My Valerie

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T W E N T Y 6


I ran with Isabelle over to our northern border where the rogues were coming from. As soon as I got there I felt my heart sink slightly at the sight of them lined up next to each other as packs do. We were outnumbered by a lot since half of our men were not even close to pack lands and were back at the base.

Our men were in their wolf form apart from a few who were standing face to face with a man across the border. The place reeked of their repellant, revolting, and foul stench as they were all in their wolf form apart from that one man.

I had no idea who he was, I never saw him before but it looked like he was the man they bowed down to after Lucien. His clothes looked shabby and his face a mess, anyone could tell he was a rogue.

“We have people everywhere you know?” He said as soon as I made my way to face him. He knew me, he knew who I was but I just kept my expression the same, not showing any emotions whatsoever.

“Before you had that little whore of yours, this was a little challenging. But that bitch made things easier for us because you were too busy nursing her back to health that you neglected your duties as a lead warrior. A title you don’t deserve,” he spat out and a threatening growl escaped me.

It was exactly what I was avoiding by not having a mate, they couldn’t find any soft spot in me but then I met Valerie. I didn’t regret making her mine, she made me happy but hearing those words from that rogue made me see red. He was right, I tried my best to balance all the shit thrown at me at once but I prioritized Valerie.

I did not dedicate as much time to my work and I thought it was all fine. Turns out I had ignored all the signs that I would have noticed had she not been hurt.

“Sending our people to your base was just to divert your attention from here.” He smirked. “Then while you were busy playing nurse you missed all the red flags. And the final step was of course to just simply kill your second in command’s mate and distract them from the fact that we’re coming back to you. Simple things you would have realized had you not had a mate,” he said and I mentally cursed myself for not noticing.

“What the fuck do you want? Was what you did to every fucking pack, not enough?” I roared which earned me a smirk from him. I wanted nothing more than to punch him and kill him.

“Oh we want blood, especially that of your mate because she’s the reason Lucien and Zelda are dead. You can blame her for this if you find her alive, or if you’re alive,” he said and I just watched him without turning my head, my heart was hammering but I kept my face neutral with no hint of hesitation.

“Scarlett will take care of her, don’t worry,” he said and my eyes went wide. I broke the mask I had on and he laughed. Not Valerie. Anything but My fucking mate. She was everything I had and I’d go insane if anything happened to her again. I left her alone thinking I was keeping her safe and I hated myself more than ever for doing so.

Scarlett that bitch. She was meant to be locked up. That vile woman was the reason everything went downhill for Valerie. I knew Alpha Dominic couldn’t have released her, the rogues did something.

I couldn’t go back to Valerie, I was trapped and I was needed, I couldn’t just ditch every damned attack. But she was helpless against a werewolf and my mind was going a million miles a minute that I didn’t realize the man in front of me had shifted until I heard Alpha Archer’s growl and saw his huge wolf lunge at him.

“Sebastian, go to Valerie. Stay with her,” I yelled over the howls at Sebastian who was standing beside me. I hated that man but I trusted him with her.

As soon as I saw his wolf nod and begin running towards the direction of my house I heard my bones crack and I shifted. I’d be damned if they took our land. They were cowards, they knew they stood no chance against us so they split our warriors and came to our lands uninvited.

They lunged at us all at once and crossed the border. Howls and growls filled the air and not an ounce of fear invaded my body. I craved their blood, it had been a while since I fought with everything in me, it had been a while since I let it out.

One of them sprang at me from the left with his sharp teeth covered in dripping saliva, hoping he would be able to take me down. I was the lead warrior for a reason, I don’t lose when its just begun.

I growled and lunged back causing him to fall on his back and I took that opportunity to sink my teeth into his neck until his body went limp. I stepped on his neck, not satisfied until I heard that crack assuring me he was dead before I turned to the other rogues.

Everyone was fighting off another wolf and rolling over each other. A few of our wolves were down and whimpering. Blood covered the ground, trailing to the fallen wolves. I was too distracted by rogues coming at me from every direction that I hadn’t noticed a grey rogue lunging at me and sinking his canines into my leg to try and weaken me.

I growled and turned around to throw him off me and bite into his flesh as I watched his body fall to the ground, ignoring that I was hurt.

