Winter's Storm

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I had a dream. A sad yet betraying dream. “Winter Azalea Vera Le Monroe, you stand with the charges of ill-treatment of family members and attempted murder of the Duke of Dominic. The punishment bestowed upon you is that of execution.” * After waking up from a dream that put shivers down her spine, The bastard daughter of the house of Monroe, Winter, decides she won't play into the fate that was already written for her and decides on making her own path. An accident at the banquet ball held for the return of the Crown prince of the empire takes a completely unexpected turn in her life. What does the now tempered with fate have planned for Winter?

Romance / Fantasy
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Prologue: Only Darkness

I had a dream.

A sad yet betraying dream.

"Winter Azalea Vera Le Monroe, you stand with the charges of ill treatment of family members and attempted murder of the Duke of Dominic. The punishment bestowed upon you is that of execution."

My heart had already turned to stone and the tears were already flowing. What had I done to deserve the punishment I was going to receive? My only sin was being born as the illegitimate and bastard child of the Marquis of Monroe and falling in love with a man that abandoned me for my half-sister.

right, I was too naïve.

Walking with my head held high, I was brought down to my knees in front of those I vowed I would never bow to. The noise echoed in my ears as the only thing I prayed for was the darkness that I had grown accustomed to.


The last sound I heard as my final tear had rolled down my eyes and finally…darkness had overcome me.


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