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'She asked me if I do this everyday, I said often.' - The Weeknd. I swear I didn't mean for anything to happen. I swear I didn't know that one small discovery about me would change things so much. I didn't know anything. But if someone asks if I would take it all back so that everything went back to the way it was ? I won't ever because beautifully messed up stories don't happen to everyone and certainly not often.

L.J. Shreya
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After scenes

Wrong. This is so wrong.

My head was pounding. That's the first thing I felt as I slowly drifted into consciousness. I groaned at the terrible pain, afraid of opening my eyes as I didn't want it to worsen.

I felt her hands on me, touching me ways I had never been. It felt so wrong but so right.

I tried remembering what happened the previous night at the party. I instantly regretted going there in the first place.

Her lips were moving hastily against mine, almost like she needed the moment to occur. And surprisingly, I didn't want it to end.

I tried to move my hand around a bit to feel something so that I could have a clue of where I was without opening my eyes just yet. My fingers brushed against a cloth and as I rubbed it between my fingers, I realised it was lace.

The wall behind me was cold and being pushed against it made me shiver. But the feeling she gave me as she undressed me, oh the feeling made me warm.

I scrunched up my nose in confusion when I realised I was feeling pretty warm under the covers. So, I pushed it off. As soon as I did that, I felt the cold air slam against my skin all over my body. That made me pause. Why was I not wearing anything?

She finally pushed me on the bed, hovering over me, soaking me in. She proceeded to pepper kisses down my jaw, along my neck, on my collarbone, going all the way down to where I needed her to be.

The realisation made me open my eyes as I sat up in a haste. My head spinned because of the sudden movement but I couldn't care less. I pulled up the sheets again to cover myself as I looked around the room I was in.

I remember the strange feeling. I had never experienced that before but it felt so good. Her being down there, making me feel wonders, was something I never expected. I was supposed to push her away but instead I moaned and ran my fingers in her hair, begging her for more.

It wasn't my dorm room. It looked more like an apartment because the rooms back in the university campus weren't as spacious. The walls were painted in light grey and the window has olive green blinds on it. The furniture was all oak wood. I started to panic, trying to figure out where I was.

Although, she appeared in a haste to find and give more pleasure, she took her time. She was slow, passionate and so good at whatever she was doing. Her caresses were soft, her touches left a trail of fire on my body and her kisses left me speechless. Even as she was against my womanhood, I was left begging and wanting more and more and more.. with no end.

Suddenly, I felt a movement beside me which made me all the more aware about my naked frame. I clutched the sheets harder against my skin and softly turned around. I saw another girl sleeping soundly. She had long brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders and an olive complexion. I couldn't look at her face because it was buried in the pillow.

"You enjoy that?" I heard her say in a raspy voice. Her eyes were dark, filled with lust as she bit her lip, looking at me like a predator. I could only nod helplessly before she smashed her lips on mine again.

I leaned back carefully, trying to look at her face, hoping that I would remember what happened the night before. Just as I was about to catch a glimpse, she stirred and shifted a bit, bringing the worst thing beyond my imagination; she wasn't wearing anything either.

No sooner our lips met, she left no moment to slip her tongue inside, exploring. One of her hands caressed me as she used the other to pull me closer by the waist, leaving no space between our panting bodies. I locked one hand around her neck while the other played with a strand of her soft hair.

The sunlight peeking through the windows made her scrunch her eyebrows together as she covered her face with her arm. I was frozen, unable to speak a word. She finally sighed and opened her eyes, staring at the ceiling. It was only after a minute or so passed that she turned her attention to me.

Those dark brown eyes had the capability to make my legs feel like jelly. One glance and I was a gonner. The way she looked at me with dominance yet those soft looks through her eyelashes, they were driving me insane, as if the liquor in my system wasn't enough.

She gave me a lazy smile and reached one hand out. I was stuck in my spot, looking at her with confusion. Her hand took a lock of hair and twirled it. The look on her face was replaced by a slight smirk as she knew I wasn't going to do anything against it.

As I was nearing my high, which was the first one in my entire life, she kept whispering soft words to me, telling me how beautiful my body was, how good I was, how much she was finding it fun and how much she was craving me more.

"Good morning baby girl." She said in a deep voice. Suddenly, as I heard her voice, everything about the party came rushing back.

My roommate, the party, the game, the liquor, another game, her, that weird guy, her, some phone call, crying, a car, her car, this apartment and...

I jumped up, catching her by surprise as her hand fell to her side as she sat up herself.

"What did I do last night?" I shouted in horror.

"You were laying here, on this bed, while I did most of the work. So, what you did do last night was have the best sex ev-"

"What?" I shouted again.

"No need to shout. Wish you were this loud in bed." She muttered.

"No, n-no, I meant the.. the.." I faltered.

"Sex part." I whispered the words. "What did you mean by that?"

"We had sex." She shrugged, stretching and swinging her legs down to the ground to walk to the bathroom.

"We- we're girls ! We can't have sex !" I exclaimed following her.

"Correction sweetie, it's the 21st century. Girls can have sex. It just that the perspective of you defining what sex is, varies." She said, closing the door in my face.

"But - but -" I stammered. This was so wrong on so many levels.

"Oh, will you calm down?" She said raising her voice a bit. "We had sex. Big deal. Get over it!"

"It is wrong ! It's unnatural ! Oh my, this isn't good." I said, holding my head in my hands. I didn't care about the fact that I was standing absolutely naked in a girl's apartment after having "sex" with her just the day after I arrived at the University. So far, everything was going great !

"My parents. They're gonna kill me." I groaned. I didn't know what to do.

I grew up in an environment where homosexuality was considered to be, well, unnatural, as I said. We weren't particularly religious but my family was strictly against the homosexual community. They considered it to be against what nature designed for us. Also, them being orthodox and believing in no sexual activity before marriage didn't help.

But they're my parents. And I respected them. I didn't want to disappoint them at any cost. But what I did, if they found out about it, they would straight up kick me out. And I didn't want that.

"Did you just say... It's unnatural?" The girl said in a flat voice, opening the door and looking at the floor.

"Yes, I just did. Because it is !" I said confused as to why she was so blank so suddenly.

She looked up with the coldest expression etched on her face before giving a scoff and rolling her eyes.

"Your clothes are on the chair. Pick them up and leave." She said in the same flat tone.

I looked at her with wide eyes. What was her deal with all the mood switches? We stared into each other eyes for five seconds before I broke it.

I walked over to the chair, picked up my clothes and entered the bathroom. I groaned seeing myself. My hair was a wild mess and my eyes were red along the edges. My gaze went to my neck where several marks were decorated down to my collar bone. I groaned, thinking of ways to cover it.

I quickly splashed cold water on my face and pulled up my dress before heading out. As soon as I stepped a foot outside, I saw her dressed up as well, her hair still unbrushed, in its wild state.

"Here." She said giving me a pill with a glass of water. "It's advil. It'll help with the hangover."

"Thank you." I mumbled, not able to meet her eyes as she scoffed again. I quickly swallowed it before heading out of the room to wear my shoes. Just as I was about to step out, she grabbed my hand from behind, spun me around and pinned me against the wall.

"Just a tip," she said as she pushed her lips on mine as I stood still in surprise.

"Next time? If you feel that this was unnatural? Don't take the initiative by kissing the girl." She said letting me go and walking a step or two backwards.

I shuddered and stared at her before quickly making my exit. As soon as I reached the elevator, I leaned against its wall and slid down, trying to process everything.

'I kissed her first?'

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