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I was having a pretty normal day, nothing new. I just had a few paperwork to take care of for Tobias, the lead warrior after me. Then I had to train. I wasn’t expecting it to be anything different. Not until the last person I had ever expected to see again decided to pay me a visit.

I had no reaction honestly. I was just confused about how he was there, in front of me. I didn’t forget what he had done which is why Kai was immediately in protective mode and so was I.

He came to ask for forgiveness. I guess it was eating him up even though it had been over two years. I didn’t really care what he had to say, he wasn’t an important part of my life. Hell, he was not part of it at all. But I tried to be as nice as I could despite feeling an itch to just punch him one last time.

Kade eyed me for the entire training session as if waiting for me to just lose it. But I didn’t. I had no time to waste fighting for what happened a long time ago. I wanted to just go home to my girls Valerie and Arabella as fast as I could. Besides, if I did lose it Valerie wouldn’t let me hear the end of it.

Arabella was the brightest child. Always smiling and making us smile with her. I loved my little girl, she was so precious and the best gift given to me and Valerie. She was seriously the light of our lives. The sweetest, silliest girl.

It’s the way she loved us like we were her entire world. All she saw was mom and dad. Not the demons within us, not the imperfections, none of it. Just two people she loved with her whole heart.

I couldn’t believe she was just a few weeks from turning two years old. She was growing a little too fast for my liking and becoming a wise child, which is why we believed she was gifted too. But it was too early to tell. She couldn’t talk properly yet. Not everyone understood what she was saying like me and Valerie did, which I found special, but she still made it her mission to tell us all kinds of stories.

As soon as I made it home, I unlocked the door and I could hear the familiar little footsteps running towards the door. “DADDY!” Arabella shrieked as she ran towards me only to fall down on her way.

“Careful Bubba.” I heard Valerie say with a gasp but Arabella just got up like nothing happened and continued running with a big grin on her face. I chuckled and scooped her up letting her wrap her tiny arms around my neck. The amount of happiness that little girl gave me was unreal.

“There’s my little princess,” I said as I stroked her hair that always seemed to be messy by the end of the day. Every morning Valerie would brush her hair nicely and had some kind of bow in it but by the end of the day that bow was nowhere to be found and her hair would be in a big mess.

“Mommy and me watching paw patrol,” she said and pointed at the TV but my eyes fell on one person only.

“I see that,” I said with a smile as I walked over to the couch where Valerie was sitting. I stood behind her and she tilted her head up to look at me with a smile. I silently let out a breath as my eyes locked with hers. My girl was literally glowing which only proved that it wasn’t a lie that women glowed when they were carrying a baby. Our baby.

“Hey, precious,” I mumbled as I bent down to peck her now plump, red lip. She hummed and Arabella immediately began giggling before wriggling in my arms and sliding down to go sit on the carpet.

“We were waiting for you.” She smiled before fixing her gaze back on the TV.

“I think you’re the one that wants to watch paw patrol, not Arabella.” I laughed, making her roll her eyes.

“Don’t act like I didn’t see you singing Moana songs to her,” she said and I just smiled and walked around the couch to sit beside her. I thought that was a secret between me and Arabella only.

“How are you feeling?” I asked. My eyes wandered to her growing belly as I caressed it. Her due date was only weeks away and soon we’d be a family of four.

Her pregnancy was definitely not planned. It was a surprise just like her first one. One child was already turning our house into a daycare, two was the limit.

I wasn’t going to lie though, I was excited to have a boy. Baby Theo, she named him. But I couldn’t imagine the chaos baby Theo and Arabella would cause together, and the toys… Arabella’s toys, dolls, and stuffed animals were all over the house despite her having a whole playroom and a bigass princess playhouse in the backyard. I sometimes woke up to Elsa staring into my soul which scared me but Arabella found it rather funny. Now imagine two babies.

“My back hurts.” She huffed and sunk back into the couch.

“I can help with that.” I leaned in and whispered in her ear as I snuck a hand behind her and massaged my thumb just above her ass, teasing her.

“Adrien!” She mumbled as she bit her lip and pointed her gaze at Arabella. I turned to find her looking at us suspiciously while holding her bunny, yawning, and looking like she was about to fall asleep on the carpet.

“It’s almost her bedtime you know? Then you’re all mine.” I said and saw her face immediately flush.

“Bubba come here,” she said to try and ignore me and stretched her arms out. Arabella grinned and skipped over to us before climbing up the couch like a monkey.

“I missed you snuggle bug.” I smiled, pulling her to my lap and letting her rest her head on my chest facing Valerie as she stifled a giggle like always.

“She’s getting big too fast,” I mumbled and Valerie hummed. She used to be so small that I used to hide her in my jacket like a kangaroo, now she was sitting on my lap like a big girl.

“Well she’s going to be a big sister soon,” Valerie said with a suspiciously soft voice. I turned to look at her and her eyes were shining with a coat of tears.

“Oh no-no don’t get emotional on me now,” I said, making her chuckle and wipe her eyes. If she got emotional she would spend the next day weeping.

