Dare to dream

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Chapter 6 : Alive

The whole afternoon it began to rain. Hard. Looking outside I wondered if god was mad. If he was raged with us humans, how we could betray one another like serpents and kill one of our kind with such venom. But I also wondered how it would feel like to withhold power of everything and how I'd abuse it if I ever had the chance.The slow Jazz I was listening to on the radio shortly came to a stop when the rain affected the connection. Bringing me back to earth, My phone begins to buzz. Quickly picking it up.

—————New Message————

Unknown number : I'm sitting on the bench near the red slide.

You : what is this ? A detective investigation ?

Unknown number : shut up and sit the opposite side.

You : of course


Getting out of the car. I see a figure sitting on the bench. Leather jacket well suited on him and jeans that grabbed onto his skin. Walking towards him. I look around,hearing a bush move a little and a twig snap.

"Of course he didn't come alone." Rolling my eyes and taking a seat opposite from him. Our backs facing each other.

"Well I'm here. Gonna have your men kidnap me ?"

"No they're just there incase you do something stupid."

"What happened to trust. I would have had the police here if I wanted to do something stupid."

"True but I know you're smarter than that. So how's our deal going. Has she fallen for you yet."

"I don't know. Taking her out for dinner tomorrow."

"Good. In three days I'll send u the address of where to drop her off."

"Woah slow down. H-how I'm I sure that my family is still alive."

"Well that's the fun part. You don't."

Hearing that made me mad and sad. I couldn't choose.I was torn apart on how to feel. jumping over to the other side of the bench.I let whatever emotion that overpowered the other take control. The rage of me being alone and useless took a turn on me. At this point I didn't care how I was gonna leave this earth if it mean't that my family wasn't here with me. Gripping onto to his black shirt. I feel a gun pointed to my head. My hands shaking,a tear comes down but I try to hold myself. The guy holds a finger up and the cold deadly feeling of the gun is taken off my head. But for some reason I still feel it putting a weight on me. I was a ticking time bomb but I knew that he was gonna go down with me somehow. Looking behind me, the guy is gone like it was all in my head.

Looking back at the toned man. He had the same devilish smirk as always. Watching as he took his phone out of his jacket. He plays a recording.

" J-Jake if you're listening to this I-I love you and I know you'll do the right thing." I could hear how frightened she was and upset.My little sister was scared and I had no idea where she was. How I could protect her from this world let alone these people.

"J-Jake this is Mum just give them whatever they want. Please just get us out of-"

"That's all you're hearing."Pausing the recording. "that's the proof you requested.

Still holding onto his shirt. He places his hand over mine and looks straight into my eyes.

"I'm not gonna hurt them as long as u give me what I want"

This was the first time I got to see the face behind the mask and It was like looking at a Brazilian model.black hair, round lips,defined jawline and the thing that had my bones weaken was his blue green eyes that any gender could get lost in his forest like eyes.Trying not to have his features fool me. I take away my hand from his shirt and focus back on his eyes. For some reason beneath his dark soul. There was a spark of light in his soul that was trying to shine and reveal itself,through the tropical maze. I knew he mean't every word.

Taking my knee off the bench . I walk away back to my car. The minute I sat down it was like I had been drowning and my lungs finally had oxygen to breath.

"They're alive, they're alive that's what matters." Looking back at bench,he was gone.

"Thank god"

Sorry that was kind of short. The next one won't be. I promise also please don't forget to vote. I know I forget a few times myself when I'm reading. Thank you.

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