Dare to dream

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Chapter 5 : Just business

~•2 weeks ago•~

The feeling of the silver butcher knife placed against my delicate neck sent a wave of shock through my Body and although I kept it cool on the outside.Believe me, I was seconds a way from shedding a tear.

" I'm not gonna hurt you unless you make me".

That sentence sounded like a line from a movie but the voice was cold, cold enough for me to even feel it from the short distance.

"W-What do you want ?"

"I've given you the money, You have my family. What more can you take from a man !"

"Silence ! Before I make you."

Feeling the knife indent into my neck. I wince a little and frown knowing that that will leave a mark

"I don't care what you do to me"

"I know you won't.But you care about your family."

Looking down at my hands tied. I grunt and look back at the toned man. Even though he was wearing a black mask. I could tell he was light skinned and had defined abs with his black shirt gripping to his skin like glue.

" Again what do you want ?"

" You need to make a certain girl fall for you. Then you need to break her heart and kidnap her to an abandoned hospital.If you don't do that then I'll break your families heart."

" You are sick in the head"

" I might be sick in the head but you're gonna be sicker because you're doing the deed.Unless of course the girl matters more than your beloved family".

"Who is this girl"

Even through the mask I could see a devilish smile form on his face.

***********present time*********


Me: Good morning

Skylar : who is this ?

Me : Jackson aka the love of your life

Skylar : uh don't seem to recall knowing a Jackson.

Me : Wow


A frown appeared on my face as I laid back in bed. I hope she's playing.

————New message——-

Skylar : I'm kidding. Of course I remember you.

Me : Well I'm happy to hear that.

Skylar : how'd you get my number

Me : I have my resources. ;)

Skylar: mhm sure

Me: so uh I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me.

Skylar : I'd love too.when ?

Me : How about tomorrow.I'll pick you up at 9.

Skylar : sounds like a plan :)


Smiling. I take the picture frame from my bedside. Picture of my family including my little sister.

"Don't worry. I'll have you guys back in no time." Placing it down. I smile and run my hands softly through my hair.

" Skylar Williams" I said staring at my phone. I wish it didn't have to be you. But I'll find a way to save us both."

Toying with the same butcher knife the kidnapper had once places on my neck.

"I'll find a way" whispering to myself.

" But first lets see who you are."


Unknown number : Meet me at the Park 8 am sharp.


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