You Are The Reason

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Lawrence, a CEO with a cold personality as a result of psychological trauma caused by the death of his girlfriend , making him cold hearted and sometimes rude towards others except when he’s around Wren “his young brother” and Luke “a cousin” . He’ll never fall in love again, well, that is what he believes. He then meets Kate, a girl he believes he met with just a mere coincidence. Will Kate be the reason for him to find his once lost feelings and happiness?.... Or the reason for his extreme aloofness?

Romance / Drama
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Katelyn's POV

I slammed the door shut, muttering to myself "i can't believe I've been so damn stupid all this time long, dating such a prick"

I felt my eyes stinging and I tried harder to suppress my tears. "Oh no! i shouldn't cry, I shouldn't cry for that good for nothing Jesse." I encouraged myself as I exited the place.

I was walking hurriedly, eyes down casted and rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand to get rid of the drop of tear that escaped my right eye when I bumped into something, well, someone I guess .Oh shit, can this day get worse? I almost lost my balance as i didn't expect for that to suddenly happen, but two arms abruptly hold me by my shoulders making me stable again.

I raised my head to face the person i bumped to.

God in heaven. I saw nothing but a stunning guy glaring at me. Striking green eyes surrounded by long eyelashes and hairs styled neatly with dark color as if they've just been dampened with water and he somehow towered over me .Well, with a little frown on his face, but that didn't deduce his looks . Describing him as handsome wouldn't be an understatement. I blushed, feeling my cheeks flushing bright red. I tried to say something but my mouth betrayed me.

"Hey Rence! we've got to go now!" I heard someone calling behind me and huh! thanks to whoever that person was, because he was able to awaken me from the short dream that started forming at the hollowness of my brain."Ooh, so he's Rence" my mind noted that fast after he reacted a little hearing that name but he didn't look up at the person calling for him.

"Something got your tongue?" The guy infront of me spoke, his face expressionless while moving his hand rubbing at the back of his neck and looking behind me, at his friend who just called for him few seconds earlier and who probably was also glaring at us.

"Damn! he's not stunning, He’s hot." My subconscious commented just as i watched his lips parting as he spoke, before finding the courage to speak again realizing I've been staring at him all time long not saying a word. "Umm, I'm sorry, I know it's my fault. I kind of walked without watching where i was going." I finally spoke.

"Glad you know that. You could get me hurt." He said the scowl on his face deepening as he straightened his plane white T-shirt which was clinging firmly on his body showing his fine abs.

"Don't worry, I’ll keep that in mind. And thanks! I'm perfectly fine too." I said sarcastically. Couldn't he at least ask if I'm hurt or something?. I know its obvious i couldn't be hurt with that small bump . But he talks about me hurting him, like serious? What a jerk. I almost thought he's a gentleman. I mean he could've at least acted like one. I continued having random thoughts in mind and he just looked at me as the stupid creature alive.

"Got to go." He said as he pushed me beside and started leaving. "Hey you psycho! Can't you be a little manly!. How could you do that!?" I shouted to him but he didn't even turn around. He just pushed a girl? What a punk. I knew he wasn't at fault but I just felt the urge of arguing with him a little longer and vent my anger. And lucky him, he just saved himself from that.

I just looked at the back of his tall and masculine body, and saw him leaving with other two guys while chatting and talking aloud. They seemed close and happy. His friends I suppose. Well, at least he bothered himself telling me goodbye, by pushing me. That little bastard.

My phone started buzzing in the small purse I was holding and snapped me from my thoughts. Taking the phone out I swiped the screen to unlock it and started to smile at the sight of the message that popped up. "At least i still have someone who still cares about me" I said as if reminding myself while typing a reply "I'll be there soon babe😍" and hit send.

I turned around looking at the door i just emerged from and sighed. "i just hope i won't have to see that prick ever again" .I said putting my phone back in my purse and started heading out of the restaurant.

Thirty minutes later i reached at my apartment. Well, thanks to these high heels I'm wearing today I used more five minutes walking up the stairs than I usually do. I live with my friend Ellen. But I like calling her El, sometimes. We met in middle school and we've been friends ever since. We moved in together in this apartment since college. Although it's not that big but we like it. We graduated last year and we've been doing temporary jobs but glad enough we've recently got a permanent one. Ellen lost her mom when she was still a little child and doesn't know her dad. She only has her grandma as her family left. I lost my dad two years ago in an accident and I'm with Mom.

