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T W E N T Y 1


Adrien was fast asleep with his hands wrapped around me securely. I couldn’t sleep though because my mind had a million things running through it.

All that happened was too much to take in. I never expected Lucien to ever come back into my life and especially not in the way he did. One, he was a traitor and the leader to make it worse. Two, he was threatening the pack because of me.

I had no idea why he wanted me. What was I to him?

I wanted to just go see him because it was killing me that the pack’s fate was in my hand. But for the sake of Adrien, I decided not to. He needed me with him and he would never forgive me if anything happened.

I stared up at the ceiling when my phone lit up, illuminating my side of the bed. I furrowed my brows and turned to go see who was texting me at that time of the night.

Unknown number: Step one was sending Scarlett to inform you on what you’ve been missing out on. I’m sure you want to know what happened to your mother, don’t you? If you want to hear her story and if you want your mate safe, come see me. L.C.

My heart dropped up as I stared at that horrifying message. My eyes were burning from the brightness of the screen so I shut it off and hugged my phone to my chest. The man knew exactly what he was doing.

But my mother? My whole life I’ve wanted nothing but to know what happened to her.

I shut my eyes and pressed my lips together. He wanted to hurt Adrien just to get to me. I felt my eyes sting because I felt helpless. I could stay home like a coward or I could go see him and keep Adrien safe.

I managed to sneak out from under his arms. As I tried to roll off the bed I ended up falling with a loud thud and a squeak that definitely woke him up making me curse under my breath.

He shot up and stared at me as I quickly looked away, if he looked into my eyes he would have noticed they were glossy even though he was half asleep. “why are you on the floor?” He asked with his sexy sleepy voice.

“Go back to sleep I’m just getting water,” I whispered and he dropped his head back on the pillow.

I sat on the kitchen stool and stared at my phone as I pulled my hair a little too hard. I hated what was going on and I was too much of a mess to be making such decisions. My emotional and mental state were not stable yet after the things I learned the day before.

If you want your mate safe. That sentence kept ringing in my head making me go insane. I cared about Adrien more than I cared to know what happened to my mother because he was what I had.

Valerie: ok. I will meet you as long as you keep your promise. You won’t hurt Adrien.

I sent that message without thinking twice and I could hear my blood running through my veins as my heart thumped in my head, chest, and everywhere.

Unknown number: Forrest creek. By the moondrift lair cabin. After sunrise.

Forest Creek. My mother’s favorite place.

I sighed and dropped my head on the counter with a bang. It was bad. Really bad. I felt horrible and I knew nothing good would come out of that poor excuse of a man.

“Baby.” I heard Adrien’s voice before he engulfed me into his warmth, making me melt into his touch. He was always cuter when half asleep. “What’s wrong?” He asked making me sigh. He felt what I felt because of our bond.

“Nothing, my head was just hurting,” I said while covering his hands with mine.

“Did you take something for it?” He asked and I shook my head. “No, I think I just need to rest.” That was another thing he would never forgive me for. Lying.

“Come,” he said and wrapped my legs around him before carrying me back to our room where we lazily made out and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

As soon as the time came, I snuck out of bed really carefully and quietly so that Adrien wouldn’t wake up. He looked so peaceful and adorable in his sleep and I didn’t want to imagine how he was going to freak out when he woke up and didn’t find me home.

I stared at the message again. Forest Creek. It was about an hour away from where I lived. Which is why I woke up early so that I would make it there on time.

I texted Stella and sent her the messages, just in case something happened. I knew she’d contact Adrien but I’d have enough time until either of them saw it.

The forest was beautiful. It was humming with life. It made sense why my mother loved the place to no end. If I wasn’t in the situation I was in, I would have probably sat and admired the greenness and beauty of it all.

I walked over a few rocks and I could hear the creek water running slowly so I knew I was close. I mentally scolded myself for not wearing more appropriate shoes because I ruined my black and white vans with all the mud.

I made it to the moondrift lair cabin that was a few meters away from the creek and looked around me, but I saw no signs of him.

My heart began beating faster and I was slightly regretting my decision. But I kept reminding myself, for the pack, and for Adrien. I’d put my life before theirs any day.

I walked up the cabin’s steps and stood awkwardly listening to the trees moving with the wind and sending shivers up my body. I hugged myself and stared at my shoes that were definitely irreparable.

“You actually came. I didn’t think Scarlett’s idea would work.” I heard someone say and I immediately turned around to find a man standing at the bottom of the steps on the grass.

“Lucien,” I breathed out as my heart began racing. I barely remembered his face but I’d say he looked the same, apart from grey hairs that started to appear on his face and dark circles around his eyes. I could see the evil in them but I felt like maybe the man he used to be was somewhere deep inside.