Arabella stared at her in confusion before quickly looking up at me with worry filling her doe eyes. As if asking me to help. “Say, I love you mommy,” I whispered in Arabella’s ear and she happily did it. “Now blow a kiss,” I said and she gave us a toothy grin before blowing a big fat kiss.

“I love you more Bella,” Valerie said and laughed when Arabella stretched out her tiny arms and patted her arm, comforting her.

“I love you so much,” Arabella repeated making me laugh even though it sounded more like ‘I luh you so much’ It was a new phrase she had learned and was obsessed with saying it to me and Valerie.

“Do you want your yogurt?” I asked. She shook her head and snuggled back into my chest. We always gave her a snack before bed so that she wouldn’t get hungry at night. But nothing sugary, I learned my lesson the hard way.

“She just had her squeeze applesauce before you came,” Valerie said and tucked Arabella’s messy hair behind her ears.

“Hop hop go night night with me,” she said with another yawn and squeezed the life out of her favorite stuffed animal making us chuckle.

“Yeah, he can go night night with you and dada.” Valerie smiled and looked at Arabella with the most loving eyes. She really was the world’s best mom.

We just sat quietly before I took a deep breath and faced her. Valere could immediately sense my uneasiness and stared at me. “I had a visitor today,” I said out of nowhere. She looked at me with furrowed brows and slowly grabbed the remote to mute the TV.

“Who?” She asked and I could feel the worry taking over her body and her hands automatically went around her belly protectively.

“Relax it’s okay.” I sighed and stroked Arabella’s hair when she yawned a third time. “I was in training when Aramis came.”

“Oh…” she whispered and stared at me. “He was allowed to come back?” She asked and I shrugged. Usually, when someone is moved to another pack they aren’t allowed back in.

“I guess Mason allowed him.”

“And you didn’t punch him?” She asked and I chuckled while shaking my head. I wanted to do it for payback since last time I couldn’t punch him well because of the silver bullet wound, but I held back. Being a father, I had to be responsible.

“I wish I could but no, I didn’t punch him-”

“Okay, then what happened?” She cut in.

I looked at her and then back down at Arabella who was slowly falling asleep in my arms, making a soft smile appear on both our faces. “He apologized and said he wanted to fix things.”

“And what did you say?” She asked.

I sighed and looked at her. Her brows immediately furrowed knowing what I did. I didn’t tell him that I forgave him. It made no difference to me. “Adrien.”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s been more than two years,” she said, her gaze continuously shifting from me to Arabella.

“I know but I have kids now Valerie. So much has changed since then and I have a family that I care about more than anything in this world.”

“Exactly. So much has changed. We all grew and so did he.” She cocked an eyebrow.

“Do you know how vulnerable you are while you’re pregnant?” I asked and looked at her stomach.

“I’ll be fine. You’re the one that’s scared,” she said and put her head on my shoulders. I sighed. That was true.

“I’m not sure I want a man who wished my mate dead close to her or our babies.” I paused.

“I understand why he did what he did. So I don’t give two shits if I forgive him or not. But it doesn’t mean I want him close to you or Bella. I told him he could come hunting with us on Thursday,” I said.

She huffed and sat back up. “I really don’t like you. It’s all your fault I can’t shift for nine months,” she said and sunk back into the chair making me laugh.

Pregnant werewolves couldn’t shift. Especially not one as far in as she was. When we shift our bones shift and our entire body changes which would instantly hurt or kill any life inside of you. Not to mention when a female is pregnant, her wolf becomes extremely protective and alert at all times despite not being able to make an appearance. Which is why Valerie is a little too aggressive whenever she’s pregnant.

“You’re not missing out on much.” I shrugged, earning a glare from her. She hated not being able to join pack hunts or her kids training center.

“If you come back smelling like blood, you will sleep outside,” she said with a fake gag. Ever since she got pregnant she couldn’t stand the smell.

“We’ll see about that,” I smirked.

We sat there just talking for a while until I realized Arabella was almost knocked out. I couldn’t let her sleep before changing her and brushing her teeth.

“Bella bel?” I whispered and shook her body slightly. She just grumbled and let her head fall back to my chest.

“She sleeps like you. Closes her eyes, instantly falls into a deep slumber, and then everything else is none existent,” I said making Valerie laugh.

“I’m glad she didn’t get everything after you. Just your good looks and those damn blue eyes,” she said. I smirked and leaned in to suck on her plump lips. Arabella was basically a mini female version of me with Valerie’s personality.

“Well, I’ll go change her and put her in bed before she’s fully knocked out. I wanna see you on our bed when I’m back,” I whispered against her lips and I didn’t miss the way she shivered and pressed her thighs together.

“But you forgot this,” she whispered and held Arabella’s bunny. “Right. Hop hop.” I rolled my eyes with a smile and took it from her. If Arabella woke up and didn’t find that bunny beside her, hell would break loose.

“Fuck I missed you,” I mumbled as soon as I shut the door to our bedroom.

Valerie smiled and rolled her eyes, “clingy beast.” She laughed and fixed her gaze back on the TV across our bed.

