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Your band needs a new manager but was love in the cards? How will things turn out with the new manager?

Romance / Humor
Kayla Brooke Lopez
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I do not own any rights to any pictures used in this story. Everything is for fun and entertainment purposes. I hope you enjoy this story.
Your band is just now hitting the big times. In high school you and your two best friends formed a band together and after graduation y’all got noticed. It wasn’t much really. 6 years later y’all are hitting it big time so that means new manager since the one you had wasn’t doing much to help y’all out. From age 18 to 23 your so called manager has done small gigs or got y’all as an opener for others but never helped y’all become more.

You have done everything you could to make it big time. Finally your time and dedication has paid off. 6 months before your 24th birthday and 6 years of a crappy manager y’all finally get a chance to become more. After firing him you start to look for a new manager and you have 4 months to find one. Y’all get a first time tour by yourselves in 6 months so you need a new manager soon. Question is can you find one in four months right before your and your birthday?


Lead singer of Midnight Love
Age: 23 (birthday in 6 months “June”)
Friends: Taylor and Jesse
Disowned by family


Guitarist of Midnight Love
Age: 22
Friends: Jax and Jesse
Disowned by family


Drummer of Midnight Love
Age: 23
Friends: Jax and Taylor
Disowned by family

Who would of thought being disowned by family would bring them closer together? They have been best friends but now they are closer since they don’t have anyone else.

Brooklynn started her own business Management Heights which she runs with her two best friends. Always smart and top of their class so they graduated earlier and college went by quickly. Management Heights has been open for 3 years. They have had many clients from celebrities to different types of music.


Started her own business Management Heights
Age: 23 (birthday in June)
Friends: Val and Catlina
Family is somewhat close


Works at Management Heights
Age: 23
Friends: Brooklynn and Catlina
Close to her family


Works at Management Heights
Age: 22
Friends: Brooklynn and Val
Family: she doesn’t know her parents. She was raised by her grandparents

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