All of a sudden, I heard howls coming from behind us and turned to find the Blue Moon warriors. They were with us, they came to fight with us despite me cutting ties with their warriors because of what happened to Valerie.

We were all in rage attacking one another and ripping through each other. We weren’t outnumbered anymore and I knew I owed it to Alpha Dominic for sending his warriors.

I threw off every rogue the attacked me and saw a few rogues fleeing the scene out of fear when a loud band echoed in my ear and a sudden gush of pain jolted throughout my body. My stomach ached, my arms lost tension and my legs began to weaken. “Fuck no. Kai not now,” I thought as I dropped to the ground. I had no idea what happened, all I knew is that I was ripping through a wolf, and the next thing I was on the ground growling in pain as I watched the others jump on each other as bullets whizzed over my head and realization hit me.

My heart beat in my chest, pounding, banging, trying to get out. I tried to get up but couldn’t, my body just kept slumping back down. I looked down and saw blood gushing out of me, they shot me. It wasn’t the first time I was shot with a silver bullet in an attack, but it hurt more than any other time. It felt as though my blood was on fire.

I lay there helpless as a black wolf towered over me, his menacing eyes were a blazing red as he smirked at me and pressed his paws to my wound making an involuntary whimper leave my wolf.

I didn’t want to give up, I couldn’t give up, not until I knew we won and defeated them. But my body couldn’t handle it so all I did was watch wolves jumping over me and lunging at each other. Just listening to the sound of flesh ripping and guns ringing as my vision blurred and everything fell silent. I was disconnected from everything and I could feel my bond with Valerie fading as darkness took over.


As soon as Adrien left me I felt fear take over my body. I held onto one of Isabelle’s crystals when someone fumbled with our front door handle and I felt my heart pounding against my ribcage.

I ran into Adrien’s office. He had a silver bullet gun in one of his drawers which I knew I needed since I had no fucking wolf. It wasn’t unusual for werewolves to own silver guns, especially warriors. Adrien told me that in some attacks their wolves would give up and their last resort would be to use a gun to save themselves.

I fumbled with the drawers and tried to get them to open but they were all locked. I kept pulling but the damned drawer wouldn’t open so I kicked it out of frustration. I tried to look for a key, making a mess when I heard a dark chuckle and looked up to find the last person I wanted to see.

“Scarlett.” I breathed out and felt my heart drop as she kept smirking my way.

“So useless and weak now aren’t you?” She said as she twirled her hair with her fingers. I had no idea how she knew, no one knew besides the doctors, Adrien, and my closest friends. Or at least I thought so. I didn’t want everyone to know I had lost my wolf and my powers because they’d know I stood no chance against them.

"How'd you get out?" I asked as she leaned on the door frame.

"I have connections for the priceless information I gave your father," she said with a smile.

“What do you want from me?” I seethed and tightened my grip around the crystal. It was all I had on me. I had no gun and no wolf, just a damned witch crystal.

“Nothing. Just you dead. You’re the reason I was locked up so I was given the pleasure to end you. You’re the reason everyone in this pack will die,” she said and I tried not to let her get to me. She was trying to tick me off, she wanted me to hate myself and blame myself. I already had enough self-hatred for myself and I did not need her to add to it.

“And then what? Hm? You think you’ll just walk freely as a murderer?” I asked. My goal was to drag out the conversation as much as I could while I thought of something to help me against her.

“Yes. This land will be ours. Your mate was too busy babying you that he missed all the signs. You’ll be nothing, just like I was when I was locked up.”

I stared at her as my heart thumped in my chest, something in me told me she was right, I just felt it. It was all my fault, it was my fault Adrien was distracted, it was my fault the pack was under attack. Everything was because of me because I was too stupid.

Scarlett began walking towards me and I just gripped the crystal tighter if that was possible and moved further away from the desk so I could have a quick escape once she moved away from the door.

“Weak,” she scoffed. I fixed my gaze on her right which distracted her and she followed my gaze. I took that as an opportunity to run out of the door and into the living room.

“Don’t even try me, Scarlett,” I hissed as she ran after me and grabbed my hands, holding me by the wrist in a crushing hold.

