A 1945 love story

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This is a story of the time when loving someone was a taboo. This is a story of a guy who gets hurt, hurts others just for the sake of love. Note:- This is a romantic comedy not emotional romantic novel. Just saying so you won't get confused. Enjoy the story😁💝

Romance / Humor
Aashima Kalra
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Chapter 1

"Hello, Natalie. Aunt? Hello, aunt." Ben said talking on the phone trying to talk with her girlfriend because his girlfriend was now engaged to a canadian guy.

"Is Natalie with you? Could I speak with her?" he asked. "Actually I wanted to ask her about exams. Yes, yes aunt. I had a request. Please don't tell her that I called. I wanted to surprise her. Yes, yes." Ben said trying hard convincing her mother that he was just a friend. But luckily Natalie finally took the phone from her mom.

"Hello, Natalie. Ben speaking." Ben was relieved that finally Natalie was on the line.

"The ones who came from Canada took you away from me. Tell me, what was lacking in my love? Whenever you said to recharge your phone...I did it. I did not just once but 5-6 times. I am not scolding my love. I am asking for an answer." Ben was reassuring her and trying not to lose her.

"Tell me one thing, at your friend's wedding you wanted to buy a dress worth 200 dollars. You hadn't even recieved your father's pension but i sold my scooter for you. I did, didn't I?

You know, my family still thinks that my scooter was stolen. And my poor father's knees hurt riding my sister's ladies cycle. No, no I am not saying that. Listen, listen to me. Hello, hello. Darling, darling. I can't hear you." and the line got cut.

"Oh why did my balance had to get over now?" Ben was stressing out. He saw his friend passing by as Ben was standing on the terrace of his house.

" Skyler! Skyler!" Ben shouted his friend's name in order to get his attention.

"Yes." Skyler said in a hurry.

"Give me your phone I need to talk to someone." Ben said still stressing.

"Go away"

"Aren't you my brother?"

"Come at Adrien's. A guest named Andy is coming from abroad." Skyler said offering Ben to come with him.

"You'll get sweets to eat." Skyler said convincing him.

"Really?" Ben asked with a blank expression.

"Get lost!" Skyler said being done with his friend.

Ben thought for a moment and decided to go to Adrien's.

"Hello. Welcome."Everybody greeted Andy welcoming him in the house.

As Andy entered the house, he started having flashbacks of his childhood.

"Andy, go and make the cows drink water. Go quickly."

"What will happen with 5 cents? Do you know how expensive doughnuts are?"

"No mother. I am talking about love."

"Love? I am dead."

"No mother." Andy was thinking to himself remembering the old days.

"Have some tea. Have some cookies as well." Everybody was taking good care of Andy as he was their guest.

It was now night time and Ben was still thinking about Natalie standing alone in a corner.

"When I was your age, we did a lot of mischief." Andy said telling Adrien and Skyler about his childhood.

"Me and your grandpa, Nino." Andy told Adrien.

"Near the village, in the pond we would go for swimming. Your grandpa was a great swimmer."Andy was having fun telling the others his stories but then he noticed that Ben was standing alone in a corner.

"What happened to him? Didn't he like to see me?" Andy asked pointing in Ben's direction.

"Nothing... his scooter got stolen." Adrien said reassuring Andy that it was not because of him.

"Oh really? How much for?" Andy asked Ben somehow knowing that he sold his scooter. "For whom you did it?"

Ben was getting scared, "Grandfather, speak slowly. If my father hears it he will make my life hell."

"Grandfather turned out to be a genius." Skyler said being impressed by Andy.

"Everyone is young once." Andy said not making a big deal.

"Grandfather you are great."Adrien said.

"What had happened?" Andy asked Ben.

"It's simple." Adrien said telling Andy about Ben's problem. "This man doesn't have anything and the girl is from a rich family. She has big dreams too."

"What do you mean by that?" Ben said. "She goes to a mall to shop. She takes almost 40 selfies with just one rubber band and keeps posting them for almost 13 days."

"Don't be angry. Message her." Andy said calmy. "Write that although i don't have the money but this man won't let you die hungry."

"Let it go uncle. You won't understand the love of this generation." Ben said. "Your times were the best. Pure love."

"All these are just talks. Love today is much easier. Now you can keep update about one another on the phone. In our times, on one hand the man would make arrangements to marry his love and on the other hand he would come to know later that his love has already had a child. When she came from her in-laws, someone saw her." Andy said making everyone laugh.

"Grandfather, it seems you lived your youth colorful." Ben teased. "Who was she?"

Andy blushed "Forget about it."

"Tell us. The girl's father isn't going to show up to stop you." Ben said forcing Andy to tell the story. "Anyway, now we won't find any man more aged than you."

"Come on now. Message her. I will tell you. Text her." Andy said to Ben. Ben texted Natalie and was eagerly waiting for Andy to tell the story.

"Done?" Andy asked.


"Okay, i'll tell you tomorrow morning." Andy said crushing everyone's excitement.

"Morning? You are so old that you don't know wheather you'll see the next morning." Ben forced. "Tell us. With this excuse you can think about your times."

"You are right. When one is young he doesn't think about that time but when the youth goes away he misses those times a lot. Our times were very beautiful. I still think and laugh about a few things. I mean forget about a couple meeting but you would feel shy even to help your own wife to lift the cow dung basket wondering what mother would think of us. Every husband and wife would walk together keeping a distance of atleast 15 steps between them. And if the wife would come any closer out of fear." Adrien started with his story.

"What are you doing?" the husband scolded her wife. "Why are you coming so close? You're being so shameless. Come on! It's good that no one saw us or else we would have been defamed. There go the ones who were embracing!"

"Before marriage, both had to sit in different rooms and understand one another from far. The man had to figure out after lifting the veil that the lamp had to be blown out with fury or love." Andy said continuing his story.

"I didn't do anything." the guy said who was being dragged by the people.

"In those days meeting a girl was very big deal and if someone was caught flirting with a girl he was shot on the thigh without any interrogation." Andy continued.

"Forgive me." the guy pleaded.

"How dare you look at my daughter!" the mayor said with fury shooting the guy's thigh.

"Handle this matter properly. No one should know about it." the Mayor said to his friend. If you have to tell someone, tell them that a snake bit him. Okay?"

His friend nooded in response.

"But sir, you have shot him in his thigh. How can we say that a snake bit him?" one of the gaurds asked.

"Tell them that it was a flying snake and it bit like a bullet. Talking nonsense. " His friend said frustratingly.

"In these circumstances, I fell in love." Andy said. "I had gone to my aunt's village to give the gifts because her daughter had given birth to a son. Their neighbor's daughter Rose had come to take lentins from them. That's it. She came to take lentins and took my heart away." Andy said getting in the feel of his story fully.

*Sorry guys, this chapter is a little long. But that was the starting that's why it was long and i hope that next chapters are not as long.*

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