My Valerie

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Mia dragged me with her and I didn’t mind but it did make me feel like Adrien didn’t want me in his business.

She began showing me around and I realized their pack was way more creative than ours. As we walked away from the warriors training class I turned to look at her before asking what’s been in my head since Adrien introduced us.

“So how do you know Adrien?” I asked.

She turned to look at me with a smirk before she giggled, “you wanna know if something happened between us?” She asked and my eyes widened.

“No! I was just asking because he isn’t friendly with anyone other than Kade and Phoenix,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Don’t worry. I am originally from your pack and Adrien and I were in the same foster care before they moved him. I was his only friend and he was mine. He was like a big brother, always made sure to threaten whoever bothered me,” she said making both of us laugh.

That was another thing I didn’t know about him… He must have lost his parents at a young age for him to be in foster care. “Sounds like Adrien,” I said and she nodded.

“I mean we tried to stay friends but once my mom who is the Luna of this pack came over for a visit I guess we bonded and she took me in which distanced us.” She shrugged.

“Okay you said you liked training so you have to see this,” she said excitedly and I raised an eyebrow. “You’ll love it.”

“I do love training but things have been so hectic and I haven’t even gotten a chance to train in a while.” I sighed. Sebastian was also busy with the warriors doing Goddess knows what so I was partnerless.

Mia walked us into a building and through a couple of doors before she clasped her hands and grinned. I heard kid’s voices coming from the inside and guessed it would be some kind of kid's activity.

“It’s my kid’s training center,” she said as she opened the door. A smile crept up my face immediately as I watched little kids throwing punches and kicking while grunting like they were doing their best.

“This is so cute!” I said and she laughed.

“I know. It’s obviously optional and I thought it’s better to learn how to defend yourself from a young age. It’s not necessarily so they could become warriors, just for themselves,” she said and I saw the passion in her eyes. It made me wonder why no one in our pack ever thought of doing that.

“I’m so stealing your idea,” I said making her laugh.


We were looking at the kids in awe when I heard heels clicking on the floor. I immediately turned and was met with a very pissed off Scarlett.

“Thought you would have come here with him,” she said and placed a hand on her hip.

“Don’t mind my sister, she’s a lost cause,” Mia said as she placed a hand on my shoulder and my eyes popped out.

“Your sister?” I whispered.

“Not by blood since I’m adopted. Thank Goddess for that,” she said making me laugh.

“Laugh all you want. You’re the reason he’s staying away but you realize he’s just toying with you, you’re nothing,” she spat out and I immediately balled up my fists.

“Let's go outside, there are kids here,” Mia said and dragged me to the hallway, shutting the door behind her after Scarlett followed us.

“You can think whatever you want. Create whatever fantasies you wish to. But at the end of the day, Adrien is MY mate and you can’t do anything about it,” I said, trying to ignore the anger building up inside me.

“Totally! That’s why he’s keeping things from you isn't it?” She asked. I furrowed my brows and looked at her before replying.

“Again with your fantasies. I don’t have time for you. Mia let’s go,” I said and took Mia’s arm.

Scarlett quickly stalked over to us and blocked the way, “Scarlett I don’t want trouble with you. Move.”

“Stop being spoilt, you can go find another man to treat like your pet,” Mia said making Scarlett roll her eyes.

“Oh I have found my man but this piece of trash here is in the way.”

I let go of Mia’s arm and walked over to her, standing face to face. “Who are you calling trash?” I spat out.

“You of course. Why are you here? You’re everywhere I go.” Scarlette seethed and I balled up my fists. Trying my best not to punch her.

“Why I’m here is none of your business. Now move.”

“Adrien is going to mark me soon. You’re just another notch on his belt. We talked about it many times before you walked into his office, interrupting our plans,” she said. Every time she opened her mouth she was making me angrier. My knuckles were turning white from clenching my fists tightly.

“Scarlette. I have no time for your shit. You’re the one that keeps coming to MY pack so I think you’re the one following me. You seem to be really obsessed with Adrien but too bad he’s not available. I think you need to go to a bar and look for a horny unmated wolf because you are not Adrien’s type and I can tell you that,” I half yelled.

Her face turned red and she lunged forward. I tried to take a step back but she grabbed my arm and dug her nails into it. I bit my lip and held back a scream as she dragged her nails, leaving an open wound in my arm. I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of hurting me. “I said, he is mine. He promised to mark me. Now you stay away,” she yelled.

“SCARLETT!” Mia yelled and tried to push her away but she only dug her nails further into my arm.

I felt Alaska go crazy when she mentioned Adrien marking her and quickly shut my eyes. She was clawing to come out and I wasn’t allowing her. My vision blurred and I could feel the blood pumping in my head.