“Miss me, daughter?” He said with so much hatred in his voice. It made me want to throw up.

“I’m not your daughter and you aren’t my father, you never were. I am not here to catch you up on what you’ve missed since you left me. Just tell me what you want to say and stay away from Adrien like you promised,” I spat out and walked down the steps to face him.

“Scarlett said you were a little hard to deal with. Must be true,” he said with a smirk as he walked closer to me and I took a few steps back, almost tripping on a branch and the slippery mud.

I should have known Scarlett was working with him. It was all planned out. Her telling me about him and her telling him about me.

“What happened to mom?” I asked and crossed my arms. I didn’t want to beat around the bush.

“Oh right. The least important thing about today… I killed her,” he said with a shrug making my eyes go wide. He couldn’t have done that. It’s not possible to hate your mate to the point of murdering them. They loved each other.

“No, you didn’t.” I shook my head. As much as I hated him, I didn’t want to believe that he killed her.

“I did. I told that little whore about all my plans to take over. Told her she would be queen beside me and we could rule everyone. I offered her a life she could only dream off and she denied. She was going to snitch and leave me. So I simply took a gun and shot her.”

I stared at him with wide eyes as my heart beat like crazy. I was standing in front of a murderer. He killed MY mother. I shook my head and took a few more steps back, away from him.

“Why do you want me here? Do you want to finish me off like you did to her? You sick piece of shit,” I yelled and saw a smirk land on his face.

“So feisty. Just like her,” he said with a laugh making me shudder.

“I will end you of course and you walked right into my trap. But first, I have something I want from you, and you’ll give it to me,” he said and walked closer to me before he brushed his fingers over my cheek making me flinch.

“Don’t touch me,” I spat out and smacked his hand away from me. His touch felt like acid against my skin.

I heard the door of the cabin open before footsteps followed. At that point, I had no idea what was going on because all I heard was the sound of my heartbeat pounding against my chest and I was trying to focus on my breathing.

I tilted my head slowly and saw a woman walk out. She has dark curly hair and she looked at Lucien with a smile before walking over to his side and curling her hand around his arm.

“This is Zelda,” he said and I pressed my lips into a thin line. The day just kept getting worse and worse.

“Oh, the woman you killed mom for?” I cocked an eyebrow.

Zelda let out a laugh making me want to snap her head and end her right then and there. “You have one hell of a daughter. She’s beautiful though. What a waste.”

“So you see. Zelda here found a spell that could easily make anyone bow down to me. They would all be under my command, including the Alpha. But there was one slight problem. It needed the blood of my mate which I didn’t have,” he said making my blood boil. I knew exactly what he wanted. My blood would be just like my Mom’s.

“You want my blood,” I said.

“Well, initially I forgot you existed. Not until Scarlett came over and told me about you and… Your powers. It was the best news I’ve ever heard. Not only will your blood be useful, but your wolf too. Out of all people, the moon Goddess chose you for the golden gift.” He scoffed, making me growl.

I couldn’t let him get to my wolf or to my blood. If he got any of the two I wouldn’t be saving the pack I would be ruining everything. I went there with the intention of saving the pack and it all turned on me. He wanted to use me for his witchcraft.

I was fuming and all I saw was red. I wanted to stake out Scarlett’s heart. The woman was a psychopath.

“I would shoot a bullet into my own head before you EVER get what you want,” I spat out and began taking steps backwards. I had nowhere to go because I knew if I ran he would get me. I was doomed.

“Valerie!” I heard Adrien’s voice from behind me and turned to see him running over to me.

“Adrien?” I said with wide eyes before he tucked me into his side and brushed my hair back, checking my face for any injuries.

“I told you not to do this, you promised,” he said in a low whisper that was filled with so much pain. “You never listen.”

“Two birds one stone,” Zelda said with a laugh, making Adrien growl.

“Lennon said that he never leaves your side... Before you killed him.” Lucien laughed. “I mean I didn’t expect him to show up but I hoped he did.”

“You, my boy are baggage we don’t need. Always messing with our plans. But not this one. I will end your mate here, and then you. You will sit and watch while we take her wolf from her,” he said and I felt my eyes sting. The fear of what might happen was traveling through my veins but I did not once let it get to my face. “You two are a duo that keeps ruining everything. But that won’t last.”

“You’ll never lay a finger on her as long as I’m alive,” Adrien spat out and pressed my head to his chest while wrapping his arms around me so tightly. I felt myself calm down a little because of him being there with me.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You shouldn't have come,” I mumbled into his chest, knowing we both had nowhere to go. I dug my fingers into his arm, not thinking about if I was hurting him or not. “He threatened you.”

“I know I saw. It’s okay, we’ll be fine. Just stay with me,” he mumbled but I didn’t believe him. Not with a witch there, we won’t be fine.

