My Valerie

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I saw no advances or signs from Lucien and Valerie was getting pissed to say the least. She kept complaining that I was being too clingy and overprotective for the past week and I had nothing to tell her.

“Hey,” I said as I walked into the kitchen and saw her making some scrambled eggs. She ignored me and continued moving the eggs around very viciously.

“You’re still mad about last night?” I sighed and stared at her. She just shrugged and acted like I was totally invisible making something in me stir. “So the silent treatment is what we’re going for,” I mumbled and took the coffee cup she had ready for me. It was cute that she still made me coffee even when she was mad.

“You deserve it,” she said and put the eggs on her plate.

“Yes, I do. See? I agreed, now stop ignoring me because I cannot stand silent treatment from you,” I said, hoping it would work.


I grumbled and walked over to wrap my hands around her from behind. She tried to lean away but she had nowhere to go since the kitchen counter was in front of her. “It’s unfair. You can’t not let me touch you,” I mumbled and moved my hand up to cup her breasts.

I felt her breath hitch making me smirk. She couldn’t resist me no matter how mad she was. I trailed open mouth kisses down her neck making her hum before she snapped out of it and used her own body to shove me back.

“Well you should have thought about that before locking me in the house,” she hissed and moved to the stools so she could eat her breakfast.

“I’m sorry,” I said with a sigh. She was mad because I left the house and locked her inside so that she wouldn’t leave. I didn’t want her to leave without me knowing where she went and I knew it was very wrong of me but I couldn’t help it.

“Why did you lock me in? What did you go do? I’m not your hostage,” she said as she stabbed her eggs angrily, making me take a step back. “If I didn’t trust you or love you I would have thought you had someone else.”

Before I could even talk, really loud knocks came from the main door making both of us look at each other with a raised eyebrow.

“You expecting someone?” I asked and she shook her head no.

I walked over to the door and she trailed behind me. As soon as I opened the door I felt the color drain from my face and I wished I never opened it.

“What the fuck are you doing in my house?” I asked as I stared at Scarlett and tucked Valerie into my side with my arm around her tightly. Scarlett was the last person I'd expect to be at my doorstep.

“Just here to let Valerie know who she’s with. I warned her to stay away from my destined but she didn’t. So I did my own digging and found some really interesting things,” she said and my eyes widened. Destined? I'd rather die.

I loosened my grip on Valerie and told her to go inside but she refused. I knew exactly what was happening and my heart was thumping in my chest. Valerie would never forgive me.

“He’s my mate and I’m not leaving him. What are you even talking about?” She asked and Scarlett smirked. I growled and tried to shut the door in her face but Valerie stopped me, making us fight with the door as I kept pushing and she kept pulling.

“I wanna hear what she says,” she said and opened the door.

“Valerie. She has nothing to say let's go,” I said in a hushed voice but she ignored me and stared deep into Scarlett’s eyes.

“Well. How long were you going to hide from your mate the fact that her biological father is behind all of these rogue attacks? That he is destroying everything which is why you need help from all the packs.”

“Oh and the fact that if you hand her to him we’ll be safe. All danger would go away... Maybe show her the note,” she said while staring at me with a stupid smirk on her face.

I balled up my fists and took a deep breath before looking back at her, my eyes dark and filled with anger, “get off my fucking property before I report you for trespassing and leave us the fuck alone,” I growled and slammed the door on her face. She ruined everything. Every. Single. Thing.

I turned to look at Valerie who stared at me with wide eyes and I wished I could grab Scarlett and snap her neck.

“My dad?” She asked and I stayed silent. “You knew?”

“Say something,” she mumbled and I nodded.

“You lied to me. This whole time you’ve just been lying to me,” she said as she shook her head and I felt my heart drop. It wasn’t how I wanted her to find out. Heck, I didn’t want her to find out. And those words were words I never wanted to hear from her.

“Precious, I didn’t lie to you. I just kept it from you for your own good,” I said and she stared at me. Not with anger or hatred, but with pain and betrayal.

“What note is she talking about?” She asked and I pressed my hand to my mouth before mentally cursing Scarlett and praying something horrible happens to her.

“He sent a stupid note threatening us.”

“What else did you lie about? I just don’t understand how you can tell me you love me when you’re hiding something like that from me,” she mumbled and my eyes widened. She was doubting my feelings for her and she thought I was a liar.

“Don’t even try and go there. Don’t doubt my love for you. I kept it from you because I love you. I wanted to protect you,” I said and took a step closer to her. She shook her head as she stared at me but she didn’t try to move away from me when I reached my hand up.

I looked at the sunflower necklace hanging around her neck so beautifully before I gently held it. “This. You know how much it means to me. You know every single thing there is to know about me and things no one else knows. You questioning my love for you after all this,” I said and squeezed the flower in my hand, “makes me think you still don’t trust me.”