All the anger I was keeping in the entire time came out in flames. I opened my eyes and saw Scarlett gasp before she was sent flying to the other end of the hallway. She screamed and it echoed through the empty hallway. I let out a breath I had no idea I was holding and stared at my arm as I took deep breaths. I used my powers on her, I was supposed to be in control of it and I spent the whole week practicing. But I just lost it. My force shield sent her flying away.

“What just happened?” Mia said with a gasp and I turned to see her staring in horror with her mouth wide open.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled and felt my insides ripping open. I looked at my hands and felt my claws and canines extending. I began hyperventilating and not being able to grasp reality. Mia quickly pulled my shaking body towards the exit.

“She’s a witch! What the hell? She’s a freak,” Scarlette began yelling and I just shut my eyes to block her out and try to even out my breathing, or else I would shift and attack her.

She sat me down on a bench outside under the trees as she paced behind me, “you’re gifted?” She asked and I looked up at her through my hair and nodded.

She didn’t say anything back and just continued pacing as she ran her fingers through her hair. Sweat had covered my face to the point where my hair was sticking to it. I wasn't used to such extreme emotions and never lost control of my wolf.

I was curled up on the bench with my head hidden between my knees because that position always helped me. I knew my face was flushed and I probably looked like a mess but I didn’t care. I felt helpless but once I heard Adrien’s voice and I immediately looked up to see him walking towards me with another man who eyed me up.

“Eyes to yourself Noah,” Adrien said with a low threatening tone.

I shot up from my seat and walked over to him while I ignored the weird feeling in me. “You didn’t tell me that bitch would be here,” I mumbled and his eyes immediately widened, probably because I never cursed other than when I was about to explode.

“What? Who? Why are you so shaken up?” he asked and lifted his hands to cup my face and massage my flushed cheeks with his thumbs. He looked at me, searching my face for anything while worry filled his eyes and he waited for me to speak.

“Your Scarlette doll,” I said and let out a deep breath before pressing my lips together.

“Fucking hell,” he muttered and turned to look at Mia who just shrugged. “What did she do?” He asked and I saw his jaw clench.

“I’ll show her clingy. She thinks she can just walk up to me and stake her claim on you, I hate her. I swear if she comes closer to us I’ll kill her,” I said. I was shocked at my own words. It wasn’t like me to say things like that.

“Calm down,” he whispered while stroking my hair and I just frowned at him. “Now you know why I made you walk into my office to get her tea. The woman is crazy and if I didn’t see you or catch your calming scent I would have snapped her neck.”

He moved his hands to hold my arm but as soon as his fingers came in contact with my arm I let out a quiet wince that he heard. He looked down and I saw his eyes widen before he growled, “did she do this?” He asked. “Where the fuck is she?” He said and began mumbling things under his breath.

“I’m fine,” I said and he hugged my head to his chest, and before I could even start saying anything else I heard the same heels clicking and everyone went silent as I moved from Adrien’s hold. I heard both Mia and Noah mumble a little “uh-oh” and I pressed my lips together. Adrien immediately pulled me against him again and wrapped his arms around me tightly, knowing I would lose it and attack her.

“You just don’t get it. Have all the fun you want now.” Scarlett said and I growled before pushing Adrien back harshly so that I could lunge at her. I saw Scarlett flinch and before I could feel the satisfaction of jumping her I was pulled back.

“Valerie-” Adrien said in a scolding tone, “don’t make a scene,” he said and pulled my back flat against his front with his hands secured around my waist. “Scarlett stay the fuck away. You lay a finger on her again and I will fucking kill you,” he growled but she stood rooted in her spot.

“So you’re just going to act like there is nothing between us?” She asked and popped her hips out. I felt Adrien’s hands tighten around my waist and the loudest growl escaped me. I grunted and tried to wriggle out of his hold but he didn’t let me. We were both just as irritated by her but he had way more control than I did.

“Precious. Stop,” he said into my ear for only me to hear before looking up at Scarlett. “There is nothing between you and me. There is no us. Stop fucking telling lies because there will never be something between us and there never was,” he said and I looked at her to see her roll her eyes. Adrien was cursing a lot so I knew that she almost reached his limit. One wrong move and she was done for.

“She’s a fucking witch. She can’t even fight for herself but instead uses her voodoo on me,” she said and tried to walk closer to me making both me and Adrien growl. Adrien took a few steps back to create a distance between me and her and I huffed. I really wanted to attack her.

