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Pinwheel #1-"The Pinwheel in the Meadow"

"Many Things Happen, So busy without a breath to catch, Because of this damn world, If I say that's why we grew apart, Feels like I'm making it up so I have no Faults, So I can't say that I'm just facing the Wind" Song🎶:Pinwheel by Seventeen's Vocal Unit


"HYUNG! Wake up!"

"What do you want Seungkwan?"

Woozi hummed as he opened his eyes and looked at Seungkwan

"Yah! You need to get up! We need to eat Breakfast and go to our New House today! Come on Hyung!"

"Aish, Just 5 more minutes Seungkwan! I'm still sleepy!"

"Duh! Because you slept late last night!"

Woozi just closed his eyes and covered his face using a pillow, But then Suddenly, Woozi immediately opened his sleepy eyes when Seungkwan suddenly jumped on his bed and started singing a Random Song and Seungkwan's phone was playing a Tune that matched the Song he was singing.

"Ayeee Ladiess! This is your Sturryy! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wakeee upp!"

"Aish! Alright! I'm up, I'm up! Just..Get off of my bed!"

"Ughh! Finally!"

Seungkwan exclaimed as he got off my bed and went outside of my room Screaming.

"Woozi-Hyung is Awake!!"

Woozi got up from his bed and Yawned before He went downstairs and went into the dining room, He was greeted a Good Morning by Joshua, Who was sitting down on the Chair, Reading a Newspaper, Woozi Greeted him back and sat down in the Dining Room.

"Good Morning Everyone!!"

Dokyeom exclaimed as he greeted everyone a Good Morning, He went to where Joshua was and started talking to him.

ALL of them were eating their breakfast that Jeonghan cooked for them, They were all having a Conversation, Like Seungkwan was telling them how he woke Woozi up. All of them laughed at Woozi and Woozi just continued eating his Food and Ignoring them.

"Woozi? Is everything okay? You're silent today"

Jeonghan said as he looked at Woozi and Woozi just nodded at him.

"I'm fine, I'm still feeling sleepy, Maybe I should brew myself a cup of Coffee"

"Uhm..About that.."

Woozi looked at Seungkwan with a Questioning look on his Face.

"What is it this time, Seungkwan?"

"About the Coffee.."

"Yes? The Coffee?"

"Uhm..Unfortunately..We have no Coffee left.."


"Joshua-Hyung used the remaining packs left so that He and Dokyeom could make Dalgona Coffee!"


Joshua and Dokyeom exclaimed at Seungkwan.

"What? I was telling the Truth!"

"It was suppose to be a Secret! Aish!"

Dokyeom exclaimed at Seungkwan. Seungkwan just rolled his eyes and continued eating his food.

"It's fine, We can just go and buy some new Coffee packs in the Grocery Store"

"Speaking of Grocery Stores, All of you know that We're Moving into a New Dorm today right?"

"Of Course Jeonghan-Hyung! I can't wait to move into our New Dorm! I saw a cockroach on the Floor and it scared the hell out of me"

"Dokyeom, You're Being Dramatic again"

"We're both dramatic okay? Diva Boo"

"Okay enough Children! No Fighting! After Breakfast, Let's all wash up and pack our things and go to our new dorm, okay?"

All of them agreed to Jeonghan's Conditions and They Continued eating their Meals.

"WOW! It's so huge!"

DK Exclaimed as he looked at their New Dorm Building.

"Well..What are we waiting for? Let's go inside!"

Seungkwan exclaimed Excitingly, All 5 of them went inside and Explore around the New Dorm House, After a while of exploring, They all decided that of them would have a Roommate, Well..Except for Woozi, He has his Own Room+ a Music Studio.

"Okay Guys so..Joshua and Me will be roommates and DK and Seungkwan, Your Both Roommates!"

"What about Woozi-Hyung?"

"He gets his Own Room plus, A Music Studio to work on his Music"

"Ohh, Okay, I don't mind rooming up with Seungkwan!"

"Okay, Let's go to our Rooms now and Get our Belongings Organized."

