Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 3

(One Week Later)

“Dare get up we have to leave the weddings tomorrow” Ope says and I groan.

“No” I mutter and she rips off my blanket. “Go away” I say

“Nah uh, you know I can’t do that. We’ll never get out of here if I leave you here” she says grabbing my ankles. I reach up and grab the headboard knowing what is about to happen. Suddenly Ope pulls at my ankles as I grasp the headboard tightly.

“You know this is not the situation that I thought would be going down when I grabbed this headboard” I mutter and she immediately lets go as if I burned her.

“Uhh ew” she says “I would rather be late than hear another sentence like that” she says and I roll over and get up.

“No, don’t bother I’m up let’s go” I say getting ready.


A couple hours later and we touch down in Florida. I am so glad that Ope’s parents flew us out. There was no way I could afford to fly from Cali to Florida. Yeah no way in hell. I see Ope’s parents Anton and Gaia. We walk over to them and I hug them tightly. “Hey” I mutter.

“Hello, agapi mu” she says in greek which means my love. I smile at the motherly endearment.

“Geia sou mamá, pós eísai?” Ophelia says, ‘hello mama, how are you?’ as she gives her a big hug kissing the side of her head.

“Eímai kalí agápe mou. Pós ítan i ptísi sou?” she returns the hug saying ‘i am good my love. How was your flight?’

“Makryá, allá eímai evgnómon pou écho na do ton Sage na pantrefteí aftó to to Savvatokyriako.” I add ‘long as hell, but I am grateful that I get to see Sage get married this weekend.’

“Of course agapi mu. We wouldn’t have it any other are family” she says smiling. “Alright lets get you settled in” Gaia chirps happily.


The wedding was beautiful and everyone cheered. Ope and I’s room is nice enough but I don’t understand why you would want to get married on a boat other than the fact that you get to see the sunrise on the ocean.

I look around the reception area on the deck of the boat and spot a bar...thank god. I walk up to the bar and see a tanned guy with a man bun dressed in all black with a name tag that reads ‘Dray’. “Hey” I call out to him, he turns to me and looks at me expectantly. “Can I get a...” I drawl looking at the drink menu. “You know what? Get me a whatever has a lot of alcohol and will make me shit faced quickly” I say. I think back to the text I got just before the wedding.

Sitting on this damn bench is hurting my butt. I should’ve gotten a drink from the bar before coming over here. Man, I think I have to pee.



“I’m sorry about Rachel...can we talk? I miss you.” I read in my head. I quickly type my response.

“There’s nothing to talk about. You cheated and I caught you fucking my cousin on my couch. Sold it btw. Looking at it made me want to hurl. You made your bed now you need to lie in it...what’s done is done.” Once it says delivered I shut the screen.

“Come on, please” he begs

“No Markus I’m done and I told you to never contact me again. I meant it.” I say. This is how it starts the begging, then eventually he’ll get rude and say something horrible and I’ll end up a sobbing mess in Ope’s arms.

“Whatever, your a bitch anyway. The only reason I even wanted to get back together is the fact that your good in bed” he says and I simply send one word before shutting off my phone.

“You’re*” I blocked his number and turned off my phone. I need a drink.

So, that happened and I’m over it. I just need a drink. I need to forget my past right now, be someone else. The bartender slides me a shot and I down it instantly. He watches me closely but I believe he understands and slides me another one.

“So” a deep masculine voice says from behind me breaking me out of my reverie. “What is a pretty lady like you doing here all alone?” ~shit~ I think to myself ~breathe it’ll be over soon. I will just tell him about by terrible credit and bad financials and he’ll run for the hills right...right? ugh!~ I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

“Drinking” I say bluntly without turning around. I hear shuffling and what sounds like footsteps so my guess is that he sat next to me.

“Alone?” he asks and I roll my eyes.

“Yup, looks like it doesn’t it?” I ask him sarcasm dripping off of every word.