"Hey Ellen am baa-aack!" I yelled as i opened the door of our apartment. I closed the door, taking off the shoes that tortured the hell out of me and headed directly to the kitchen, took a bottle of water from the fridge and headed to sit beside Ellen who sat at the sofa watching our favorite show big time rush, throwing my purse on the table.

"Woaaah! finally, you're back!. Eagerness has been eating me all over since you left. Seems like I've been waiting for ages. Ellen said smiling heartily. "Okay girl,spill it all out." She said turning fully towards me, tossing away the remote and neglecting her show. "Was it something special? An invitation to officially meet his parents? did he give you an engagement ring? Marriage proposal perhaps?” Ellen kept on probing non-stopping giving me her contagious smile that mostly made me smile back, except for today. I tried, but I couldn't bring myself in smiling back.

It really hurt me to see her like that, knowing I would be shortly taking that smile from her. I knew how she always wished for my happiness, And felt bad whenever I was hurt in either way. I closed my eyes and swallowed the lump in my throat. "El stop." I cut her off. "Stop even having those funny thoughts in your mind, because they will never come true." I sighed heavily and opened my eyes. "It was horrible. I don't even want to recall what happened. It turns out he called me so he could tell me about breaking up." I replied resting my head at the back.

"Whaaat!? No-no-no. Breaking up?" Ellen let out a light chuckle thinking I was joking but when she saw the frown on my face she stopped. "Come on Kate, this isn't the time to be kidding around. Now, let's be serious here. Tell me the truth, what happened?

I made an effort to suppress my tears which I knew anytime soon they would slip out. "He broke up with me El. Jesse broke up with me. I managed to spill out the bitter words wishing it was just a dream and I would wake up soon and be back with him. In some ways, he was the reason I would wake up everyday feeling like the happiest woman in the world. I just loved him too much.

"No way! How could he break up with you just like that? What's wrong with that dickhead Jesse?. Why did he build your hopes so. Huh?. You have been together for almost three years for God's sake. And all this time you have been nothing but loyal to him. I swear am gonna make him eat up the shitty words he said to you" Ellen fumed, anger showing vividly in her chocolate brown eyes. I was even afraid to look at her. "Oh I'm really sorry girlfriend .I know you're in a state of not even wanting to hear his name and I'm here now blabbing out his name like crazy. I know it must have been hard enough for you till now trying to hold yourself from crying. I mean, i know how you were crazily in love with him." Ellen said as she wrapped her hands around me comforting me with a warm hug.

I couldn't hold it any longer. Tears started falling on my chicks and i burried my head in her neck while sobbing out loud.

"Just let it all out baby girl." Ellen said as she hugged me much tighter than before to an extent of feeling like I'm running short of breath.

I pulled my self out of her embrace and sighed heavily. "Am okay now El, thank you." I then took a full gulp of water to soothe my throat which was now throbbing with pain because of anger. I didn't want to put my best friend in a difficult situation too just because of my stupid heartbreak.

"You know you don't have to act out all strong in front of me. It won't do you any good." Ellen said as she stood and grabbed her coat that was lying next to her. I just sat there watching her, not saying a thing. Lost again in my thoughts.

"Okay, let’s go out. You need to freshen up and let go of that jerk once and for all." Ellen said with a stern tone looking down at me, bringing me back from my lost thoughts.

"No El. I think all i need is enough hours of sleeping and I'll be okay."

"Are you sure with that? Will you be alright?" Ellen asked sounding worried. " I don't think that's a very good idea."

"I'll be fine El" I assured her.

"Ooh! all right then, if that will make you feel better. And lucky enough tomorrow is Sunday, you have all the time in the world to rest. Call me if you need anything, okay?" Ellen said with concern hugging me one more time. "And please, don't call or text that bastard begging for another opportunity. He should be the one doing that. Don't stoop so low for him"

"Okay, I won't!" I replied making my way to the bedroom.

"But don't forget on Monday we've to report to work." Ellen said switching off the TV and headed to the kitchen. I knew she was gonna make me a cup of hot tea "Ohh! luckily I watched this episode before or else i wouldn't be able to understand what Griffin said, that left Gustavo and the boys so frustrated." Ellen added, commenting on the last part before the Tv'd shut down. I kinda felt bad for ruining her show.

"Ohh God! I can't believe i almost forgot about having to start work the day after tomorrow. Well, thanks to that prick who made me hyperactive the whole week expecting something big to happen today. And yes, he gave me something much bigger than what i expected." I cursed beneath my breath. As I was about to open the door Ellen shouted out again "And Cara called, she said we shouldn't be late!."