"Yes Hyung!"

WOOZI was Unpacking his Luggage, Woozi felt relieved that he didn't have to share a Room with DK or Seungkwan, They were just too Hyper and Crazy for him.

Woozi is a Vocalist, And He's also a Music Producer, He, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan were trainee's at a Company called "Pledis Entertainment" All five of them were about to debut soon as a Kpop Boy Group, But they have a couple of months left to Train before Debuting.

After Woozi was done Setting his Room up, He went Downstairs to get a Cup of Water to Drink, While he was drinking the Water, He saw Joshua coming into the Living Room. He looked somehow..Stressed?

"Hyung? Is there something wrong?"

"Woozi-ah, Have you..written any songs yet?"

"Songs? No, Not yet, I haven't found inspiration yet, why do you ask?"

"Well..Our CEO called me today and asked me if the songs were ready yet Because Well..He needs them for our Debut"

"Oh Shoot!"

Woozi quickly Panicked, Without Songs, They wouldn't be able to debut at all, Woozi looked at Joshua feeling stressed and Frightened.

"What am I gonna do now?! Without songs..We won't be able to debut at all!"

"Woozi Calm down! I'm sure you'll be able to find inspiration, Just go around the house and looked around? Maybe you'll find some inspiration around here"

"But how? This House doesn't make me feel inspired at all"

"Maybe I can help!"


Woozi saw Jeonghan entering the Living Room, He thought that Maybe Jeonghan might help him with this Inspiration thing, After all, Jeonghan is the smartest one in their Group.

"Have you seen the Meadow near our House?"

"Meadow? There's a Meadow?"

"Yes, It's a Beautiful and a Quiet Place, I'm sure you'll be able to find some inspiration there"

"Okay, Thanks Hyung, I'll try"

"Well..What are you waiting for? Just Go!"

"Okay Okay! Sheesh"

Woozi grabbed his Lyrics Notebook and a pen from the Couch and Went Outside of their House, He walked towards the Meadow, Woozi looked around in Awe as he saw the Meadow,

It looked Lively, Bright Green Grass, Flowers around the Meadow, Woozi felt like he was in a Magical but Lively Place.

"Wow, I think Hyung might be Right, Maybe I can find some inspiration here"

Woozi smiled as he looked up at the Bright Blue Sky, Woozi slowly went towards the Meadow and Sat up on the Grass, He looked around and stopped when he saw..

"A Pinwheel?"

Woozi was quite flustered when he saw a Pinwheel in the Meadow, Then..Woozi felt the Cold Wind Blowing against his Face, The Wind made the Pinwheel spin, The Pinwheel looked so lonely, As if it's waiting for someone.

Then..Woozi Realized that The Pinwheel wasn't..Alone? Next to the Pinwheel, Woozi saw a Girl besides it, She was looking at the Pinwheel, Woozi was quite suprised to see a Person in the Meadow, I thought I was alone?

Although Woozi was Confused, He decided to stay in the Meadow and Admired the Pinwheel and the Girl from afar, Woozi hoped that the Girl wouldn't noticed him, Is she does, She might think that He was a Pervert, Then..Woozi almost screamed when he felt his phone vibrating from his Pocket.

To Not Scare the Girl in the Meadow, Woozi immediately stood up from the Grass, Patting his Butt to remove the Excess Grass, Woozi slowly walked away from the Meadow, He tripped on a Pebble and almost stumbled.

"Dang it! Mother of Pearl!"

Woozi whispered, When he was far enough from the Girl, He answered his phone. It was Jeonghan who was calling him.

"Woozi-ah! Where are you?"

"I'm going home hyung, why?"

"Nothing, I need you to help me prepare dinner for tonight, It's getting dark out there"

"Okay Hyung? But..Why me? Can Jisoo-Hyung just help you?"

"I wish but..He and DK are in another room, Dissing Each Other with Diss Raps"

"Aish, Alright fine! I'll help you"

"Yay! Thank you Woozi-ah!"

