My Valerie

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“Hi!” Phoenix said before she pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

“Hi.” I laughed.

“VAL!” I heard Kade’s voice and looked up to find him behind her. “Kade! Hi.”

“This is so exciting, come,” Phoenix said and dragged me inside the house. “So Adrien told me about your wolf and I’ve never been more excited. My mom was a rare one too but sadly I am not.”

“Yeah, apparently I’m special.” I laughed.

Phoenix sat down in front of a small coffee table and I did the same. Kade walked over to her and sat behind her before pulling her onto his lap and placing a soft kiss on her shoulder. They were cute and were not afraid of showing their love. It had me wishing I had what they had and wondering why Adrien hasn’t marked me.

“My mother would probably be more useful than I am, but she’s not here right now. She’s out hunting so you’re stuck with me and Kade’s knowledge,” she said and pointed at the things she had sprawled on the table.

“What was her gift?” I asked.

“Reading and seeing auras.”

I smiled and nodded. That was cool. She could see people’s energy fields and how genuine they were.

“What’s that?” Kade said as he placed his chin on her shoulders and pointed at a drawing on the table.

“This.” She took the drawing in her hands, “is what my mom drew. She said it’s what she sees.”

I took the paper from her and stared at it. It was a human figure with so many colors around it. Like it’s emotions and feelings were emitting from it.

“Wow,” I said in a low voice and she hummed.

“Anyway. We are here to help you practice since Adrien is going to be too busy for now. My mom said it didn’t take her a while to be able to control her gift. She was able to turn it on and off whenever she wanted after I think three days of practice. Now your gift involves brainpower and focus just like hers so I am assuming it should be the same for you,” she said and I nodded. I felt like I was in a serious class.

“I talked to her about your wolf. She said you have to focus on yourself and what you want to protect yourself from. Or think of who you want under your shield, people you care about, people you love. Anything.”

I almost laughed at myself. I was so struck by Adrien to the point that when she said that, he was the first to pop up in my head. Damn his stupidly handsome face that I saw even when I was supposed to be mad at him.

“I guess I've already used it before when they were shooting arrows at me and Adrien. But I didn’t know.” I shrugged

“My mom started by holding this in her hands,” she said and grabbed a smooth green rock. I raised an eyebrow and took it from her. It felt so cold and foreign against my hands as I gave it a soft squeeze.

“She put all her focus on this rock, squeezed it as hard as she could. So that’s what we’re going to try today.”

“How did your mom know about her gift? I mean I didn’t know until Adrien told me.”

“Isabelle. The witch in our pack saw her wolf. Your parents probably know but it’s an ancient belief that they shouldn’t be the ones to tell you. To put you on a road of self-discovery kind of thing.” Kade replied.

That made me wonder if my parents knew. Alpha and Luna saw my wolf many times but they never said anything about it. What if I never discovered it?

Kade and Phoenix sat quietly as I took a deep breath and turned the rock around in my palms. Trying to let it sit comfortably before I closed my eyes and focused on what I wanted to do.

"I can't focus," I said with a frown.

"why?" Phoenix asked and I saw her forehead crease. I pursed my lips and sighed.

"I don't know, something must be bothering me." I straight up lied. I knew what was bothering me. It was a certain blonde accompanying my mate. I was jealous.

"Focus on the rock Valerie. You aren't supposed to think of anything else. Your mind, and your aim, and the rock," Kade said. I looked up at him and nodded before taking a deep breath and trying again. I wanted to get it right.

As soon as I shut my eyes and calmed my nerves. It wasn't so dark anymore. The darkness behind my eyelids was gone and I felt like I was seeing light. I knew it was just my imagination but it told me that I was getting somewhere.

I had been trying to make it work for Goddess knows how many hours. The furthest I got was to have a faint glow shielding me only. I was exhausted. It used so much of my brainpower and so much focus that I felt like I was straining my brain and my eyes. My hands were red from how hard I squeezed the rock but I didn’t feel any pain. I was determined on being able to do it on my first practice.

I looked through the windows and noticed it was dark outside but I was still trying. Phoenix ended up forcing me to stop so I don’t drain myself.

I sat down to eat ice cream with her when Kade walked in with Adrien behind him. My heart skipped a beat for a second and then I remembered that I was mad at him, I wanted an explanation on who that woman was.

