My Valerie

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I was walking out of the office building when I bumped into someone, I looked up and it was none other than Lennon, but I didn’t feel like interacting with anyone at that moment.

“Oh hey, Valerie.” He smiled and I quickly masked my awful mood.

“Lennon! Hi.”

“Are you free today? We can go out, what do you say?” he asked and I just gave him a small smile.

“Sorry, I’m actually busy right now.” Busy my ass, I just wasn’t feeling Lennon and I wanted to be alone.

“You seem to always be busy huh?” he let out a laugh and I fake laughed with him.

“Is it your boss, keeping you busy?” He asked and my eyes instantly widened. What the hell.

“Excuse me?”

“With work I mean,” he said and I felt my cheeks heat up. Funny how the first thing I thought of was far from work.

“Yeah. anyway, I have to get going. I’ll see you around.” I smiled and began walking away to my car. I felt strange, the same feeling I felt at the training field after Adrien left. I felt like I was being watched but there was no one around.

I couldn’t shake off the eerie feeling the whole way back to my cabin. To make it better as soon as I got there it felt different, something was off.

I furrowed my brows and walked up the steps when Alaska growled stopping me in my tracks. I looked around and focused on my spot and that’s when I caught the scent. A foul disgusting scent, a rogue. But there was another, a normal wolf from our pack.

“Goddess,” I muttered before I walked in and locked the door to call Mason, my brother.

Mason was always overprotective of me, he’s the brother I never asked for and I loved him so much. When I called him he told me to just stay inside and he was going to come over and see if it was the same rogue they always caught the sent of, or if there were more we didn’t know about.

The rogue problem our pack was facing was starting to get out of hand. I realized that because dad and Mason were always out inspecting and getting calls about trespassers.

“This isn’t the same rogue, at least I don’t think so but they all have a similar foul stench,” Mason said as he scratched his head.

“Valerie come home, it isn’t safe here. They wanted you to catch their scent, they could have easily hidden it but they left a trace of it. They want you to know.”

My eyes widened and I felt my heart drop, what would a rogue want from me? I never even left the pack territory.

“There is another scent, it’s not just a rogue,” I mumbled and he nodded.

“I’m not sure what a pack member was doing with a rogue or how the rogue came this far while going unnoticed. Their scents tell me they were here together but I could be wrong,” Mason said and I got lost in my thoughts.

“I don’t want to go home, I can handle them if they decide to do anything. I have Alaska, and I have my bat,” I said with a smile making Mason huff.

“You think a bat can take out a werewolf?” He asked.

“Of course not. But you know, maybe they’d be in human form.” I shrugged.

“Did you mess with someone?” he asked, “you must have done something, why would they want you, and why would they leave their scent behind.”

“What! No, I didn’t. I haven’t done anything besides go to work. I have been getting this stupid feeling that something is wrong since,” I paused and gulped making him look at me with a raised eyebrow, I almost told him that I kissed Adrien. “since I trained that morning.”

“Mason please don’t tell dad, I don’t want him to worry he already has so much going on with the attacks,” I said and he nodded.

“But if anything happens you tell me okay? Or Adrien.”

My eyes widened and my lips parted, how did he know. I only told mom, dad, and Stella. “How did you-” I paused, maybe he just said Adrien because he was the leader of warriors. “Why would I tell Adrien?” I asked innocently.

Mason chuckled and playfully smacked my shoulder, “dad told me. Besides, if I didn’t know then your reaction right now would have given it all away. I know he’s your mate.”

“Oh,” I mumbled.

Mason left shortly after, I haven’t seen him in a long time because he’s been busy with pack business and other things they weren’t allowed to tell me. It was just between him and the warriors apparently, and I shouldn’t worry about it.

I sat alone staring at the trees from my bedroom window. I loved my cabin and I didn’t want to leave even if rogues were lurking around. It reminded me of a treehouse my mom used to take me to before she died.

My thoughts kept going back to what Mason said. Why would anyone want to mess with me or hurt me? Were they dumb? Firstly I would beat them in a fight, and second, I haven’t gotten involved with anyone that could possibly want me hurt.

The only person I pissed off was Adrien. Could he possibly have sent his minions after me? He couldn’t do that. Despite the tension and the hate he has for me, I was still his mate and no one could hurt their own mate. It was pretty late but I didn’t care. He was always at the office. The man might have slept there for all I knew.

With a huff I grabbed my purse and went back to the office, I needed to get rid of that feeling I had in the pit of my stomach for making Adrien lose control. I didn’t need that AND a rogue after me to occupy my mind. I could at least be at peace with one of my haters.

I slowly knocked on his door and peeked in. I knew he knew it was me because he didn’t look up. And I was the only one who knocked and invited myself into his office without him allowing me to enter.

“Adrien?” I called out but he kept his gaze on his damned papers.

“I don’t want to see you, Miss Hale.”

Miss Hale? He was back to calling me Miss Hale. I didn’t like it. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and I didn’t miss the sides of the paper he was holding crinkling up.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry,” I mumbled as I closed the door behind me. I don’t apologize to people like him, he was just as wrong as I was. But here I was, apologizing to that damned bipolar colossal beast.


