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“None of these fit. I’m not going,” I whined as I took a deep breath to try and stop myself from crying. “I’m so fat,” I said and threw the dress on the floor of our closet.

“Valerie stop. You’re not fat, you’re nine months pregnant,” Adrien said as he picked up the dress. “You look beautiful, especially that it’s my pup you’re carrying,” he whispered into my ear and I shuddered before smacking his arm.

“Stop lying. It’s your fault none of these fit me,” I said, making him sigh.

“How is it- Goddess help me with this woman’s hormones,” he mumbled and looked up making me growl. “Don’t growl at me now,” he said and glared at me but I just glared back. We’ve argued so much for the past months because my hormones were all over the place.

“You’re going, it’s not only a Luna ceremony but also your brother’s Luna,” he said as he began looking through the dresses. “You just bought this dress, wear this.”

He pulled out a midnight blue dress with a neckline that sits just perfectly off the shoulders and had delicate short sleeves along with a skirt that fell down to the knees. My bump was big but not as big as other people’s usually were. But it was still going to stand out.

“This,” I mumbled and tried to find an excuse but couldn’t. The dress was pretty. Stella and I bought it not long ago but I never even thought about wearing it. “It’s pretty,” I said and took it from him to go change.

I felt gorgeous for the first time in months. My hair cascaded down my back and my makeup was minimal but made my eyes stand out. I slowly opened that bathroom door and peeked out to look for Adrien. He hadn’t seen me look so put together in months and I was excited for him to see.

He was sitting on the bed using his phone when he lifted his head up and his eyes landed on mine before looking down at my dress.

“Precious,” he mumbled as he stood up and walked over to me. “You look so fucking beautiful.” he said as his hands went to caress my round belly.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I gave him a sheepish smile because I was just calling myself fat and lashing out at him a moment ago. “You think so?” I asked.

“Why would I lie?” He asked and leaned in to take my lips into his.

“If you didn’t look like you were about to pop you’d be naked on the bed with me inside you,” he whispered into my ear making my eyes widen as I clenched my legs together.

“Now let’s get going before we miss the ceremony,” he mumbled and I could see the bulge growing in his pants. I acted like I didn’t see it and smiled knowing that even when I looked huge I still had that effect on him.

The past nine months were a rollercoaster of emotions for me. So much happened and Adrien was crazy protective of me since the day he found out I was pregnant.

He came to all my appointments and even bought a new house because he didn’t want me to stay where I killed Scarlett knowing that was all I thought about whenever I looked at the kitchen floors.

Our new house was similar to the old one. Just this time he had baby-proofed everything, built a nursery, and even bought a new car that was family-friendly since all he had before were sports cars. It made me happy seeing how committed he was and I knew our pup would have the best dad in the world.

My training center was the best surprise I ever got from anyone. I had a job I loved along with assisting Adrien and I loved those kids to no end. Sebastian, Blake, and I trained those kids together up until I was five months pregnant and Adrien forced me to stop saying it wasn’t good for me or the baby. I obviously argued but he was having none of it so I had to stop, but I couldn’t wait to go back once my baby was born and a few months old.

Aramis was a whole other story. He was sent to another pack away from Silver Moon because he had officially lost it. He hated everyone and not just Adrien and me. I felt bad for him but it was the best for everyone for him to have a new beginning somewhere else where he had nothing to remind him of Sylvie. I heard he was getting better, maybe even found a second mate if the moon Goddess felt generous, but they could just be rumors since Adrien made sure I never even heard his name.

Once we made it to the garden the ceremony was being held at, I looked around and everyone was gathered waiting for Mason and Sophia as they chatted. I was excited for Mason to finally have his Luna after years of waiting.

I stood beside a fountain and I was just so lost in my thoughts. I felt so weird and I was trying to ignore the slight pain I was feeling in my abdomen as I tried to admire the flowers planted around the wooden archway Mason and Sophia were supposed to be at.

“Are you okay?” Adrien asked and forced me to sit on a chair when he noticed me wincing and holding my belly.

“I’m fine,” I said but soon my breathing became uneven and I felt like I had run a marathon.

“Shit Valerie. What’s wrong? Is it the baby?” He asked and crouched down to my level and I saw Phoenix and Stella walk up to us with eyes wide as saucers.

“I said I’m fine. Go away,” I hissed as a pang of pain hit me and I bit back a grunt.

“You’re not fine. We’re leaving. I’m taking you to the hospital,” he said and immediately helped me up, leaving me no room for discussion when I felt another painful jab. My eyes widened and I completely leaned on Adrien for support as he rambled and panicked.

“Can you fucking shut up,” I hissed because he kept rambling and his voice annoyed me, I wanted silence.

“She’s having contractions. You need to get her to the hospital now!” Phoenix said and my eyes widened.

“Fuck. But she’s not due yet!” Adrien panicked as I groaned and my eyes burnt like fire as tears gathered in them. “Shit. Stella, go get the car, she can’t walk all the way there like that,” he said and literally threw the keys at her.