“How was it?” He asked and walked over to hug me from behind. Surprising me that he was being affectionate in front of people.

“Not bad,” I replied and continued eating my ice cream.

“We probably drained her. But she did pretty good for today. My mom said it’ll take three days or more for it to be decent and for her to control it. So far she can create a field just almost an inch around herself,” Phoenix said.

“This is so funny and surreal. Adrien with a mate. Or Adrien with feelings,” Kade said before he began laughing and Phoenix did the same. "Never thought he'd bring someone over, you got him smitten Val!" He said and I kind of felt proud of myself. I, just simple Valerie got thee, Adrien Grey.

“WAIT! She’s marked?!” Phoenix yelled and we all fell into an awkward silence that gave away the answer. “Oh.”

I felt Adrien stiffen before he cleared his throat and pulled his hands away from my waist, “let’s go.”

“I didn’t finish my ice cream,” I whined like a kid making him sigh. I felt his anger building up so I just stood up and hugged them goodbye before walking to Adrien’s car. The man had anger issues, he was always angry for no reason. It also bothered me that whenever anyone mentioned us being mates or marking each other he would completely shut off or get furious.

“Now why are you mad?” He asked as soon as we walked into the house after a silent and intense car ride.

“Why was that woman in your office today? Who is she and why does she look at you like that?” I blurted out as I walked over to the living room to sit on the arm of the chair and shot daggers his way.

“That’s why you’re acting like this and not answering my calls since you left? Not to mention slamming my office door behind you after you walked out.” He said while pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I slammed the door?” I asked and tried not to laugh. He turned to face me and looked so serious that I gulped. "I just want to know who she is to you."

“She’s nobody. You shouldn’t worry about her.”

“Why shouldn’t I? The first time I saw her she eyed me like a piece of trash and you purposely made me get her tea so you can belittle me in front of her. That was when you were more of an asshole than you are now so I let it pass. But why is she back? I know she’s not from our pack so what on earth is she always doing in your office? You didn’t see the way she looked at me.” I said, remembering the way she eyed me as if I interrupted something. Thinking about her only angered me so I curled up my fingers to calm myself. It made me wish I had spilled the tea on her a month ago when Adrien made me bring it to her.

“She’s not a threat to you, drop it.”

“I won’t. Who is she?” I pressed for answers. I wanted to know.

“Scarlett. She’s the daughter of the Alpha of the blue moon pack,” he said with a sigh.

“What was she doing in your office looking at you like you’re her next meal?”

“Her father wanted me to choose her… as my mate but I haven't and I won't, she keeps coming to persuade me or something, I don't really know,” he said and my eyes went as wide as saucers. I frowned and stood up from where I was sitting.

I was his destined mate. But it was more than possible to have a chosen mate it’s just that the bond won’t be as strong. He was mine and I was his and I didn't want any brat trying to take him away from me.

“Are you kidding me? You sleep in the same bed as me at night and the next day you bring her to your office? Is that why you’re not marking me?” I yelled.

“Stop talking nonsense because you know what will happen. You know there is no one but you Valerie," he paused and looked at me.

"Why I haven’t marked you has nothing to do with her and I never brought her to my office. She came to my office herself, what was I supposed to do? Kick her out? I keep telling her not to come, you need to trust me,” He yelled and threw his arms around.

“You’re supposed to tell her that you have a mate,” I mumbled, feeling the jealousy creeping up.

“Don’t you think I have done that? Also, a month ago I didn’t tell you to get her tea to belittle you. I couldn’t think of any other way to see you and she was making me lose my calm, so I found a reason to see you. I didn't think it offended you this much.”

I held back from laughing and rolling my eyes. To see me? He hated my existence back then so why would he want to see me.

“You’re full of lies. You know I just spent hours with Kade and Phoenix and I’ve never envied people more. They are not like us, he’s not afraid of showing her off. Unlike you who stayed away from me for months. I don’t understand how much power and will you need to have to be able to stay away from me and leave me unmarked for this long.”

“I am not Kade, you expect things from me that I might never give you. We are not them,” he said and I saw him shake his hands, trying to not lose it.

“I just wanna know why you haven’t marked me. If it’s not Scarlett doll, then what is it? Are you not attracted to me? Do you not want me? Because if you’re playing house with me you better tell me. I won’t stay.”

