My Valerie

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For the next few days, I went to work Like I normally would. I didn’t avoid him and I didn’t try to see him. I was acting like any PA would act. I had no idea what problems he had or what he was facing but I knew there was something going on with him.

I was running on no sleep though. I knew someone was watching me in my cabin. I could hear them walking and the leaves rustling, sometimes it would be human feet and sometimes it was paws. Whenever I did go out, I saw nothing, no one.

I had managed to find out that they always came to my cabin at around 12 am. So I planned everything out and how I would attack. At about 12 am I walked out and shifted into my wolf. Alaska was a pure white wolf with golden eyes, she was a rare beauty in our pack.

I began walking quietly, making sure to avoid the jaw trap I had set beneath the leaves. After checking the surroundings of my cabin I walked over to a big tree that faced my front door and hid behind it. From the information I gathered the past few days, the rogue came from the other side, so the chance of it seeing me here was slim.

The foul stench got to me way before I saw the rogue, so I knew to get ready. I was going to attack that rogue and end it.

I’ve never attacked or fought a rogue before. Hell, I never attacked anyone like that. It was always during training and my opponent always knew what was coming. I knew that if Mason or dad found out, they’d be pissed about it. But I wanted to try and take care of myself for once. Besides, they were too busy.

Finally, I saw the rogue. Brown fur mixed with some black. It was a female too. She was walking carefully and I saw her sniff my windows and my door. Her head suddenly snapped to my direction and it let out a threatening growl that pumped my adrenaline. That was when I remembered that my scent would lead her right to me. I forgot to cover it up…

My heart pounded in my chest as we locked eyes. It had deep blue eyes that stared right into my soul. Alaska growled and walked out from behind the tree and we stood face to face and began circling around each other. I felt a certain braveness and pride well up inside me, I felt strong.

With no warning, the rogue lunged forward and began sprinting towards my direction. That alerted Alaska and she began running to try and confuse the rogue. I could hear the pounding of the rogue's paws right behind me as Alaska ran and the wind brushed past her fur. The wind was a great combination with the adrenaline rush that overcame me.

The rogue added to its speed and I could hear the leaves rustling right behind my ear. Alaska turned around and stood her ground as they growled at each other. The rogue lunged forward and its first move was to scratch Alaska in the face.

Alaska whimpered but in reflex she caught the rogue’s paw between her teeth and tugged on it, causing the rogue to lose the balance it had on it’s left foot. That move pissed it off and a growl escaped the rogue before it got up on its paws and jumped over me.

Alaska used all the strength in her abdomen to roll over and have a better hand. She towered over the rogue and took careful steps towards it. Trying to lead her into the jaw trap I had set right behind where it was standing.

The rogue stepped back on a metal chain attached to the trap which made it snap its head down to where the sound came from. She saw the trap. She wasn’t supposed to see the trap. I was screwed.

It jumped right over it and ran, making Alaska run after her. Alaska miscalculated the position of the trap and her right paw landed right on it.

As soon as the metal rattled and the trap snapped on Alaska's leg a loud growl erupted from her and I felt immense pain shoot up my leg and all the way to my chest. Alaska immediately fell down and began whimpering as blood poured out of the wound. I knew I had to get it out but I couldn’t do it in wolf form. I had to shift back but that would be even more painful, the trap would sink further into my ankle, but I had no choice.

I shifted back, the cracking of my bones was worse than any other time I shifted, I felt like I was run over by a truck. As soon as I was back to my human form I felt hot tears trickling down my cheek. Any movement from my leg caused the trap to sink further into my flesh and it hurt. If I was a human, it would have totally cut my foot off.

I looked down at my ankle and bit my lip to stop any sound from erupting from within me. It looked bad. I reached my trembling hands out and pulled it open. That caused the blood to come oozing out like a waterfall.

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath before I managed to enter my cabin and take care of the wound before I collapsed on my bed from exhaustion.

No matter how hurt I was, I made it to work to avoid any suspicion. I limped into the elevator and tried to look normal despite the slight pain that shot up my leg with each step I took. “Thank Goodness,” I mumbled as the elevator doors slid closed and relief washed over me. I looked at my reflection and I looked like a mess. My eyes were swollen from the lack of sleep and I had a busted lip. Stupid rogue.

The doors suddenly opened before it got to my floor and none other than Adrien walked in. Shit shit, he can’t see me like this. I internally panicked.

I moved to the corner and used my hair to cover my face, he would definitely go crazy if he saw me like that.

