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Adrien had some guy drive me over to his house. As soon as we made it through the gates it made sense why he said we won’t be seeing each other. He literally lived in a mansion.

The house was all white and surrounded by trees. It was in a pretty secluded area, it suited him. It didn’t make sense to me why one person would need two floors all to himself though, but I wasn’t complaining.

“Your things are already here, Laurie will show you the rest,” the guy said as he dropped me off the front door and I just nodded. Adrien really just left me there alone. He could have at least been the one to bring me because I found it really awkward. Or I could have driven myself, but he decided that wasn’t an option.

I huffed as I walked up the stairs to the main door. I wasn't limping any more thanks to whatever Phoenix did to speed up the healing. Before I could even knock or ring the bell the door swung open and an elderly lady stood in front of me whom I assumed was his mother.

“Hi! You must be Valerie, come in.” She smiled and tugged on my arm. “I’m Laurie, I’m Adrien’s housekeeper.” She said and I nodded in understanding.

“Hi, is Adrien here?” I asked with a smile.

“No. But he asked me to show you around,” she said and I looked around me. The place was fully furnished in white and grey expensive furniture. Nothing like my cabin. But at least my cabin felt homey and not like a furniture shop. The place had the same color scheme as the office.

“He told me you’ll be staying here. I’m glad he finally found his mate. He was really stubborn about mates but I guess he's changed his mind,” she said and I gave her a fake smile. I was not there because he wanted to live with his mate. But as long as it made her happy I wasn't going to say a word.

She began walking and showing me around and I couldn’t help but wonder how many women he’s brought there. She showed me a massive kitchen with dark grey cabinets and white marble countertops. It had to be my favorite place so far out of the living room and dining room, I instantly fell in love with it since I enjoyed cooking.

“Laurie?” I turned to look at her.

“Yes, dear.” She smiled.

“How many… you know, people does Adrien bring here?”

“None. I was so excited when he told me you were coming. The only time people are here is when he needs to have an urgent last-minute meeting. He’s a very private man.”

Not what I expected. I was glad though. I wouldn’t have to cross paths with the women he sleeps with since they didn't go to his house.

“Oh! How long have you been working here?” I asked to change the topic.

“I was with him since he was a baby because his parents were busy, then things happened and I didn’t see him for years. One day six years ago he found me again and here I am!” She smiled and continued walking around the house.

She opened a door to a room a little down the hall and I stared at it in awe, it was pretty. “This is your room. Your things are already in there but if you need help unpacking I’m always around.”

I stepped in and I looked around. It had a dark blue wall behind the king-sized bed while the others were white. It felt homier than the rest of the house. “I like it,” I said and Laurie nodded before walking out and I followed behind her. I was confused about why she didn’t question me and my mate sleeping in different rooms.

We reached the end of the hallway and there was just one other room, a guest room. Which meant I was far away from Adrien’s room which I hadn’t seen yet.

“Adrien’s part of the house is upstairs. But he doesn’t allow anyone to go there.” Laurie pointed at the spiral staircase going up and I just nodded. Figures, a whole floor for himself.

“I’m not surprised,” I said with a laugh and she laughed along with me. She was such a cheerful woman and had a mother’s charm on her.

“His office is by the living room. I didn’t show you because that’s another no-enter zone.” She pointed at another door.

So basically I was restricted from half of the house. But I was fine with it. I’d love to keep my distance from his annoying self.

Laurie began fixing both of us dinner and I helped when her phone began buzzing on the countertop grabbing our attention.

“Hello?” She said as she picked up and I watched her eyes go wide. “Okay I’m coming,” she said before she hung up.

“I’m sorry, I have to go. Adrien got bit by a rogue,” she said and my eyes went wide and I felt my heart sink even though I hated him. Adrien couldn’t get bit by a rogue.

“What! No. A rogue’s bite can be…” I paused and she looked at me with a nod. “Fatal.” She continued for me.

I stared at her like I saw a ghost. Adrien couldn’t die. Not now! Rogues carried sicknesses because of their way of life. They had bad hygiene and were not allowed into any pack. So if their saliva got into our bloodstream it could kill us.

“He’ll be fine. It’s Adrien we’re talking about. Make yourself at home,” she said and began walking towards the front door.

“I’m coming with you,” I said and hurried after her to the door. Wondering how did he of all people get hurt? Adrien Grey, the best out there. It was my fault too.

As soon as we got to the hospital I walked right behind Laurie as she tried to find his room. Too many things were going on in my head. I had no idea why I was reacting that way. We weren’t even a thing.

“He’s asleep. He got here just in time, if he was a minute late I’m not sure if the bite was going to heal.” The doctor said and I was just trying to look into the room behind her, where Adrien was laying down on a hospital bed.

Laurie continued to talk with the doctor and I walked in to get a closer look at him. He looked like he always did. He had a scowl on his face even when he was asleep.

“He’s doing fine. He’s healing normally. Should be back home as soon as he’s awake.” Phoenix said as she came out of nowhere and I nodded.