"Sure, I'll go home now, Bye"

Woozi hanged up the Phone Call and Made his way towards his House, He shook his head at the thought of Joshua and Dokyeom saying "Yo" or Diss Each Other in a Rap Battle, But..Woozi just shrugged the Thought off as It was quite Normal for him and the Other Members to witness Joshua and DK Rapping about each other.

A WEEK has passed by ever since Woozi went to the Meadow, Woozi Became Curious about the Meadow after his First Visit, But He continued going to the Meadow Everyday, He would always sit down on the Grass and Admired the View that Surrounded Him.

Woozi wasn't only Curious about the Meadow, He was also Curious about the Pinwheel and the Girl in the Meadow aswell, Everyday Woozi would see the Girl looking at the Pinwheel every noon, The Time around Sunset.

He was becoming more and more Curious about the Girl everytime he visited the Meadow, Woozi always wondered if the Girl knew that He was Admiring her from Afar, And Woozi was also Curious if the Girl knew that she was in another Person's Meadow, After all, His Dorm House was just right near the Meadow.

IT was a Normal Day for Woozi Today, He would always sit down on the Grass and Admired the Meadow View infront of him.

Then..There she was. The Girl, But..This Time, She wasn't looking at the Pinwheel besides her, She was looking at the Meadow, Woozi felt something inside of him tickled as he saw the Girl.

What's this Feeling? He Thought as He touched his Heart, My Heartbeat is going fast too, Confused, Woozi decided it was time to go home, Woozi got up from the Grass and Patted his Butt to remove the Excess Grass, When He was about to walked back to His Dorm, He heard someone yelling at him.


It was the Girl who was telling him to stop, Woozi was Flustered, He didn't know what to do, Questions were flooding his Mind. Did the Girl noticed him? Does she think he's a Pervert? Is she gonna punch or kick him?

"Are you scared? Don't worry! I won't bite! Can you..Turn around?"

The Girl asked Woozi, Feeling Scared, He slowly turned around to face her, Once he did, He looked at her, He noticed that the Girl was a little bit shorter than him By Height, The Girl also had Short Black Hair that stops onto her Shoulder area, The Girl and Woozi just stared at each other for a few minutes until Woozi decided to interrupt the Awkward Silence between them.

"Uhm..Do you need help?"

"H-Huh? H-Help?"

"You told me to Stop and Turn Around?"

"Ohh! I'm sorry, I just..Heard Someone's footsteps behind me"

"Ohh...Okay then."

The Girl awkwardly Nodded her Head and Sat back down on the Grass, Woozi thought that this was the Perfect chance to escape but..Before he can do that, He was stopped once again by the Girl.

"Wait! Are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah, I'm going home, why?"

"Can you..Stay with me? Just for a few Minutes?"


"Please? I feel so lonely, Having Company would be Nice."

Woozi pitied the Girl, He wanted to Reject it but..He decided to stay for a bit. He Sat down on the Grass Next to Her, He was Flustered, How can she ask him to stay?

"You're Probably Wondering why I asked you to stay with me, Right?"

Woozi was shocked, Can she read minds?

"Can you read minds?"

"Not Really ehe, I just happen to know by Experience."


"Yes, But..I don't wanna talk about it."


"You've been visiting here in this Meadow for the whole week, Right?"

Woozi was Once Shocked again, Did she noticed him? But..How? Questions were flooding inside of Woozi's Mind.

"H-How did you.."

"I actually noticed you, When you weren't looking around the Meadow, I looked around and saw you from afar, You were writing some stuff in your Notebook"

"Ohh, I see, I actually tried my best to hide away from you, You would think that I'm a Creep and a Pervert but..I'm not one of those, I'm just looking for some inspiration to write lyrics for my Debut Song."

"Wait..Did you say..Debut Song? Are you a Trainee at a Company?"

"Yeah! I'm a Trainee under Pledis And My Other Friends are Trainee's too."

"Wow, That's kind of cool."

"I guess so, But..I have a Question for you."

"What is it?"

"Uhm..I've been observing you this past week and..I noticed that you were always looking at that Pinwheel right besides you."

