My Valerie

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Adrien’s room looked like a perfect magazine cover. It was so tidy and clean, unlike mine. It also had a dark theme but not too dark, I wasn’t surprised though, it was masculine and fit him pretty well.

A bookshelf sat against the dark grey painted walls that left me wondering just how many things I didn’t know about him, like how I didn’t know he liked to read. Out of all the grey walls in the room, there was a cream one behind the king-sized bed that was draped with rich silky black and white covers that I just wanted to drown in and bury my face.

His room was simply functional. I didn’t see anything that showed me who he was. No personal touch apart from a small picture frame I spotted on the nightstand. I couldn’t see who it was, but I assumed it was someone special.

“Come,” he said as he sat on the bed and stretched his arms out for me, snapping me out of whatever trance I was in. I looked at him quizzically before I sat next to him.

“Hi,” I said because it was awkward. I had no idea what was going on. He turned his head and looked into my eyes before looking at the door once again and taking my hands in his.

“I was mad at you because of the whole Lennon thing. That’s why I left without even asking if you’re okay and I wasn’t planning on talking to you,” he said as he entwined our fingers together and stared at our hands as if they were the most interesting things ever.

“The moment Lennon was on you and almost marking you I realized what was at stake. The moon Goddess was giving me this and I was throwing it away. I was still mad at you for getting yourself into that situation though but when you told me you wanted to leave… It was a wakeup call for me. I am too far in to ever let you go. I fell for you a long time ago, I just didn’t accept it.”

I sat beside him in silence and just listened to our heartbeats mingling. There was nothing to say and it was perfect as it was.

He turned to look at me before leaning in and placing a kiss on my forehead. I shut my eyes to savor the feeling and felt flutters in my stomach. “What’s happening?” I whispered. It was weird, very weird. I was used to arguments and fights being our only form of communication for the past months, we never sat in silence like that and held hands. It was scary.

“I want to let you in. I’m done pushing you away. You wanted to see me and I guess, I’m letting you see me slowly.” He shrugged and I gave him a smile.


“No, I’m lying,” he said and I rolled my eyes before grabbing a pillow and throwing it at his face. “Still a jerk.”

I heard a grunt and looked at him staring at me like he saw a ghost. His hair got messed up and I held back a laugh, “what? no one threw a pillow at you before?” I asked and backed away from him so that I was against the headboard.

He shook his head and hovered over me, “I don’t think so.”

“Glad you saved one thing for me,” I mumbled and regretted it almost immediately. He looked at me for a second before pressing his lips into a thin line and moving away from me.

“You can’t possibly be mad about what I did before we met. If I had known we would happen I would have waited for you. You can’t hold the fact that I slept with other people against me,” he said while staring threateningly into my eyes.

“I mean Sienna was after-” I began to say but he cut me off.

“I told you I never slept with her okay? What you saw was me pushing her away after realizing what I was doing, nothing more. I don’t want to hear her name again. There was no one after I met you,” he said in an angry voice that shut me up.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

He looked at me before standing up and walking to a door which I assumed was the bathroom without saying a word. Great. Just great. It was going well and I ruined it.

After a moment I stood up and walked over to the door. “Adrien?” I called. “I said I’m sorry.”

“I know I shouldn’t have said that but don’t ignore me when it was just starting to get good. I mean I think I have every right to be mad at you about Sienna and the tea woman but let’s not ruin-” I was prepared for my speech but the door swung open before I could finish and Adrien stood there looking at me in just his shorts.

Goddess… The man was ripped! I’ve seen it before but right then he looked straight out of a greek fantasy with his defined abs and muscular arms as he towered over me making me feel small.

I gawked at him and stared at the silver dog tag hanging around his neck. He looked even better than he did the day we trained. Damn his warrior build.

“Did I tell you before that you talk too much?” He asked and I cleared my throat before I nodded. He did.

“I’m not ignoring you, Allie. I just have nothing to say,” he said and I just looked at him, trying not to let my eyes wander around his body.


