Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 22

“I’m sorry what was that” She asks for clarification.

“To see Gage” I say a little louder

“One more time, I am not sure I heard you correctly” She says with a smile and I glare at her letting out a huff.

“TO SEE GAGE!!! DAMN IT!” I scream and she nods taking my keys. “What the?” I ask and she cuts me off

“You had almost a whole bottle of bourbon, you might have a high tolerance but you’re not driving. I’ll drive” she says and I nod.

The drive is fast and it feels like minutes before we’re sitting in front of Gage’s apartment building, I really don’t feel like going up there. I know he live’s in there alone because Ryan moved into a house with Sage. I know that he’s probably up there with the brunette bimbo express. With a perfectly tanned, skinny legged, big ass, and flat stomach. And her stupid pretty always in place hair and stunning light brown eyes that seem to glow the way his do. I hate that she’s perfect for him, and I hate that I know I am not.

I pull down she sun shield thing and open the mirror. My long brown hair is up in a messy bung and my once bright blue eyes are now dull with dark circles to accompany them. My once soft full lips are now cry and my once beautiful skin that i always loved is now pale and groggy. Trying to pull myself together I take out my bun and let my long locks fall over my shoulders raking my hand through it a couple times sighing at my reflection. I open the door to Ophelia’s car and look towards the building. But Ophelia stops me before I stand up.

“Wait” I turn to her and she parts my hair and brushes away the access hairs, lastly she pinches my cheeks and does a weird pat swipe motion. My face contorts and my eyes squeeze shut.

“Ow, stop it” I say swatting her hands away with a smile. She hands me a chap stick and I don’t hesitate to use it.

“You go girl” she says with a smile, I wish I could be like her, effortlessly pretty, rosy cheeks, hair to die for, just stunning. It takes me hours to look half as good as she does on a bad day. I get out sticking my phone in my pocket closing the door behind me. I take slow and steady steps to the door and hear Ope shout behind me to hurry it up. I walk quickly and smile at the door man as I pass.

I ask the lady at the front desk for Gage Thomas and she mutters Penthouse A on the top floor. Apparently his dad bought out the entire top floor for him. The Thomas’s wealth still astounds me sometimes. I stop in front of his door and hold my hand up, a battle between knocking and not knocking and just walking away rages in my head. I stop myself from getting in my own head and walking away from him. I am hoping that my slight buzz helps me in the whole have the guts to face him for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I knock twice and hear footsteps.

The door is swung open and I am met with a half naked Gage. My face goes cherry red and I stand here shocked. I try to not look I really do, but my eyes have a mind of their own and they look at the towel loosely tied around his waist. Memories of the times we have taken showers in my apartment and never got dressed fill my mind. Behind him I see Bianca dressed in casual clothes with a towel on her head, my heart sinks as tears put pressure behind my eyes. I look down towards my shoes and close my eyes trying to hide the fact that if I were to look at him right now I would cry. As if reading my mind Bianca comes to the front door towel gone and smile on. “You must be’s nice to meet you I’m Bianca. You are really pretty if you ever get tired of him call me. I think you and I could have some fun” while she was talking my eyes snapped up to hers as she sent me a wink. Tears long gone placed by a look of confusion. She bats her eyelashes at me and is attempting to be incognito about pushing up her boobs. I look at Gage who seems to be holding back his laughter. “Call me?” she says turning to write her number on what seems to be an old receipt. I take the paper from her and see that it is a receipt from a bleh store. Or as others call it a gentleman’s store. I stand there frozen even as she stares at me like I’m steak and she’s a starving lion. I’m slightly uncomfortable, causing me to unknowingly shift towards Gage.

Gage clears his throat and both Bianca and my eyes shift towards him. “She’s not gay” he says his eyes and face shinning brightly in amusement. Biancas face falls but then is turned into a lazy smile.

“You never know. Some girls like to experiment. Or maybe she’s bi and wants to have some fun. Or it’s a one time thing. Maybe it’s something she never knew she’d like. You never know” she says with a smile and I feel my self stiffen, I clear my throat and try to find my voice.

“I’m not- I’m. I’m not gay nor interested. Sorry” I say as confident as possible inwardly cringing at the thought.

“Eh no biggie, I know how killer Gage is in bed so I understand it” she says and shock reappears on my face. I can feel the color and blood drain down to my feet and she releases the next sentence with panic. “Oh no no not recently. I actually just spent the night because my girlfriend and I got into an argument. I slept with him back in college we were more fuck buddies than anything, he knew I was gay it was just for fun. Okay I am not helping so I’m gonna shut up and go. But keep my number just incase you change your mind”. She says with a flirty smile. Gage and I watch her walk away as she sways her hips. I smile slightly and shake my head.

“Do you want to come in so I can get dressed?” he asks and I nod walking stiffly walking to his huge living room. His grey couch takes over half of his living room. I look around awkwardly, standing still while my thoughts run wild. Wild, with questions that need to be answered. Gage wonders off to go and get dressed while I make my way to the couch. I sit down on the comfortable cushion and wait silently for Gage to come back out.

Not much longer Gage comes out in a dark grey form fitting T and grey sweatpants. He comes and sits on the coffee table in front of the couch he touches my knee and I shift away from him so it forces his hand to leave my knee. He sighs looking down at the rug a frown plaguing his features. He looks up at me and I can see his eyes match mine. Hiding the unleashed tears. We sit there for what seems like forever before we give in at the same time. I launch myself into his arms and let the tears and everything I have been holding back for the past couple weeks. The warm water covers my cheeks and I feel as though the pressure I have been feeling goes away. Gage buries his face into the crook of my neck and breathes in while I savor the feel of his arms around me.

I can not believe that I missed him so much. I never would’ve thought that I would fall in love with Gage Thomas with only 3-4 months of dating. He is suddenly all I think about and whom I am consumed with. “I missed you” I mutter under my breath knowing the only reason he can hear me is because we’re hugging “so much” I end with a sniffle.

“Me too baby” he whispers back to me. Usually the term baby makes me cringe but now with him it makes me want to hold him and never let go. He pulls away slightly and I whimper a little involuntarily. He grabs my chin lightly and give me a soft kiss on the lips. It’s a slow movement, savoring each other. Sending our feelings through the kiss. Resting out foreheads against each others. I try to breathe as deeply as possible.

“I’m scared” I whisper and I feel his eyes on me, I keep mine closed trying to steady my breathing.

We sit there for a while enjoying being in each others arms again. When Gage mutters the only three words that can leave me frozen starring at him in shock.

“I love you” he says with certainty.

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