Stella ran as Phoenix and Adrien held onto my arms and I felt like I was about to pass out. “It’s normal, she’ll be okay,” Phoenix reassured Adrien but I don’t think he was even listening to her. All I could hear was my heartbeat and the ringing in my ears and I was pretty sure he was the same.

“We don’t even have the baby bag!” He panicked before calling Laurie and making sure she brought it to the hospital. I wasn’t due for another week and we didn’t think to carry the hospital bag with us.

I felt like my insides were ripping apart. With each contraction, the pain dominated my entire being. I was laying on the hospital bed with Adrien by my side, holding my hand while looking at me with so much worry in his eyes.

“You have to stay strong for me okay? and our pup,” he whispered, his voice shaky and I just nodded. I knew he was scared of anything happening to me during labor.

I didn’t talk, I just tried to not make a sound as each contraction hit me and I shut my eyes to take a deep breath.

The doctor came in and told me it was time to push as my stomach tightened. I was horrified. I turned to look at Adrien whose face was so red and he bent down to kiss my forehead. “It’s okay, you’re strong.”

I heard myself scream as I pushed, I wasn’t even aware that I was screaming and I didn’t care. I just wanted it to end. I was on medication but I felt everything. I could feel my private parts ripping as I screamed and squeezed the life out of Adrien’s hands, not caring if I was hurting him because I was in more pain.

“I can’t. No,” I said and stopped pushing as I heaved. The pain I felt was becoming unbearable and I wanted to just sleep.

“One last time, just one push, the baby is almost out.” The doctor said and I glared at him.

“Stop lying to me,” I hissed. They were telling me it was the last time for Goddess knows how long. “Adrien,” I cried out and looked up at him.

“No, you can. It’s okay. Just one more,” he whispered as he pressed his forehead against my head and cupped my face. “you’re doing so good. It’s okay. I’m here.”

I looked at him and squeezed his hand before pushing one last time and I felt something slide out. I let my back fall on the bed as I took deep breaths and cries filled the room.

“You did so good. I’m so proud of you,” Adrien whispered as he pressed his forehead against mine once again and I burst out crying tears of relief and joy. Tears slid down my cheeks as I heard our baby’s cries filling up the room and I felt a drop fall on my face. Adrien was crying too.

“It’s a baby girl,” the nurse said before placing her on my chest. I smiled and looked at her. She was so small and red like a strawberry.

I couldn’t say anything, I just stared at her and felt like it was just me and her. I completely forgot about everyone else in the room. I instantly fell in love with the little girl in my arms as she curled her small hands and hid her face on my chest as her crying quieted down slightly. The love I felt for her was like nothing I’d felt before.

I smiled and looked up at Adrien through the tears and exhaustion I was feeling. His face was red and his eyes were filled with tears as he looked down at our girl. At that moment I began to cry the sweetest tears I’d ever known, all the pain of moments before melting away.

“You’re the strongest person I know. You did it,” he whispered in a shaky voice and planted a long kiss on my head. “We have a baby girl.”

The nurses took our girl to check her and clothe her before returning her to me. She was so small in her pink swaddle. “Do you want to hold her?” I asked Adrien with a smile that I couldn’t seem to get off my face.

He had a look in his eyes that I never saw before. He just kept looking at me and our pup like he couldn’t stop admiring us.

“Yeah,” he whispered and reached his hands out before carefully taking her from me and cradling her against his chest where she looked even smaller due to him being a huge beast. “She’s so damn small,” he said as a smile appeared on his face. “And adorable.”

“Hi baby,” he whispered to her and gently ran his thumb over her red cheeks which made her coo. “You had to make a grand appearance today and make mommy lash out on me huh?” He laughed.

He looked up at me and shook his head with a smile. “You’re fucking amazing,” he said and I shook my head. He had a lot of habits he was going to have to give up.

“You’re gonna have to stop cursing now,” I said and he just chuckled. “Right.”

“I never thought I’d ever be buying a family-friendly car and have a car seat in it. Or that I’d have a nursery in my house and a bassinet in my room,” he mumbled as he looked back down at her. He seemed to not be able to take his eyes off her ever since he first saw her.

“I think that means she wants you,” he said as soon as she started fussing and cooing louder. He bent down and placed her on my chest. “I love you so much,” he mumbled as he pressed his lips to my head.

“I love you more.” I smiled and looked down at my baby’s tiny mouth latching on my breast. “All that pushing made you hungry huh princess?” I asked as her little hands curled into fists.

“This tiny human made Adrien Grey cry,” I said with a soft laugh as I looked down at her, fixing her swaddle so that I could see her face clearly. He was not a sentimental man, but when it came to me and now our baby, he was a ball of emotions.

“The power my two girls have over me. She’s already melted my heart,” he said and I felt my heart swell.

“I should go get your parents,” he said and got up to walk out before walking back in with my mom and dad.

My mom tried not to freak out and jump around as she walked in and saw me holding my baby in my arms. I smiled and watched her as she looked down and admired her granddaughter.