“You’re the witch. Adrien let me go,” I yelled and struggled in his hold. He shut me up and passed me on to Mia while mumbling, “hold her,” before walking over to Scarlett and I stood watching while Mia made sure I wouldn't escape.

“You try and lay a finger on her again and you’ll see what happens. Valerie is more than capable of fighting you and causing you harm. But unlike you, she decided to be the better person and take your bullshit. Trust me, you don’t want to test her because I can assure you that you won’t get away. So I suggest you walk away before we lose it and you wish you stayed in bed today.” Adrien half yelled as he towered over her and I saw her freeze in her spot.

Scarlett tried to laugh it off and placed her filthy hands on his chest, that was my final straw. I escaped Mia’s hold and stalked over to where they were. Adrien quickly grabbed me and held my back against his front before I could get to Scarlett. Without even thinking I began moving my body and basically rubbing myself on him, letting everyone know that he was mine. My heart was racing and I had no idea what I was doing, I just saw red and jealousy swirling in Scarlett’s eyes.

“Valerie stop. Noah take Scarlett away from here,” he ordered. My body began shaking and I felt Alaska trying to take over once again but I wasn’t allowing her. I curled my fingers and dug my nails into my palms as I shut my eyes to try and calm myself down.

I felt a bulge grow in Adrien’s pants as his breathing became uneven and he pushed me away slightly. “Fuck,” he paused and took a deep breath, “what are you doing?”

“I don’t know,” I breathed out and felt tears prickle my eyes.

“Valerie, look at me,” he whispered and I turned around so that I was facing him. My body began shaking even more and I just leaned on Adrien for support when I felt like my legs were giving out. He immediately wrapped his arms around my waist and I just fully let all of my weight on him. “Allie. Shit,” I heard him mumble and then everything became a blur.

“Adrien!” I heard Mia call frantically and felt my body being carried up by Adrien. I blinked away the tears that were in my eyes and let them run down my cheek as I let out a tearful sob and saw that I was in a small office room with him. “Let me down,” I said and he did just that.

As soon as my feet touched the ground I bit my lips and crouched down, hugging my knees to my chest as I felt my claws threaten to come out. I felt my canines extend and saw the veins in my hands become way more prominent. Alaska wanted to come out and it hurt so much. I didn't feel like I was in my body and I’ve never lost control of my wolf like I had at that moment. I was always in control of her, she was never in control of me. But with my mate being the subject of the topic, she was the main character.

“Shh. Calm down Valerie it’s okay,” I heard Adrien’s voice echo in my head. I shut my eyes and placed my head on my knees when I felt like it was about to explode. It felt like I was in another dimension. Everything was an echo and my vision was fuzzy.

"I used my power on her," I mumbled in a shaky breath. He came closer and kissed my ear before he began whispering sweet nothings to me, “It’s okay. I’m with you. You’re the one and the only one I want. I love you and I love everything about you. I’m here,” he said. Too many things were going on inside me and I was overwhelmed. He said he loved me and it only made me want to cry more. I immediately looked up into his eyes and tilted my head before I let out a soft laugh, “what?”

He just looked at me and smiled as he wiped my cheeks, his hands then went up and down my arms in a soothing manner before lifting me up and pulling me to him. “Tell me what happened,” he whispered as he rocked my shaking body with his. Totally ignoring the fact that he just told me he loved me.

“I don’t know,” I said and hugged my hands to my chest so that it was sandwiched between us. He gently pulled me closer and laid my head flat against his chest as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I heard the door open followed by Mia’s voice. Normally I would move from the position me and Adrien were in, but I didn’t care anymore if someone saw us. “Is she really unmarked?” She asked and I felt Adrien nod.

“Are you crazy? You know female werewolves don’t have as much control as males do,” she yelled and I just continued to focus on my breathing and listening to his heartbeat. I couldn’t see her because I was facing away from the door and my head was pressed to Adrien’s chest. I didn’t want to move, “Look at her palms.”

Adrien moved me away slightly and uncurled my fingers to see how I dug my nails into my palms. I felt his rage build up before he let out a possessive growl and covered my palms with his. “What happened? What did Scarlett do to her?” He asked Mia this time since I never gave him an answer.

“You know… About you and her together and promises you made her,” Mia said and I felt Alaska go crazy all over again. “That Valerie was nothing and that you won’t mate with her…” She continued. "Valerie is possessive of you like every mate is. Scarlett’s words must have triggered her wolf and she lost control."

I tried to push Adrien away but he just pulled me back and asked Mia to get me some water. “Valerie it’s okay. I’m here and Scarlett is not a threat to you,” he whispered before placing a kiss on my head.

“She said you promised to mark her. Did you?” I asked even though I knew he didn’t. I just needed to hear it from him so Alaska would calm down.

