Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 7

The flight was peaceful, the airport in France, eh. The french language flowed through my ears like a melody, I looked around, eyes scanning the airport. It looks just like every other one but I am too excited to care. Gage expertly asks the worker to help with our bags in french. Not gonna lie...Gage speaking french is kinda hot, but only a little.

The valet brings Gage’s rental Mercedes around and we gather our bags and hop inside. Gage brings up a GPS and places it on the center console as a Siri sound-a-like voice gives directions to our hotel. We pull into the parking lot of the hotel and my breath is taken from me. It’s beautiful modern french architecture stands out with accents of gold and marble. I open the door and take in the hotel. Gage calls a bellhop to come and gather our bags. That’s a funny word, bellhop.

Taking our bags to the elevator the bellhop presses the P button for I’m guessing penthouse. It’s nice living in luxury for a weekend but I feel guilty letting Gage pay for everything. If I would’ve known where we were going I would’ve at least payed for my ticket. I can hear Ophelia’s voice in my head saying ~it’s a date, he’s supposed to pay for everything. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pay. Assuming you all will go for the long haul which you will and I know this because I’m always right~ I chuckle to myself knowing that’s exactly what she would say.

Swiping a key card on the door the bellhop places the bags inside and leaves with the cart. Gage takes a look around the room and hands me the extra golden keycard that reads ‘Penthouse’ huh, I thought it would be in french...guess not. “Wow this place is nice...” I drawl out. I stop and make eye contact with Gage...1...2...3...“I CALL DIBS ON THE BIGGEST BEDROOM”

“I call-damn it” he says too late and I smirk and do a victory dance. “Your room is that way my room is on the other side of the living room” he explains and I nod and take a look around. While the outside was marble and gold the Penthouse has a redish maroon color for the walls and an amethyst purple couch and loveseat. A cool white rug with 80′s style hoops in orange. And finally a beautiful glass wall that gives you the perfect view of Paris. I have to be dreaming.

I make my way to my room and see a deep purple theme. The headboard is black but the bedding is purple. I take my shoes off and place them against the wall to the side of the door. I roll my suitcase and watch as it makes lines in the carpet. Lifting my suitcase I open it to unpack it and nearly have a heart attack. THE ONLY UNDERWEAR SHE PACKED ME WERE LINGERIE, and not regular lingerie I mean raunchy would wear it in a porno lingerie. I see a note tapped to the inner lid of my suitcase I rip it off and open it to read.


Because I know you’ll need help getting laid,

I went to the nearest gentlemen’s store and got you some sexy lingerie.

No need to thank me, have fun on your weekend with your rich new play thing.

Love you,


I roll my eyes at the note. I don’t have a choice to wear it or not because you didn’t pack anything a regular human being would wear. And I can’t go commando I’ve tried to before and it always feels...wrong and uncomfortable. I unpack all of my clothes and put the make up in the joining bathroom. I feel like the walk-in closet was bigger than my apartment. I take a quick shower and change my clothes into something comfortable. Gage didn’t say if we were doing anything so I just put on sweatpants and my brothers ACDC concert t-shirt. I walk out of my room looking for places around us that deliver, it looks like there is a pizza place that we could order from but I’ve got to check with Gage.

I momentarily look up from my phone to see Gage starring at me in shock. I look down at my clothes and then open my camera on my phone to see if I have anything on my face, nothing. “What?” I ask slightly bemused.

“Uh, I’ve just never seen you in anything but formal or party wear so it kinda shocked me. How can you make sweats and a t-shirt hot?” He says and mumbles the last part to himself but I still heard it.

I laugh quietly, “you’re funny, can we order pizza I know we are going sightseeing tomorrow and shopping and then to dinner. But, I was thinking tonight we just order pizza and watch a movie? they have American movies here in english luckily we don’t have to pay an extra $3 for the french subtitles because we understand it completely” I ask smacking my phone against my palm. He takes out his phone nodding while I sink my butt into the couch.

“Pizza’s on its way, and I just subscribed to Disney+ so let’s pick a movie” he says making his way over to the couch grabbing a blanket and casually throwing it over us. He starts inching closer as I am shuffling through the movies. His arm is on the back of the couch and if I were to lean right I’d be leaning into him, which I am starting to not mind that idea. I pick ‘Big Hero 6’ and warn Gage that I always cry when Baymax saves Hero in the end. Clicking play, I finally give in to my inner want to lean into him and I do. He shifts slightly kicking our legs out so we don’t get cramped.

10 minutes later a knock at the door comes and Gage grabs the pizza, I pause the movie and help him carry it into the small kitchen that connects with the living room. I get the plates and he grabs the cups. Once we get our food and get comfortable again I hit play.

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