“I trusted you,” she said and I shut my eyes to try and control myself. Past tense... I lost her trust with the snap of a finger. “But you kept this from me and I had to find out from fucking Scarlett. Scarlett out of all people. Put yourself in my position Adrien and imagine how I feel.”

She was crying now. Not sobbing. But the tears were running down her face as she wiped them angrily with her sleeve.

“I’m sorry,” I said and bowed my head down. I had nothing to tell her and I couldn’t see her cry and I couldn’t lose her trust.

“How long have you known?” She asked and I gulped. I could have easily lied to her but I couldn’t do that. I don’t lie to her. She already thought I was a liar.

I looked into her eyes making her sniff before she growled, “dammit Adrien! How long have you known?” She almost yelled as she threw her hands up.

“Since we met,” I said and her eyes went wide as I felt her pain dig deep.

“What?” She whispered. “You can’t be serious. Adrien. That’s months,” she pleaded and I felt my eyes sting. The things Valerie did to me. “So all of this was a lie.” She pointed at the space between us.

“Valerie stop saying shit like that. It was always real,” I paused and wiped her tears away. Surprised that she let me. I knew she was mad at me but I also knew that she needed me then more than anything.

“I didn’t know he was your father at first. He was just purely a suspect to me because we were tracking his actions for a while. Then I told the Alpha and at the mention of Lucien’s name he paled and told me not to mention any of it to you. Not the name and not what he’s doing. I didn’t know why and I didn’t question him,” I said as my heart thumped in my chest and she listened to me intently.

“I only found out when you told me about your parents because your story fit perfectly with Sienna’s description of Lucien. I didn’t know if I was right so I asked the Alpha and he confirmed it. I couldn’t tell you because it was an order from him and because I was trying to keep you safe.”

“Safe from what?” She asked as I brushed my fingers over her delicate cheeks.

“From him. I can’t let him get you, Valerie. I’d rather get shot by a silver bullet than let him come anywhere near you he's dangerous,” I whispered before I pulled her in and hugged her head to my chest.

She stood still before curling her fingers around my arms and she began sobbing uncontrollably into my chest. It broke me into a million pieces seeing her cry like that. She was always strong and fierce. Always. She never showed her weakness to anyone other than a couple of times when we got deep into our conversations. So seeing her break apart the way she did, hurt. I wanted to kill Lucien and Scarlett. I wanted to make him pay for everything he did to her.

We moved to sit on the couch. She sat between my legs and laid on me while staring blankly at the wall and taking soft breaths for a really long time but I didn't care as long as it made her feel better. I stroked her hair silently waiting for her to say something.

“Why now?” She asked and tilted her head upwards.

“I don’t know. He’s just a sick man.”

“You know when my mom died. He disappeared and left me outside the house with no one. It was cold and I had no idea what was happening. I mean I had just turned five…” She spoke while drawing shapes on my chest with her fingers. It was like she was living that day again.

“I remember wearing this blue jacket and a pink beanie. My left glove was missing so I used the pocket of my jacket to warm that hand. I sat on the doorstep not knowing what to do since we lived pretty far from everyone else and waited for him to come back. But it got too cold so I got up and wandered away.”

“I had no idea where I was going but I started seeing a few houses. I was too shy to talk to anyone so when I saw a group of people around a bonfire to keep them warm I just walked up to them and sat there seeking warmth without saying a word,” she said and I felt bad for her. I lost my parents too but not the way she did.

It angered me. How could a man leave his five year old daughter alone in the snow and just take off? The least he could have done was drop her somewhere with people who could care for her. Not that it was any better.

I continued listening to her while running my hands up and down her arm soothingly. Just like she did when I was telling her about my parents.

“Things happened and I was taken to the pack house where the Alpha and Luna saw me. They adopted me after they got a letter from my biological father saying he wanted nothing to do with me. Luna was my mom’s best friend.”

“It still hurts you,” I whispered even though I knew the answer. Of course, it would. She was just putting up a front and ignoring it. The only time she talked about it was when she was so happy about us being a thing that she ended up missing her mother.

“Well, I never forgave him. Especially after I was old enough and found out that he married another woman shortly after my mom was killed.”

“Why was she- how was she killed?” I asked. It didn’t add up at all since her mother was not a warrior and neither was her father. So she shouldn't have been a target to anyone.

“I have no idea. I just know that it was a silver bullet to the head,” she said with a wince and I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

I had no idea if she knew that the woman Lucien married was a witch and I felt like I should tell her. She already knew everything else.

I pushed her away slightly and sat up straight, facing her and brushing her hair back from her red blotchy face. “I need to tell you something else,” I said and she bit her lip with a nod. If we weren’t in the situation we were in I would have probably just taken her on the couch because of that move.

“Lucien. The woman he married-” I paused, “her name is Zelda and she’s a witch,” I said and waited for a reaction from her but I got nothing other than dead silence.

“A witch?” She asked with a scrunched up face after she realized what I said. “A fucking witch!”

