My Valerie

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Adrien didn’t give me any warnings before I heard his boxers ripping and bones cracking. A huge grey wolf jumped into my view and I stood rooted in my spot. Not hearing anything besides my own heartbeat.

It was dark but I could still see the blue eyes that once stared at me with warmth now cold and icy. His wolf held authority and it made sense why he was the leader of warriors. He was the epitome of strength.

After admiring him from afar. I took slow steps towards him while the leaves crunched under my feet. Kai’s fur was thick and glossy, it was beautiful. I smiled and reached my hand out to pat his head and heard the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

As soon as my hands touched the soft fur on his neck I saw his icy blue eyes fill up with a foreign emotion. Serenity. He let out a soft whimper and moved closer to my touch.

“Ready to meet Alaska?” I asked, making Kai lick my hands earning a soft laugh from me.

I walked back to give myself some space before I removed my clothes. Leaving on just my undergarments. I felt heart rise up to my cheeks because I’d be naked when we shift back and that would be awkward.

I felt my canines extend before I fully shifted into my white wolf. As soon as I stood in front of Kai he bowed down with a whimper. Alaska tilted her head and walked closer to him before she nuzzled his neck. It was a strange behavior, I wasn’t an Alpha for him to bow down like that.

Alaska snuck her head under his so she could lift him up. Kai was much bigger than Alaska and she was a big wolf… They both stood staring at each other for a while before he jumped and tackled her to the floor while licking her face.

Alaska whimpered when he began nibbling behind her ear before he snuggled her and placed his head over hers. It was almost funny seeing the big bad wolf be affectionate and submissive to a female wolf.

They lay there just feeling the warmth of each other for a while. I could feel everything Alaska was feeling. It was a moment she was waiting for forever since I met Adrien and I could feel the happiness and contentment surging through her veins. They both let out puffs and wagged their tails showing just how happy and calm they were and I felt my heart explode with happiness. They accepted each other long before Adrien and I accepted each other.

Kai stood up abruptly, snapping Alaska’s gaze to him. He positioned himself into a running position and I understood what he wanted. He wanted to run with Alaska.

They ran between the trees, their paws crushing the leaves under us as it pounded on the ground and the cool night breeze brushed past their fur. Running never felt so good before. Alaska stopped as soon as Kai did and they both took deep breaths and stared at each other before he lunged at her and began licking her face.

Too soon for my liking, Adrien shifted back and put on his shorts before I shifted too. “Here,” he said and threw his hoodie my way. I took it before awkwardly putting on my pants as I tried to calm my racing heart and rapid breaths while ignoring the heat rising to my cheeks from seeing him... well, in all his naked glory.

“Valerie.” He breathed out and walked over to me while shaking his head. He took me by surprise when he crashed his lips on mine and gave me a deep kiss before pulling away.

“That was amazing. But your wolf-” he paused. “She’s breathtaking,” he said and I stared at his red lips with my own parted in shock.

“So is Kai,” I said with a smile and he shook his head before cupping my face.

“Your eyes… they change. You’re not just a normal wolf. Eyes grey as a doves feather. Fur as white as snow. You’re a gifted one.”

I let out a laugh and tilted my head in his hands. “I don’t have any gifts, Adrien.”

“No.” He shook his head and let his hands fall to his sides. “I read about it and I’ve seen you do it. You did it the other day when we were running and trying to avoid the arrows. I saw them come our way but they never hit us but I assumed with all the witch wind and the heat of the moment that I was just imagining… But it was you. You shielded us,” he said and I pursed my lips.

“What are you-” I laughed again, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t do anything and I don’t have powers…”

“The power of absorbing other people’s powers or strength and creating force shields around yourself. When we were running I kept looking back at you and I saw the arrows. They were there but never hit us. It was like they bounced off.”

My jaw dropped and I stared at him with wide eyes. I had no idea what he was saying. I’ve lived my whole life normally and then he tells me I have powers? My brain stuttered for a moment before I got a grip of myself.

“What?” I asked and brushed my hair back and away from my face.

“Let’s not talk here. I’ll show you, come.” He tugged on my arm and basically threw me into the passenger seat before he walked around and got into his side to drive us back to the house.

The book Adrien pulled out of the shelf in his room was old, it was bound with brown leather, the pages were brittle and the stitches were barely holding the pages together.

I ran my fingers over the old leather before I looked up at Adrien, confused where he found something so old, “where did you even find this?” I asked.

“Was passed down to my father and I took it,” he said and began flipping the pages as the papers rustled. If he wasn’t careful, they would fall off and break.

His eyes flitted across the pages before he stopped and pointed at one of them, “the golden gift,” he said and I turned my gaze to where he was pointing.

The letters were beginning to fade but I could still read everything on the page. He wasn’t lying. The book described what my wolf looked like. Her eyes. Her fur. Even a mark on the paw that I never knew I had. Words left me and my heart fell silent.

My gaze wandered around the page and landed on a drawing of a white wolf with deep, piercing grey eyes. “It looks exactly like Alaska.” I gasped and Adrien nodded.

“I know. Look here. The wolf with the golden gift can absorb the powers of those around them temporarily. If misused, the victim may never regain their powers. However, it can be of advantage when it comes to forbidden powers and spells. Force shields create a protective barrier of energy around the wolf to protect it from dangers and threats.”

Adrien read out loud and I stood rooted in my spot trying to make sense out of what he was reading. I felt dizzy all of a sudden and everything went black. “Valerie?” I heard Adrien’s faint voice before I saw his blue eyes staring down at me as I fell on the floor.

I quickly sat up using my hands to hold myself up, “What the hell?” I mumbled.

“What happened? Are you okay?” He asked and carried me to the bed as his eyes assessed my face.

