Alpha Of Aberdeen

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THIS BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON GOODNOVEL Chloe is a human living in a werewolf world, her best friend Amelia is a werewolf, and when she invites Chloe to the ball of the year, Chloe's life is changed forever when she meets the Alpha.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

I am sitting in class, taking notes for the upcoming final when Maci turns to me. “You know that guy at the bottom on the left he keeps staring at you. do you know him?” she asks. “He’s been in this class for like a week,” I answer. “I think he likes you. He can’t seem to keep his eyes off you,” Maci says. “He can keep on looking cause I’m not interested, I laugh under my breath, turning my focus back to my notes.

My phone buzzes on my desk, almost falling off. I look down at it, and It’s Amelia. She’s been my best friend since elementary school. Her family took Marley and me in when our parents died.

Amelia: “Hey, bestie! Can you meet for coffee after class? I have something I want to ask you.”

Me: “Yeah, sure. I’ll see you then.” I put my phone back on the desk.

After taking notes and secretly chatting with Maci. the class was only minutes away from dismissal. “Okay, guys, make sure to study for the final next week and have a good weekend.” Mr. Davis smiles, sitting back at his desk, going through some papers. Maci and I pack our things, both standing from our desks and walking for the door. Maci waves at me, and I wave goodbye, and we go our separate ways.

I walk down the hall and hear footsteps coming up behind me.” Hey, Chloe?” A strange voice says. I turn to look, and it’s the same guy that has been staring at me during class. “Um... do I know you?” giving him a look of confusion. “No, we haven’t officially met. I’m William. I was wondering if maybe sometime you would like to get coffee with me?” William stares with hope in his eyes. I hesitate, and he can see that I’m going to say no.” Just as friends if that’s what you would like?” He suggests giving me a warm smile.” Okay, sure as friends,” I tell him, returning the smile. “Maybe next week after the final, we could celebrate and invite everyone from class,” I suggest, and William’s smile fades slightly. “Um… yeah sure sounds great, it’s a plan,”

William says, and he walks down the hall in the opposite direction. He turns one last time to look at me, and I give him a wave.

I turn around, continuing to outside I walk through the parking lot. I open the door to my dad’s 1969 Camaro that he left to Marley and me, but she let me have it because it was a project that dad and I did together. I turn the engine over, and it purrs to life. I pull out of the school parking lot onto the main street heading for the Coffee shop.

I turn into the parking lot of the Coffeeshop finding a parking spot not far from the entrance. I park, turn off the engine and exit the car grabbing my belongings from the backseat. Closing the door and walking for the entry.

I open the Coffee shop door to find Amelia talking to the barista ordering drinks. I step beside her.” Hey, sexy bitch” I whisper in her ear. She spins around to me.” Oh my god, you scared me!” she declares, laughing. “How was class? “Amelia questions, grabbing our coffees from the barista then turning back to me. “The usual,” I explain, walking to the table near the window, taking a seat, and Amelia sits across from me. “A guy from class asked me for coffee.”

“Hmm... let me guess you turned him down?” Amelia lifts her brow.

“No, I agreed to meet next week after finals, But just as friends, He is not my type,” I tell Amelia with a sigh. “Oh come on, Chloe, you need to live a little,” she says, and I roll my eyes.

Amelia looks at me with a smile that you could see several miles away. It’s so bright and cheesy. “What are you up to?” giving her a look of worry. She just keeps smiling. I whisper, leaning towards the table, “I know that look, you are up to something.” I say with a suspicious look. “So, my family got invited to the Aberdeen ball tomorrow night!!” She squeals in excitement.

I look at her with surprise.” Oh my god! That’s so amazing! I thought you were going to make me do something crazy like you usually do. I’m glad that you finally can go. You have been talking about this since you were little. I’m so excited for you!” Amelia grins mischievously. “Why are you looking at me like that?” I say as my smile fades.

“Um. Well, you see you’re coming too,” Amelia says hesitantly. “what?!, this is a werewolf event, I’m human. I don’t think they will like me being there”, I tell her. “It’s not that big of a deal. We don’t mind humans as long as they don’t gossip that we exist, plus you’re my best friend, and my pack knows this. I need you there with me. Please say you will come?” She begs, putting her hands together like she is praying for me to say yes. I grab her hand from across the table. “Of course, I will go with you. What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t?” I tell her, smiling. “I will always be there for you.”

“Yay!” Amelia squeals, getting up from the table, coming to my side to hug me. “I’m so nervous, Chloe,” Amelia whispers, still holding on to me. “why?” I ask, pulling away, looking her face over.

“It’s the biggest party of the year for my pack, and this is a chance for me to find my mate.” She says, searching for some comfort. I give her a bright smile.

“Everything will be okay, I promise,” I reassure, bringing her back for another hug. “Chloe, what would I do without you?” She says, pulling back from the embrace to cup my face with her hands and squeezing my cheeks together. “Well, you wouldn’t have anyone to go with you to the ball now, would you?” I say in a muffled voice jokingly. She laughs, letting go of my face. “Let’s get out of here, we have dresses to pick out,” Amelia says, wrapping her arm around my shoulder as we walk to the door.