“Mhm, oh,” he copied me and took my hands. He turned the lights off and pulled me to the bed before he got under the covers and pulled me flat against his chest. I lay there stiffly before he wrapped an arm around my waist and I stopped breathing completely.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Going to bed, what does it look like?” He said with his eyes closed. We were going to sleep on the same bed? Snuggling?

I moved around a little to get comfortable when my knee accidentally hit him. “You might want to stay away from there for now. You’re not ready,” he mumbled and moved slightly. That’s when my eyes widened and I realized just what I hit and I felt the heat rise to my face and I tried not to pass out.

“Adrien?” I called and he opened his eyes. He sighed and looked at me with those blue eyes, it was like all the myriad shades of blue swirled together to create an ocean. I used to believe his glacier eyes were ice-cold, that they knew no warmth and never shared love. But then when he looked at me I saw warmth, I saw love for the first time.

He hummed waiting for me to say something and I smiled at him. It felt very intimate yet we weren’t doing anything. I felt like a loser being completely under his spell and constantly smiling.

“Why do you call me Allie?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe because only I call you that,” he said and gently brushed my hair back.

“I’m not used to this,” I admitted. It was all new to me. It was probably nothing new to him, sleeping with women was something he did.

“Trust me, me neither. I never slept or woke up with someone beside me. I guess that’s another first with you.”

That gave my confidence a little boost and made me feel a tiny bit special. He had no one to compare me to.

I hummed, earning a slight movement of lips from him. I guess that was the closest thing to a smile I could get from him.

"Valerie, I'm sorry that you had to see Sienna in my office and that I did that," he said and I looked at him with furrowed brows as my heart began beating faster. I didn't think Adrien would be sorry for anything.

"Is this your way of apologizing?" I whispered back.

“Don’t overthink it. Just sleep,” he whispered as he leaned in and kissed my nose.

I couldn’t fall asleep fast, I just stared at the moonlight illuminating from the large window. I felt content being there in my mate’s arms. It was a crazy day and it went from me wanting to leave... To me snuggled up against him.

I moved my gaze to look at Adrien who was sound asleep. He looked so harmless and fragile like that, but when he was awake… That was a different story. I stared at his immaculate bone structure and wondered how someone like me ended up with someone like him.

Call me crazy but I was sure I loved the man, I had loved him for a while even when he pushed me away. Because deep down something always told me he felt the same and that he cared about me.

“Allie,” I heard someone call and ignored it. I wanted to sleep.

“Valerie.” It came again but this time followed by a soft kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes confused only to find Adrien looking at me. I felt a sense of happiness overcome me and I tried to ignore it. It felt like a special morning.

“Shh let me sleep,” I mumbled before I pushed his face away from mine and closed my eyes again.

“If you’re not a morning person then why did you train with me at 5 am?” He asked.

“Because my evil wicked asshole of a boss makes me go to work early and I sometimes don’t have time to train after work,” I said and scooted away from him to bury my face into a pillow.

“He sounds nice,” he said before I felt him move closer to me and hover over my body as he balanced on his elbows.

“I have a private meeting today here at home, you can sleep longer,” he said as he stroked my hair and I let out a contented sigh. I liked wherever it was going.

“Does that mean I don’t have to go to work today?” I asked, my voice muffled by the pillow. I knew I shouldn’t get any special treatment but I was testing my luck. Just one day.

“No you don’t,” he said and I felt him get off the bed, “Also, I like you in my hoodie.”

I opened my eyes and peeked down, that’s when I realized that I never took it off since he gave it to me yesterday. “Oh my God! I need to shower, I must stink,” I said and sat up.

Adrien was already standing by the bathroom door when he turned to look at me, “you want to join me?” He asked, making me gasp.

“No, I have my own room and my own bathroom,” I said and got up to walk to the door.

“You’re moving here, it’s our room now,” he said before pulling me against him and draping his arms around me. “You’ve stayed in your own room long enough.”

“What’s with you and forcing me to move around?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Didn’t know you could get clingy in one day,” I said and he shook his head. “Neither did I. I’m making up for the lost time.”