Woozi said pointing at the Pinwheel besides the Girl. The Girl just smiled sadly at Woozi and looked down on the Grass, Woozi felt Worried that he maybe upsetted her.

"What's Wrong? You don't have to tell me if you don't feel like it-"

"No! I can tell you, It's fine with me."

"Are you sure?"

The Girl nodded at Woozi and started telling him her lifestory.

"This Pinwheel here is very Special to Me, Me and My Dad Made this Pinwheel when I was a Kid, Me and Him would always go to this Meadow and Just..Play around and having fun, But One Day..It got taken away from me, My Dad died from Lung Cancer Last Year and..I missed him so much, My Mom couldn't handle the pain anymore so..She Married someone else and Abandoned me all by myself."

The Girl smiled weakly and wiped her Tear, Woozi couldn't helped but to feel sorry for her, He barely knew her but..He started to soften up a Little when he heard her Life story.

"Wow, I'm sorry, You must've had a Difficult time."

"It's okay, You don't need to pity me, I can tell that you're a Nice Boy."


Woozi was Confused, A Nice Boy?

"Anyways, Shall we Introduced ourselves? I don't think your Name is "Nice Boy", Right?"

The Girl chuckled and Woozi felt his Cheeks Warming up, Gosh, What's Wrong with Me?

"U-Uhm..Sure! I'm Lee Jihoon but..People call me Woozi for short."

"Okay Woozi! I'm Minja, Lee Minja, It's Nice to Meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too, M-Minja."

Woozi stuttered as Minja shook his Hand for a Handshake, Then after their Handshake, Minja giggled.

"Wow, We both have the Same Surname, Haha, What a Coincidence!"

"Haha, Yeah, What a C-Coincidence."

"Are you Shy? You keep stuttering?"

"My Apologies, I'm just..shy when I meet new People, I'm basically an Introvert."

"Wow, Really? I'm an Introvert too!"

"Uhm..Are you sure? Because..I don't think Introvert's are Confident enough to say to a Stranger to let them stay for a few minutes."

"I'm not shy around you Jihoon! I already know you! You're the Nice and Short Boy who keeps visiting this Meadow This Past Week?"

"Oh Yeah..I forgot you knew me.."

Awkward, Woozi Thought, Then..He Felt his Phone Vibrating in his hand, He took it out and saw Jeonghan texted him.

To: Woozi

Where are you? Dinner is Ready!

From: Woozi

I'll be right there Hyung!

To: Woozi

Okay! Hurry before your Food gets cold! Or..Maybe DK might eat it all!

From: Woozi

Aish! Tell DK that I'll whack his head if he touches my Food!

To: Woozi

Alright, Now..Hurry!! :)

Woozi just sighed and turn off his phone, He stood up and Minja noticed Him getting up from the Grass.

"Are you going home, now?"

"Yes, I need to go now."

"You'll be here tomorrow, Right?"

"As the Usual, Yes, Bye Minja! I'll see you tomorrow!"

"Okay, Bye Jihoon!"

Minja said waving at Woozi, Woozi was Flustered when he heard Minja calling him Jihoon, He felt his cheeks burning up.

"Mother of Pearl! Am I catching a Fever today?"

Woozi whispered as he walked towards his House, Woozi felt like He can Trust Minja, After all, She did trusted him to tell him her Lifestory. He felt like Minja was all alone by herself and She has No One to Talked to. Maybe..I can be her Friend. Woozi smiled at the Thought of being Friends with Minja.

"I can be Minja's Friend starting tomorrow, Alright then, Plan Settled, I'll be Minja's Friend, I think she just wants someone that she can talked to, She seems lonely, She's all by herself and having no one on her side."

Then Woozi stopped when he was infront of his House, He heard Laughter coming from inside the Dining Room, Woozi just rolled his eyes when he realized that it was DK and Seungkwan laughing, He went inside and Joined the Others to eat Dinner.