“This was supposed to be my home, my life that you took away from me. I’m going to kill you, dig my claws into that small heart of yours, and give you a slow, painful death. You ruined everything and I’m going to take it away from you,” she said and I yanked my hand from her.

I began walking backward keeping my eye on her, only for my back to hit the kitchen counter and trap me. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was sure she could hear it. The fear traveled in my veins but never made it to my facial muscles but I knew could sense it. I wanted to run to safety but I remained in my spot.

I kept my eyes steady on her face as she smiled and I could see her canines sticking out and her claws extending before she lunged at me. I shrieked and tried to jump to the side but she slammed my body against the counter making me groan in pain and grit my teeth together as I stared at her challengingly.

“Not so strong without your witchcraft huh?” She smirked and dug her claws into my shoulders. I screamed as the pain shot all the way up to my neck and tried to shove her off but she was stronger than me. Her claws dug deeper and I knew she was sticking to her words, giving me a slow and painful death.

She retracted her hands and tried to claw the vein on my neck which she missed and instead dug them where my neck met my shoulders. I was thankful that it wasn’t on the side Adrien had marked me.

My grip on the crystal tightened and I felt my palms turning cold. I held out my hand in shock as she stared into my eyes waiting to see my soul leave my body as she pressed her claws further into me. Pulsing on my palms, the crystal glowed with a strange bright light changing from white to gold.

I smiled and clenched my other fist, my nails digging into my palms as an idea came to me.

The crystal wasn’t supposed to glow, none of it was supposed to happen but I took it as a sign from the Moon Goddess. It wasn’t my time yet and that was her gift to me to save myself.

I was in pain at first but a sudden wave of power and confidence overcame me and I grinned at her before pushing her back slightly and lifting my arm up, stabbing the sharp end of the crystal into her chest, where her heart was. I had never taken a life before, but at that moment I knew I had to, it was either me or her.

Blood oozed out. She hissed and screamed as the crystal glowed again in her chest which only made her claws dig deeper into my neck. I shoved her away and straddled her body as she fell on her back. “Whos weak now? Fuck you, Scarlett,” I spat out as I stared into her eyes.

“You witch,” she croaked out but I just twisted the crystal and pushed my face closer to hers as I watched her body go limp and the light escapes her eyes.

“Oh my- Oh no. Shit,” I said as reality hit me. I crawled on my butt and away from her. I slumped back against the counter as my hands trembled. I just took her life.

I reached my hands out hesitantly to touch the crystal and it lit up again making me gasp. I crawled further away from her body and used the kitchen cabinets for support to move as far as I could. My right arm hurt like hell and the pain I felt on my neck was even worse.

My mouth was filled with the taste of coppery blood from biting my cheeks and I felt like fire was rushing through my veins. I wanted to get out of the house. Her blood was in a pool around her and I felt my vision blur as overwhelming thoughts took over.

The door handle began rattling before it swung open and Sebastian stood there in just a pair of shorts, staring at me and the mess I made with wide eyes.

“Sebastian,” I breathed out before the tears ran down my cheeks uncontrollably.

“Are you okay? Valerie, you’re bleeding,” he said and rushed to me. I covered my neck with my hands and let him take me into his arms, it was comfort that I desperately needed.

“She's- I killed her,” I said and looked at Scarlett’s lifeless body sitting right in the middle of my house in a pool of her own crimson blood.

“It’s okay, just breathe. We need to get your wound checked before your mate kills me,” he said and I just stared at him. “I- She wanted to kill me first,” I said and pressed on my neck to stop it from bleeding.

“She was bound to die anyway. Do you have a first aid kit or something? I can’t get you to the pack doctor now.” He said and I nodded my head towards the cabinet it was at.

I sat outside as Sebastian cleaned up the mess I made inside and got lost in my thoughts. I turned my hands around and stared at my palms when a part of me I thought was dead suddenly awakened.

My eyes widened and I shot up on my feet as I stared at my nails turning into claws. “Alaska!” I breathed out and felt my senses heighten all over again. That was why the crystal was glowing. I had taken Scarlett’s strength and used it against her. My wolf, my gifts, they were all back.

“Sebastian,” I called out and ran back inside when I heard Alaska howl and whimper as a sharp, burning pain shot up the mark on my neck followed by a stabbing feeling to my stomach. Adrien’s mark. Our bond.

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