“Well, I’m going to go shower. You can work on making up for lost time later,” I said and tried to push him away.

“Oh, I will. Don’t think you’re staying unmarked forever,” he whispered in my ear before he let me go. Time literally stopped and I felt my heart drop before I walked out without sparing him a glance.

I always wanted whatever was going on. I wanted a mate and someone to love me. My best friend and my other half. After I met Adrien that thought was long gone. But when it was actually happening I didn’t know what to think and it always sent shivers down my spine.

I was making myself something to eat when Adrien walked in looking handsome in his suit and the scent of his perfume invading my space. He got ready to go to a meeting in his own house...

“Adrien about yesterday… is everyone okay?” I asked. It was eating me up because it was partially my fault if anything happened.

“Yes, Aramis called. A few injured wolves and he has a broken arm, but nothing too bad, and they all should be healed by now. Apart from one warrior though. He got grazed by an arrow, but Phoenix can take care of him.”

“Where is Laurie?” He asked while looking around and I just stared at him wondering how to tell him that I told her to take time off…

“Well, you see… I told her to take a few days off,” I mumbled.

“You did what?” He blurted with a raised voice.

“I know but she just told me Amelie was sick and I thought we didn’t need her so I told her to take time-”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” he said with a sigh and inched closer to pull me in, “I’m going to have to get used to someone being beside me in this house. Just let me know next time,” he said, making me raise an eyebrow.

“Why are you being nice?” I asked.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because it’s very weird. Usually, you’d probably be fuming right now. You held back...”

“I did. Also, I don’t do nice, I’m not capable of being nice,” he said.

“Are you now? Then what were today and yesterday?” I asked with a smirk.

“I don’t know. Must have been bewitched by someone,” he whispered and pulled me in for a hug.

I melted into his embrace and comfortably put my head on his chest, “Is it weird that I wish we could spend the day together? why do you always have meetings?” I groaned.

Adrien looked down at me and stroked my hair, “because we need to talk about everything that happened yesterday, about what Sienna and Lennon said. Things are beginning to unfold and we need to take action before someone is hurt. Two traitors are down and there are probably more… I probably have said too much but it’s fine,” he said before looking down at my lips and leaning in to slightly suck on my bottom lip, “And no, it’s not crazy,” he hummed.

“Damn! It’s about time you two finally stop being so stubborn. I can’t believe what I’m seeing honestly.” I heard someone say and pushed Adrien away from me.

“Goddess! Couldn’t even keep this from him for a day,” Adrien mumbled and I held back from laughing when I turned to find Kade looking our way, but I was wondering just how long he was standing there and watching us.

“Kade I told you not to use your key when I’m IN the house, you can knock or ring the bell instead of walking in on me,” he said and shook his head.

“Right, I don’t want to walk into you two getting at it on the couch. Wouldn’t be able to look at you after that,” Kade said and my eyes widened as I held back from gasping.

“Get in the office,” Adrien growled and walked away to his office after Kade.

Well, that was nice Adrien gone.

I went out with Stella to pass time. Phoenix was supposed to come with us but because of what happened she was pretty busy. I came back home and they were still in a meeting so I decided to keep myself busy somehow.

I was walking to go to Adrien’s room when I heard them talking in the office and decided to stop and listen.

“They have Zelda with them so we’ll need Isabelle. Zelda is a powerful witch and it’s a matter of time until she uses her powers against is. We’ll have to get going pretty soon to the Blue moon pack and talk this out with them since Lucien is already hiding, or he could be getting ready for all we know.” One of them said and I heard everyone else mumble things.

I huffed and walked away. It was nothing interesting and it felt like they were talking in codes.

I walked into Adrien's room and sighed. I loved the big window in there. It was huge and had a little sitting area in front of it. I sat down and pulled my knees to my chest and stared at the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the glass. I loved the sound it was very calming and it broke the silence in the room.

I haven’t felt as happy and content as I did in a while. I always depend on external phenomena to make me happy but yesterday and today were different, I felt it all and I felt like I might have found my inner peace. I was at peace with myself and what I have.

