Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 4

“Okay, lets run over this one more time...” Ope says with her legs crossed on our couch. We took an early flight home due to the fact that the wedding is over and that I have work tomorrow. I told her I’d fill her in at home. She begged me the entire ride but I wanted to wait.

“Okay, I met a guy at a bar named Gage” I say and she nods “we had a conversation, and I guess we started drinking because I don’t really remember anything after that. And somehow I ended up back at his room and I am almost 95% sure we had sex” I say

“Wow, I went to my sisters wedding, flirted with a couple guys, had a couple martinis. You went to a wedding, got trashed, and got laid. What am I missing?” she says jokingly and I laugh.

“Not much, but that isn’t all...uhh Markus texted” I say as she takes a bite of her muffin.

“The devil?” she asks all though it’s slightly muffled due to the muffin in her mouth.

I chuckle a little bit “yeah, it was the usual “I’m sorry, take me back. I said no and he was an ass, and then I auto corrected his rude ass statement and blocked him” I say

“Only you would correct his mean comment, you badass bitch. I love you” she says and I laugh.

“Love you too” I yell in her direction smiling as she gets up to get more coffee

“So, who is your mystery man? this is like a reverse Cinderella. You’re looking for him instead of the other way around” she says gushing and handing me my coffee.

“Hold on, I’m not gonna go looking for him. It was a one night stand. That’s all” I say and she wines.

“But, Dare-” she slouches down and gives me the please look.

I give her a ~are you serious~ look and judging by her reaction she’s dead serious.

“No, no, no don’t you ’but, Dare” me. You know everyone hooks up at weddings. It was a one night stand that I can’t even remember, nothing else” I say

“Fine, but, you’re gonna see him again” she boasts turning on the T.V

“No, I won’t. How are you so sure?” I ask inquisitively

“Because it wouldn’t be a good love story if you never saw him again” she says nose in the air and I chuckle.

“Okay, Ope what ever you say?” I reply smiling.***

I am running a little behind, my alarm clock didn’t wake me up on time so I had to skip breakfast. Great, I am going to be so hungry. Maybe I can get a snack at work, last time I was there I saw some small pastries next to the coffee pot, maybe I can have one.

I walk into the building and greet Annie, she tells me my office is on the same floor as Mr. Thomas and I nod and thank her. I walk past Mr. Thomas’s office and I see Mr. Thomas talking to someone I recognize. My eyes widen and my heart sinks ~shit~ I rush to the coffee pot area but not before making eye contact with Gage ~double shit~ I play it off and act like I didn’t see him but his smirking ass has other plans.

I try to focus on making my coffee but I am trying to wrap my head around why the hell he’s here. “Stalking me now are you?” he asks and I stiffen from how close he is. His breath is on my ear and his body is so close that I can feel the heat radiating off of it. It’s like I’m hyper aware of everything he does. He reaches around me with his right arm while placing his left on my hip. I let out a small gasp when he squeezes it lightly tingles erupting from every nerve where his hand is touching me. Flashes come back in my brain and I see parts of us making out in his bed in our underwear, great.

“I’m not stalking you I work here” I say softly so only he can hear. I don’t move an inch and neither does he. His breath smells of mint toothpaste and coffee. His left hand slowly moves from my hip to my stomach and I let out another gasp when he roughly pulls my body back to meet his.

“You know it’s rude to walk out on someone after you sleep with them” he says.

“It was fun for the both of us and now we’re at work please let me go” the last part is a little shaky but I try to maintain my calm exterior.

Before I know it he throws his head back and laughs. “It was fun for the both of us, really?” he asks and I nod. “You weren’t telling me to let you go last night” he says huskily. ~triple shit~ .

“I was drunk it doesn’t count” I reason.

“We were both hammered, but you sobered up quickly” he jokes and I turn red.

“Please, let’s go to my office because I am sure the office has ears” I say and lead him to my office. “Listen I probably should’ve put two and two together when you told me your name was Gage. I don’t really follow politics and the news. My roommate does that. Regardless I need this job and your dad is my boss. We can’t happen, ever.” I say gesturing between the two of us as I stand behind my mahogany desk looking at him. “You want to be Vice President and I don’t want to get fired. So do me a favor keep a wide birth and keep your mouth shut. No flirting nothing sexual or relationship like okay. Completely professional.” I say and he nods with his hands in his blue suit.

“If thats what you want” he says solemnly.

“Yeah, it is” I say and walk him to the door.

He pushes me up against it right as I am about to open it. “You see” he says leaning closer “for some reason I can’t get you out of my head, why is that?” he asks.

“Because I’m good in bed?” I guess and he laughs

“You are, but I don’t think thats it” he says and thats the last thing he says before his lips are smashed onto mine.

~oh shit~

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