“Do you really have to ask me that?” he said with a sigh. “I never promised her anything. You should know by now that I don’t even make promises. She’s a manipulative and deceiving woman, don’t let her get to you.”

"Are you hiding something from me?" I asked and saw him pause as if I caught him off guard. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was.


"She said you're hiding something from me," I said and he shook his head. "and you believe her?"

I shook my head and sighed. “It hurts,” I said through gritted teeth and snuck my hands around him to hug him and pull him closer to me. My whole body was aching and I felt lost. It was like my muscles and nerves were being stretched out or like the pain we get when we shift for the first time ever.

“What hurts?” He asked with his lips on my head.

“Everything. Alaska wanted out. I never felt something like that before and I couldn’t let her out. I feel like I'm being ripped apart,” I said before I let out a shaky breath already feeling my nerves calm down.

“I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have brought you with me if I knew this would happen. I’m proud of you for staying in control,” he said and began stroking my hair. “I spent the last week showing you myself. You should know that no one is a threat to you. You’re mine and well… I don’t belong to anyone but you could say I’m yours.”

There was the asshole and arrogant Adrien again...

I lifted my head up and looked at him with a serious face before a sheepish smile landed on my face, “you are?”

“Does this not give it away?” He asked and looked down. I furrowed my brows quizzically and followed his gaze. My eyes widened and I let out a loud gasp when I saw the tent in his pants.

“Goddess! You needy beast,” I said and moved away from him.

“I’m not the one that started this. You did,” he said with a soft chuckle that made me smile. I let out an exhausted breath and felt my cheeks heat up before I looked back at him. “Sorry,” I mumbled, remembering just how embarrassing what I did to him in front of everyone was.

He stood up and pulled me up with him. We just stood silently feeling each other’s warmth. I never realized how calming being with him was and how gentle and caring he could be. It was weird since I was used to him being cold, arrogant, and shut off.

“Does Alaska need to see Kai?” He asked in a low whisper and I shook my head, “no it’s okay you’re here,” I mumbled and pressed my left cheek closer to his chest when the door opened and Mia walked in with a bottle of water.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile and walked over to her.

“You’re very dumb Adrien,” Mia said as I leaned on a chair I found in the corner.

“Don’t force me to say things I don’t want to say. I know why I didn’t do what I didn’t and it’s between me and her,” he said and my eyes immediately widened.

“Wow. You never change, not even when it comes to your own mate,” she said and my mouth fell open. If they weren’t friends Mia would be flying in the air right now.

“Mia it’s okay I’m fine. This was just all a surprise,” I cut in and gave her a shrug. I knew Adrien had his own demons and having a relationship with me was a big step for him to begin with.

Mia looked at me and sighed before looking back at Adrien. “Yeah… I’m sorry. But Valerie is my new bestie now and if you hurt her I will haunt you forever,” Mia said making me chuckle. Adrien shook his head before walking over to me.

“We should get going, tell Noah I’ll just call him later,” he said and Mia nodded.

“Do I not even get a goodbye hug?” She asked with a fake pout making him shake his head once again. He walked over to her and hugged her as he mumbled a “bye,” and I did the same.

As soon as we got into the car Adrien pulled out some disinfecting wipes and bandages from the glove compartment and handed it to me, “clean your arm and palms then wrap it,” he said and started the car.

“Why do you have these here?” I asked.

“For situations like this.”

By the time we got back to the house, it was already night time. I had more than enough time to calm down and think about what happened and to say I was really embarrassed would be an understatement. So I ignored Adrien and quickly walked in so that I could clean up and hide from ever talking about what I did to him again.

Before I could even make it up the stairs I was pulled back and he slammed his lips on mine, “where do you think you’re going? don’t think I’m letting you go after that little stunt you pulled,” he said as he pulled away and I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I mumbled and tried to push him away.

“You tease,” he said with a little smirk and pulled me closer so that my chest was flat was against him, “I’m not waiting any longer. I can’t, I want you so bad and I will have you,” he said in a deep husky voice that sent shivers down my spine like a bolt of electricity and my eyes widened.

I looked into his eyes that turned dark and my heart began racing, I felt like I was about to faint. It might have been excitement and it might have been fear or even a mix of both. “I want you too,” I mumbled and pulled him in for a deep kiss. He groaned and pulled away before cupping my face and looking into my eyes.

“When we do this. I won’t let you go, you’ll be mine and there’s no way I’ll let you leave and you need to know that.”

“I don’t want you to let me go,” I said. I was surprised where all the confidence and bravery came from when I was very… inexperienced.

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