My Valerie

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T W E N T Y 3


I walked away from Adrien feeling so bad for him. I saw how much Valerie had changed him and how happier he was with her. She was like his light. So her being gone destroyed him.

“What was that about Scarlett? What did you do?” I could hear my dad yelling with a raised voice at Scarlett.

A small smile graced my lips as I walked to him because I was nosey like that. Scarlett looked horrified. She was always daddy’s little spoilt brat and we all knew she was his favorite daughter.

“I didn’t do anything.” She shrugged.

“Oh. So you aren’t working with rogues?” I asked making dad look at me with a scolding glare that shut me up.

“Shut up. Do you not have anything better to do?” She spat out but I just smiled at her. I never liked her, she was always a bitch to me and I was having the time of my life knowing that if she made and deals with rogues then she’d be locked up. Rotting in the cells without her designer bags and heels.

“Scarlett I asked a question and you will give me an answer right now. I am not joking right now. Silver Moon were our allies. Do you know how much help we do each other?” He yelled this time, making Scarlett flinch.

“That Valerie girl used her weird voodoo on me so I did my research on her and I found out that she was adopted like Mia and that her real father was alive. I heard you talking to Adrien about Lucien and found out he was her biological father,” she said and both me and dad’s eyes went as wide as saucers.

“Get in the office. Both of you,” he yelled and walked ahead of us.

“What did you do?” He asked as he leaned on his desk.

“I just… I reached out to him and told him I have useful information for him if he backs away from our pack,” she mumbled but I could tell she was lying. I was pretty sure she wanted to get rid of Valerie and have Adrien for herself.

“You did what!?” I asked, only to be shushed.

“Did I not tell you to stay away from him? Did I not tell you to stop trying to get the man?” He yelled. “So you turned our allies into our enemies just because you were jealous of destined mates?” He said and massaged his temples.

“Valerie isn’t just the head warrior’s mate but she’s the Alpha’s daughter too. Do you know what you just did? And do you know what happens when you work with rogues?”

“She’s just a stupid girl. You can’t lock me up for keeping our pack safe,” she said as she twirled her blonde hair as if she didn’t care.

My dad growled making me freeze. “She is not just a girl!!!”

“I am so done with this. I am tired of you thinking you're better than everyone else. Adrien and his mate deserve each other. Lucien doesn’t make deals. Our warriors are out at the base right now getting killed by rogues so how the fuck do you explain that? Did he back off? Is that our warriors being kept safe?” He yelled.

He looked at me and shook his head before pressing a button on the office phone. “Send Marcus to my office.”

“No. You can’t do that! I’m your daughter,” Scarlette yelled and shook her head.

“You are my daughter but you still went behind my back and managed to get Silver Moon to cut their ties with us. That was just from the warriors so Goddess only knows what wrath I will get from their Alpha. You can’t stay Scarlett,” he said before sitting down on his chair with a sigh.

We all sat silently as the door opened and Marcus walked in. Marcus worked at the cells which is why Scarlett’s face paled and she began crying ass the huge man held her arm.

“Please no! Daddy I’m sorry.” She cried out but dad just nodded his head at Marcus as he pulled her out and she struggled against his hold. "MIA PLEASE HELP ME," she yelled and I just gave her my back. Funny how people are nice just when they need you. "DAD!"

As soon as the door closed we fell into an awkward silence as her pleading faded away the further she was taken from the office and I stared at him. “You’re actually going to lock her up?” I asked in a low voice. I didn’t think he could do that to his favorite daughter.

“She can’t get special treatment for what she did. Do you know how big what she did is?” He sighed and I just nodded.

“I told you not to set her up with Adrien,” I mumbled and looked at my feet. I knew better then to play who knew better with him.

“I didn’t see all this jealousy from her coming. I just saw two unmated wolves. And I know she’s not telling the full story, she did way more than just make a deal with Lucien. Goddess knows what ties she had with rogues. Now I need to call Alpha Archer for her doings,” he said and pointed at the door, motioning for me to leave. He sounded so disappointed and I knew it was hard for him to do what he did. But he was thinking as an Alpha not as a dad. So he was being fair. “and call your mom on your way out.”


It had been over a day and I was sitting by Valerie. Just holding her hand as I gently stroked it. I missed her too much. I had no idea how attached and how in love with her I was, not until I had her laying on a hospital bed not responding to anyone and not moving.

I hadn’t even slept since the day I woke up to find her gone. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t eat even though it was just one day. I felt awful and I just wished she would open her eyes. I was used to having her around all the time arguing with me.

My head was on the bed as I stared at the nothingness when I felt the Alpha’s presence so I immediately shot up from my spot and bowed my head down. Luna Maxine had already come the day before.

“Alpha,” I mumbled. I had no idea if he was pissed or not because I had promised him that Valerie wouldn’t find out about Lucien.

“Adrien.” He nodded his head before walking over to stand beside Valerie.

I just watched him looking at her as I mentally cursed myself for the situation she was in. Not only was I her mate but I was also a warrior so it was shameful that she ended up on a hospital bed.

“I’m sorry. I tried to save her but I had nothing against a witch,” I said and he looked up at me.

“Maxine told me what happened. I don’t blame you,” he said and I felt a wave of relief wash over me but I could hear the pain in his voice. “I know what you went through and how much you feared this. I am proud of you for making a commitment to her. She’s strong and she’ll get through this,” he said and I just nodded as I pressed my lips into a thin line. He knew my parent’s story and everything that happened.