We walk out laughing. Amelia still has her arm around me. “Do you want to ride with me?” She asks, pulling her keys out of her bag. “Sure, I’ll leave my car here, and you can drop me off later,” I suggest. Amelia smiles, unlocking her Mercedes with a key fob causing it to beep. ‘These new-fangled cars have so much technology I’m glad my car doesn’t honk at me when I try to open it. I guess I’m just old fashioned.’ I think to myself. We both open the doors and get in. Amelia starts the car with a button on the dash. I look at Amelia with a smirk. “What? Oh come on, you need to get with the times and get a new car,” She tells me, grinning. “Nah, I’m good,” I respond, holding up my keys. She nods her head, “Okay,” and she pulls out of the parking lot onto the street.

Amelia pulls into a parking spot in the front of a small boutique that shows sparkling wedding gowns displayed on mannequins in the window. We step out of the car closing the doors and stepping onto the sidewalk to enter the store. A friendly older woman greets us. “Hi there, girls, anything I can help you with?” The woman asks with a warm smile. “Hi! Do you have any dresses for a ball?” I ask nicely. “Yes, we do. They are in the back right corner of the store,” she says, pointing us in that direction. “Thank you!” I say gratefully.

I walk to the back of the store with Amelia at my heels. We look through several racks. I slide the hangers from one side to the other when I stop on this gorgeous black dress. I take it off the rack and turn to Amelia, raising it in the air.

“Amelia? What do you think of this one?” I ask, bringing it to my body, posing making a pouty face. “Oh, wow, nice modeling Chloe” she laughs. “that one is gorgeous! try it on.” She says, pointing to the dressing room.

I turn around to see a small closet with a curtain as a door. I walk to it and step in closing the drape and hang the dress up, I remove my clothes and fold them neatly on my bag. I take the dress off the hanger putting one foot at a time in the gown and slipping it over my hips, and I bring it up to my shoulders. It feels silky against my skin, I take a look in the mirror to see the back of the gown rest right above the curve of my ass, and the front shows the perfect amount of cleavage.

I open the curtain stepping out to show Amelia, “Hey!” I whisper yell, trying to get Amelia’s attention. She turns towards me, and her eyes light up. “Chloe, you look amazing, you’re going to turn so many heads, all the wolves are going to go crazy for you,” she gushes. “Aww... Amelia, that’s so sweet!” I say with a smile. “What did you find?” I ask curiously.

Amelia lifts a short grey dress to her small frame, which was just above her knee. Amelia stands at about six feet tall, so anything she picks will be short for her. “Wow, you’re going to look so good in that one,” I say, giving her a thumbs up. “Let me take this off and get changed back into my clothes,” I say, heading back to the dressing room.

I finish changing back into my clothes, and We walk to the front to pay for our dresses. “You girls are going to look gorgeous at this ball you speak of,” the older woman says. “Thank you!” We both say at the same time. We look at each other and laugh, “Dibs, you owe me a coke,” I say with a giggle. Amelia glares at me then laughs. “You are a dork,” She says, turning to the woman at the counter, handing her three hundred dollars.

Once Amelia is finished paying, I hand my dress to the woman, and she rings it up. “Your total is five hundred dollars and seventy-ninety nine cents.” I reach for my bag to pull out my wallet, and Amelia stops me. “Wait, I’ve got this since I invited you to this event I will buy the dress,” Amelia insists, handing the woman the money., “Thanks, Amelia,” I say, giving her a grateful look. She wraps her arm around me, pulling me into a hug.

The older woman gives Amelia her change and hands us the bags, “Have fun, girls!” The woman says as we walk to the door opening it. We both turn back to look at her one last time and say, “goodbye!” Then we walked out.

We get in Amelia’s car; she starts the engine and pulls out of the parking spot turning right on the next street to take me back to the Coffee shop. “Amelia?” I mutter. “Yeah?” she answers, not taking her eyes off the road. “Do you think I should have coffee with the guy from class? He gives me a bad feeling.” I declare, putting my phone in my bag. “If he makes you feel uncomfortable. No, I wouldn’t go. I was just joking at the coffee shop Chloe, if you don’t want to date right now, don’t push yourself,” she tells me, glancing over at me, giving me a reassuring smile. I smile back, looking out the window.

Amelia turns onto Terrance street then pulls into the coffee shop parking lot. She parks next to my car, unlocking her doors so I can get out. I open the door and step out, closing it back. Amelia rolls the window down. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she yells as I open the door to my car.

“Okay, love you!” I shout as she backs out and pulls away.

I get in and sit in the parking lot for a moment, checking my phone before turning the key to start my car. I pull out of the coffee shop and head for my apartment. I am pulling into my apartment parking garage. I’m sure my neighbors hate me because my car sounds like a train. Every time I pull in, I cause multiple car alarms to go off. I park in my designated parking spot, turning my engine off. I step out, cover my ears from all the car alarms, grab my dress from the back seat, close my door, and then head inside.

I walk up the usual three flights of stairs to get to my apartment. I unlock my door and walk in, I go straight to my room, hanging my dress up in the closet and walk back out throwing my bag on the bed, and then I head to the bathroom to take a shower I undress and throw my clothes in the hamper and hop in. I shower quickly And get out, grabbing a towel to dry off.

I walk to my dresser, searching through my panty drawer, picking out white with black polka dots, and slip them on, then look in my closet to find a pair of soft shorts and a tank top putting those on.

I turn around to sit on my bed, pulling my bag to me and taking out my laptop and phone. I put my phone on the comforter next to me and start studying when the phone vibrates. It’s a number I don’t know, so I push the X to decline, But then it vibrates again, but this time a text appears.

Unknown: “Hey, beautiful, why didn’t you pick up?”

Me: “Who is this?”

Unknown: “For me to know and for you to find out.“...

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