“Miss Hale.” He called making my heart race. I was praying for the damned doors to open but they just wouldn’t.


He didn’t say anything and I let out a relieved sigh. My relief didn’t last long though because he held my chin and lifted my face up to look at him.

My eyes locked with his and he looked furious. His thumb moved over to trace my busted lip before he spoke, “What happened? Who did this to you?” He asked and I saw his jaw clench. The anger was radiating off him and I just wished the damned doors would open.

“Valerie, I asked a question.”

“Nothing! It’s just my face,” I mumbled and looked down as I thanked the Goddess a million times that the doors opened. That was the longest elevator ride of my life.

He walked out and I finally felt like I could breathe, I let out a sigh but it was followed by a yelp when he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to his office while I tried not to limp.

“It’s not your face, I have seen your face every day for the past two months. Who. Did. This.” He repeated as he shut the door behind us.

“I told you, nothing happened,” I shrugged and faked a very cheerful voice.


“I just haven’t slept well, that’s all,” I cut him off, hoping he would let it go because I did not want to be there, his presence made me want to cower away and hide in a dungeon.

“And you happened to bust your lip?”

Well crap.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said, looking up and locking my eyes with his.

“It does matter when you’re slacking in the work I’ve been giving you because of it.”

I held back from rolling my eyes, of course, it was all about him and not about me, I wanted to laugh at myself for even thinking that he cared about me.

“Everything is about you,” I mumbled making his eyes widen, “I will not slack anymore, you don’t have to worry about your papers.”

“You still haven’t answered my question,” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“I just got in a fight, that’s all.”

Adrien let out a growl and I gulped, it was not good. He lifted me up by my waist like I weighed nothing and placed me on his desk. I watched him crouch down carefully as my heart raced.

He reached out and lifted the bottom of my pants up to reveal my very badly bandaged up ankle. “Valerie what the hell happened, you better speak right now.”

“I fought with a rogue,” I whispered.

“What?!” He said with wide eyes. “What do you mean you fought with a rogue. That’s not your job.”

He began unwrapping my bandage and I hissed, trying to pull it away from him, “leave my wound alone,” I said as I swatted his arm but he just continued taking it off.

“That’s not a bite mark.” He growled when he saw the marks.

“I got caught in a jaw trap,” I said and furrowed my brows, “you can smell that?” I asked as I pointed at it. How could he smell it when it was bandaged up?

“My wolf’s senses are heightened when it comes to you. Now stop trying to get off-topic.”

I sighed and went on to explain everything to him, he had to know eventually. I told him everything since the day Mason came up to me falling in my own trap like a fool.

"What does a rogue want with you?" He asked. More to himself than me.

“Why aren’t you healing?” He asked as he pointed at my ankle. I could already see how angry he was at what I told him, but he hasn’t said anything yet. He was more focused on bombarding me with questions.

As a werewolf, my wound should be almost gone. We heal faster than humans do.

I bit my lip and looked at him. How was I supposed to tell him without him going all beast mode on me?

“I don’t know.” I lied

“Valerie. I can tell when you’re lying.”

“There is wolfsbane in my system,” I mumbled and tried to look everywhere but at him. I put some wolfsbane in my drink last night to ease the pain. Wolfsbane did what alcohol did to humans. It could get us high. I wasn’t about that so obviously I only had enough to numb the pain and not to reach my brain.

“Why do you keep doing stupid things? You’ll end up killing yourself. First, you go and attack a rogue instead of telling someone, then you fall into your OWN trap. And for the cherry on top, you take wolfsbane and slow down your healing.”

He began pacing around the room before he pulled out his phone. “Hey, Phoenix. I need you in my office with your supplies,” he said before he hung up.

“I don’t need a Doctor.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.

“Why would I tell you. You wouldn’t care. I can take care of myself.” I said before I jumped off his desk on my good leg and limped over to the couch.

“Where is the rogue now?”

“I don’t know. It got away when I fell into the trap,” I mumbled.

“Fucking hell Valerie. You’re so naive.”

What the hell was wrong with that man? I wanted to punch that pretty face of his.

“Shut up.”

“Where is your cabin?” he asked.


“Valerie, where is your cabin?”

“In the woods,” I shrugged, “not deep. It’s a safe distance not like I’m isolated from the rest of us.”

“You’re moving in with me,” he said, not a question but more like an order making my eyes go wide. Was he serious? The last thing I would have expected was him to order me to move in with him. Very romantic.