IT'S Been a Month ever Since Woozi and Minja meet each other, Woozi decided to befriend her, At First, Minja was flustered by Woozi telling her that he wants to be friends, but..She decided to become friends with Woozi, They both have a lot in Common, Like They Both Play Musical Instruments like the Piano and the Guitar, And They also share the Same Habits.

Despite their Good Friendship, Woozi was becoming to feel more Nervous around Minja, Like..Whenever Minja laughs or Smile, Woozi would always feel his cheeks warming up and He felt like His Heart is gonna pop out of his Chest at any minute, Woozi was Confused at this "feeling", He decided to tell Jeonghan about this weird feeling he has, It Turns out, Jeonghan told Woozi that Maybe He has a Crush on Someone, Woozi was Shocked,Surprised, Flustered and Baffled at the same time, There was no way that he was catching feelings for Minja..Right?

Despite this Crazy Explanation of Jeonghan, He decided that Maybe It was a Different Feeling that he's Experiencing.

Woozi grabbed his Lyrics Notebook and His Pen, He decided to go out in the Meadow, Maybe Minja is already there waiting for him, As Woozi went out of the House, He walked towards the Meadow and He saw Minja, She was sitting next to the Pinwheel as usual, Then..Something inside of him Clicked.

"Aish, This Feeling again, Am I sick?"

Woozi just ignored the "Feeling" and went to where Minja was, He sat down next to her and opened his Notebook, He Uncapped his Pen and Started Writing The Rest of the Lyrics he had on his Mind.


Minja asked him as she stared at the Notebook that Woozi was holding.

"Yeah, Don't Bother Me."

"Wow, What are you writing anyways?"

"Lyrics for some Songs that I'm producing One Day."

Woozi answered.

"Can I take a look?"


Minja snatched the Notebook away from Woozi, He was Surprised at Minja's Sudden Action, He looked at Her and saw Her flipping through a few pages of his Notebook.

"Wow, The Lyrics of your Songs are..Deep and Meaningful."

"Which Song? There's Many of Them that I've written."

"All of them! Like these Songs called Hug, Don't Wanna Cry, Habit, Home and Smile Flower."


"You're Talented Jihoon-ah! I'm impressed!"

"Uhm..T-Thank you."

"Hmm..Should I help you write a New Song?"


Actually, Woozi was Shocked but..He wanted to make a New Song but couldn't find Inspiration for, Maybe..Minja can help me.

"Uhm..Sure! I wanted to write a New Song but..I can't find any inspiration for it."

"Great! And About Inspiration, How about..that?"

Minja said pointing at the Pinwheel besides her, Woozi was Confused, How can a Pinwheel inspire anyone? But..He decided to listen to Minja's Idea for the Song.

"How about..The Song Title can be..Pinwheel! Maybe a Mix of Happy and Sad? Ohh! Give me your pen!"


Woozi gaved his Pen to Minja who accepted it glady, She started writin something in the Notebook, Since Woozi didn't want to Bother Her, He decided to wait until she's done.

After a Few Minutes of Waiting, He Heard Minja talking to him.

"All Done!"

"Great! Let me see."

Minja gaved the Notebook back to Woozi, He opened it and look at her work and read the lyrics, He was really Touched and Moved by Lyrics, But..A Part of him wondered, How can Minja wrote such lyrics? Was she a Music Writer too?

"Wow Minja, I'm quite touched by the lyrics, How did you write these? Did you wrote songs before?"

"Not Really, It's my first time writing a Song to Someone So..Are you happy with the Lyrics? I hope it's not trash."

"Trash? No! It's actually really amazing!"

"Wow, Really? Thanks! But..The Song's not done though, I still need to write the remaining Lyrics but..I have no Idea what to write."

"How about..We both continue writing it then? I think you got me inspired Minja-ah."

"Okay! Help is always appreciated by me! And Uhm..I guess..You're Welcome? I'm glad your inspired Jihoon-ah!"

Woozi just smiled at Minja's Cuteness, Somehow Woozi felt Glad and Relieved that Minja is helping him, This is His First Time getting help from someone to write his Music, He was always the one who writes the Lyrics So Having Someone by his side made him feel Relieved.