“Look, it’s your grandparents,” I whispered and positioned my baby so my mom could have a better look.

“Does she have a name?” My mom asked and I looked up at Adrien. He nodded, understanding what I was saying, and looked back at my mom.

“Arabella. Arabella Grey,” he said proudly and I watched my mom’s face change as she awed. We had so many names but Adrien loved the name Arabella, and it was my birth mothers name.

“That is such a cute name. She’s smiling looking down at her girls,” she said and turned to look at my father who was smiling so widely and I could tell he was holding back tears.

“You can carry her,” I said and she didn’t waste a second before scooping her off my arm and cradling her. She began rocking her hands slightly and mumbled things in a baby voice making everyone laugh.

“Where are our new Alpha and Luna?” I asked remembering that I was at Mason and Sophia’s Luna ceremony before Arabella decided that she wanted to come out and not wait for a little longer. But on the positive side, at least I looked pretty while in labor.

“They were on their way along with Stella and Kade, they should be here in a minute,” my dad said and I nodded. Stella and Phoenix stayed at the ceremony and didn’t tell anyone I was in labor because we knew my mom would freak out and get stressed wanting to be in two places at once.

I was still exhausted but every time I looked at Arabella I felt all the exhaustion wash away. She was a little angel brought to me and Adrien when our life was a big mess and I couldn’t wait to take her home.

“Hey you. Ready to see your new home?” Adrien asked in the softest voice I’d ever heard him use as he unattached Arabella’s car seat from the car.

He carefully carried the car seat which she was still strapped in and took my hands in his.

“Ready for sleepless nights?” I asked and he just chuckled. “Nothing new for me,” he said as I unlocked the door.

As soon as I opened the door my jaw dropped and I paused before slowly turning to look at him, “when did you do this?” I asked and looked back at the sight in front of me. There were ballon’s spelling welcome home and roses lining the side of the floor.

“I didn’t. I made a call and Laurie was there to supervise,” he said and I turned to look at him with the biggest smile on my face. That was the best thing anyone could go home to after pushing out a whole child.

“Thank you,” I said before walking up to him and giving him a kiss. “Who knew there was a romantic in you?” I asked and he just chuckled.

“There isn’t,” he muttered and I just laughed.

“All right. Time for mommy and little Bella to rest,” he said before leading us up to our room. We had a nursery for Arabella but she also had a cute little bassinet in our room where she’d sleep for a while.

Arabella had somehow slept for an entire hour without fussing which gave me enough time to rest. I slowly picked her up and carried her downstairs so that I could always be close by in case anything happened. I put her in the bassinet we had in the living room before walking to the kitchen where Adrien was.

“Hey,” I said and sat on the stool beside him.

“Why are you awake? I told you rest, I’ll watch her,” he said and I frowned because I knew he was not only going to only baby Arabella, but me too.

“I’m not sleepy,” I said and he just shook his head.

“I promise I can take care of her. Besides Laurie and your mom walk in and out of this house like every hour,” he said and I let out a soft laugh.

“And I promise I’m not sleepy.”

He sighed and shook his head, “so damn stubborn.”

“You’re the one that hasn’t slept for even a second. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” I said and he just looked at me with a suspicious smile.

“I’m not the one that was in labor a day ago and brought that cute little baby into this world.”

I sighed knowing I couldn’t argue further and looked at his laptop, “what are you doing?” I asked.

“I stepped down from my position.” He blurted out and I paused for a second before my eyes widened.

“What! Why?” I said and looked at him. “You loved your job, why would you step down?” I asked knowing how dedicated he was to his job.

“Because I can’t let Arabella go through what we went through,” he said and pointed at the living room where she was asleep.

“Adrien,” I breathed out with a sad smile. “We could have figured something out.”

“I don’t want to be in a position where I have to figure something out just to keep my daughter safe. My mate was a target and my daughter will not be one or I’d go crazy,” he said as he ran his fingers through his hair as if thinking about any harm coming our way stressed him out.

“I’ll still work with them. Just not in that position. And I still train them. Besides, not being the lead warrior gives me more time with my family.”

“You’re something else.” I smiled and leaned closer to him so that I could wrap my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around me gently and rubbed my back knowing that I had awful back pain after giving birth to Arabella.

His embrace made me feel warm as I smiled to myself and pictured our future knowing it was going to be way less chaotic and calmer than the past year.

“I love you,” I whispered and pulled away to place my forehead on his when loud cries echoed throughout the house making both of us sigh and get up.

“I think she’s jealous. Stay, I’ll get her,” he said and walked away to the living room.

I was going to have to get used to sharing him with her now. It was crazy really. She wasn’t planned and we didn’t even think about babies back then. Then she came and we were both instantly in love with our little bundle of joy.

I felt like I had found my inner peace with them. At that moment, watching him hold her in his arms, walking around and whispering things to her to stop her crying, all the negative emotions were non-existent. I sat back and let the happiness soak into my bones and savored the memory of that day.

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