Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 25


My hands shook violently as I sit in the airplane. Ryan stares at me in amusement. “What?” I snap tapping my leg.

“I am just sitting here wondering if that what I was like when I was proposing to Sage?” He asks.

“Yes” Estefan answers from his seat calmly flipping through magazine pages with Lilly on the front in a swimsuit. I roll my eyes. A 27 year old who has the body of a 18 year old. That she’s a pretty blonde is enough to punch a guy but this picture, I wish she wouldn’t do them sometimes it makes all kinds of people go crazy.

“Don’t act all tough you were the same way Estefan, me however I was calm because I knew my girl would say yes” My brother says. bragging.

“Shut up Eli” we all say at once. I can’t stop shaking no matter how hard I try.

I see a flight attendant walk by and I flag her down. I’m sitting on the window seat so I have to lean in order to see her properly. And when I do I finally feel like rolling my eyes. breasts are pushed up and obviously fake. Not to mention the nose job and the face caked in makeup, and her try to be flirty face that makes her look constipated.

“How may I...” she looks me up and down “help you sir?” she finishes with a lick of her lips. Gross, I sigh and say “I would like a drink any alcohol will work, thank you” I say leaning back without a second glance. She sighs and goes to walk away but not before getting stopped by Elijah.

“Can you grab me some peanuts too?” he says though she doesn’t seem to be listening as she stares at me with her ugly hungry eyes.

“Sure” she mutters before walking off.

“Dude if I were you I’d grab a restraining order. She might’ve as well jumped on you” Ryan laughed and I huffed.

“She’s like a cat in heat...on the prowl” Elijah butts in.

“She’s a starving lioness and you are the caribou” Estefan wiggles his eyes at me.

“Would you three shut up? I get it” I say.

“Oop, here she comes” Eli says sending me a sarcastic ‘I want to be punched’ smile.

“Sir” she purrs “here is your drink” she smiles leaning over. ” and your peanuts” she all but throws them on his lap. “Let me know if you need...anything” she sucks in a breath and sways her hips all of the way away from us and I roll my eyes before taking a gulp of my drink.

“I feel bad for you” Ryan says and the other guys agree.

“I gotta pee” I say and they let me out. I make my way to the bathrooms noticing the flight attendant behind me. I go into the stall and pee. Once I’m almost done I hear a knock at the door. “Hold on” I say zipping my fly. Another series of knocks come at the door and I huff before opening. “I said-” is all I get out before I am pushed back inside and the attendant sighs rubbing her hands all over me.

“Hi” she flirts and I remove her hands from my body and she kneels and I grab her arms and pull her to her feet. “You just want to get right to it?” she asks and I try to not act appalled and disgusted.

“Uhh no, I don’t. Listen you seem....nice but I already have a girl and she’s the only one for me so...” I say and at first she looks confused and then her eyes have mischief in them.

“She doesn’t even have to know, are you sure she can pleasure you? what if I can do it better?” she try’s to seduce as she nips my ear. I push her off of me and make my way to the door. She moves herself in front of it blocking my way with a flirty smile. “What if I were to take a compromising photo and send it to your...girl. Then what? hmm? just a kiss? please? no one will ever have to know” she says with a determined look in her eyes. I sigh in defeat.

“No one will know?” I ask raising my eyebrows.

“Only my friends but they won’t tell anyone...promise” she says with an unconvincing smirk.

“Okay” I whisper and she leans in.

Right as our lips are about to touch I move us around so she’s pinned against the sink. Which she seems to think is foreplay because she purrs literally purrs at me. I resist the urge to gag and lean forward breathing on her neck before whispering “You are so going to get fired. Maybe before you sexually harass someone you should know who you are talking to” her eyes go wide moment for her broken.

“My name is Gage Thomas. My uncle Felix is flying the plane. And you Becca are going to be fired and made sure that you are never going to work for Thomas industries ever again” the fear on her face makes me smile and feel satisfaction. I turn around and walk out of the door before slamming it shut and sending a text to my uncle about the whole situation. He won’t get it until we land but the shocked and embarrassed look on her face as she exits the bathroom makes me feel accomplished.

I reach my seat wearing a triumphant smirk when the guys all send me confused looks I just shrug. “I put her in her place” is all I needed to say before looks of understanding take over their faces.

Bora Bora is absolutely stunning truly. From the tropical breeze to the blue waters. And the restaurant seats in the ocean are perfect for tonight. I know it’s cheesy but I wrote and re wrote what I was going to say. I don’t know if I’ll remember it all but I am silently praying to god I don’t throw up.

“Alright Sage said her and the girls are at suit 4” Ryan said rubbing his hands together like a 6 year old coming up with a plan for trouble. I roll my eyes.

“We’re staying at a different hotel. So they won’t see us until tonight” I say and he nods enthusiastically.

“That’s a good idea. I don’t want to be put in time out by Sage if she sees us. I don’t know how I would survive” he says pouting and I raise an eyebrow at him. “Hey don’t judge. Time out means no sex. And like I said I wouldn’t survive. I mean the honeymoon was” he stops with a whistle. And I look at him in disgust. Good to know Sage has him by the balls. It’s kind of funny and amusing to watch.

“Oh yeah that would be so bad for you” I feign sympathy and Ryan gives me a dead look.

“Not funny” he mutters and I can’t hold it in anymore. I let out a huge laugh. As we enter our hotel room.

“Alright guys” I say gathering my friends attention. “Let’s make this a proposal to remember” I say clapping my hands.

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