But good times are temporary and after such a long day of feeling happy, I felt the dullness and gloom overcome me. I had no idea if what was happening would last. Adrien had his own problems and Goddess only knows if he’s in it for the long run.

I loved the rain. I remembered playing outside with my mom before she died. We were happy and I wished she was here. If she could see where I was and how proud she would be. I loved the Alpha and Luna just as much, they were the best and made my life growing up amazing. But I still had a right to miss my birth mother.

I felt my eyes sting and my heart clench. Everything was perfect, I just wished one other person was there and it would be complete.

I heard the door open and knew Adrien walked in, but I didn’t move or turn to look at him. “You were eavesdropping.” I heard him say as he walked closer but I continued staring at raindrops on the window.

“I didn’t hear anything important, don’t worry,” I mumbled, earning a sigh from him.

I heard his steps getting closer to where I was sitting before he reached out and lifted my head from my knees. “What happened?” He asked.

“Nothing. I’m fine.”

"Don't lie to me."

"Adrien I'm fine. Leave," I said and bit my lip.

“Valerie,” he said with a sigh and squeezed himself to sit beside me. “If we’re going to do this I’m going to expect you to be honest with me, to talk to me. You were happy this morning.”

I looked up at him and cursed my hormones. He was going to think I was a crazy woman with mood swings. Looking into his eyes that seemed to be filled with worry, I felt a little at ease.

I pressed my lips into a thin line before I spoke. “I miss my mom.”

“You can go see her, I can take you,” he said as he massaged the base of my neck with his thumb.

“I mean my birth mother… she was killed when I was five,” I said and looked away from him as I held back my tears, “Alpha and Luna are my adoptive parents.”

“It was so sudden. I mean I didn’t understand what was going on but I was told that she was gone. A silver bullet to the head. My father straight up abandoned me after that… Not a while later he found someone else and replaced my mom but I was too young to care or wonder just how strange it was.” I began to tell him without realizing it. I just needed to let it out and he listened silently.

I had started crying and I only realized it when Adrien wiped my tears and pulled me onto his lap and pressed my head to his shoulder. “Fuck. I'm not good at this." He cursed and I felt a small laugh build up in me, "it’s okay. I know it’s not easy,” he said.

“I’m sorry it’s just all hitting me now. I was so happy about us and it made me think about her. I miss her so much Adrien.” I said with an ugly sob and he rubbed my back.

“I know you do.”

We sat in silence as he rubbed circles onto my back until I calmed down. I pulled away and stared at him before I let out a laugh, “sorry about that,” I mumbled and he shook his head.

“You said your mom was killed and your father found someone else… and he’s still alive?” Adrien asked and I nodded. I watched him think for a second with furrowed brows before I spoke again. “Why?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking,” he said but I knew there was something else. He looked so deep into his thoughts before he shook his head and looked at me.

“Let’s go do something, it’ll make you feel better.” He stood up and pulled me with him.

I walked with him but stopped when we reached the door to leave the house, “It’s getting late and it’s raining. Where are we going?” I asked and he tugged on my arm. “Just come. The rain is stopping.”

It was dark since it was nighttime, but I could see the road clearly. The ride was quiet and I just kept wondering where we were going at that time but I didn't ask because I knew he wasn't going to reply.

Adrien parked the car in front of a lake. The water looked as smooth as black glass with the reflection of the moon on it and I smiled at how beautiful it was. He opened his door and got out and I did the same. I was engulfed with a cool breeze and the only sound was the whispering of the trees along with leaves crunching under each of Adrien’s steps as he walked over to me.

“Why are we here?” I asked as a deep sense of serenity overcame me.

“I used to come here with my parents all the time. Let’s shift, I want to see your wolf. Besides, Kai has been dying to meet your wolf.”

“Kai?” I asked and he nodded.

“Well, Alaska wants to meet Kai too.”

“You ready?” He asked and held my shoulders. I nodded and watched him walk back and strip of all of his clothing, leaving on just his boxers.

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