My Valerie

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T W E N T Y 2


I kept twisting and turning in my sleep before I jolted up with a gasp. I turned to look beside me for Valerie but the bed was cold and she wasn’t there.

“Valerie?” I called as I got up feeling uneasy. I knew something was wrong.

I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door but it was empty inside. I walked down the stairs and looked all around the house but it was like she disappeared. “Where are you?” I muttered to myself as I ran my fingers through my hair and ran back up the stairs to grab my phone.

As soon as I picked it up I saw a million missed calls from Stella which made me frown before I called her back. It was abnormal for her to call me since she hated my guts and probably my existence too because Valerie told her every single thing I ever did to her.

“Stella?” I asked feeling my voice shake.

“Valerie left! She sent me all the messages between her and Lucien. He told her he knew about her mother and that she should meet him if she wanted to keep you safe and now she isn’t answering her phone!” She rambled and I’m sure my heart stopped.

“Where?! STELLA WHERE?” I half yelled as I balled up my fists.

“I don’t- FOREST CREEK! The moondrift lair cabin.” She said and I quickly put her on speaker before I put a shirt on and ran downstairs.

“I’m going now. I’m going to need you and Treyton to come as soon as you can. My warriors aren’t here. I need backup,” I said and heard her mumbling things before I hung up and called Phoenix and Isabelle.

I did have warriors left behind but not warriors I’d want to involve with that situation. Treyton, Stella, Phoenix, and Isabelle were strong and I knew I could count on them.

I drove to the forest breaking every traffic law that existed before I ran into the forest with my heart thumping in my chest. I couldn’t lose Valerie.

I ran until I began feeling her close by and heard a man talking not so far away. I could already sense her fear and it ate me up that she went there all alone. For me…

“Valerie,” I called her name and ran up to her. She looked at me with wide eyes before I felt a slight wave of calmness overcome her.

“Adrien?” she said before I tucked her into my side and brushed her hair back, checking her face for any injuries.

“I told you not to do this, you promised,” I said in a low whisper and she looked at me with so much regret in her eyes. “You never listen.”

She was trying to do good. I understood that, but she was hurting both of us.

“Two birds one stone,” A woman whom I assumed was Zelda said with a laugh, making me growl and wrap my arms around Valerie even tighter.

“Lennon said that he never leaves your side... Before you killed him.” Lucien laughed as he looked at Valerie. “I mean I didn’t expect him to show up but I hoped he did.”

“You, my boy are baggage we don’t need. Always messing with our plans. But not this one. I will end your mate here, and then you. You will sit and watch while we take her wolf from her,” he said and Kai began howling and I felt my veins pop out of anger. I wasn’t scared of him but I was angry and scared of what he was capable off.

“You two are a duo that keeps ruining everything. But that won’t last.”

“You’ll never lay a finger on her as long as I’m alive,” I spat out and pressed Valerie’s head to my chest. I felt her calm down a little, making me sigh.

“Adrien I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t have come,” she mumbled into my chest, her voice muffled by my shirt. She dug her fingers into my arm and squeezed so hard. Something she always did when she felt helpless. “He threatened you.”

“I know I saw. It’s okay, we’ll be fine. Just stay with me,” I mumbled and stroked her hair hoping everything would be fine.

“Sweet goodbyes,” Lucien said before he yanked her away from me and passed her onto Zelda. An uncontrollable growl escaped me and I felt like he had ripped her away from me.

Before I could ever do anything, all too fast. Zelda began motioning her hand in circles. The trees began whooshing and dust was going around Valerie in circles. Valerie began shaking as she gasped.

I tried to run to her but the fucking witch did something that prevented either of us from crossing the line and it burnt me.

I couldn’t do anything but watch Valerie looking around her as the dust circled her. I could hear her heart rate pick up and I could feel the fear eating her up inside. She squinted her eyes and held back any sound from escaping her.

All of a sudden she was up in the air and slammed against a tree. She looked at me with pleading eyes and I tried to run and stop Zelda but she had some barrier around her that I couldn’t get through. “Fuck.”

