Dare to dream

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Chapter 4 : I don’t know you

Jackson POV.

The sound of her saying she wanted me made my heart flutter. Coming from Skylar , it just felt different with others that have said that previously.

Smiling as I felt her warm hand slowly move down my body. But it stopped.

" is that Chloe ?" Lifting my head up as her tone suddenly changed and the way she spit Chloe's name like it was dirt.

Following where her eyes were set upon. I was so in the moment that I didn't notice my phone spammed with texts.

Picking up my phone quickly. It was in fact Chloe. Damn I don't know why she picked this time to text.

Scanning through the messages. The rest of the texts were hearts but the last text instantly caught my eyes before closing my phone.

———New messages——-

Chloe : How could you break my heart like this ?


Gazing at the text,I hear Skylar clear her throat.

" Yeah... it is her. But it's nothing."

Leaning in on a kiss. I stop half away before I reach Skylar's lips. Getting up from the bed to get a clearer picture.

"W-what is it". In her voice I could tell that she was concerned.

" C-Chloe. I think I saw staring at us through the window."

Instantly I could tell that Skylar was shocked. When I turned to look at her, she seemed really mad. Her hands were held onto the sheets tightly and I could hear her grunting a little bit.

" But maybe it was all in my head."

I tried to calm her down a little by placing my hand on her shoulder and her muscles seemed to relax. Smiling,I I pin her down and push her hair away from her face.

" You know you're cute when you're jealous."

"Shut up" her smile reappeared and blushes formed on her cheeks.

"So shall we con-"

Before I can continue my sentence. I hear the glass door downstairs shatter. We both looked at each other with our eyes widened. Instantly I got off of her and went over to my closet. Throwing her my favorite blue champion sweatshirt.

"Wait. Here" I whispered to Skylar before leaving the room and closing it firmly behind me.

Tip toeing downstairs, I look at the glass shattered on the floor and run my hands through my hair,Panicking.

" Did I actually see Chloe ?" My mind keeps going back to the image I saw of a person.

" Yeah you did baby." Turning around slowly, I see her sitting on the couch with her legs crossed,wearing a red crop top and blue skirt toying with a baseball bat.

"What have you turned into ? Harley Quinn ?"

" No, Unless you want me to be." She said smiling, swinging the bat around.

"What do you want Chloe." She got up and started walking towards me. I backed up each step she took forward.

" I want what was stolen from me.She stole you away from me and you fell into her traps. We all know that we're supposed to be together."

" I don't even know you. You were just a one night stand that got too attached."

Swinging the bat. I prepare myself for the hit but as I open my eyes. She stopped the bat an inch before it could touch me.

"D-don't say that. You don't mean that. What has she done to you."

" The real question is why the hell are you in this house Chloe?"

Looking up from the top of the staircase I see Skylar walking down the stairs.

" I knew it was you that was in the bedroom. Another skank."

"What did you just say ?" Looking at Skylar's hand turning into a fist I could tell that she was gonna swing at her even harder this night.

" Chloe just leave and we can forget that this ever happened. You're probably still drunk from the party." I said hoping that a fight doesn't break down.

"No I'm fine baby thanks for caring though." She smiled,batting her eyes but still held onto the bat firmly.

As Chloe was about to turn back to Skylar. Skylar swung her fist but Chloe saw the attack coming and blocked the punch with her bat.

" Nice try skank."

Chloe smirked and Skylar winced at her bruised knuckles again hurting even more because of the previous injury.

"Skylar!" My heart sunk and I wanted to come to her aid.But Chloe stopped me in my tracks with the bat.

" You're not going anywhere baby.I'm not done yet.

" Actually. You are"

Grabbing the bat and yanking it from her grip. She puts her hands up innocently. As If she was the victim.

" I'll be back and next time more than just a bat."

After her short speech,she runs towards the shattered door but I grab her wrist and stop her in her tracks.

" If you hurt me or Skylar.I'll tell the whole school about this little stunt and send you right to the police. You hear me ?"

"Baby you don't really me-"

" I do actually mean it and stop calling me that."

Grunting,she nodded and looked at Skylar one last time before running away to her car and driving off.

Dropping the bat in my hand, I walk towards Skylar and hug her. " I'm so sorry for all this"

"It's not your fault." She said hugging me back a little tighter.

" Maybe it's best if you go home. I need to clear up this mess and I don't want her to change her mind about our deal."

" But-"

"No but's, you can get your dress upstairs while I get you ice. I'll personally drop you off in front of your house."

"Ok fine"


*****an hour later ****

Stopping at the house. I put the car on parking and turn to Skylar.


Before I can apologies, she kisses me softly with a little more passion and meaning. Smiling I kiss her back.

"You can keep your apologies. Today was a little messy but you made it great."

Smiling at her words.We say our goodbyes and drive off once she steps into the house.

"What is it now"Looking down at my phone vibrate.

——-New message————

Unknown number : Meet me at the Park at 8 pm sharp tomorrow.


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