“What?” I ask for the millionth time today.

“Goddess, would you stop saying what to everything I say?” he said, throwing his arms up.

“Would YOU stop saying weird things then.” I pointed at him, “I think I’m doing fine in my cabin, I don’t need to move in with you.”

“Clearly.” He pointed at my foot, “I said what I said, I’ll have my men bring over your things today. You're not going back there ever again. I don’t want you to,” he said before sitting down on his desk chair.

“What do I look like to you?” I half yell, “you don’t own me and you can’t force me to come live with you, I’m doing perfectly fine.”

“Valerie don’t test me,” he growled. It was very sexy.

“No, you have to stop acting like you care about me and like you own me-”

“I never said I cared-” he cut me off. I never meant to say that part out loud but I did and he hurt me again.

“-But you still are my responsibility,” he finished off.

“RESPONSIBILITY?” I yelled. Unbelievable.

“I am no one’s responsibility, I’ve been doing perfectly fine all those years, what makes you think I need you now? I can take care of myself and I don’t need you to feel the need to babysit me. Besides, I have my parents and my friends who I can always go to.”

He looked away from his computer and clasped his hands before leaning back on the chair, “so, you’re just going to go live with your parents then?” he asked.

“No.” I liked living alone. I had my room in my parent's home but I didn't want to stay there forever. I go there when I feel like it.

“You’ll go live with your friend and her mate?” he asked. His voice was very controlled which freaked me out.

“I never said that,” I snapped.

“Good, you’re coming with me. Besides, you won’t see me, and I won’t see you.”

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, what did he mean he won’t see me and I won’t see him? He was hard to ignore and if we live together we would obviously see each other. Was he okay?

He left me alone in his office for a few minutes before he walked back in with a really pretty girl. She had Jet black hair and hazel eyes that were literally glowing. I wanted to know how Adrien knew her.

“It’s her ankle, and she has wolfsbane in her system,” Adrien said as he shot me a glare and walked out. Leaving me alone with a stranger.

“Hi! I’m Phoenix.” She smiled at me and reached her hand out.

“Valerie,” I said back and gave her my hand. I watched her carry her medical bag and walk over to sit next to me.

“Adrien told me what happened, are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m fine, he’s overreacting,” I said with a laugh.

“Well you’re his mate, obviously he would. That rogue better pray she isn’t found or she’d be dead.”

My eyes widened and I stared at her, dead? “What? He went after her?” I asked.

“Yep, him and Kade.”

“Kade? You know Kade?”

She looked at me and smiled, her cheeks going pink just at the mention of his name, “he’s my mate.”

“Oh.” Strangely, I felt relieved that she was taken and that to Adrien she was just his best friend’s mate and a pack doctor.

“This looks bad,” she mumbled as she looked at the jaw trap wound on my ankle. “Makes sense why you took wolfsbane.” She laughed and I laughed along.

“Tell Adrien that, he’s not happy I did that,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“His overprotectiveness is already kicking in I see,” she said as she applied something cold on my wound making me hiss in pain.

“He doesn’t care about me,” I mumbled as I watched her do her thing.

Her head shot up and she looked at me with a smirk, “you can’t possibly still believe that.”

“He said so just now!”

“Valerie. Girl. I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t care. He wouldn’t be after the rogue if he didn’t care. And he wouldn’t be that pissed if he didn’t care. They are just words he’s using to convince himself that he doesn’t,” she said and went back to my ankle.

“Why is he like that?” I asked. I was just testing the waters. She might know since they were close.

“He’s been through a lot but it’s not my story to tell. He’ll eventually tell you. I already see him warming up to you. But I think it’s a hard change to go through after putting it in your head that you’ll forever be alone and then suddenly there is someone in your life,” she shrugged and finished wrapping up my wound.

I nodded and looked at her with a soft smile, “thank you.”

“It’s my job,” she giggled. “We so need to go out together, I already like you.”

“Of course!”

"And take care of that ankle. Go easy on it until the wolfsbane is washed out of your system which should be in a few hours. I can't have your mate going crazy again." Phoenix said and I simply laughed.

I already liked Phoenix. She was so bubbly and cheerful and we only just met. I loved her positive energy and I knew she’d be a great friend.

I sat alone in his office and slumped back on the chair as I let out a huff. The man had walls up and they were hard to crack. But I'll get there. Maybe Phoenix was right and maybe she wasn't, only time could tell.

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