I looked at Lucien who was smirking like the bastard he is before a loud, shrilling scream erupted from Valerie and a burning sensation shot up my back. It was haunting. I never wanted to hear her scream in pain like that.

I shuddered as my eyes widened and I could hear Alaska howling despite the loud wind which made Kai growl. “STOP HER!” I lunged at Lucien and tackled him to the ground. “STOP YOUR WIFE RIGHT NOW OR I SWEAR,” I yelled and began throwing punches at him.

I felt her pain but I knew it wasn’t even close to what she was actually feeling. Another scream left her lips which distracted me and gave Lucien the upper hand.

Valerie seemed to notice that despite the pain she was going through and all of a sudden Lucien moved away from me. I stood up and looked around frantically. She somehow had her shield around me. Protecting me.

I looked up at her and she gave me a faint smile before I began shaking my head “Valerie no! PLEASE STOP.” I yelled.

I dropped to my knees as I gripped my hair in my hands. I didn’t want her to do that. If anything happened to her I wanted to suffer with her. I didn’t want her to save me. “VALERIE STOP. I DON’T WANT YOU TO SAVE ME.” I yelled again but she just ignored me and arched her back as another wave of pain shot up her back.

It hurt more than anything watching her suffer and not being able to do a thing about it. Even being in pain she still put me first. I wanted to yell at her for doing that. I wanted to be with her.

Her eyes began to droop and it seemed she had no control over any of her limbs anymore. For the first time in my life, I lost control of Kai and he ripped through me. My bones cracked and I shifted into my big grey wolf. My fur was flying with the wind and Kai squinted so the dust wouldn’t get into his eyes.

As soon as I shifted I turned around to find three other wolves growling and running towards Lucien and Zelda’s direction along with Isabelle.

Kai howled before he and Treyton’s wolf lunged at Lucien who was looking at us in horror. His mouth wide open and his eyes as wide as saucers. He had not expected that so he did not shift on time. Both Kai and Treyton’s wolf killer instincts took over and we ripped through his body. All I felt was anger as he screamed in pain and agony asking us to stop and it only satisfied me. Crimson blood ran down his neck where Kai just sunk his teeth and it spread on the ground.

I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt or regret. We killed him with no mercy and I just wished I had done it sooner, I couldn’t though because we had no solid proof against him. I could feel the taste of his blood and his raw flesh in my mouth as his blood dripped down my fur.

Treyton’s wolf finished him off as I turned around to see Valerie still struggling which made Kai whimper. Isabelle was getting through Zelda’s barrier by using her own spells as Stella and Phoenix got ready to attack once the barrier was gone.

I wanted both of them dead. Zelda was not leaving the forest alive.

I knew Valerie would need me once it was over so I shifted back and grabbed a pair of shorts that Phoenix and Stella came with. I used the back of my hands to wipe my mouth as I stood outside the circle and looked at Valerie arching her back. My heart thudding like a rock rattling in box as her painful screams echoed again.

With no warning, the gust of wind around Valerie stopped and her body was about to fall onto the ground but I instinctively ran and managed to hold her before she hit the ground.

I could hear the sound of Zelda and Lucien’s flesh being ripped apart as I shook Valerie’s limp body. Zelda’s screams were beginning to fade away but my only focus was on getting a response from Valerie.

“Allie!” I called as tears gathered in my eyes and I patted her cheeks to try and get her to wake up. The last this I wanted to experience in my life was holding my mate's unconscious body.

I could see her struggling to say something and look at me but she just couldn’t move a thing. I could still feel her pain running through my back but it was faint.

“Please precious. Wake up, it’s okay. Please look at me Valerie, open your eyes.” I kept repeating as a sob escaped my lips and my tears dropped to her cheek.

“Adrien,” she managed to say and I caressed her cheek and nodded my head.

“Yes, yes I’m here. You’re okay,” I mumbled and looked around to find them all back into their human forms, all clothed up as the place reeked of blood.

Valerie stayed silent before she whispered a really low “I love you.” My heart dropped and I shook my head before shaking her body frantically. She wasn’t dying on me.

“No. You don’t get to say that. Valerie you promised. We’ll go back home, you’re okay. Don’t you dare die on me.” I began to say and then I noticed her body go completely limp and her eyes closed.

