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Maeva has moved to a new town of Hansdale and is now trying to settle in the school But what will happen when she meets her ex's cousin and starts having feelings for him. But this is not all. This cousin turns out to be somehow related to her brother. Let's find out how small this world is.

Romance / Humor
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1-First day

“Eva! Wake up now! You are goin---“, my mom calls out blasting into my bedroom. I smile at her, buckling the belt around my skirt. “I am obviously awake ,Mom. Today’s first day of Junior year I can’t be late!”

“Okay.“,she smiles and closes the door.

I shifted to this neighbourhood last to last week and I don’t know much about this place. I would love to just explore this town but I haven’t made any friends yet. So, today, I am hoping to make some new friends.

I put on my denim jacket and pull my dark brown hair into a half-up half-down situation.I check myself in the mirror. I look good in my denim skirt (that reaches my knees), white tank crop top, and a denim jacket with my white vans. I sling my bag around one shoulder and go downstairs.

I slip the bag onto the couch and sit down near the counter waiting for my breakfast. She slips me some scrambled eggs. I eat them while I wait for Ed(my big brother) to come down. He better make it fast so that I’m not late for my first day.

“Mornin’, Mom.“,Ed kisses my Mom on the cheek and sits down beside me. He steals some of my breakfast , I whine and slap his hand away. I frown as he laughs and kisses my cheek. I roll my eyes and finish my breakfast. I say my goodbye to Mom and leave towards the garage. I get in the car with Ed. I listen to my Spotify playlist.

He stops after 15 mins and that’s when he’s turns to me and says,“Have loads of fun and make many friends; study well and submit all your work on time ; don’t go dating anyone on your first day.” Oh god! I start laughing and kiss him on the cheek and hug him “Of course, my boy”I say and jump out of the car and he takes off.

I enter the reception area and Mr.Robinson hands me my timetable. He reminds me, before I leave, that I need to get it signed my all my teacher. After a while, I find my locker and open it to find a bloody finger in it. I cover my mouth with my hand and turn around to find a bunch of students laughing and pointing at me. I am guessing they are the popular ones. They’re 3 girls and 5 boys. I hate them already.

This is great! First day is absolutely funn!Of course it’s fake but it’s a disturbing view.OMG!I call the janitor and ask him to clean my locker. I decide to decorate my locker afterwards. I start locating my homeroom class. I sit down in the second row and wait for the teacher. I feel someone tap me on the shoulder so I turn around to find a girl with blonde hair in a high ponytail and wearing the cheerleader outfit. “Hi.I am Chrissy.“,she introduces herself. I smile and say,“Hi. I am Maeva.” ″You seem to be new?“she asks.“Yes ,I am.” “I can show you around the school if you want." "Oh, really? That would be great." I say smiling. I expected her to be rude or mean but she turns out to be a really sweet person. She smiles and turns to the front of the class. I turn to the front and find the teacher entering the room. He greets us and immediately calls me to the front of the class. Oh I absolutely hate this part. I am so awkward publicly. "Good morning. I'm Maeve West. I recently moved here from Toronto. I love music." I awkwardly turn to the teacher and smile."Well, then Ms.West have a good day. "he teacher smiles and signals me to return to my seat. "You too,Mr.Sehgal.".

The rest of the first half goes perfectly normal.The bell rings indicating the start of the lunch break. I stand in the line for lunch when someone calls from behind. I turn around to find Chrissy with her lunch. "I will be in the fourth row middle table. You could join me and my friends if you'd like. " "Sure."

I grab my lunch(a sandwich and a juice box) and make my way towards Chrissy's table when a guy bumps into me. I stumble and gain back my balance. He looks up from his phone and lightly murmurs sorry. He turns around and leaves . Whatever! He looks good though. Wait! He was one of them who was laughing at me in the morning. Jerk!

I sit down beside Chrissy and smile at the people around me. Chrissy introduces me to them and vice versa. The girl with black hair and pouty lips is Paige. The guy with a handsome face and amazing hair is Zane.But he keeps scowling at me. Looks like he has a problem with me. The guy with a beanie and glasses is Derek. The girl with books around her and glasses on her nose is Brooke. The girl in the same cheerleader outfit as Chrissy is Karen. Then a guy joins the table with only a juice box. He must be above 6 because he's so damn tall. He throws me a quick acknowleding smile and nods."This mister here is Jack. He has a girlfriend named Rose."I smile at him."Nice to meet you all."

We chat for a while but Zane doesn't look at me at all and keeps scrolling through his phone.How rude! "Guys, do you mind, I need to put some things in my locker." "Not at all."Zane speaks up with annoyance in his voice and smirks. "Zane!",Chrissy snaps at him. "It's ok.", I whisper to Chrissy and leave the table.

After I am done with decorating my locker I pop some gum in my mouth and check my phone for messages. The bells rings after 5 mins and I make my way to my Calculus class. I sit down in the third bench and take my pen out when Zane enters and sits behind me and then that guy from the lunch room enters and sits in front of me. Wow!This is exciting! The guy from the lunch room turns around and smiles at me. I just give him a short look and face the front of the class. He calls out "Hello, roomie!" I turn to see him talk to Zane. What?

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