“Dominic called.” He paused and I looked down at Valerie again to avoid his gaze. “Scarlett is locked up for working with rogues,” he said and my gaze immediately shot up to look at him.

“He locked her up?” I asked with wide eyes. I didn’t expect anything to happen to that brat. I just needed to let my anger out when I showed up at their pack.

“Yes, and she deserves it. He also told me that you cut ties with their warriors,” he said and I gulped. I did that without asking him and he was the Alpha. He had the final say in such decisions.

“Frankly, I think they need us more than we need them. So for now we’ll keep it that way. But next time you talk to me before you make decisions like that,” he said and I just nodded.

"You should know that things won't just magically become okay because Lucien is dead. We should be more alert than we were before because those rogues won't be happy with the news of their leader dead. Our boarders need to be closely monitored. It will take time until this dies down. I know your main focus is staying beside Valerie but you still have a high position in this pack that requires your attention," he said.

"Yes, I know. I'm trying to do both. I'll have backup sent from the moonstone pack," I said and he just nodded.

With Valerie's situation I completely forgot that the death of Lucien didn't mean all threat had vanished and we'd live in peace and harmony. He was right. There was going to most likely be one last bloodshed before things settle down.

Alpha Archer left after spending a few minutes with Valerie and I let out a sigh. “You heard all that precious? You better wake up before your father beats me up because of more bad decisions. Although I don’t think it was a bad decision for what Scarlett did. She's locked up, Lucien and Zelda are dead, it's almost done.” I said as I stroked her hair gently. Talking to her was becoming a normal thing. It helped me a little.

“Come back,” I whispered with my forehead against hers. “I’ll even train kids with you like you wanted, those little devils. Just come back,” I said and sat up.

I was sitting just staring at her chest rising and falling when I smiled to myself. Just a while ago I was the one on a hospital bed and she was asleep beside me. We weren’t even together and I was still an asshole to her but she was scared for me and showed up.

It just showed that she cared for me from the beginning and unlike me, she wasn’t afraid to show it. She ignored the fact that I was a complete asshole to her that same day I ended up in the hospital.

Our relationship started off as a complete mess but it grew into something really special and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Except for maybe marking her sooner.

“Laurie I don’t want to eat. I’m not hungry,” I said as I put the dinner she brought me on a chair.

“You’ve barely eaten anything in a week! Are you trying to kill yourself?” She asked with a huff and placed her hands on her hips.

Laurie was trying her best to keep me alive, her words not mine. I just felt awful. As time passed I just felt worse and worse. Valerie wasn’t waking up and she hadn’t moved a single muscle. Not even a twitch of an eyelid. Nothing.


“Goddess help me with this man. Adrien when she wakes up she won’t be happy that you’re beating yourself up like this. Do you think she’ll be happy that you’re punishing yourself for what happened to her?” She asked making me frown.

“How do you want me to sit here and eat peacefully while she’s hooked up to all these wires and in pain? She can’t move, she can’t do anything. I don’t have an appetite,” I sat a little too harshly. Laurie was my second mother and the way I talked to her was nowhere near acceptable.

“You didn’t change one bit. You know you did the same thing when your mom passed away,” she said and I turned to look at her with wide eyes as I held back a growl.

“Don’t mention my mom. This has nothing to do with that,” I said and turned away from her. The last thing I needed was someone to remind me of my other losses.

“I’m sorry. Just promise you’ll eat and sleep,” she said before walking out of the hospital room. She knew she wouldn’t get a response from me.

“Valerie I can’t do this without you anymore. Wake up,” I whispered and dropped my head on her hands. “My mom would have loved you,” I mumbled and closed my eyes for a second.

Mom and Valerie were really similar. Both strong and full of life. They would have had a great relationship if they ever met.

“I never knew how shit the world would be without you. This week has got to be the hardest week of my life. I don't like it." I whispered as I circled my thumb around her fingertips.

"I wanted to be mad at you for getting yourself into this situation but that's too selfish of me. It was too big for either of us. I'm not mad at you. I just want you to beat this so we can go home together."

I sat up and stared at the food Laurie had brought. But just the smell of it made me want to throw up despite it being my favorite. Nausea swirled unrestrained in my empty stomach and I just took a deep breath to forget it.

The emotions were consuming me slowly. My melancholy mood followed me everywhere and I knew I looked like shit. I didn’t shave for a week and I didn’t shower in two days. I just missed Valerie so much. I missed our late night talks after we’d make love to each other. I missed the feeling of her soft lips against mine and the feeling of running my hands down her naked back. I missed the way she frowned and whined when I woke her up too early. I missed the way her deep green eyes shined with so much life.

I wasn’t the only one in pain though. Kai barely made an appearance. He knew Alaska was gone and he was grieving his own way. Sometimes he’d let out soft whimpers that would echo in my head for hours. All of us were a mess which was not good. I was at my weakest point when the pack needed protection the most.

It was eating me up that if she lost the battle. If she left me. I wouldn’t have told her I loved her for the last time. Her last words were that she loved me and I didn’t say it back because I was in denial that she’d leave me. But deep down I knew she wouldn’t. I didn’t know how long she’d be away. But she wouldn’t leave. She knew how much I needed her by my side.

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