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" what the hell girlllll.. " he cried in pain when i kneel him down. I'm dog-tired, can't even stand properly but with all my strength i put on my clothes which is torned so i took the suit from chair and run out of the room. " Is it all a dream...please god let it be " I'm panting heavily. Guiltiness stab my heart " Did i really slept with some stranger" i close my eyes and let out my tears i held back... Abhiniti Laghari and Adhiniti Laghari are twin sisters, one is a sweet, lovely and nerd girl while other is fashionista and party type girl. This story is about how our Abhiniti's life changed after she found that she is pregnant from a one night stand with Eshaan Madhav Rathore , from a well known Kshatriya family . She fought with the world for her child. what happens when Eshaan found about his baby? What happen when Abhiniti come to know why her sister betrayed her ? Friends I'm telling again I'm not good at English and please ignore my mistakes. Hope you all enjoy this story...

Romance / Drama
Archana Mohan S
Age Rating:



" carie I'm not coming...end of the conversation " i tell her busy looking the graduation photos we took yesterday.

" come on tweety... Why are you soo boring?? " she starts pouting.

"you are sooo annoying carie...please stop arguing come and look at these pics.. Aren't we look cute together?? " i tell her hoping to change the topic.

" ha ha aha.... You are literally oogling at him and he didn't even show any interest in you .what is cute in this. You should have atleast confess your feelings to him.. Now what??? He will soon be with another girl" she stare at me like I'm an alien. Its true i have a crush on charan since our secondary school and to my luck we joined in same collage for BBA.

" are you seriously my twin sister..i don't think so.. How my sibling can be this naive " i shooted her my death glare.

" carie I'm very serious about him and trust me he loves me i know from the way he look at me . we are both not ready for a confession , the point is i even have a perfect plan for our future .you know I'm gonna propose him for marry me after getting settled in a job. Then we are gonna get married . We will be happily live in a small house with our daughter and son " i told her staring out of the window , lost in my dream , she has to shake me to bring me back.

" you are a typically feminine character from our granny's drama.. I already told you to quit seeing those k-drama. " she starts teasing me but why did i feel that she is dusp all of sudden.

" Between tweety don't you dare to change the subject... We are going to Aphrodite today to celebrate our graduation. You better get ready and come with me like a good girl "

" oh god..... I'm not comfortable with those Party atmosphere and ewww.......the smell i can't even imagine that. You know something i don't even have a party wear. Next time we can go together and paaartyyyyyy " i give her my best puppy eyes.

" you are coming no matter what. About the dress i already bought two for both of us. One more thing we are gonna do twining " that convinced me its my lifetime wish to dress similar. She didn't once agree to that and now I'm the one who is in seventh heven so i noded.

Even though red is not my color and i always love to wear shades of blue and green. I love this dress. It perfectly fits my body showing my curves , it ends just above my knees and i fell in love with the black belt which highlights my small waist. After looking at my mirror belle, yeah i gabe her a name . I used to talk in front of her because i don't have any other friends. I decide to put my long hair in a dutch braid which looks perfect for this dress , apply a little lipgloss and some mascara. I'm ready for the party.

I pull out my phone from the purse. There is a text from carie " will be there in 10 minutes"

"wow you look stunning tweety" i jump from the couch with the sudden presence of carie. I blushed and hide it with my hands.She is wearing the same dress with a wavy updo with her short hair and dark red lipstick.

" you are not bad yourself too" i shyly tell her.

" come fast let's go.. Papa is not here yet right " she whispered.

" No, i called to check on him. Don't worry he won't be here for another 10 days " i assured her.

" Then time for paarrtyyyyyyy"we both said in unison.

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