"GOING to the Meadow again, Jihoon?"

Jeonghan asked Woozi.

"Yes Hyung, Minja told me that she'll help me with the Song that I'm currently writing."

"Wow, You and This Minja Girl must be really close."

"Well..We're just Friends and Friends are Close, Right?"

"Hmm, I guess so,'re taking your Guitar?"

Jeonghan asked with a Confused tone as he saw Woozi putting His Guitar inside of his Guitar Case, The Thing Is...Woozi doesn't normally take his Guitar outside with him, Mostly Woozi just play his Guitar when he's in the studio or If He's Bored.

"Yeah Hyung, Minja seems sad lately, I just wanna cheer her up a little."

"Wow, I'm impressed, Are you sure you don't have a Crush on this Minja Girl?"

"Hyung! For the last time I-"

"You have a Crush on Her! I can sense it!"

Woozi just looked at Jeonghan, Does he really have a Crush on Minja?

"Hyung..Do I really..Have a Crush on Her?"

"For me, I think so, But..It's up to you to figure it out."

"Okay then..I'll get going now!"

"Take Care!"

Woozi smiled and left the house to go to the Meadow, During the Past Month, Woozi decided to tell Jeonghan about Minja, and Only Jeonghan knows, Woozi doesn't trust DK and Seungkwan with these kinds of Information, Woozi was also planning to tell Joshua about Minja soon.

Once Woozi arrived at the Meadow, He heard something from afar. It sounded like..


Then Woozi was shocked when he saw..Minja? She was hugging her knees and burrying her face in her legs, She was crying.

"Lee Minja!!"

Woozi felt scared and Fear inside of him making his insides blue, He dropped his Notebook and Pen on the Ground and Rushed over to Minja.

He crouched down onto her level and put his hands around her Shoulders, Feeling Shocked by the sudden touch, Minja lifted her head up and looked at Woozi.

She felt relieved seeing his Face and His Presence around her.

"Minja? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"


"Shh, It's okay, Calm down."

"I-I'm scared Jihoon.."

Then Minja hugged Woozi, She clutched his Shirt and continued Crying on his Shoulder, Woozi was Flustered by Minja's Sudden Action but..He rubbed her back, helping her to calm down.

AFTER a few minutes, Minja pulled away from the Hug and wiped her tears, Woozi looked at her Worriedly.

"Are you okay now? You startled me earlier."

"I-I'm fine now, Thank you Jihoon-ah, You comforted me."

"You're Welcome, But..Do you mind sharing with me, Why are you crying?"

Then Minja and looked at the Pinwheel besides her, She smiled while looking at it.


"What do you mean Moving?!"

Woozi was shocked, He didn't want Minja to Move, He wanted her to stay with him, In the Meadow, Nothing else. Why is she moving away so suddenly?

"My Mom found me yesterday..She wants me to move in with her along with her New Husband, But Jihoon-ah..I don't want to go..I don't wanna leave you here. You're my Friend."

Friend...That Word keeps ringing onto Woozi's Mind, He looked at Minja and hugged her tightly. Minja hugged Woozi Back, She didn't want to lose her Friend, She and Woozi were close friends during the Past Month, They can't separate now.

WOOZI was playing the Guitar for Minja now, He was helping her to calm down and I think it helped, After Woozi was done playing the Guitar, Minja smiled and clapped her hands excitingly.

"Wahh! You play the Guitar like an expert, Jihoon-ah!"

"Thank you, Now, Shall we go back onto writing the Lyrics? I think I have an idea on what to write."

"Okay! I also have an Idea too!"

Minja smiled and for the Rest of the Afternoon, She and Woozi continued writing the Lyrics for their Song, "Pinwheel"

AFTER a while, Woozi and Minja were done writing the Lyrics for their Song, Pinwheel, They were both now laying down on the Grass, Watching the Sunset, Woozi shifted his Head to look at Minja, He smiled when he saw Minja smiled while looking at the Sunset.

"The Sunset is really pretty, Right Jihoon?"

"Yeah, It's very Pretty."