“So, what’s your name?” he asks and I finally look at him ~holy shiitake mushrooms!!!~ I think and almost choke on my shot. I pound my fist to my chest and look at him in the eyes. He’s smirking. “Arrogant asshole” I mutter to myself.

“What?” he asks eyebrows pulling together in confusion.

“I believe I called you an arrogant asshole” I say patronizingly ~can’t he see that I want to be alone?~ His eyes are brown, deep brown, he’s a looker that’s for sure. But where have I seen those eyes?

“Dare” I deadpan turning back around.

“Excuse me?” he asks in bewilderment.

“My name is Dare” I say and here it comes ~such a beautiful and unique name~

“Wow, such a beautiful and unique name” he says trying to be poetic, it ain’t workin’ sis. I inwardly roll my eyes, predictable. ~Heard it all before buddy, pretty name for a pretty girl~ I think to myself.

“Well you know what they say..” he starts

“Pretty name for a pretty girl. Anything else you want to try to use from the cliché ‘how to pick up a girl’ binder?” I interrupt and ask.

“Was it that bad?” he asks and I nod.

“Surprisingly” he murmurs

“Right...” I say and turn around. I knock on the counter twice and the bartender shoots me another shot.

“So” he starts again and yet again I am rolling my eyes.

“Do the cheesy conversations where you ask 20 questions usually work?” I ask and he nods.

“Yeah, usually I don’t have to work this hard” he admits and I laugh

“Thought so, you clearly have no game” I say downing another shot. Come on I’m not even buzzed yet, damn you high alcohol tolerance I knew I shouldn’t have partied as much in high school.

“where you from?” he asks

“Hold on there, city boy. I am no where near dumb enough or drunk enough to spill my life story” I say and he has a small ghost smile playing on the edge of his lips. ~Glad he finds me amusing~ I think to myself.

“So you have a boyfriend...” he tries and doesn’t see a reaction “You can’t have a fiancé because you’re not wearing a ring, you’re sitting alone at a bar at a wedding. Hmm, I wonder” he taps his chin with his fingers faking a thinking look.

“It’s a long story” is all I say, trying to keep it short.

“So what happen-” he started

“I’m sorry, that question is not in the binder” I say pointing on the counter. The feeling of it cold on my finger tip.

“Okay, okay...” he says but after a few moments of silence he asks another question. ~Does he ever shut up?? Jesus~ “Can i buy you a drink?” he asks and I roll my eyes again.

I groan aloud “don’t you have a bikini model to stalk? Leave me alone. I’m trying to get drunk in peace mmkay?” I say complaining.

“No I don’t. And if you’re in the mood to get drunk you need a drinking buddy” he says tapping the counter. He downs the shot the bartender sends him and smiles at me. I roll my eyes, if I roll them any more they are gonna roll out of my head. That would be so weird, if someone had no eyes because they rolled out of their head because they rolled their eyes too much...yeah I might be slightly buzzed or tipsy. I forget which one comes first.

“No. No I don’t” I say coldly.

“By the way my name is Gage” he says slightly smiling.

“I didn’t ask” I say and he chuckles...what is he the chuckler?

“I know” he says.

The bartender slides over two shots. I down one and he downs the other.

“So, what do you do for fun?” he asks and I stare at him blankly.


“Someone shut off the sun” I say slightly groggy.

It smells of aftershave and cologne. ~Mmh, I like this pillow. So warm~ Wait aftershave!

“What the hell?!?” I exclaim sitting up.

I look to my right and see a shirtless Gage ~shit shit shit!! what happened last night?? Well, I was drunk enough to sleep with an arrogant asshole. Man I must’ve been shit faced. I can’t remember...why can’t I remember? what was in those shots???~. I try to as quickly and quietly as possible gather my things and leave. I stub my toe on the damn ottoman thingy at the end of his bed. ~Ow what the fuck? shit that hurt~ . Here’s what I know...I got shit faced last night and can’t remember what happened but since I woke up without underwear I’m guessing I slept with Gage.

I’m not 100% sure since I’ve never read it but I’m sure this is not in the binder.

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