"Take my strength," I said and squeezed her hand. That was one of her powers but she was already unconscious. “VALERIE TAKE MY STRENGTH!” I yelled again and shook her body.

“No-no-no. Shit,” I said as I shook her body but she didn’t respond. “Look at me, please. You promised to never leave me,” I whispered as I placed my forehead on hers.

“Phoenix!” I yelled as I cradled Valerie’s body in my arms and she came running.

“She’s not- she- PHOENIX PLEASE,” I yelled not being able to speak.

“We need to get her to the hospital now. Fast,” Phoenix yelled as she checked for a pulse. I knew she was alive. I could feel her faint pulse. But she was unresponsive.

“Get on my back with her,” I said before I shifted again and bent down. Phoenix got on my back and with the help of Isabelle, they got Valerie on too. Once she had her secure she held onto my fur and tugged, telling me they were ready.

I did not waste a second as I ran past all the trees and over the fallen branches. I ran all the way to our pack hospital all in wolf form. I just needed to get my mate there on time.

As soon as we got to the doors Phoenix yelled for help and got Valerie down. I shifted back to my human form and a nurse immediately handed me a pair of shorts that I put on before rushing inside and running to wherever they were.

Valerie was already laid down on the bed with doctors around her. The sight made my heart ache. I tried to get closer to her but one of the nurses pushed me back making me growl.

“Get out of my way, I need to see her,” I growled making her gasp. I knew I was rude and she was only there to help my Valerie but I couldn’t stand anyone trying to keep me from her at that moment.

“Adrien, we need to examine her so you need to stay calm,” Phoenix said but I ignored her.

“Phoenix, I’m not leaving her. You can examine her while I’m here. I won’t leave,” I said and stood beside the bed holding Valerie’s hand.

“Cut her shirt open,” one of the male doctors said. I glared at him but Phoenix smacked my arm and I knew that he was just doing his job.

They turned her to the side as they cut open the back of her shirt to take a look at her back.

As soon as I saw her back I shut my eyes and turned my head to the side as my breathing became uneven. I could see that Zelda was trying to mark her with some sort of insignia. The skin was badly bruised. It was raised and covered in pink and purple. In some spots, her skin wasn’t even there and you could see the pink of her flesh.

I gulped as I squeezed her hands. I couldn’t be angry. Instead, I felt tears threatening to fall out of my eyes. Her screams of pain were ringing in my ear and the image of her arching her back in pain didn’t go away.

I was in a blur. The doctors moved around me and did everything but I was just frozen in my spot. I had been shot with a silver bullet before. I had been bitten by a rogue, but none of it came close to the pain Valerie endured and the bruises on her back were proof of it.

She was in that much pain yet she shielded me. I knew how much strength and focus her powers took from her but she still managed to shield me while I just helplessly watched.

“Adrien.” I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Phoenix looking at me with redness in her eyes.

“I didn’t save her. I promised her he would never hurt her,” I said and turned to look at Valerie who was now hooked up in wires and tubes.

Werewolves usually don’t need all the wires and tubes unless the situation was really bad and they couldn’t help themselves.

“It’s not your fault. It’s Lucien’s doing not yours. You couldn’t have prevented this, Adrien. So you better not beat yourself up for it. She’s going to be fine, she just needs time. I’ve never seen someone as strong as her.”

“Her wolf is gone. I can’t feel Alaska,” I mumbled and dropped my head to Valerie’s hand. It didn't make sense why Alaska was gone when Zelda hadn't completed her mark. I knew how much it would break Valerie if she knew that her wolf was gone.

“Just give it time. I’ll leave you with her.” She said before giving me a squeeze and leaving the room.

“Allie. I hope Phoenix is right, I really do. Because I won’t make it without you. I simply won’t. Don’t leave me,” I whispered and let my tears fall. The pain of not having her was searing through my body.

I could always pull myself together. I was the best at masking my emotions but not at that time. Not when my mate was lying unresponsive on a hospital bed. I kept trying to blink them away but my tears just kept coming in waves.

“She needs this applied on her back,” Phoenix said, handing me a bottle of some kind of oil before leaving me alone once again.

