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Crystal Scott your average nerd except shes not,shes related to the most feared boys in the school and has her own secret that no one but her brothers know. One day she bumps into both the boys best friend and they agree to play a little game? Will she take another shot at love or will she regret ever playing this game with him?

Romance / Drama
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Alright how do I start this? My name is- “CRYSTAL GET DOWN HERE!” never mind I walked down the stairs to find my two older brothers Chase and Danny,both complete assholes if you ask me. I had just finished getting ready for school and was gonna judge my outfit but no they had to call me downstairs. “can I help you with something idiots?” They just sat there for a minute “yes you can actually, You can get ready faster and get in the car before your late for your first day of Junior year” chase replied. I checked my watch oh my god they were right I was gonna be late “well what are you waiting for a sign from god lets go!” I grabbed my backpack,house keys,and a protein bar and jumped in the back of Danny’s camaro. We probably could have taken Chases’ but Danny’s was a lot cleaner. Danny and Chase decided to come out a few minutes after I ran out like a crazy lady and took their sweet old time they didn’t care if they were late because they were the bad boys, students,and even some teachers were scared of them. I on the other hand was the "nerd" bullied everyday since I was in second grade. And you may be wondering if your brothers are such bad boys how come you bulling hasn't stopped? well I don't tell them I carry makeup in my backpack with me so when they do I can just cover it up. I was deep in thought before Danny called my name signaling that we were here. I ran out of the car and into the school straight to my locker. I put in the combo and shoved my backpack in it grabbed all my books needed for the first half chunk of classes. I heard the warning bell go of signaling that we had five minutes to get to class. I quickly shut my locker and started running not paying attention I ran right into someones back and landed right on my butt. "Watch it Scott" I recognized that voice that was Cobalt Black both my brothers best friend and lucky me this asshole was in the first period class and I sit right next to him. Hell here I come

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