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Pregnant by a Pyscho : Captive

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Chapter 2.

Liam’s POV.

I counted the money and Rex May kept staring at me. He knows me too well and that can get him killed.

“What are you up to?” Rex questioned and I continued counting the money. “Liam, what are you up to?”

“Nothing.” I quickly put the money away.

“Liam please don’t make new enemies.” He said.

“I am bored.” I replied. “Rex, I gave him a chance. When he asked me to help him with his business I told him that I Liam Salvatore don’t follow orders but for five years I did what he asked for your sake but not anymore. I am done with this partnership. I am done being business partners with Peter Johnson. There can only be one King and that is me.”

“Peter has been running this business before you were even born. Liam, what the hell do you want to do?”

“I am going to do what I was supposed to do years ago.” I answered. “Rex May, I think it’s time I took this old man out. I don’t have a weakness or anything.”

“Liam don’t even think of starting a fight. Please think about Lexie, your nephew, your niece, and everyone else you are related to.” Rex said.

“Lexie is my sister, she knows how to look after herself, and plus Zayn is there to protect them.” I replied. “Rex I have been thinking about this for a while. I think it’s time that the old man retired from this type of work. He is forty, he won’t be able to compete with me.”

“Zayn can look after Lexie and his children but what about Stacey?” He questioned.

“Who is Stacey?” This fool better not say who she is in front of me. I warned him to never even utter her name but he never listens to me. I will kill him one of these days.

“Liam, just don’t start a fight. If you are bored, I can take you with me. I am going to Massachusetts so you can come with me.” He said.

“Why are you going there?“I questioned and he sat on my chair.

“I have to give a speech to the Harvard kids. They think I am an inspiration to all and I am the perfect person to welcome the new students this year.” He smiled.

“You?” What has this world come to. They seriously made him a mayor when he is a criminal and now they want him to address young kids. “I am glad you can’t fool me. I feel sorry for everyone that has to listen to your boring speeches. By the way, who writes your speeches? I know you can’t google them because that is plagiarism.”

“I forgot you went to school.” He replied. “And yes, I don’t google them. Stacey writes them for me, she is way better than google.”

“I have to leave now, lock my door when you done.” I left him in my office.

Stacey this, Stacey that. I swear I am tired of that stupid name. Rex should just get a girlfriend and stop singing her praises in front of me. I am sick and tired of hearing him talk about her. Why does she even have a long life? I thought she died years ago but she is still breathing. I wonder how long she will be Stacey Salvatore without dying in the hands of my enemies. She is so fucken stubborn.

I started driving and I couldn’t stop thinking about my plan. Getting rid of Peter will be hard but I have nothing to lose. I saw a girl crossing the road so I stopped my car. This idiot can see the light is green and she is still modeling in front of my car.

“Hurry up.” I shouted out of my window. She is lucky the street is empty or she would’ve been dead.

“Shut up.” She shouted before running away. If I wasn’t in a hurry right now, I would’ve taught her some manners.

I arrived at my house and Peter was standing in front of my door. I guess he finally knows what happened to the diamonds and gold.

“Liam Salvatore.” Peter smiled.

“What do you want Peter Johnson?” I asked opening my door. He quickly went inside with me and of course one of his mini’s followed him.

“Liam it has been two days since the robbery. I thought you would send my share but I haven’t received anything.” He said.

“Peter, you said you wanted everything so why are you acting as if I had a share.” I replied. “Rachel.” I shouted and she came running downstairs. “Bring the black bag in my room.” I ordered her and she went back upstairs.

“Something is not right.” Peter looked at me, curious. “Why did you not send my things if you were going to give it to me so easily? What are you up to?”

“I just wanted to see you.” He is definitely getting old. “Peter, take your things and leave my house.” I handed him the black bag.

“Thank you. It’s amazing, doing business with Thee Liam Salvatore, hope to see you soon.” He shook my hand. “Don’t ever try to cross me, boy.”

“I would never even think about it.” I showed him out and watched him drive away. “Rachel.” I called her again. “Call Shadow and tell her Peter is on his way.” I told her and she nod her head.

I hope Shadow doesn’t get caught. That girl is just as adamant as Angel.

“Sir, she said she stole everything from Peter’s house.” Rachel said.