“I am trying here Valerie and I need you to see that. I am doing something that scares the shit out of me and I’m not one to get scared. I’m letting you in and I want you. There is nothing I need more than you and every day I hold back from taking you then and there. If you think that ever since I met you I never wanted to make you mine, you’re crazy,” he said with a sigh before continuing.

“You don’t even trust me yet and I can tell. You freak out whenever you see a girl who you think is a threat to you. You need to trust me when I tell you I haven’t been with anyone after I met you.” He said and I looked at him without saying a word. I knew he was right but knowing who he was before was the reason I found it difficult to trust him. It was also an insecurity I had because I felt like those other women were a threat to me and they were gorgeous unlike me.

“You know once we get intimate I’ll never let you go and I’d be in love with you. We'd be one soul, one heart. The reason I haven’t is that I am waiting for you. How can I be sure that you won’t leave like everyone else? How can I know that this is something you want and that you’ll stay with me?”

Like everyone else? His voice was now laced with calmness and sincerity that the fact he mentioned love totally flew over my head. I watched him walk over to sit on the couch with a sigh. “You’re scared,” I mumbled making him tilt his head to face me.

“I have a high and powerful position which gives me every right to be scared. With my position in this pack, I shouldn’t have a weakness that people could pinpoint to take me down. When I mark you, all my enemies will be yours. They’ll want to hurt you to bring me down because that’s the only way. Bringing me down brings the whole pack down. I don’t want them near you and I don’t want you hurt. You know what happens to a wolf that loses its mate and I will not be able to handle being the reason for losing you.”

I was surprised at how much he was telling me. I realized that every day he would tell me more. So he wasn’t marking me because he didn’t want to lose me? It made sense but also didn't. He didn't want to put himself in a position where he could lose me.

My mind went back to the day of our first kiss. When I asked him why he was holding back he said for the sake of the pack and I had no idea what he meant. Now I did.

“I’m your weakness?” I asked and went to sit on his lap, straddling him. I felt his breath hitch before he looked into my eyes, shaking his head.

“Unbelievable,” he muttered making me laugh.

“I’m not going anywhere, Adrien. I want this,” I said cupping his face in my hands.

"For how long will you be here? See, you can't answer that question and it haunts me," he said making me frown. I'd be with him for as long as I live, but he was afraid of separation. Afraid that they'd do something to me to get to him.

“What’s your story? Why are you this… complicated?” I whispered.

“I’ll tell you my story, just not now. I want you to promise me something,” he said and gently took my hands off his face. I raised an eyebrow and waited for him to talk.

“Promise that you won’t argue with me for the next two days. I was going to make it a week but I’m not sure you’ll last. Just two days, no arguing or jumping to conclusions. I want you to trust me,” he said while looking at me sternly and holding my right hand.

I pursed my lips and took a deep breath before flicking his ear. “You’re such an ass, but I’ll try.”

“No.” He rolled us over so that my back was flat against the couch and he was hovering over me in a very intimate position while he looked at me with such intensity in his gaze that we both knew was the start of the fire to come, “you’re not going to try, you will do it. Promise me you’ll give me two days of peace.”

I looked at him and lifted my head to peck his lips so I could distract him but he pushed me back down. “Mhm I’m not letting you go until you say it,” he said while pinning my hands beside my head. I knew it was impossible, he always did things that were... arguable.

“Okay. I promise,” I said with a laugh. He smiled the prettiest smile I've seen in a while and bent down to smash his lips on mine, not giving me enough time to admire it. He let go of my arms that he had pinned, pressing his body against mine and I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him in and never let him go. “You’re my special girl and my only girl,” I heard him murmur between our kiss making my heart swell with love. "I don't want anyone else and I need you to know that. I need your trust.”

He began trailing kisses down my neck and I hummed in contentment, "you didn't tell me how today was," he whispered against my collar bone as his hands gently glided through my hair making goosebumps line my skin. I could never get enough of him.

"Is this really the right time?" I asked and pulled him back for another kiss. Nothing mattered more than the moment we were having, not my day, not my gift. Just us.

"someone was angry when I asked earlier, so it is," he said between our kiss and I wrapped my legs around his hips so he wouldn't escape. If he thought I was about to stop our hot make-out session to talk about my practice, he was very wrong.

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