"Okaaay!" I shouted replying back.

The night seemed extremely long than any other nights. It didn't even compare to the night i had to begin sleeping in my own room when i turned four. Though Ellen's hot tea made me feel better a bit. I cried out the whole night trying to convince myself and practically my heart and mind to forget about him. Not forgetting the nine attempts of trying to text and call him and receiving no reply from him, that made me even more disgusted with myself. I should've just listen to Ellen's advise.

On Sunday there was no any difference. I was quiet most of the day. My eye bags were swollen and kinda painful from crying a river, no appetite to eat and trying to get rid of everything that could remind of him. That included some pictures that we took together, some love cards and the songs in my phone he'd sent to me. Though deep inside I wished he would be back in my life once again, and I still has a small ray of hope on that. Ellen tried harder to distract me by involving me in different stuffs like watching a movie with her, playing video games and making my favorite strawberry flavoured cake.


"Hey El what's taking you so long! We've got to go now or we'll be late. We can't be late in our very first day!." I yelled out to Ellen who went back again to the bedroom as i was finishing the last bite of my breakfast.

"Mm-mmm seems like someone is in high spirits today huh!" Ellen teased, coming out with a smirk on her face. "Take and wear this, it's kinda cold out there."

I stretched my hand and grabbed the coat from her. "Thank you sweetheart." I mumbled as i stood up, took the plate and put it in a sink.

We headed out and grabbed a cab, and in less than twenty minutes we were finally there "Moonlight corporation". Ellen sighed heavily, nervousness written all over her face as she looked at the huge and tall building in front of us.

"El come down, we can do this. We both know how bad we're in need of this job and that's the biggest reason we're going to do this. Getting in there and make it happen. Together. Okay now, breath in and out slooowly." i said to Ellen taking her hand and holding it firmly.

Ellen's chest began to rise and fall slowly as she was doing what i told her as we called it magic therapy. We did that when we were afraid of exams or presentations during high school and at college too. I smiled a bit at that memory.

"Uhh this seems to help. Thanks." Ellen smiled as she freed her hand from mine . "Okay! Let's go." She said as she started leading the way in.

We went direct to the receptionist and took our seats in the waiting area, as we waited for two people she was attending to. Finally it was our turn. "Hello." We both said as we planted a smile on our faces.

"Hello. You can call me Lily. How may i help you?" The receptionist replied with a warm and beautiful smile as we gave out our letters and handed them to her.

"Oh! So you are the new employees in the marketing department whose information i received earlier" Lily said, still smiling."

"Yes, I guess that will be us." Ellen replied as Lily typed something in her computer.

"Okay you should head to the third floor that's where your offices are located. You'll meet a secretary and she'll direct you to your particular office .And here are your identity cards you should use them as a pass card." Lily said as she handed us the cards.

"Thank you a lot. We'll take our leave then." I said as we started heading to the elevator. "Have a nice work" Ellen added.

"Thank you. Wishing you both the best of luck." Lily said as she turned to attend to other people who came right after we left.

"Jeez. Did you see that smile?. Thank goodness am a girl or else i would be drooling all over her beauty." Ellen said as she was memorizing Lily.

"But you are drooling already." I teased her with a smirk on my face. Ellen just lightly laughed a bit at that covering her eyes with hands as if she was embarrassed.

"Well, she's so kind. I didn't expect her to make things so easy for us." I said as we we're already in the elevator, intending to make Ellen feel comfortable.

In few minutes we were already on the third floor and soon as we got out of the elevator we went to the secretary's office and met another girl whom she also seemed kind and beautiful. We learnt her name was Melissa.

"Here's your office." Melissa said after leading us to one of the offices. She opened the door leading us in, meeting three other people inside.

"Wow! Katelyn, Ellen. Glad to see you. Thank you Melissa I'll take it from here." Cara said as she made her way and hugged us both while Melissa took her leave.

"Okay. Kate,El.This is Adam and Lameck." Cara said pointing to the other two guys who were now standing beside her. Adam,Lameck.These are my friends "Katelyn and Ellen"

"I'm Lameck." One of the guys with blonde hair said as he stretched his arm for us to shake. "And I'm Adam" the other with black hair said with a sheepish smile, stretching his arm too.

"It's so nice finally meeting you. We heard a lot about you from Cara." Said Adam . "Looking forward to work with you." Lameck added.

"Us too." I said with a smile. We hope we can learn a lot from you. Ellen added.

"Okay here is where you'll be working." Cara said as she showed us both our working spaces. You'll catch up later with these terrible headaches.

