Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 24

The plane ride was slow, or at least it felt like forever. I constantly checked my phone for text knowing Gage was texting me. I told him on the ride over here that we’ll talk about us. You can say he didn’t like that answer. Ope’s sister is gonna meet us there and a couple girls who stood up in Sage’s wedding.


Exiting the plane I am met with Sage. Her long blondish brown hair and bright green eyes she smiles wide and gives me a big hug. “Well, isn’t it my little Delilah” she coos using my middle name. She’s never called me Dare, very few people in this world call me Delilah. My grandpa was one of those few. “Hi love” she greets Ope.

“Hi Sage” she mumbles. Even though it was weeks ago Ophelia is still torn about the thing with Kade she still refuses to tell me everything that happened. And that’s okay, if she ever needs to I’m here to talk.

“Okay. Rhea and Lilly are at the Sweet Salvation Suits Hotel. We have the party suit for 2 weeks. Since as much as I love Ryan he’s killing me. I literally thought he was going to sneak on the plane if Estefan didn’t hold him back.” she said with a laugh.

“Ah the married life” I say dreamily. And then I remember all of the shit that happened AFTER I got engaged and my nose shrews up in disgust and I roll my eyes. “Yeah, been there, almost tried that” I say.

“You know? I am thankful that you didn’t marry that sexist, cheating, no good low life. God he didn’t deserve you. And he ruined your favorite couch... you love that couch.” Sage says.

“Loved” I correct “I did but it disgusts me to think about how many times I napped on it and smelled sex. I just thought it was because my boyfriend was active with himself you know?” I say making the motion “Guess not” I say with a shrug. They laugh and two men in suits come to take our bags.

“Excuse me? Can you put the bags in the car Monsieur? Merci Beaucoup” She says and the man flashes her a million dollar smile. I will admit that he isn’t bad looking. Jawline, the hair, the dimples. I think of Gage and how much I miss him. I don’t know if I can continue with him. If we don’t work I don’t know if my heart could take it.

The white limo is luxurious and stylish. The tan leather seats to the television and expensive champagne is amazing. I feel myself relax as I see Ophelia and Sage converse like they haven’t seen each other in forever. Which they haven’t but they FaceTime each other every Sunday.


Jaw dropping is how I would describe the hotel. Using light colors like blues yellows and greens light up the rooms. and the hallway is sprinkled with fairy lights and lanterns. the navy carpet contrasting against the bright colors. “Up up we go” Sage says walking to the elevator. When it dings a poster family from an add comes out laughing. We shuffle in with our bags into the small silver space. Sage presses 20 with her finger and smiles.

“Number 4” she leads.

“Soooo” Ope drawls “how was the honeymoon?” she’s trying to make small talk but its really...awkward.

“Earth shattering” she teases and Ophelia’s face contorts in disgust while I fake gag. “You’ll understand when you find the one for you” Ophelia looks down sad and broken. I put my hand on her shoulder and she gives me a half hearted smile.

“Adelfi? are you alright?” Sage inquires worriedly.

“I’m fine” she snaps and grabs the key card from her hand before walking off.

“Was it something I did?” Sage asks me

“No” I say looking down “she’s been going through a rough time it seems. I thought she would be over him by now but I guess not” I say though I’m sure it only confused Sage more.

“I don’t understand” her eyebrows move together as she looks down the hallway her sister went down.

“I would tell you but-” I start.

“But it’s not your story to tell...” she finishes “do not worry o filos mou, I understand” she finishes with a smile.


“She loves me too” I mutter to myself as my father paces around the room.

“Sorry son, what did you say?” he asks.

“Dare, she said she loves me too” I say as my dads eyes swell with pride.

“Wow son that’s-” he starts but I cut him off.

“I want to marry her” I say and he opens his mouth. “Scratch that, I need to marry this girl. Dad she’, she’s it for me. I know it, as insane as that sounds I just. I need to go to Bora Bora. I’m sure Ryan will be happy to come with he’s been griping about missing Sage and tell her. Show her I want to be with her and only her.” I say getting up. My dad from his position leaning on his desk smiles a small smile and looks at me. “What?” I ask.

He chuckles slightly and shakes his head. “I was the same way with your mother, we were together for 6 months when I proposed. I can’t believe she said yes. I was over the moon.” he smiles reminiscing.

“I miss her too” I say and he nods.

“Go” he says and that’s all I need before I am out the door and on my way to the airport.

“Hey Ryan, you up for an adventure?”

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