember there was a cloth over my mouth. It had a weird sent I can’t really describe it. It made me woozy but I didn’t pass out, something hard hit my head and I must’ve blacked out. I still have the scar” I mutter the last part to myself touching the scar on my head under my hair remembering the stinging I felt. Tears come to my eyes and down my cheeks as I remember the next part of this awful story.

“When I woke up he was” I breathe “on top of me...In-” I start but my voice gives out. The feeling of violation that is always there when I remember this comes back with a vengeance as I shift uncomfortably “Inside” I say crying. “I quit the next day, I went home to take a shower but bagged the dirty clothes. I scrubbed my skin raw and even took 5 showers but it didn’t help, I saw the bruises from his fingers and him hitting me when I wouldn’t shut up. His handprints all over my body, even a couple cuts on my neck from the knife he held to my throat.

I went to the police station, they did nothing because his nephew was on the force. They told me it was “rough sex gone wrong” and I shouldn’t make false allegations since I’m just pissed he didn’t call me back. They wouldn’t do anything without more proof so I faced my fear and went back to his office for his confession. Which I also sent you.” I say and she gives a nod to the guy as the man who has haunted my nightmares voice booms throughout the building. I shut my eyes and tell myself that he can’t hurt me and that I’ll be okay. I start to cry silent tears as I beg them to stop.

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