Minja sat up and looked at Woozi, Confused, Woozi also satted up from the Grass.

"What is it, Minja?"

"I won't be in the Meadow..Tomorrow."

"Huh? Why?"

"I got some..Family matters to do and Don't worry! I'll left a Letter here, Can you please..Read the Letter?"

Woozi was Confused at Minja's Request but..Nonetheless, He nodded at Minja.

"Okay, I'll Read it."

"Really?! Thanks Jihoon!"

Minja hugged Woozi tightly, Woozi just smiled and Hugged her Back, After the Hug, Minja gaved Woozi his Notebook before he goes back home, They already finished writing the Lyrics for the Song already, Before Woozi can go back home, He looked at Minja One last Time, He smiled and waved at her, She did the same and waved back.

"Goodbye Minja-ah!"

"Goodbye Jihoon-ah!"

Woozi smiled and walked back to his House, Meanwhile with Minja, She smiled sadly and a Test escaped from her eye, She felt Guiltyness and Sadness inside of her Body.

"I'm sorry Jihoon-ah, Goodbye Jihoon, I Love You."

WOOZI put on his shoes to go to the Meadow, He was quite curious about what Minja said to him Yesterday, A Letter? Why would she give a Letter to Him? Just thinking about it made Woozi felt Scared and Nervous, It feels like..Something is Not Right between Him and Minja. But..Nonetheless, He decided to find out in the Meadow himself.

As Woozi Arrived in the Meadow, He sat down at the exact same spot where He and Minja used to hang out all the time, Then..Woozi looked at the Pinwheel and smiled, Somehow the Pinwheel has become an important thing to the Meadow, Without the Pinwheel, The Meadow would feel Lonely and Not Lively.

"I guess I'll wait then."

Woozi decided to wait for Minja to give him the Letter she was supposed to give to him.


It's been an Hour, Woozi was still waiting for Minja, But..Maybe she's late, I'll wait for her.


Woozi was getting quite worried, Minja isn't here yet.


It's been 3 Hours, Woozi was still Waiting for Minja, He started to think, Will she ever come? Minja, Where are You? I'm waiting for you.

But then, Woozi saw an Envelope in the Distance. Curious and Tired of Sitting down on the Grass for 3 Hours, He stood up and walked onto the Direction of where the Envelope was, He crouched down and picked it up, It said on the Front.

To: Lee Jihoon

From: Your Beloved Friend, Lee Minja

"Ahh! This must be the Letter that Minja was talking about!"

Woozi opened up the Envelope and Took out a Piece of Paper, Then..He Notices Something, A Picture? He took the Picture out and saw Him and Minja taking a selfie.

"Wow, She must've printed this picture."

Woozi smiled and finally opened the Letter, He started to Read it.

Dear Jihoon, You must be wondering where I am right now, Right? Well..If you received this Letter, I'll be Gone by then.

I feel so guilty about this Jihoon, You're More than a Friend to me, I loved you Jihoon, I liked you more as a friend.

I wish I could've confessed my Feelings to you Personally but..It's too Late, Lee Jihoon, I will always love you from the bottom from my Heart, Please, Take Care of the Pinwheel in The Meadow, That's my Last Wish to you, Jihoonie.

I Love you so Much, I'm sorry For Leaving you, You were my Best Friend, I'm Grateful to have meet you Jihoon, Goodbye ♡

From: Lee Minja, You're Bestfriend ^^

After Reading The Letter, Woozi's eyes watered and His Lips quivered, He looked at the Pinwheel and smiled sadly.

"I love you too, Minja-ah."



WOOZi and the Rest of the Members were getting ready for their Concert, They were gonna perform their last song of the Night.

It was time, All five of them headed up on Stage, Carat's were Cheering for them, Then Jeonghan started speaking to them using his Microphone.

"Hello Caratduel! How are you?"

The Carats screamed at Jeonghan telling him that they were fine Then..Joshua started speaking in English.

"Okay Carat's! Our Next and Final Song of the Night is...Pinwheel! Boys! Let's Cue!"