Valerie was carefully laid on her side. I let go of her hand for the first time since I got there and stood up to untie her hospital robe from the back.

As soon as I saw her back again I took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling. It was hard to look at. Looking at it just reminded me of her screams.

I applied the oil on my hand before I gently rubbed it on her back. She didn’t even wince or flinch. I felt like she was gone.

“Phoenix,” I called and held back my tears.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with furrowed brows.

“I can’t do it,” I said and put the oil bottle in her hands. The feeling of her rough skin against my fingers made me want to just break into a million pieces.

I felt my anger build up. The sadness was there but my anger was taking over. None of that would have happened if Scarlett never showed up. She was so jealous that she tried to ruin what Valerie and I had.

“I have to go,” I mumbled and stalked out only to be stopped.

“Adrien no. Where are you going?” Phoenix asked and I just shrugged her hands off me.

I stalked out of the building and ran over to where my car was before I drove to the blue moon pack.

I didn’t even think twice before I knocked on the Alpha’s door and stomped inside.

“Where is she?” I yelled. His eyes went wide and he just stared at me.

“Grey what are you doing walking into my office like that?” He growled at me.

“Where the fuck is she? Where is Scarlett?” I yelled again.

“I don’t know and I won’t let you see her when you’re like this,” he said and I growled so loudly before slamming my hands on his wooden desk.

“I will find her,” I said and walked out yelling her name. Of course, her stupid ass came and she swayed her hips to me. Alpha Dominic immediately stood behind me growling.

“What’s going on?” He asked and I turned to him with my lips pressed together.

“What’s going on? What’s going on is that my mate is laying on a hospital bed right now because of your daughter!” I yelled.

He looked taken aback and I knew he had nothing to do with it. He looked up at Scarlett and she just raised an eyebrow and smirked my way.

“You better pray she wakes up. Because I swear, I swear if she doesn’t I will snap your neck and wipe that smirk off your face,” I said and I let my anger take over before I shoved her back causing her to trip and fall.

“ENOUGH!” Alpha Dominic yelled and helped her stand up.

“Your daughter is working with rogues. She’s the reason Lucien got Valerie. Do you know what they did to her?” I asked and stared at him.

“Zelda raised Valerie up in the air and began burning her back with her insignia. Valerie screamed in pain and I just watched. I just stood there while my mate was screaming. And you know what else? Despite being burnt alive she protected me. She put me first. Unlike your daughter here who only thinks about herself,” I said and felt my eyes stinging but I wasn’t about to let those people see me.

I saw Mia appearing in the corner and she looked at me with sad eyes before I returned my gaze to Alpha Dominic.

“Forget getting any help from my warriors. I don’t need your help either. My warriors are cutting ties with yours and I don’t care what your pack is going through but my warriors are never stepping foot into your pack again. I feel bad for the innocent people in your pack but my mate is now laying on a hospital bed, unconscious, because of your daughter. If she had only learned to shut her mouth and not tell Lucien about Valerie’s wolf none of this would have happened. Scarlett, you better pray she wakes up and comes back to me or I’ll make your death as miserable as you made hers,” I said and walked away from them. Making sure to harshly bump on Scarlett as I walked away.

“Adrien.” Mia breathed out and walked after me but I just continued walking. I was too fragile to even look at her.

“I need to go Mia.”

“Just stop for a second,” she hissed and grabbed my arm, forcing me to look at her.

“What Mia?” I said and felt my eyes gloss up at I ran my hand through my hair.

I pressed my lips together and looked into her eyes that were filled with sadness. “I’m sorry,” she whispered and surprised me with a hug.

I stood still before slowly raising my arms and hugging her back. Her hugs weren’t as near as comforting as Valerie’s but it managed to make my tears escape as my body shook slightly. Never in my life did I cry that much and feel that much pain in one day.

“She’s strong, I know she’ll wake up,” she mumbled and I just nodded.

“Yeah. That’s what everyone says,” I said and gave her a sad smile.

She smiled at me and squeezed my arms, “stay strong for her,” she whispered and I just looked away from her.

“I’m trying.”

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