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I was startled from my sleep by Valerie snuggling under my arm. I wasn’t used to it and she seemed to be a cuddler, but I wasn’t complaining. She’s done it almost every day for the past week. Always getting her legs tangled up with mine which wasn’t good for me, it took every ounce of control in me not to take her.

There was one night where it got too heated between us and I almost took her on the couch of my living room and made her mine, but we stopped in time. She was driving me crazy and she had no idea how many cold showers I took since I met her.

I sighed and turned to stare at the ceiling as I gently stroked her hair. I couldn’t bring myself to take her because I knew that life wasn’t forever. Every other girl I fucked before meant nothing to me and I didn’t care about them. Didn’t care if I left them hurt or if I left them needing more, I only cared about myself. But with Valerie, it’s terrifying because I care about her so much. I cared like I have never before and I knew once we were mated there was no turning back. If anything happened to me she would fall apart and if anything happened to her I wouldn’t be able to live without her… That’s how the mate bond worked.

It didn’t help that things were getting way too hectic with rogues. Rogues didn’t like the fact that they had no home and no land. They wanted our land and our territory. They wanted to control the packs but they couldn’t do that because we were in control of things. They already attacked a part of the moonstone pack yesterday and I knew things were falling apart.

It didn’t make sense to me how one man maneuvered all these rogues to work under him. Lucien Corsaro was after a title, he wanted to be King and he must have promised rogues and traitors something big for them to bow down to him the way they were.

That was another problem. It didn’t take me long to put two and two together to realize that Lucien was Valerie’s biological father. What she told me about her parents and what Sienna told me about Lucien fit together like a puzzle piece. Mate died, and he remarried. It could have been a coincidence but I knew it wasn’t because the Alpha told me not to mention his name to Valerie.

I couldn’t go with her to a few of her practice sessions because I went to see the Alpha. I wanted an explanation on Lucien’s relation to Valerie and how I was supposed to keep what I knew from her. We both knew that if Valerie knew what he was doing she would try and take matters into her own hands and it would end up horribly.

I used to think that with my high position being with Valerie would make her a target and put her in danger but I was wrong. She brought danger to herself. She was a danger-prone she-wolf and I had to protect her.

I turned to look at her sound asleep beside me with her lips slightly parted and felt a smile threaten to land on my face. She was awakening emotions in me that I didn’t know I had, and for the past week she just made me fall in love with her more and more.

“Valerie,” I said and shook her. She groaned and hid her face making me roll my eyes. She did that every day.

“Valerie, wake up.”

"Canoodle," I whispered in her ear to tease her and saw her try to keep a straight face. She loved cuddling so the name was perfect even though it annoyed her.

She was acting like she couldn’t hear me so I did what she hated, I leaned in to kiss her on the lips and her eyes immediately shot open. I stared at her deep forest green eyes that seemed to always be more prominent when she woke up and felt proud that she was my mate. At first, I didn’t like her, I thought she was just an Alpha’s brat of a daughter but she proved me wrong in every way and managed to somehow make me fall for her.

“Adrien!” She puffed her cheeks and turned to face the other side. She hated morning kisses because she thought her morning breath was nasty.

“You need to wake up. I’m going to the blue moon pack today and you’re coming with me,” I said while stroking her disheveled hair, not giving her a choice. I didn’t have as much time to spend with her for the past week because I was so busy with the warriors and she was busy trying to control her powers. So taking her with me sounded good even though I wasn’t going to let her sit with me while I talk to their warriors.

She lifted her head up and looked at the window before dropping it back on the pillow and pulling the covers up to her chin, “the sun didn’t even rise yet. Let me sleep,” she mumbled in her sleepy voice.

“I know that. We need to leave now so that we are there on time.”

“Why am I coming?” She asked with her eyes closed.

“Because I want you to, now get ready,” I said and got up to go to the bathroom. “Also, I called Laurie yesterday while we were at work and told her to move your things here if she had time.”

Valerie immediately snapped her head up and glared at me, “I’m sharing a closet with you?” She asked while trying to hide a smile but I saw right through it.

“Well yes, but you have your own side and I have mine.”

“Ugh,” she groaned, “I mean I could have done it, you didn’t have to let Laurie come all the way here when her daughter is sick.” Laurie’s daughter was getting better but I decided to give her two weeks off but she was on call instead of having her over all the time.