Then..All 5 of them, Started singing Pinwheel, During the Whole Song, Woozi kept thinking about his Memories with Minja, How is she? Is she okay? Does she miss me? I miss you, Minja-ah. Woozi smiled at the memories he made with Minja, A Part of Him Felt Happy and Jolly but..A Part of Him was Sad and He was still hurting, He didn't even Confessed to Minja about his Feelings, Ohh..How he wish that Minja knew about his feelings for Her, Why do they have to be seperated?

But..Despite the Thoughts He was Having, He continued Singing and Smiling for Carat's.

Pinwheel lyrics

🎶 I waited for you

From Far Away

Cold wind keeps blowing

A very small pinwheel

Just Blanking standing there

Looking so lonely as if it's waiting

For Someone

Felt like I was looking at me

Many Things Happen,

So busy without a breath to catch, Because

of this damn world,

If I say that's why we grew apart, Feeld

like I'm making it up so I have no Faults,

So I can't say that I'm just facing the Wind

In the future

So I won't be sorry

I want to always be waiting, that

Makes me feel Better

Even if you get lost

And it takes you awhile

Come round and round back to me

Even if it's far ahead in the future

People only see the outside

And ask if the Wind is Cold

They just ask and pass by

Why ask if you're gonna forget


Feels like Wind from you

So Without a Word, I'm just waiting

Many Things Happen,

So busy without a breath to catch, Because

of this damn world,

If I say that's why we grew apart, Feeld

like I'm making it up so I have no Faults,

So I can't say that I'm just facing the Wind

In the future

So I won't be sorry

I want to always be waiting, that

Makes me feel Better

Even if you get lost

And it takes you awhile

Come round and round back to me

Even if it's far ahead in the future

Feels like Time has hidden

And taken you too

Can't I see you?

Sometimes, I get bad thoughts

I start to forget you

But Don't Cry

It may seem sad

But I'm Here

For You

Even if you get lost

And it takes you a while

Come Round and Round Back to Me

Even if it's far ahead in the future 🎶

AFTER The Performance, The Members bid their Goodbyes to Their Fans and head back inside in their Dressing Room, All four of them hugged Woozi, Woozi told all of his Members about Minja and her Disappearance, All four of them felt bad for Woozi, They wished that they can do something for him to make him feel better but...There wasn't anything they can do. All they can do is to make Woozi Happy with their Silliness and Their Jokes, After that Hug, They all went home to get some needed Rest.

WOOZI Arrived at the Meadow The Next Day, He sat down on the Grass next to the Pinwheel and smiled.

"Minja-ah, How are you? I miss you so much, I sang Pinwheel again last night, I used to remember us together writing that song, It felt like it was only yesterday that we wrote it together."

Woozi smiled and continued talking to the Pinwheel, Woozi didn't know why but..He feels like A Piece of Minja was still left on the Meadow, Am I a Crazy Person? Woozi thought but..He continued talking to the Pinwheel, But then..He spotted something weird from afar, It was...Minja? She was wearing a White Dress, Minja turned around and smiled, I must be seeing things, Woozi thought and rubbed his eyes but..Minja was Gone? Woozi was confused, Then..He saw a Note besides the Pinwheel, He grabbed it and opened it.

Hello Jihoon-ah! I miss you so much!, I'm always there in the Meadow if you need me, I'll be your Guardian Angel, I will protect you until the end, Let's meet again in our next life, okay? Be Happy! I Love you! ♡

From: Lee Minja ^^

Woozi was flustered by the note, He looked at the Pinwheel and He smiled.

"Until then, Let's meet again in our next life, I love you and I Miss you so much, Be Happy too wherever you are, Lee Minja."


Author's Note

I feel bad for Woozi now, Poor Jihoon :(

But.Anyways! Thanks for reading Pinwheel! After 2 weeks, I finally finished writing this Oneshot, I have other Ideas for other stories too but..First, I need to rest for a bit haha, I hope you enjoyed the Love Story between Woozi and Minja! ♡


-JoshLovesYou ^^

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