"Cara, that's not fair. We had to leave a good impression on our first meeting with them, you just ruined that." Adam lamented and we just broke in a laughter.

"Okay girls, Lets just get to work. Don't mind Adam, he always talk much. You'll get used to him." Lameck said soon as we all caught our breath.

"Thank you." We said in unison as we took our seats.

"Anytime babes." Lameck replied. "Here's a little explanation on what you are required to do. If you have any problem, anytime, on anything you can just consult any of us." Cara said as she handed us each a piece of paper which showed a simple elaborations on what we had to do for the day.

I liked the place already. It was more than how I expected it to be. It was beautiful decorated and the guys seemed kind and easy to get along with. In a short while we were all immersed in our works. And no one literary came in except for Melissa who either brought us some files to work on or taking the already attended files.

"Uhh! Finally it's lunch time!." Cara said stretching herself as she stopped from whatever she was doing and got up. "Come on girls lets go and grab some lunch."

We stood up and started following Adam and Lameck who were walking ahead of us. "You know Cara, it's like we haven't thanked you enough yet. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you." I said as we were walking slowly heading to the cafeteria which was also inside the company .

"Come on Kate, how many times do I have to tell you that you got this opportunity with your own capabilities? I mean ,the only thing I did was informing you about the vacant positions left out by the two employees who shifted out. Everything else was with your own efforts. Cara said as she patted my shoulder. "Okay come on now. We've to catch up with the guys."

"Whoa! Oh my! Is this cafeteria always filled up this?" Ellen asked in astonishment as the crowded cafeteria came into view.

"Not all the times. But we've just recently closed the deal with fantasy corporation so everyone is extra busy for the time being . Everyone is taking lunch on the perfect time. But some other time everyone is having lunch at his or her own preferable time and others go to the nearby cafes."

"It really is a big opportunity for the company. I mean, I heard hundreds of other companies were on the race to obtain such opportunity. I said as we gave our orders at the counter."

"The boss must be a real hard worker to accomplish this. Ellen commented.

"Yeah he really is. I mean they really are. Okay come on . let's go and seat over there." Cara said as she started heading where Adam and Lameck were sitting, other three seats empty.

We made our way and went to seat with them as they were in the middle of their own conversations. And in a few minutes our lunch was brought and we all began eating.

We finished off our food and began heading back to the office as most of the other people were leaving too.

"And who's that?" Ellen asked as she turned her head to the far table where a girl sat with other four girls talking aloud as if she owned the place.

"That's Erica." Adam replied quick. She is the deputy CEO's secretary.

"And there are rumors that she got that position easily as she has got a strong backing recommendation, but she has got a weird personality. So, you wouldn't want to mess with her." Cara added. "You just don't get in bad terms with her and you're safe."

Luckily she's not in our department. So we rarely get to meet with her. Lameck said. "And she acts like the boss lady, I heard she'll be getting married to the big boss. Well, according to her close friends." Cara whispered.

I just turned to look at her for a while on how she acted all mighty. I hate these kind of people.

"Okay come on. We've gotta go now." Cara said and we all walked fast heading back to work.

It was almost seven in the evening when we were done with the day's activities and it was time to head home.

"See you tomorrow girls. Adam said as we reached to the ground floor." "Get home safe." Lameck added .

"You too." we all replied back and they left.

"So how was the first day at work. Pretty tiring huh?" Cara asked as she locked her hands with ours.

"It was fun." I replied. "I mean working with my two best friends around me, in a big fancy office. What else could I ask for?"

Ellen and Cara just busted into a laughter. "You're always workaholic Kate, you really never change." Cara commented. You never admit when you're tired, you're always like that.

Even when we stayed whole night long doing the college projects she would always say like that. " It was fun, working with my best friends around me the whole night, what else could I ask for" Ellen replied mimicking my voice and they busted out into another laughter out loud.

"Okay we should head home now cause I'm really tired. Cara said when they finally got hold of their laughter. Oh-oh-oh-no!" Cara staggered on her words as she looked behind me. "Seems today will be among of my luckiest days. Again."

"What?" I couldn't help it and just ask. Wanting to turn my head to where Cara and Ellen fixed their gaze.

"No! No! don't turn around Kate. Or they'll figure out we were talking about them." Cara said fast before I could turn. I just stood there looking at both of them watching whatever they were seeing in shock.

“Okay, just keep your head low. And when they come closer we'll say good evening boss" raising our heads, and then we're saved." Cara finally said with great difficulty pulling me to her left side.

