Rose Garden

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Rose's Rose's ,Rose's .

Romance / Drama
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All the sweet things that goes on in a rose garden Garded Parties, picnicks, love Rose award parties, weddings , love different parts of the world it use more than it is here mix wifthother flowers gardens landscaping night time lighting with color lights. To make things interesting a stary night. Have tables and chairs outside for visiting drinking cold drinkers. In ground swimming pool. glass cover ducks and geese on a small lake with water fountain lake stock with fish . Small cabins around the lake. Mountains in the back with timber ground nice place to romanic evening. They play music durning parties in the evenings swimming pool is heated durning the fall and spring. Dark tinted auto window covers at day time for guest only. Stay in the cabins. Samantha and I stay a week there 3durning the summer up around the Teaton Wyoming beautiful scenery .elk, mountain goats, deer mountain lions, Sasquatch. Samantha and I went hiking in the mountains but no more and researching for Sasquatches I was retired from research.what ever was up there will stay there we will just take photos and videos enjoy the scenery came back by 5:00 P.M. MT Got back by supper time Ate supper hour we went swimming.

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