“Wasn’t worried,” I said and she burst out laughing and I tried to hide my laugh. “Sure Val. Anyway, I’ll be at the reception if you need me.”

With a sigh, I sat down on a chair and placed my head on his bed. The sleep was clawing my eyes out. I hadn’t slept for days and then he gets hurt.

I’m not sure how long I’d been asleep or when I even fell asleep. I woke up the sound of Adrien and Laurie talking.

“She needs to go home and sleep. Why did you bring her? I’m fine.” He asked.

“You think she’ll agree on not coming?” Laurie asked with a laugh.

“No,” he said and sighed.

I lifted my head up and looked at him with a frown and he stared back at me with a blank face. “You yell at me for putting my life in danger and then you go get bitten by a rogue.”

“I’ll leave you two,” Laurie said and we watched her walk out.

“That’s different. I’m a warrior, you’re not.” He turned back to me.

I lightly smacked his waist and he hissed making my eyes widen. “Valerie!” He grunted and his hands automatically went to where I hit him.

“OH NO, SORRY!” I said and tried to back away before I did something stupid again.

“I’m sorry… but you deserved it,” I said and he shot me a glare before lifting the hem of his shirt up to see the bite.

I cringed when I saw it. It was already healing but it looked nasty. You could see exactly where each tooth sunk into his flesh.

“You could have died. How did this happen?” I asked.

“The rogue had another rogue distract me from across the border before it lunged at me.”

“What happened to the rogue?”

Adrien looked at me and shook his head, “you ask too many questions, are you interrogating me?” He said and I just stared at him waiting for an answer.

“It’s dead.”

I expected that but still, my eyes popped out and I felt my heart race. It died because of me.

“Go back to the house Valerie.”

I stood up and walked over to the door before I turned around to face him, “I don’t like you for scaring me like that. And your house is pretty but it has no color, it’s very boring,” I said before I walked. He had no paintings, no personal touch, nothing.


It wasn’t my first time ending up in the hospital but I won’t lie, waking up with someone other than Laurie checking up on me felt good. But I also didn’t want Valerie seeing me like that.

Kade and I had gone to find the rogue that attacked Valerie. We got to her cabin and thanks to the fight she had, the rogue’s scent was still there. Along with the smell of the blood from her wound which made my wolf uneasy. We followed the scent and managed to find the rogue lurking in the woods.

I killed it. It was after I killed it that I found out that the female rogue was one of our pack member’s mate. I could tell from the faint scent the rogue had on her but it wasn’t strong enough to figure out who.

I killed someone’s mate but it was for a reason.

Being mated to a rogue is one thing, but inviting the rogue into our territory is another. Whoever was mated to the rogue was one of the suspects and I knew that. That rogue had to be the connection, the one our information and plans were passed on to resulting in our attacks to fail. But I didn’t know what it wanted from Valerie.

I killed that rogue and it was only a matter of time until her mate found out. I needed to know who the mate was before it was too late but it was impossible.

I knew it would stir up everything and complicate it more. Our plans would have to take action faster and our enemies would strike us soon. That rogue being dead had to be their breaking point.

With the whole rogues and a traitor trying to take over the packs and getting rid of the alphas, I knew it all meant that I would have to leave soon. Go to the base and to the neighboring packs.

As soon as Valerie left I had Phoenix patch up the wound and I made my way back home. I needed to find out who it was dealing with that rogue. First, they would face treason for sharing confidential information when they signed an oath to protect the pack. The second was for being mated to a rogue which was against the pack’s rules and that was the exact reason. Betrayal.

Having Valerie in my home wasn’t going to make it any easier because I knew if she found out, she would interfere and try to help.

I left work early the next day and called Kade, Aramis, and Mason over to my home office so we could talk it out. We had to have a new plan and one that will take place soon.

“Whoever that rogue’s mate is, he would be pissed by now. This complicates everything more and whatever they were planning to do to overthrow the packs will probably be done sooner than we thought,” I said.

"It now makes sense why we had a pack member dealing with rogues. I always thought about what could a pack member get from a rogue that he or she didn't already have. They were mates," Kade said.

“We need to find him. You know what happens to werewolves when someone kills their mate,” Aramis said and I nodded. They want revenge.

“How will you find him? All we know is that he’s probably a warrior. There are a lot of us.” Kade cut in and I sighed. He was right. It was just one big mess. But it was a step forward too, we’ve been trying to pinpoint one of our suspects for months.

“For him to know of our plans he’s probably one of our frontline warriors. Narrow the list down to that and-” Mason was saying when I heard the front door slam shut with a force, silencing all of us.

All of us turned and faced my closed office door when it swung open and Valerie stood there panting. Not only at the work office did she walk in without knocking, I guess at home too. She wasn’t even allowed in my office to begin with. Let alone in the middle of a meeting.

I locked my eyes with hers. “Valerie you’re not supposed to-”

“It’s his mate!” She said through her deep breaths. She looked like she just ran all the way home with her pink cheeks.

My eyes widened and all four of us stared at her, “what are you talking about? Who?” I asked.

“That rogue-” she began to say and I pulled her out of the office with me when that scent hit me. It was him.

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