Calling in the Bad Boy

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Justice was at her best until a breakup occurred between her and her long-term boyfriend Peter which caused her to have a huge tower moment in her life. Justice went into hermit mode due to this great heartbreak and her social life gradually faded. Though hurt and confused she decided that enough was enough and she called in her neighbor Rio(Bad boy) to help lend a hand and intervene in this disruptive situation. Justice and Rio had a broad history of ups and mostly downs but she knew that regardless he always told her what she needs to hear and not what she wants to hear. Justice and Rio came up with a plan to fake date enable to get back at Peter but what they did not know is that they will be a huge turn of events . Started with no feelings but ended as lovers. Through all the ups and downs, High and lows Justice and Rio created something special between each other. hope you enjoy!

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The fight Part 1(Chapter 1)

Today was the day.

What day you may ask?

Well, today was me and Peter’s 5 year anniversary. I have been planning for this day every since our last anniversary. Funny i know. It was 6:05, i had just been woken up from the sound of my precious alarm clock which totally is not annoying at all. By the way, I think i’ll have to invest in a new alarm clock. As i lay, i reminisce about all the times I’ve spent with Peter. Peter was honestly the best boyfriend ever and he was such a dream come true.

I started to casually drift back to sleep before i was once again woken up by my lovely neighbor Rio, note the sarcasm. Rio decided it was a perfect time to play his music loudly like it wasn’t early in the morning. I angrily got up and pranced to the window to the lyrics of Roddy Ricch’s Song, The Box. My good mood have now left the chat as i forcefully pulled open my window to great Rio with words of love, sarcasm of course.

“Rio!“, yelled by an angry me

“What’s with the loud ass music at this hour!“, also yelled by me

“Rioooo!!“, i screamed louder.

He came to his window smiling sweetly.

“Good morning my dear Neighbor,he says with a sweet smile”, he said.

At this time my favorite part of the song came on and my anger didn’t even left the chat but it left the entire country at this point. I started to sing along loudly with the music.

“Bustin’ all the bales in the box”

“i just hit a lick with the box”

“Had to put the stick in the box,mmh”

“Pour up the whole damn seal, I’ma get lazy”

“I got the mojo deals”

“We been trappin’ like the ’80s”

Eventually Rio had joined in and we both continued to sing the song until the end. I finally remembered that he was the reason for disrupting my sleep this fine Saturday morning and i dramatically closed my window and walked over to my bed. After a few minutes i was finally welcomed by peaceful surroundings or so i thought. The song High Fashion by Roddy Ricch then invaded my ears. At this point i didn’t care and decided to Jam out to the music because why not.

“If we hop in the Benz is that okay?”

“Is it okay if i call you my Prada bae?”

I guess Rio heard me jamming out and of course he cut the music off.

“That’s all Folks”, i heard him yell.

Rio is honestly a pain in my ass and i think he really enjoys making my life as miserable as he can make it. I looked at the time and it was now 7:00 a.m. I decided to go get some breakfast since Peter is most likely sleeping and i didn’t want to call and wake him up. Tonight is about to be truly amazing. Peter and I made reservations to this brand new fancy restaurant which recently opened. Since it was our anniversary, i bought Peter and I a beautiful watch set. Yes, i guess you can say we are gonna be iced out.

“I hope he likes it”, I say to myself while i looked at the neatly wrapped box.

I decided today was a pancake day for breakfast but i then remembered that there was some pizza leftover from last night. Of course I then changed my mind because who can say no to pizza right. As i lazily walked to the fridge the door bell rung.

“Ughhh”, i groaned.

“Just a second!“, i screamed.

I quickly took the pizza out and put the beautiful slice in the microwave to be heated up. Annoyed, i casually walked to the door and as i opened the door i was welcomed but the best neighbor in the world.

“Rio, what do you want now?

“Hey Neighbor, just wanted to say hi”, he said looking at me amusingly.

“Well Hi to you as well my dear Neighbor but i am busy right now”

Rio casually walks past me and gracefully entered my house.

“EXCUSE ME, I’ll have you know that i never invited you into MY HOUSE”, i said angrily.

“Oh i know, I invited myself in”, he replied.

“Rio, Get Out!“, i shouted.

At this time my mom casually walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Good Morning”,she said.

“Good morning”, Rio and I both said in sync.

“Rio, How have you been?“,my mom said.

At this point i could not have been bothered anymore and i moodily shut the door. Ignoring the conversation between Rio and my mom, i disappointingly walked over to the microwave and took my pizza out. This lovely sight of the pizza slice quickly diffused my anger. As i was about to devour the slice of pizza i felt a wet substance on my head. I quickly turned around to catch the culprit and guess who i saw. Rio standing there with an empty cup. At this point i am fuming.

“Rioooooo ,GET TF OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!“, I angrily yelled.

My patience had left the chat and i was now attacking the culprit for my anger. Rio quickly ran out of my house laughing. I went to the door and angrily shut it. As i turned to walk over to my pizza Again, after the one hundredth time of being disturbed.The door bell once again rung. I opened the door once again with great Vexation to be met by my lovely Boyfriend of 5 years. There Peter stood with a bouquet of roses in his hand.