My eyes widened, “OK?? I came all the way here to apologize to you when I could have not and all you say is OK?” I snapped.

“What do you want me to tell you, Valerie?!” He snapped and got up from his chair making me gulp. But hey, he was back to calling me Valerie.

“Do you want me to say that it’s okay? That what you did was totally fine? You made me lose control in the office and you knew exactly what you were doing. I am not supposed to lose control, I do not lose control and especially not on matters like that. It’s my job to not lose control, I can't. You want me to just brush it off because you are my mate?”

My lips parted and I stared at him, that was probably the most he’s spoken to me in one go.

“Of course not, I know what I did was wrong but it’s your fault. You are just as bad as I am,” I said. Adrien glared at me for a whole minute before he scoffed and shook his head.

“My fault? Please tell me how it was my fault that you made up that lie. That you took advantage of our fucking mate bond.” He pointed at the space between us.

“You made me sit and watch you bring women to your office. You even made me get one of them tea when it wasn’t even my job, but guess what? I still walked in here and gave her tea. You think it’s okay to bring Sienna in here right after you kissed me? Because you can’t lie and say you felt nothing, I know you did.”

I wanted to punch him and that blonde girl in the face that day. They were just talking but I didn't like her. He called me in just to tell me to bring her tea when it wasn't my job so he clearly wanted to belittle me in front of her. I respected myself and got it instead of saying a word.

“But me telling a simple lie about me having a daughter who is FIVE years old. Mind you that’s long before I even knew of your existence, that’s wrong, right? But you can let me walk into Sienna half-naked with you, that's totally okay."

Adrien looked at me like he saw a ghost. I had no idea where all those words were coming from. I went there to apologize but somehow that was far from what I was doing. He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off.

“You can do all that. You can hurt me all you want but when I make one mistake, you go all beast mode on me. You can do anything but I can’t.”

“Valerie it’s not like that-” he managed to say but I cut him off again.

“No. I saved myself for you like an idiot. I saved myself while you were going around sleeping with every woman you see in front of your face, even after you met me. You don’t deserve anything from me. You were in here just yesterday doing it with Sienna while I was next door. You disgust me.” I almost shivered at the thought of them together.

He looked at me with a blank face but his eyes looked hurt, he pressed his lips into a thin line before he let out a sigh and shook his head, “Allie. Let me talk. I-”

“DON’T CALL ME ALLIE!” I snapped. “I came here to look for a job, not a mate. So why am I getting punished? I didn’t do anything bad and I didn’t choose to be with you. Trust me if I could choose I would never choose you. You are nothing I want in a mate and I fucking hate you. So much.”

I yelled so much and I felt a lump form in my throat. Everyone outside could probably hear what I said but I couldn’t care less.

“No. You don’t hate me. I don’t believe you,” he said after a long moment of silence.

I looked up at him, he looked hurt but at that moment, I didn’t care. “I don’t. But Goddess do I want to. I want to hate you. You ruined everything for me. I only came here because I didn’t need more than one burden at once.”

“Reject me, Adrien,” I whispered as I swallowed the lump in my throat and put up a strong front once again.

He looked at me and paused, “No.”

“I will continue my job as normal. Just make this fast and reject me.” I said those words so easily when deep down I knew I didn’t want him to. I had hope that we’d work out but seeing him with Sienna made my blood boil.

“Valerie,” he said in a low voice and I shook my head.

“Miss Hale,” I corrected. We were just work buddies right? Just like he said on my first day here. So he shouldn’t call me Valerie no matter how much I loved it.

“Valerie. I’m not rejecting you.”

“STOP SAYING MY NAME LIKE THAT AND REJECT ME.” I huffed, he was making it hard.

“I will not do that, You’re my mate,” he said with a straight face.

I looked at him and blinked, the man was unbelievable and I’m not sure what the moon Goddess was thinking. I let out a laugh, “now I’m your mate? I don’t remember being treated like one. And I also remember you not wanting anyone to know that you found me because of how ashamed you are.”

“I'm not ashamed of you. I can’t reject you. I won’t. Do what you want but you can’t make me.”

“Damn you stupid colossal possessive asshole.”

He glared at me and pushed me against the door while pressing his body against mine. “You know not to call me that, and you know not to talk back,” he whispered into my ear and I stopped breathing. “You’re so hot when you’re angry.”

I felt shivers all over my body, just like last time. But this time it felt even better. I snapped out of it and furrowed my brows. One second he fights me and another he calls me hot?

“And you’re bipolar and you have issues, I won't be one of them. If you won’t reject me then I reject you.” I pushed him off and walked out of his office. I knew that’s not how it worked. I couldn’t reject him, he was the only one that could do that.

I was trying to get rid of one problem, but I made it bigger. I now had two problems. Some anonymous rouge was after me and on the other hand, was an angry mate.

Hope you liked it! Please comment on your thoughts Xx

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