“I won’t deny that,” I said and moved to lay beside her on the bed. “Bella is asleep,” I whispered and snuck my hands up her arm and to her neck.

She shivered and looked back at me as I circled my thumb on the mark on her neck. “This doesn’t turn you off?” She asked shyly and patted her belly.

I cocked an eyebrow and shook my head. Nothing about her turned me off. She was fucking perfect in every way possible and my pants got tight at just the sight of her. “Why would it? I find it hot, to be honest.” I shrugged. “We made that,” I whispered in her ear and nibbled on it.

She hummed and lifted her hands up, digging her fingers into my hair. “Are you sure she’s sleeping?” She whispered as I trailed kisses down her neck to the top of her breasts that were exposed and not covered by her nightgown.

“Yes. But you better be quiet so she doesn’t wake up,” I mumbled against her breasts. She shuddered and let out a soft moan, quickly biting her lip to stop any sound from coming as I tugged on her nightgown to reveal her big, round breasts and hardened nipples.

“Me only? Not you?” She breathed out making me chuckle against her soft skin.

“I can hold back. You on the other hand-” I paused when she glared at me.

My hands wandered to her thighs, massaging them while my lips explored her breasts when I heard the door handle being pulled down and shooting back up. Only one person did that. One short person.

“Too late,” Valerie whispered and quickly scrambled up to cover her chest. Her face flushed as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Fuck,” I hissed and sat up to find Arabella walking in, her hair disheveled and hop hop tucked under her arm. I’d never been so thankful that the room was dark and that I hadn’t stripped both me and Valerie naked… yet.

“Mommy?” She called.

“Bella baby what’s wrong?” Valerie asked and sat up. I could hear her heart beating, thumping so hard against her chest as she tried to keep her voice controlled. I smirked at the effect I still had on her and mentally cursed Arabella’s timing and the fact that she learned how to climb out her crib. Second time being cockblocked by my toddler.

“I’m scared. It’s making kshh.” She whined and copied the sound of fuck knows what. She continued rambling in her baby gibberish as I got off the bed and scooped her up while trying to keep my breathing even.

“What’s scary? It’s late Bella.” I asked and stroked her hair.

“Monster.” She pointed at the door and wrapped her arms around my neck so tightly, hiding her face in my neck as she puffed her cute and chubby red cheeks. “Okay, you want me to go check your room?” I asked and she nodded.

“You do that,” Valerie breathed out and I held back a laugh as I walked to Arabella’s room. Valerie’s state was way worse than mine.

I looked everywhere for nothing in particular. Just a show for Arabella so she wouldn’t get scared of sleeping alone. I looked under the covers, behind the curtains, under the bed, the bathroom, and everywhere else but there was nothing.

“There is nothing, see,” I said and pointed around us.

“No it’s making kshh,” she repeated again and pointed at her little dresser. I raised an eyebrow and stared at the dresser for a whole minute when I heard the sound.

“Oh,” I chuckled and grabbed her sleeping noise machine that seemed to be broken. “It’s just this.”

I tried putting her down but she tightened her hold and clung to me like a sloth to a tree. “Daddy No, no-no” she whined again.

“Baby.” I sighed. Knowing I’d just have to continue what I started with Valerie another day. “You wanna sleep with me and mommy today?” I asked and she nodded while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Not in your room?” I asked and she immediately shook her head.

How unfortunate.

“Did you find anything?” Valerie asked when I walked back into our room with Arabella on my arm.

“The noise machine was broken making that kshh sound she’s talking about. But no nothing.” I placed Arabella in the middle of the bed and she immediately snuggled to Valerie’s side with a content smile on her face. Like she just won a challenge.

“Just maybe fairies and Olaf,” I finished off using Valerie’s phrase which made Arabella lift her head up and look at me with one eye open.

“You wanna sleep in your room?” I asked one last time hoping she’d say yes and I could just spend some time with Valerie. But she shook her head and dropped it back on the bed making Valerie laugh and wrap an arm over Arabella’s tiny body.

I chuckled and got in next to them. “Next time I’m locking the door,” I said and saw a smile appear on Valerie’s face as she looked at me. We were facing each other, Arabella between us but not blocking my sight.

“You spoilt her.” She mouthed and I rolled my eyes before scooting closer and draping my arm around them.

“Mommy?” Arabella whispered very cautiously.


“Baby Tio sleep?” She asked in a really low whisper, as if afraid to wake her unborn baby brother which instantly made both of us smile.

“Mhm he’s sleeping. Now we should sleep too,” Valerie whispered, her gaze still locked with mine as she spoke.

“Night night you snuggle bug,” I said and kissed Arabella’s temple to which she hummed and tightened her hold on hop hop. “Love you baby,” I whispered, pulling the covers over us.

Just like that, we fell asleep. Me, my mate, and my baby girl. Totally forgetting the unfortunate halt of events the little girl between us caused. Those two girls were my world. I loved them more than life itself. I was at a place in my life I never thought I’d ever see myself at. Happy, with a family. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

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