“Happy Anniversary Babe”, he smiled and pulled me into a hug.

“Happy Anniversary Baby”, i said as i causally pecked his lips.

I happily invited him in and took the flowers and went to go place them into a vase with water.

“Thank You Babe”,i said to Peter.

“Why did you seem so angry when you answered the door”, Peter asked.

“Well Rio thought it was a good idea to play games today and disturb my peace on this Beautiful day”, i said.

“Let me talk to him”,my boyfriend angrily said.

“No, it’s okay”,i said calmly as i hugged Peter.

“Peter is my Boyfriend and all but it is definitely a horrible idea for him to even approach Rio”, i thought to myself.

Peter and Rio have had a huge list of disagreements and fights and they seem to keep adding to that list almost every single day recently.

“Why is your hair wet?“, Peter asked.

“Umm, well Long story...“, i sheepishly replied.

At this point the slice of pizza was near cold but i was too hungry to go heat it over again. I happily ate the slice while Peter amusingly watched me.

“Don’t judge”, i jokingly said to him.

“No judgement”, he replied.

“Oh i got you something”

I walked over to the box and returned to where Peter was sitting in the dining room and i gave him it.

“Happy Anniversary once again babe”, I smiled.

“You didn’t have to Baby”,he smiled.

“I love you Peter”, i said.

“I love you too Justice”,he said.

We both lean into each other and indulged in a sweet kiss.

“Open it!“, i said with great excitement.

“Thank you so much, i love it babygirl”,he said in great amazement.

We continued chatting for a bit but my ears were met by the sound of Peter’s Phone going off. I watched him as he casually declined the call.Peter then got up and pecked my lips.

“I have to go Baby but i’ll see you later for dinner”. he reassured me.

“Where you going?, i casually asked.

“Just Business”. he replied.

We bid our goodbyes and i walked him to the door. I decided that i should go to my room and find something to wear to the dinner. As i got into my room i was met by a handsome looking Rio. Did i say handsome? Well i mean’t to say just Rio.

Rio was a tall and handsome guy i must admit. He was about 6′2 at least and has an attractively carved alluring face. He was no doubt a total catch. Rio also emitted a bad boy aura and in my humble opinion this made him even more attractive. He’s just so ....

“hot”, i mumbled.

“You think i’m hot”, he amusingly asked.

“NOO, of course not. I’m hot, maybe i should open the window or something”,i replied sheepishly.

“The window is already opened mami”,he smiled.

“Well i’m hot so maybe its the sweater”,i smiled back.

“Is that so?, Take it off then”,he smiled seductively.

“Pervert”, i rolled my eyes.

“What are you doing in my room anyway Neighbor”, i asked.

“Why was that dickhead in your house???“, he asked with little to no emotion.

“Excuse me”, i said highly offended.

“The question is Why tf are you in my house?“,i said irritably.

“He is not good for you Justice”, Rio said while staring deeply into my soul.

“And how do you know this Rio. You have been telling me this the past months but never have anything to back up the statement”, i replied angrily.

“Get TF out of my room Rio”

“No”, he calmly replied.

“Rio get tf out now! It’s like you never like to see me happy.You know i love Peter yet you always try to say stuff enable to jeopardize my relationship with him”, i yelled at him.

I am now furious and Rio needs to leave through the window in which he came before i gladly take matters into my own hands and throw him out the window myself.

“It’s like you are jealous or something” ,i yelled furiously.

Rio looked at me with anger in his eyes and just kept looking at me for like 3 minutes.

“I am not jealous, i am just looking out for you mami”,he angrily replied.

“Well i don’t need you to watch over me Rio”, i said stubbornly.

“He’s going to hurt you”, he said.

“Peter is a good person”, i said.

“You give him way to much credit Sweetheart”, he forcefully said.

“And how would you know that? All you do is basically hate on my boyfriend for no reason. Like grow up Rio and leave me tf alone”

At this point my anger have taken over and i don’t care if i hurt his feelings.

“All you do is annoy me and make me life a living Hell on Earth, like kindly fuck off”.

“Aight Bet”,he replied furiously.

I could see in his eyes that he was definitely about to go berserk but of course i did not care.

Rio turned his back and walked over to the window without saying a word and at this point i felt bad for snapping at him like that but on the bright side maybe now he’ll leave me alone.

Rio casually reached into his pocket and took out his phone. I stood there watching him carefully as he stood there going through his phone.

“You want the truth?“, he asked.

“Obviously”, i rolled my eyes.

“Your “Loving and perfect” boyfriend has been cheating on you”,he said through gritted teeth.

“You know Rio this is low even for you to go to these drastic measures to hurt me.“,i angrily replied.

Rio didn’t respond but turns his phone to face me. As my heart rate quickly speeds up and i begin to get very nervous. I finally decided to look at the phone. What i saw next truly shattered my heart into a billion pieces.



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