“Are you going to start arguing now?” I asked and looked at her challengingly. When I made her promise me that she wouldn’t argue with me for two days she actually did it. But as soon as the two days were over she argued about he she didn’t argue as much as I said she did.

“Go away,” she said and pulled the covers back over her.

“Get ready,” I said and disappeared into the bathroom.

"This closet is huge!" I was in the bedroom when I heard Valerie almost yell as she walked into the closet making me shake my head with a smile. "Adrien you have so many clothes and you just wear suits and training clothes, that's sad."

"I think you forget that's all I do."

"Is this fluffy robe mine?" She asked and peeked her head out as she held the white robe in her hand.

"Everything on your side is yours."

"Just so you know, I will steal your hoodies," she said and I just smiled to myself. I didn't mind. I actually liked it when she wore my things. It was surreal, I had someone who I shared things with and someone who I was willing to let into my life. If someone in the past ever told me this is where I would be in the future I would have probably scoffed and ignored them for talking nonsense.

I didn't want anyone up in my room let alone my closet. Laurie was the only one allowed up here. Then I impulsively had Valerie's things moved here because I wanted her closer. I was developing a soft spot for her and it wasn't good. I shouldn't have a soft spot. Soft and I don't go together.

We made it to the Blue Moon pack and as soon as we got out of the car I saw Valerie looking around at all the trees and wooden benches that looked straight out of an enchanted forest before she walked closer to me. “Why are we here again?” She whispered loudly.

“I need to talk to the warriors and I have something to tell the Alpha,” I said and took her hand in mine. I loved having her close to me and physical touch with her always calmed me.

As soon as we got to the Alphas office I saw his beta talking to Mia right outside the door. Mia was the closest thing I had to a friend when I was in foster care, she was like a sister. She was there in the same foster home as me but when they kept moving me around for being uncooperative I didn’t see her as much. Then she was adopted by the blue moon’s Alpha and I barely saw her again other than when I paid their warriors a visit.

“OH MY! ADRIEN GREY?” She screamed as soon as she saw me. I let out a small laugh and walked over to her to give her a little hug and saw the beta leave without sparing me a glance. He wasn't exactly a fan of me. I never treated him right.

“Thought you disappeared forever,” she said and I rolled my eyes. “I saw you a few months ago Mia.”

I turned to look at Valerie who was standing awkwardly trying to hide her frown. Probably because I just hugged a girl that she had no idea was who.

“Come,” I said and reached my hand out for her to take. “Valerie, this is Mia. My friend from when I was young. Mia, this is Valerie. My... Mate.” I introduced them and saw Valerie’s face light up with understanding. It was weird introducing someone as my mate, it felt really out of place for me.

“Your mate?” Mia asked after they hugged and I nodded. “WHY DIDN’T I KNOW?” She yelled and smacked my arm earning a laugh from Valerie.

“I was a secret for a very long time,” Valerie said and gave me a death glare making me shake my head. She was going to hold that against me forever and I knew it. "Also, didn't know Adrien had friends."

“This is so exciting!! Do you need her with you?” Mia asked and I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “I mean you’re probably here to see my dad or the warriors, is she with you or can I steal her?”

“Actually I was going to ask you to show her around while I do what I have to,” I said and looked at Valerie who just shrugged. I didn’t want her there while I talked to the Alpha.

“Well, he’s free now so I’ll steal your girl. Bye!” She pointed at the Alpha’s office door and took Valerie’s hand. My girl, the words rang in my ear and I felt something weird as I watched them walk away, pride maybe. It felt good to have someone again.

I calmed myself down and knocked on the Alpha’s black office door before entering. “Adrien. I wasn’t expecting you,” Alpha Dominic said and I just nodded my head in respect.

“I’m here to talk with Noah and your warriors. But I wanted to get one thing cleared with you since I’m here,” I said and he ushered me to sit down.

"Go on."

“You told me to consider your daughter Scarlett to be my chosen mate. I told you I wasn’t looking for a mate but out of respect, I let her come over to our pack even though I wasn’t looking to have anything with her. Then I found my mate and I’m sure you know that. I told you I have my own mate and Scarlett needs to stay away from us,” I said. He just stared at me without saying a thing and nodded his head.

“Scarlett might be a little too much but you don’t need to come all the way to my pack to tell me the same lie about you having a mate,” he said and I felt my anger build up. I balled up my fists where he couldn’t see and took a deep breath.