“She’s the one that used her witch wind when we tried to bait Lennon,” she mumbled as the realization hit her and I nodded.

“Goddess,” she said and got up to get herself a glass of water and I followed suit.

“What is my life, Adrien? Is it even real because I’m starting to think I’m dreaming and this is just a fucked up movie plot. Long lost father suddenly threatening to take me,” she said before downing her glass of water like it was alcohol. Valerie didn't swear. She was my innocent little thing but I guessed I was affecting her and now she was cursing like her life depended on it.

“I know it’s fucked up but I’ll always be here with you,” I said and hugged her from the back.

“The pack’s safety is in my hands,” she said and unclasped my hands so she could turn around and face me. I shook my head and felt the fear eating me up, “No. I know what you’re thinking Valerie. No.”

“But Adrien-”

“No,” I cut in and caressed her face. “I don’t care what he said or what he wants. He’s a liar Valerie and he’s just going to use you,” I said and she just looked into my eyes.

“You’ve all been stressing about this takeover for so long. I want to see him. Let me talk to him. I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to our pack because of me.”

That was exactly why I kept it from her. It was what I feared the moment I knew he wanted her.

“I said no. You know he’s dangerous Valerie. Don’t even think about it,” I said almost too harshly. “If anything happens it won’t be your fault. It would be his. The warriors are taking care of it Valerie please.”

“But I wanna know why? Why he’s doing this. Why he wants me. What use am I to him?”

“He’s doing this because he’s hungry for power. He wants to be king. But tell me. You go see him then what? What are you gonna do? What will you do if he flips and takes advantage of you? What will you do when you find out it was just a trap hm?” I threw my hands up as I raised my voice and she stood still. I shouldn’t have raised my voice at her, especially when she was as sensitive as she was at that moment.

“You’re going to fight him? You’re going to take things into your own hands like you did with that rogue and fight him? You’re going to get back at him for all those years he left you? For what Valerie?”

“I’m not allowing you to go. You think you can fix this but you’ll only make it worse. Let us handle him,” I finished off and looked at her.

“What if he listens to me,” she cut in with a soft whisper and I could hear the crack in her voice.

“Valerie. You can’t change him. You can’t get back all those years he left you alone. What makes you think he’ll listen to you if he’s never reached out ever before? Do you think he’s going to have a weak spot for you? He won’t and I can tell you that right now. That man has no mercy and has no heart. He replaced your mom in a second, tell me what mate does that?” I paused.

“A mate thirsty for power. A mate who cares more about himself than anyone else around him.”

She looked at me and I saw her eyes begin to glisten with tears but I didn’t stop, “You think you can break through everyone’s walls but you can’t. It’s been two decades. He doesn’t care about you.”

Those words were the last words she needed before she broke into another round of tears. I wasn’t expecting her to react like that or that quickly but she was really vulnerable and sensitive at that moment. I didn’t mean to make her cry or sound as harsh as I did, but I needed to get my words through.

She crumpled in my arms. Startling me before I wrapped my arms around her protectively. I enveloped her shaking body and whispered soothing words that always seemed to calm her as I let her cry. She needed to let it out.

"I'm sorry," I whispered after she calmed down and she just hugged me.

“You’re too overprotective,” she said, her voice muffled by my shirt.

“Because I love you. I’ve lost enough people and I won’t lose you too.”

“You didn’t even want me at first,” she said and looked up at me through her red glossy eyes making me sigh. The girl would never let me forget.

“Oh, we’re going there are we?” I cocked an eyebrow. “That was before. But now that I got you I’m not letting you go. My pretty, precious, and gorgeous mate.”

She looked at me for a moment before wiping her tears using her sleeve and giving me a sheepish smile. My favorite smile in the world. “I love you too.”

I would never get tired of hearing her say that.

“You’re my girl, Valerie. You keep me sane… When you’re not doing something dumb of course,” I said and leaned down to suck on her plump bottom lip making her shudder as I tasted the saltiness of her tears.

“Let’s be honest sometimes I keep you everything but sane. But you still love me,” she said very confidently with her forehead pressed against mine. “I still want a refund for the days you pushed me away though.”

“Oh, I’ll give you all the refund you want.” I smirked and she swatted my chest making me laugh. We always talked about how fast our moods change and every day was proof of it. She was crying and sobbing a moment ago.

She looked at me with wide eyes before I threw her over my shoulders making her yelp, “what are you doing!?” She asked as she began thrashing around and hitting my back playfully. Forgetting all that happened not too long ago.

“Giving you a refund.”

“Oh you needy needy colossal beast,” she said making me grin. She made up that stupid name the moment she met me and she was never letting it go.

“But you love it, I’m sure you’ll be asking for more refunds.”

We were both laughing as I gently put her on the bed. I couldn't help but admire her. Her laugh, her smile, and her green eyes. She was my everything and I couldn't lose her. But deep down I felt like something was wrong.

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