Conflict Of Interest

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Chapter 8

Gage POV

Sitting here watching her watch the movie makes me want what Ryan and my brother have. I liked to watch the way her face lit up when she laughed at something she thought was funny or how she shakes my arm and tells me to watch this is her favorite part nearly every scene. I thought the cutest thing is when she got mad at something in the movie and glare at the screen like it killed her teddybear, it was so cute she looked like an angry bunny.

3 movies in she fell asleep on my arm, I turned off the TV and watched her for a moment, not in a creepy way, in like a I just want to hold her way. I watched as her shoulders rose and fell with each passing breath and listened to the sound of her soft breathing through her slightly parted lips. I tried to memorize every part of her face, scared that she’d wake up and know that in no way do I deserve her. That night on the yacht we talked basically all night. I mean we did have sex but that was way later and we were both super drunk. I barely remember it, I am slightly grateful because I want my first time with her to be something I remember. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I have never felt this way before and it’s freaking me out. Ever since the wedding she’s all I’ve thought about. I sound like one of those guys who are completely whipped. It’s so soon, our relationship hasn’t even been going on for very long but I know deep inside there is a connection. I don’t know what it is yet but I know it’s special. I carefully maneuver myself and scoop Dare up into my arms. I carried her to her room and placed her in the bed. Once she was in it I felt something grab my hand. It was her, completely fast asleep and holding onto my hand for dear life. I tried to set it free but her face contorted in pain and she was mumbling no. Knowing she’s gonna kick my ass for this I climb into bed and spoon her. She pushes against the mattress and pushes herself into me. Turning around so she’s facing me she curls into a ball and nuzzles me for warmth. I let myself relax and I have the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.


Dare’s POV

The sun shines in my eyes making me see pink behind my eyelids. I roll over to find the right side of the bed empty. Yes, I was semi-awake when Gage brought me to bed. He was comfortable and I didn’t want him to leave, so sue me. I swing my legs over the side of the bed and sleepily walk into the kitchen with my eyes semi-closed. The smell of coffee fills my nose along with bacon and eggs. I sit at the cushioned bar stool and silently watch Gage cook breakfast. A soft song is playing in the background as Gage hums and partially dances along. He does a spin and gasps when he sees me dropping the spatula on the ground.

“Jesus Dare, you scared me” he says placing a hand over the right side of his chest.

“Hearts on the other side genius” I mumble getting up and grabbing a coffee mug I fill it with coffee and add cream and sugar. It’s not the best but it’s hotel coffee so I wasn’t expecting much.

“Someone is not a morning person” he says playfully teasing.

“No, not only am I not a morning person. I woke up alone and I distinctly remember you sleeping in my bed with me. If you’re gonna do that you can’t get up before me. I don’t like waking up alone if I know someone slept in there with me” I pout and he just stares at me. After a few seconds he comes around the corner in a ‘Embrassez le cuisinier!’- ‘Kiss the cook!’ apron. He looks at me then places a feather light kiss on my pout and I can’t help the smile that comes afterwards.

“Okay” he mumbles against my lips and pecks them again.

“Okay...what?” I ask wanting him to say it.

“I won’t get up without you...If, you promise to let me sleep with you in the same bed for the rest of the trip” he bargains and I pretend to think about it

“Hmmm...okay deal!” I say smiling widely. He puts food in front of me its bacon and eggs except the eggs are eyes and the bacon is the smiley face. I’ll tell you what I haven’t been this happy in a long time.After breakfast I go shower and get ready. I choose a black lacy bra and matching underwear. I cringe when I put it on. I then put on my high-waisted ripped light blue skinny jeans with a white cami and cream cardigan along with short grey uggs. I put on very light make up and braid my hair to the side. Once I’m ready I spray a little perfume on and go wait for Gage in the living room. It’s not long after I sit down does Gage come out of his room in a towel. My brain nearly melted and my eyes were blessed by angels. Gage was truly a good looking man and it’s no wonder how he won Hottest Guy in the world twice and America’s Most Eligible Bachelor 4 years running, I think.

My eyes travel down his chest as I watch water droplets make a path down his abs. A path I would gladly trace with my- wait THAT V-LINE THOUGH! Sometimes he makes me just want to jump his bones and make me- wow, I need to stop. I look at his eyes to see his pupils dilated, I break eye contact first feeling my cheeks catch fire. I hear footsteps that at first I think are coming closer but then realize he went to go put clothes on...bummer.

He reenters the room in a skin tight grey t-shirt and you can easily see his muscles. I openly check him out and don’t even notice when he calls my name. “Dare” he says a little louder. The way he says my name I wish I could make him moan my- WOW I seriously need to get my hormones in check.

“You ready to go or are you just gonna stare at me all day” he jokes and I nod to the door not trusting my voice. I realize that I’ve never seen him in casual clothes, and shocker he looks just as hot as he does with a suit on. I grab my phone and purse and head with him to the door making sure I have my keycard. He grabs my hand and interlaces our fingers together. It feels good to be able to hold his hand, to be able to touch him, or kiss him if I want. I couldn’t before because I don’t want to jeopardize my job but isn’t that what I’m doing already? Being with him is a risk but I decided last night that I want to see where this goes.

One Day Later

Sight seeing was fun, and so was dinner. He payed no attention to the flirty waitress and all of his attention was on me. Which I wasn’t complaining. The next day we went shopping where I got some souvenirs and shirts and other clothes for Ope. Today was our last day here because tomorrow morning we are going home. Right now we are on our way to the Eiffel tower we’ve got about 30-45 minutes until the sun sets. We saved the best for last, this trip has been so much fun and I can not wait to go on a date with him again.

30 minutes later we find a parking spot and head the the Eiffel Tower. At this point I can’t contain my excitement and I am smiling and giggling like a kid in the candy store. We make it to the top just in time to see the sunset on the Eiffel Tower. This was the one place I would go if I could and thanks to Gage I actually got to. I look out at the view and I hear the click of a cellphone camera. I see Gage trying to hide his phone but I laugh at his failed attempt. A woman talking to her friend in french passes by and I quickly catch up to her and ask her if she would take a picture of us.

“Oui!” she says “of course” she says in a thick french accent.

I walk up to Gage and hook my arms around his neck while he hooks his around my wait. His lips meet mine and I hear the french girls friend exclaim how cute we were. After posing for a few more pictures I run up to her and grab my phone.

“Merci Beaucoup!” I smile widely at her and she nods.

“De rien” she answers and walks away with her friends.

I pick my favorite ones and send them to Gage, watching the sun go down Gage wraps his arms around me from behind and leans his chin on my shoulder. “Be my girlfriend?” He asks quietly almost timidly. I nod watching the breathtaking view. Like I said, I want to see where this thing goes.

“Best date ever!” I whisper smiling and he answers with a kiss on my shoulder.

I don’t think I ever want to go home.

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