“I don’t know,” I said and held my head.

He left and came back with a glass of water for me. I took a sip and stared at him, “I never used any force to protect us from the arrows. I don’t know what that book is saying or what you saw but I can’t do any of what it said. That’s insane.”

“But you did. Valerie that wolf is you. Did it not describe you?” He asked and I pressed my lips into a thin line.

“That’s what I thought. I saw you do it and I know that that book isn’t lying. Rare wolves come with different eye colors and each one has a different gift. Your gift is given to you for a reason,” he said and sat facing me.

“I want to try it, if it’s true then I want to see it,” I said and stood up on my feet. I got a sudden boost of adrenaline that got me excited to try whatever powers I had.

“Now? It’s late,” Adrien asked.

“Yes. Come,” I said and tugged on his arm. He sighed and followed me outside to the backyard.

“I’m going to try creating a force shield,” I said and shut my eyes. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it but I wanted to try. I just knew that when I did it while running from the arrows the only thing that was on my mind was to not get hit and to make it out safely, nothing else.

“Focus on creating it and nothing else.” I heard Adrien say. I continued focusing on just the darkness behind my eyelids and tried to focus my mind on it.

“I can’t.” I breathed out and frowned at him.

“You can. It’s your first time so you can’t expect to do it in one try. It also might not come out other than when you need it, not until you can control it at least. I also am probably not the best person to practice with... I’ve never seen a rare wolf, I just read about them,” he said and walked over to me.

I looked at him as he wrapped his arms around me before I rested my head on his chest to try one more time. “Listen to my heart,” he whispered with a soft voice and I nodded, feeling his warmth engulfing me and a soothing atmosphere settle around me as I took in his scent.

I listened to his steady heartbeat that calmed me. He knew it calmed me and that’s why he did what he did. I focused on the sound and on my mind but nothing happened. I kept trying and trying but it never worked so I sighed in defeat and looked up at him. It wasn’t smart of me to try it when I just discovered it and had no knowledge on it other than from what I read in that old book.

“Fuck. Your eyes. You’re amazing,” Adrien said and brushed his fingers over my cheekbones. “They changed again for a second. It was working.” He smiled.

“Really?” I said in excitement and he nodded.

“We can work on it tomorrow and the days after. This was enough for now or it’ll drain you. Let’s go to bed,” he said and pulled me inside with an arm around my shoulders.

Adrien and I went to work together the next day. I was surprised he was fine with people seeing us come in the same car but I wasn’t complaining. I was happy he was giving in.

As soon as we walked in my eyes landed on Sienna’s replacement. She smiled at Adrien and ignored my existence. I seemed to be invisible to all the girls that were obsessed with him.

“Adrien!” She said in a really excited voice and I furrowed my brows before glaring at him.

“You know her?” I asked and he nodded, “she used to work here before I fired her,” he mumbled and I knew he was not telling me something.

“You slept with her didn’t you?” I asked in a hushed voice and he ignored me.

I walked faster than him and got into the elevator, “I am not the one that hired her back. It was your father so you can’t blame me. After Sienna he had to look into the candidates properly, and I guess she was the best,” he said as the doors slid closed.

“I never said anything.” I shrugged.

“Great,” he mumbled.

I was sitting in my office when he walked in without knocking. It was weird that the last time we were here we avoided each other, and now we were together.

“Are you still angry?” He asked and I huffed, “no.”

“Okay, so I talked to Phoenix. Her mother was a rare white wolf too so she can help you more than I can. Meet her at her home, but I can’t come with you. Kade will be there too.”

“Okay,” I said and turned back to my papers.

“Allie,” he said and walked over to stand in front of me, “you’re still mad.”

“I’m not mad,” I repeated and he sighed before leaning down for a kiss. I automatically moved away and saw him raise an eyebrow, “see, you’re mad.”

“You can’t lie to me, I’ve been watching you for a long time, I know you. I know when you’re mad you avoid me or yell at me, when you’re sad you yell like a madwoman or cry, and when you’re excited you turn into the clumsiest person ever,” he said and pulled me up from my chair so he could drape his arms around my waist. I held back from smiling and tried to ignore how good it felt to be in his arms. He paid attention to me this whole time I worked with him.

“You stalker,” I said and smacked his chest lightly. “I don’t like the way she looks at you. Plus she’s so pretty.”

“Are you jealous?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “You think I’m yours?”

I don’t think, I know he’s mine.

“Yes, you would be jealous if you were in my place too.”

He shook his head and took my lips in his, “I wouldn’t be. I only have eyes for a certain she-wolf who happens to be my mate, and she’s a badass... With a gift,” he whispered against my lips, sending shivers down my spine making me want him so bad.

“You’re going to get us fired,” I whispered.

“By who?” He asked making me laugh, he was basically the big boss here. He does what he wants.

Adrien left to go back to his office and I didn’t see him for the rest of the day, he was doing his own work and I was doing mine. As soon as I was done I went to see him only to find him busy with that same blonde from last time.

“Adrien I’m-” I began talking before looking up. As soon as I looked up I paused when I saw him with that same woman he made me bring tea a while ago sitting in his office. She snapped her head to look at me with a despising glare and I saw her eye my whole body before scoffing.

He cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow, “sorry,” I mumbled and walked away, closing the door behind me. If I didn’t leave I would have taken the flower vase he had in his office and smashed it on her head. But I decided against it.

Great. I had to deal with Sienna’s replacement and this blondie trying to steal my man.

I ignored the weird gut feeling in me and walked to go meet with Phoenix at her and Kade’s home. I didn’t know who that girl was or why she was there again but I didn’t like her. That wasn’t important though, I had to focus on working on my gift and block all negative thoughts from my head.

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