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Pregnant by a Pyscho : Captive

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Liam Salvatore, a nineteen-year-old who lost his parents at the age of a young age turns to be a heartless psycho in order to never experience pain again but along the way, he meets Stacey Collins a broken girl who never wants to accept the fact he doesn't want to change. After five long years Liam and Stacey meet again but what happens when destiny plays a cruel game on them and Liam has no other way out but to sacrifice himself for everyone's happiness. - - "Believe me, Angel, I did not kidnap your daughter." I shouted and she shook her head, tears in her eyes. "I trusted you, I begged you to be her father but you refused and yet you came back on your own to kidnap my daughter." She replied and Simon stood there with a smile. "You have to believe me, Simon is a dangerous man. Angel, he kidnapped your daughter and wanted to kill her." I tried telling her the truth but she didn't believe a word. "Simon would never think about doing that. He loves Angel more than you will ever love anyone. He was her father for five years and where were you? Killing innocent people." She shouted. It's really true what they say, people change completely ones you leave. I know I would never stoop so low and Kidnap her daughter. What would I even gain from kidnapping my own daughter? I am the one that saved her, Simon is lying to her and she really believes him.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1.

Four year’s Later!

Stacey’s POV.

I started rubbing Angel’s back. It gets harder to put her to sleep every day. Every day that passes she becomes more like him, she even looks just like him but I am happy that she is my daughter. I don’t know how I would survive without her. I might’ve lied to her about her father but I promised myself that I would tell her the truth the day she turns eighteen.

“Mommy loves you.” I kissed her on the forehead before leaving her room. I survived more than five years without Liam, I raised Angel alone and I couldn’t be happier. She is a very naughty child and troubles everyone including Simon who she calls ----- dad. I know I lied to her but it was the only way for her to be happy. He is a good boyfriend and an amazing father. I am so glad I met him.

“I heard.” Calum said behind me. “I heard Simon asked you to move in with him.” He continued. “I know you turned him down twice but you can’t seriously accept his offer now.”

“He is a good boyfriend and Angel’s father.” I stated.

“You know that is a lie. Simon will never be Angel’s father, Liam is her real father.”

“What?” I started laughing. “Calum you are a father, you know the real meaning of that word. I know Liam’s blood runs through her veins but he is not her father.”

“You are hurting but that doesn’t mean you have to force Angel to accept Simon as her dad. What will you do when she finds out the truth? What if she never forgives you for your lies?”

“I didn’t have any other choice.” I replied. “Now please don’t ever bring up this topic again especially when Angel is in the house.” He nod his head.

I went back to my room and slept next to Angel. I went out to get some water but instead, the truth stopped me. Why does Calum have to always tell the truth? What if he is right and Angel never forgives me. I can’t even wish to have never met Liam or else there would be no Angel. I hate my life.

The next morning I woke up to Angel’s kiss.

“Love you mommy.” She smiled at me and I pulled her cheek.

“Come on, let’s get you ready for school.” I picked her up. “You getting big.”

“I am a big girl mommy. Uncle said I will be as tall as dad when I am fifteen.”

“Angel that is ten years from now.” I started undressing her. “You are already becoming taller than me.” I put her in the bath. “So be a good child today at school and don’t miss your class again.”

“Mommy, it is very boring that is why I leave class. You always said I should have fun that is why I only play at school.” She mumbled.

“But I didn’t say you should miss your classes and tell your teachers you only want to play. Angel, my dear you a very good child, and I want you to be educated just like mom.”

“And dad.” She smiled and I nod my head. I hope she doesn’t become like Liam. “Mommy, you work for daddy right?” She questioned and I nod my head. “I want to be like that mommy. I will be the boss like daddy and you will work for me.”

“Naughty child.” I pulled her cheek. “That is not how it works Angel.”

“Mom you said whatever I say is right.” She said and I wrapped the towel around her.

“That is because you never lie.” I took her to our room. “Now which clothes do you want to wear.”

“Black and white.” She smiled and I shook my head. “Mommy uncle said it’s dad’s favorite and I want to surprise him.” That stupid Calum is testing my patience. He keeps telling Angel what Liam likes. I don’t know when he will give up on breaking my relationship with Simon.

“But didn’t daddy tell you he likes red.” I smiled and she shook her head. “Angel.”

“Mommy please.” She pouted.

“Okay.” I quickly took her white dress and black pants. “You only five but you stubborn. You always have your way.” I mumbled dressing her up. “I love you so much.” I kissed her.

“I love you too mommy.” She kissed me.