“I wouldn’t lie about having a mate. She’s here if you choose not to believe me but I don’t need you to believe me. I just need you to talk to your daughter and tell her to back off. She can come to our pack I have no problem with that, I just want her away from me. I’ve told her multiple times but she’s too hard-headed to understand. You’re the one that sent her to me so I trust that you can get her to stay away.”

I was messing with an Alpha by calling his daughter hard-headed but I wasn’t afraid of him. I wasn’t afraid of anything other than the loss of a certain someone.

“Scarlett does what she wants, I have no control over what she does. Now if you have nothing important I suggest you get going before things go downhill,” he said and looked away from me and acted like I wasn’t there.

“I’ve warned both of you. You’re not a bad man but if your daughter comes anywhere near my mate or does anything to threaten my relationship with her you better pray she comes back home to you safely. I am more than capable of making her stay away but to respect you I gave you the choice to talk to her,” I said and got up from my chair to walk out. I wasn’t one to harm women but if they got on my last nerve I couldn’t promise to stay in control.

Before I could make it out I heard a growl and I was shoved against the wall earning a grunt from me. “Who do you think you are to threaten my daughter?” He asked through gritted teeth as he stared into my eyes and held my collar and I immediately saw red. I hated being threatened or belittled.

“Get your hands off me. I think I have every right to warn you about your daughter’s safety when my mate is involved,” I hissed and shook his hand away from my shirt. I felt my rage build-up so I knew walking away would be best for me.

"You need to stop forgetting who you are. I am the Alpha I can easily just have my warriors not get involved with you and tell you to find some other pack to help you with Lucien. Don't mess with me." He growled at me and before anything else could happen I walked out. I did have other packs but Blue Moon warriors were the best and definitely needed.

I walked over to the outdoor training center and found Noah, the leader, training the warriors. I stood in the corner leaning on a table waiting for him to finish. He was pretty hard on the warriors and I could see them all drained but their session wasn't over. They were jogging around as he yelled like a madman.

“Adrien. I heard you were here.” Noah said when he caught my movement in the corner of his eyes.

“Yes. I thought face to face would be better than over the phone,” I said and walked over to him for a handshake.

“I was just finishing up. Let’s take this to my office,” he said and grabbed a towel. I felt a few eyes on me but ignored it and walked behind him to his office.

“I saw Mia walk with that chick. She with you?” He asked and I looked at him with no emotions whatsoever on my face.

“Yes, she’s with me. Think about her and I’ll snap your neck. I’m here to talk about the rouge pack,” I began to say and he nodded while mumbling something to himself.

“The pack of twenty attacked a small area in the moonstone pack and no one was left alive. I need you to be on alert of your boarders. All the packs need someone patrolling the boarders and I need you to send a few warriors to the base.”

Rogues didn't have packs but they formed on themselves. Last night the pack of twenty who are a pack of rogues that are always on the down-low and are never caught in action attacked an area of the moonstone pack. That area was usually safe and was not protected whatsoever. I got a call from their warriors asking to have some of ours sent over to them.

“So you’re saying we could be next?” He asked and I nodded. “That fucker Lucien is from your pack. Why doesn’t Alpha Archer just kick him out for fucks sake? It would make all these stupid attacks harder for him,” Noah said and balled up his fists.

“I don’t know and I’m in no position to be questioning the Alpha. Besides no one sees Lucien, he's like invisible. We just need to be on alert all the time for now. We’re probably leaving pretty soon to take care of things since we were told rogues have a big attack coming soon. I just need you prepared and I need you to protect all kids and women. Have a plan.”

"We did have rogues walking around the pack the past two days though. I already have men patrolling the area," he said, earning a sigh from me. They were plotting their attacks.

"When are we leaving?" He asked. We had to all leave. A few warriors from each pack so that we could attack the rogues to end it once and for all as well as try and catch Lucien.

"Not sure, maybe a week from now."

We had a base. All pack warriors had access to that base where we had a few pieces of equipment and the biggest training center of all. I needed all of us there because that would make us a huge pack and we'd be undefeatable against rogues.

I sat talking to Noah for a while and got this sudden feeling of uneasiness. I knew it was Valerie because even though we weren’t mated we were still connected in some way and I knew when something was wrong so I couldn’t sit still any longer.

Not being able to shake it off I got up and left while Noah trailed behind me, confused. I walked over to the open outdoor seating area Valerie was looking at earlier and found her curled up on one of the benches, taking deep breaths while Mia stood behind her running her hands through her hair vigorously. My heart dropped and in an instant, my protective mate mode was on.

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