“So when is she going to get here?” I asked and she looked down. “I am sure she told you something so tell me where she is unless you want me to fire you again.”

“She is in a fight.” She replied and I dismissed her. I hope she didn’t bet on my things. This girl seriously need to give up on street fighting, she always wins so what is the use of her proving herself.

A couple of hours later someone started ringing my doorbell.

“You took your time.” I said and Shadow pushed me out of the way. “Did you steal his whole house?”

“Of course not.” I helped her carry the bags. “Liam you were right. He was robbing everyone and using your name to get away with it. He literally made fake diamonds and golds and sold it. He never ones sold any of the things he stole.”

“And I thought you are useless.” I said and she smiled.

“Thanks for sending all your men to help me. I knew you wouldn’t trust me.” She pulled her face and went to the kitchen. “By the way, your sister called.” She shouted and I locked the door. “Did you hear me.” She shouted and I went to her.

“I know my sister didn’t call you that is why I am ignoring you.” I told her and she giggled. “What is so funny?”

“I have never seen you smile.” She shook her head. “Liam, even when you are happy you never smile. You always have a serious face.”

“Just eat your dinner, I am going to bed.” I tried to leave and she pulled my hand. “Don’t start with me Shadow Hails Lewis.”

“I am not starting anything. I just think it would be cute if you gave your fiancee, a kiss ones in a while before going to bed rather than bossing me around like all your other workers.” She said.

“Fine.” I kissed her on the forehead. “Now are we done?”

“Why are you talking as if you doing me a favor.” She quickly sat down. “You can go sleep Mr. Salvatore, I will eat my dinner in peace and go to my room when I am done.”

I went to my room and Peter started calling me.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Liam, did you send your men to steal my things?” He asked.

“No.” I replied. “I took what belonged to me. I am the one that stole the diamonds and golds for you.”

“Kid, don’t start with me.” He keeps saying that if it will stop me. “Listen, I know you helped me steal everything but we had a deal. Liam, you took your share now give back my share.”

“I will give you everything if you bow down to me and kiss my ass.”

“Liam Salvatore.” He snapped.

“Goodbye old man.” I disconnected the phone. It’s only a matter of time before his men all join me and then he will be an easy target. He doesn’t have a family just like me, he doesn’t care about innocent lives, just like me, that is why it will be a little harder for me to kill someone he is like me.

I must not forget to ask Racheal to get rid of all Shadow’s pictures in my room. That girl should learn to stop decorating a room that isn’t hers.

The next morning I quickly took a shower and got ready for work. I know Peter will show up in my office.

“You leaving so soon?” Shadow asked and I nod my head.

“Don’t forget to donate the things I asked you too and by the way, cancel all your fighting for this week. I am sure Peter will come after you.” I told her.

“Does Peter even know we dating?” She questioned and I shook my head. “Then there is no need for me to cancel anything. I am going to school, do you mind dropping me there.”

“Sure, let’s go.” We both left the house. “I didn’t know you were going back to school.”

“I am twenty-four, I am never going back to school.” She said.

“Then why did you say I should drop you at school.” I started driving.

“My old friend works there.” She answered. “Take a left and go straight down until I tell you to stop.” She tried to sleep and I hit her on the head. “Liam.”

“If you sleep, I will throw you out of the car.” I warned her and she sat straight up.

“Stop.” She said and I stopped in front of a big school. “This is the school, now tell Rachel to come fetch me around twelve. Stay safe, I love you.” She kissed me.

“Hey.” I shouted the second I saw the same girl. “Come here.”

“Liam, why are you shouting at the kid. Do you know her?” Shadow asked and the small girl ran inside the school.

“I almost ran her with my car yesterday and she told me to shut up after I told her to walk faster.” Shadow started laughing. “It’s not funny Shadow, I will teach that girl manner’s the next time I meet her.”

“She is just a baby. She will definitely be a good girl when she grows up so don’t get angry over a silly thing.”

“Just get out of my car and if you see that girl again, make sure you hit her for me.” I said and she pulled my cheek.

“I will actually thank her for teaching you some patients.” She kissed me again. “Stay safe, please.”

“You too.” I replied and she got out of the car.

I will need to visit my sister soon before she visits me and meets Shadow again. I know I am going to marry Shadow soon but Lexie doesn’t know anything about it. I need to tell her about everything before Shadow does.

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