Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 5

~Wow~ did you know you could be turned on and angry at the same time? well you can. I can not believe him, after we made out for like 25 minutes a knock came at my door. Mr. Thomas asked for the email the receptionist from Philis Inc. called and wanted last weeks reports. Gage is currently sitting in my office and staring at me while I write up product reports from this previous week.

“Are you just gonna sit there and stare at me or are you actually gonna say something?” I ask momentarily glancing at him while typing.

He smirks “I think you’re gorgeous and all I can think about right now is taking you on that desk” he says and I gasp.

“GAGE!” I chide, “thats nasty” I say scrunching my nose.

“Bullshit! you were thinking it” he says leaning back in his seat with a smile that would make a model drop her panties.

“Yeah, but you don’t say it out loud” I say, I feel my eyes go wide and he chuckles at me.

He raises a playful accusatory eyebrow at me “Did you just admit that you wanted me?” he teases.

“No, no I did not” I say blushing profusely denying and shaking my head. ~I need to focus~.

“Uh I think you did” he says crossing his arms over his very wide and chiseled chest.

“No, I simply stated I think it’s inappropriate to mention such things even if you think them, duh” I say not looking at him.

“Duh?” he asks

“Yes, duh” I say fighting my smile, taking a sip of my coffee.

“Let me take you out on a date” he says and I choke on my coffee. He gets up and pats my back and rubs small soft circles on my back comforting me. All the sudden I find myself leaning into him, into his touch. His scent is just intoxicating. I let out a sound of contentment somewhere between a moan and a sigh. Since he was kneeling I also found myself hugging him to breathe in more of him. He was shocked at first, hell I was shocked too but damn. He hugged me back and there we sat just hugging each other. I felt a small tear fall down my cheek and I nuzzled him. He let out a sigh of comfort and I finally snapped out of it.

I leaned back red faced and embarrassed, I sigh and look at my hands. “I’m sorry” I mutter looking at my hands as if they were the most interesting thing in the world at the moment, my voice was barely audible. If he weren’t so close he wouldn’t have heard it. “I guess I didn’t realize how much I needed a hug. I haven’t had one like that in a while” I whisper picking at my fingers.

“What do you mean?” he asks eyebrows scrunched together looking at me intently.

“It has been a while since I’ve had a hug from someone who wasn’t related to me. You know from a guy I was romantically involved with or something, I was engaged, and to say it didn’t end well was an understatement. He took my trust and love I had for him and shoved it into a wood chipper and then threw it at my face. We were together for 3 and 1/2 years. We met and 6 months in we started dating and then on our 3 year anniversary he proposed. I asked him to give me a year to plan the wedding, we never made it” I say tears silently falling. He wiped my tears with the soft pad of his thumb.

“Hey” he whispers “its okay, we can take things slow there’s no rush I promise” he says with a soft smile, I nod.

“okay” I whisper and he kisses my forehead. That just took a weird turn.


“You ready?” Gage asks me and I nod sliding into the front of his new Mercedes. I spent 5 hours getting ready, trying to find out what the hell to wear. Ope helped a lot.

“I’m terrified” I quietly admit.

“Me too” he says looking over at me.

“I haven’t been on a date since May...actually it was a week before we called it off” I say still not being able to say it fully.

“I know but we can do this, we just have to make sure there’s no pressure” he says and I look at him.

“This is new. I like the sweet Gage WAY better than the asshole Gage” I say and he laughs.

“You’re not the only one, but I’ve got a reputation to keep” he jokes and I smile

“Yeah, yeah whatever” I say waving him off.

This should be fun.

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