“Sweet goodbyes,” Lucien said as I hugged Adrien so tightly when I was suddenly yanked away making him growl louder than he ever had before.

Zelda dragged me away from him and started motioning her hands in circles making a circle form on the mud around me. Everything happened so fast and I quickly ran to the edge of the circle as Adrien ran towards me only for us to jump back when we tried to cross the line. It felt like it had tased me.

My hands flew to my mouth as I looked around me. The trees were whooshing and there was dust flying all over. I squinted my eyes to stop it from getting into my eye when I suddenly felt like I was being lifted up.

I looked at my feet. they were rising off the floor making my heart thump in my chest. Zelda was chanting weird things and I couldn’t feel my legs anymore as she raised me more and more into the air.

I looked at Adrien who was frozen in his spot and felt the fear that was in him so I shut my eyes and tried to use my powers on Zelda like I did with Scarlett but nothing worked. I tried so hard to get throw her back but nothing worked on her and I knew it wouldn't work on me either. I couldn't shield myself and I couldn't fling her back. I was already under her control.

She motioned her hand forward sending my flying back and my back hit a tree so harshly that a whimper left my lips and I felt pain shoot up my spine. Adrien was yelling my name and trying to break the circle but he was helpless and I knew at that moment that he would never forgive me.

My eyes widened before I arched my back and screamed in pain as I felt something burning my back. I began hyperventilating as tears prickled in my eyes. It burnt worse than boiling water. I was in more pain than I could have imagined possible. My mind screamed as the pain licked my back like scorching fire.

I knew exactly what she was doing. It was in Adrien’s book. She was trying to extract my wolf by marking me with her insignia.

I screamed so loudly as my wolf began howling and running around my head which made Adrien growl the loudest I ever heard. He was feeling my pain. I looked down and saw him lunge at Lucien and tackle him to the floor. “STOP HER!” he yelled with pain laced in his voice.

Zelda was watching them but still controlling me. I saw her eyes turn dark as she stared at Adrien with so much hatred as she stretched out one arm towards him while the other was still on me. I couldn’t let Adrien get hurt because of me so I shut my eyes and tried something I never have before. I ignored the pain and focused on just my mate. The least I could do was protect him till my last breath.

I opened my eyes and a soft smile graced my lips when I saw my shield around him. Lucien immediately backed away and Adrien’s eyes shot up to me. He shook his head and I saw the redness in his eyes. “Valerie no! PLEASE STOP.” He kept screaming and shouting.

I just looked at him and gave him a sad smile making him drop to his knees as he held his head between his hands. “VALERIE STOP. I DON’T WANT YOU TO SAVE ME.” He yelled again but I ignored him.

I could hear Alaska whimpering as her presence began fading away. The pain was increasing in waves but the small lulls gave me hope of an end. I sobbed and clenched my fists to my sides. Tears were streaming down my face like waterfalls while I felt like I was being burnt alive and Zelda had a wicked smile on her face.

"VALERIE!" His faint voice came again.

Slowly, my eyes began to droop and I couldn’t hear anything around me. It was all blurry but I tried to keep my last thoughts on Adrien.

Wanting to get a last look at him I looked down and squinted my eyes when I saw blurry figures of three wolves and a person running towards our direction but I couldn’t put together who it was and I didn’t care.

It felt like hours and I was still being burnt alive but death didn’t seem to come to me. I was just floating in the air not being able to think or see and hear anything around me.

The tears had dried. I didn’t know what to feel. The pain was there, yet I felt numb.

All of a sudden my body fell onto something. It wasn’t the ground because it didn’t hurt, but I was numb so I wouldn’t know.

“Allie,” I heard a voice from far away as someone tapped on my cheeks. No one called me that but one person so I knew it was Adrien. I liked being in his warmth for one last time.

“Please precious. Wake up, it’s okay. Please look at me Valerie, open your eyes.” he kept repeating and I tried my best to look at him but my eyelids were too heavy and my body was too weak.

He began yelling and I could hear the sobbing in his voice which made me want to comfort him but I could barely move. It frustrated me and I wanted to scream.

“Adrien,” I managed to say.

“Yes, yes I’m here. You’re okay,” he said and I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t okay. My body was on fire and I couldn’t feel Alaska. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life.

“I love you,” I whispered and closed my eyes. It was too hard keeping them open. At least Lucien and Zelda would be gone. The pack would be in peace.

“No. You don’t get to say that. Valerie you promised. We’ll go back home, you’re okay. Don’t-”

The pain that once burned like fire had faded away to an icy numbness. His pleading voice faded away and everything went black. Silence. At least the pain was gone. I just prayed that Adrien would be fine without me.

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