I just did as how Cara said and started hearing sounds of footsteps getting closer and closer.

Then i heard voices of what seemed like two people talking. But that voice, it’s like I've heard it somewhere..But no it can't be, I shook my head trying to get that idea off my mind. I just heard it once, how could I still remember it? It doesn't make sense." I tried harder not lifting my head to find out who it was but i just couldn't.

I failed my attempt of staying still, and raised my head . My eyes almost came out of their socket at that instant. That psycho? Here? No. No. It can't be. I just couldn’t believe it.

As they reached where we stood they stopped and that’s when i came into my senses that i was staring at them with my mouth open. "Good evening boss" I just heard Cara and Ellen saying beside me but i couldn't bring my self to say that too. "You again?" I just blurted the words out.

"Do i know you?" the man i remember as so called Rence asked and neglected replying on Ellen and Cara as the other guy next to him simply replied "good evening ladies" with a smile on his face. This time Ellen and Cara raising their heads too.

What? I'm going to kick the hell out of him! He already forgot where he saw me? I mean its like only one day before. Even a fool wouldn't have such terrible memory. Who does he think he is, to act so majestic.

"Rence, you..."Before i could finish blurting out the whole sentence which my mind was telling me to, Cara hold my hand and squeezed it a little and i turned my head to look at her as she shook her head nervousness written all over her face, signaling me to stop. "Um-mm no i don't know you" i finally responded to his earlier question.

"Then why were you staring at me like that?" Rence asked moving little closer and i could see the other guy next to him trying to hold a laughter.

"I wasn't staring at you. I was staring at your friend.... I mean i wasn't staring at the either of you, i just thought you resemble like someone i knew." I finally managed to say with difficulty.

"Well . don't do that next time, because i won't tolerate that. I don't like people staring at me oddly just like how you did. And don't call me casually like that too." He said and moved back a little. He looked at all of us for a second and left followed by the other guy whose face now came into my mind as one of the guys who was with him that day.

"Oh God!" Cara left a sigh of relief as the two guys were out of site. I just still don't believe I got to see them this close. And did you see how Wren replied lovingly?

"Cara who are they?" Ellen couldn't help but ask. "Jesus. Did you just see how handsome they both are. Especially the one who talked with Kate, i mean leaving his cold aura behind, he's so cuuute."

"Stop it Ellen." Cara snapped. "They are the big bosses. Lawrence the CEO and Wren his young brother and deputy. We barely see them. I mean apart from seeing them daily in the trending fashion magazines, news and in the walls of some higher offices. Well today makes it a fifth time seeing them and I've been working here for almost two years." Cara said beaming with happiness.

"Whaaat!? So we really are lucky today." Ellen said widening her eyes big in disbelief. "I mean, getting to see them on our very first day at work."

"Come on! You've never seen them before? Cara asked in shock.

"Oh sweet Lord" it's really them. They look more handsome in person than in the magazine. How could I miss them. Ellen said hitting her head.

I couldn't get any word out from my mouth. I was speechless. I don't tend to do some follow ups on some random popular people, I'm sure I would have seen him too. Shit! I just couldn't believe i got on the bad terms with the top boss on my first day at work. Well, maybe few days before work. And I almost called him psycho again. But of all the bosses in the whole wide world, why did it have to be that bastard? What if he fires me. He didn't seem to be a person with good temper, I bet he wouldn't think twice before doing that. Oh God. I'm screwed. I really messed up this time.

"I'm sure they won't remember anything. They're usually really busy." Cara finally said facing me as if she just read my mind on the hard time i was having. "Don't worry about it , by the way we might not get to meet with them in the coming two-three years."

I just let out a small sigh of relief swearing in my mind that i won't meet again with either of them in the coming five years untill they forget my face completely. Well, That is if I'll still be having the job after this coincident.

"Okay girls. We should head home now ." Cara said as she started leaving and Ellen grabbed my arm dragging me out as i felt my legs go numb and i couldn't move a step. But i felt really better as Ellen and Cara hadn't require any explanation from me just before Cara spoke.

"See you tomorrow girls. And Kate, you'll fill me on all the details in this weekend when we'll be hanging out with Lameck and Adam. Seems like something yummy yummy happened between you and the big boss." Cara teased, laughing out loud as she left.

Ohh. I guess am not lucky enough yet. I understood what she meant, and i just wished i couldn't talk about it. I just nodded my head as i felt no strength left in me to even utter a single word.

We also took a cab and headed home. "Huh! what a best first day at work. Darn it."

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