We both went to the breakfast table and Angel started arguing with Conner just like every other morning. Calum and Britney think it’s cute but I think it’s a bad habit for Angel always hitting Conner and pulling his hair.

I heard the doorbell and ran to the door. I am sure it’s Simon who is here to take Angel to school.

“Morning Stacey.” He kissed me on the lips. “Where’s our Angel.”

“Daddy I am coming.” Angel shouted and we both giggled.

“She is becoming just like you.” He smiled and I nod my head. “I am glad you decided to adopt her from Britney and Calum.”

“Yes.” I am not someone who loves lying but it was the only way I could keep Angel’s family happy. Calum and Lexie refused for me to tell the world she is my biological daughter so I told everyone Calum and his wife adopted her but when they had a second baby, I decided to adopt Angel from them.

“Daddy, I miss you.” She jumped on him and he picked her up. “Promise you will stay with me tonight.” She took her hand out.

“I promise Angel.” He kissed her hand. “Now let’s go to school and don’t skip class again.”

“Okay, daddy.” Angel kissed his cheek. “Bye mommy.” She blew a kiss for me before leaving with Simon.

“She listens to him more than you.” Britney whispered behind me. “If I was you I would take my own daughter to school.”

“He is her father.” I replied.

“What if you two break up one day and he wants custody of a daughter that is not even his.” She asked.

“That will never happen.” I know Simon will never take Angel from me. He loves us both and I care about him a lot. Angel can love him a lot but she will always be my daughter. I know she listen’s to him more than me but she would never choose him over her own mother. I will never even make her choose between us.

“What if it happens?” She asked.

“Then I will deal with it myself.” I stated.

“What if Simon finds Angel’s birth Certificate and he finds out her surname is Salvatore.” Britney said and I giggled.

“Stop panicking. I promise it will never happen.” I walked away from her.

“You can run Stacey but the truth will catch up with you.” She shouted and I locked myself in my room. I need to take a nap before I fetch Angel from school at twelve. I feel like accepting Simon’s offer and moving out of Calum’s house. I have been living with them before Liam even left me.

- - - -

Angel was in a bad mood ever since I fetched her from school. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t even want to talk to anyone except Calum.

“What is wrong with her?” I asked Calum the second he came out of her room.

“Nothing.” He smiled.

“Calum she is my daughter.” I stated.

“Stacey nothing is wrong with Angel. She just wanted to trouble you so you can accept Simon’s offer. She wants to know why you live with us and not her father.” He said.

“Why didn’t she tell me anything. Calum what did you tell her?”

“I just said you like it here and Simon travels a lot so you can’t live in his house.” He replied.

“Thank you.” Calum had the chance to tell Angel the truth but he didn’t because he knows she loves Simon a lot and it would break her heart if he told her the truth. I really need to think about Angel’s happiness and move in with Simon.

“Angel is like a daughter to me. I love her just like I love Whitney and Conner. I would never do anything to make her unhappy so don’t thank me, please. You know I am not a stranger that is doing a favor for you.” He said and I hugged him.

Calum went downstairs and I went inside Angel’s room.

“Angel are you angry with mommy.” I know she is pretending to sleep. “Are you not hungry? Aunt Britney made pizza for you.” I ran my hand through her hair. “Okay, I will leave and I won’t stop Whitney and Connor from eating everything.” I got up. I will just bring her dinner to her.

I left her room and all of a sudden Angel coming running out of her room. She pushed me out of the way and ran downstairs.

“Angel be careful.” I shouted as she fell down the stairs.

“I am fine, mommy.” She got up and smiled at me. “Uncle, don’t give Whitney pizza, mommy said it’s not good for her.” She added and Calum laughed.

“You just want to eat her pizza.” I replied checking if she hurt herself. “Didn’t it hurt.”

“No mommy.” She smiled taking her plate. “Mommy, are we going to move to daddy’s house.”

“Don’t you want to stay here with Whitney and Connor?” I asked and she looked down.

“I want to live with my mommy and daddy.” She mumbled and I nod my head. “You promise mommy.”

“I promise but you have to promise me you won’t run away from school again. Honey this world is dangerous, there are bad people. You shouldn’t leave school alone.”

“I promise.” She smiled. I can move in with Simon for her sake but I am scared he will find out the truth about Angel. I will need to leave all her documents here when we move in with him.

- - -


I will be updating this book here on Fridays (Starting next week) and Saturday’s on Inkitt (starting this Saturday - link in my bio). I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, you will meet Liam in the next one!

To all Bad for my heart readers: I will be updating that book every Thursday starting tomorrow. (Sorry for keeping you waiting, I am really sorry.)

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Love you all, enjoy the rest of your day/night!

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